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Owner Pose
Draco Draco turns his head towards the robot but not breakin his piercing stare at judas "robot get me a sunset" as he slides a few caps on the table
Judas Judas turns his gaze towards Draco, raising his own bottle in greeting at the man. "Hello there, friend." he murmurs, smiling warmly.
Draco Draco eyes measure up the man who greeted him warmly as a charismatic grin comes onto his face "hello there father come sit next to me, it gets awfully lonely drinking by yourself wouldnt you say?"
Judas Judas chuckles at that, nodding in agreement as he finds a barstool next to Draco and takes a seat. "So, what's your name friend? And no need to call me father. Brother Judas will do just fine." he remarks casually.
Draco draco's body says seated outward as he just moves his head to the side the meet the man who just sat next to him "my name isnt all that important brother judas im just another lost soul in this hell hole we call home now" he chuckles as his eyes wander around what he was wearing "religous uniforms dont have many pockets do they brother judas? how do you carry any stuff?" he says raising an eyebrow intent on listening
Judas Judas glances down at his threadbare and travelworn robes, chuckling softly. "I don't carry much." he says with a shrug. "Anything I need, Atom will provide...and if I cannot carry it, well I obviously dont need it, hmm?" he remarks with a laugh.
Draco Draco tilts his head back looking up at the ceiling as he lets out a sigh "so no protection then? no weapons? how do you survive out there? atleast tell me you carry a few caps for services you make use of"
Judas Judas tilts his head back and forth. "I spent my caps on the way here." he explains. "I will need to find a way to earn some more for myself to cover anything that might come up..but.." he shrugs lightly. "Atom will provide." he says with conviction.
Draco Draco looks at judas with a sly smile "so brother you need some caps then? just so happens i need some caps as well, what say me and you try to gather some together religously of course"
Judas Judas looks thoughtful, scratching his stubbled chin as he considers Draco's words. "Well, I'm open to ideas, of course. What did you have in mind?" he asks.