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Sammy     Deliberately solid footsteps on the boardwalk, a pause before entering, bloody mud kicked off square toed boots before he enters, the Saloon door is pushed open and Sammy drifts in, the duster like a cloak hanging wraithlike against the night, as he steps aside. His eyes sweep the bar, and he undoes the mask of his helmet, letting it swing to the side, look, no blood tonight. Yay. But there's a strained tension in his features playing out in his neck mostly as he looks for the proprietess.
Katherine Caine Spotting the Ranger, Katherine smiled and waved him over for a drink, "Well, hello there Sammy. What can I do for you today?" If only it was the day and age of cell phones, she would have texted her daughter to find her butt to the Gold Digger. Shame she didn't have a Pip-Boy thingie.
Nathan Nathan clomps on down the stairs and makes his way towards the bar and takes a seat before he even bothers to look around to see if he recognizes folks inside the saloon. Seeing as Miss Kitty is busy he waves the bartender bot over, "I'll have a beer and a shot of tequilla." And time to relax...
Sammy     Sammy takes his helmet off and lowers it, subconciously it falls to cover his crotch as he makes no bones about the hard thing he has to say, "I don't know if you heard the commotion, there was a Legion attack against JackTown." he never did see a radio, always figuring there should be a player piano in a place like this. Maybe someone could hide one in it. "The good news, the Legion was repelled. The bad news, your son was hurt, and I helped Lilly get him up on Sproket and made sure they got to the Med Center in Shantytown un-molested. He's resting and Lilly's with him." Yep, helmet casually dropped to cover his crotch, and head bowed a little more.
Tobias Tobias is a common, generally tolerated, fixture around the town of El Dorado and today he looks a little worse for the wear when he stumbles into the Gold Digger Saloon. The stoop statured wrench goblin wears a large steel frame pack on his back with three cross the chest straps. Today the top two straps are fastened but below them the third hangs open. This is due to layers and layers of filthy black duct tape. The tape is strewn with dried blood spatter and affixed over boths his clothing and wounds like a huge makeshift bandage. It offers no proper first aid and the blood is even now seeping through the layers of tape in a sickly sheen.

He catches the tailend of Sammy's remarks, "Yeh, it was a real party." He hobbles over to flop down heavy on a stool without removing his pack.
Katherine Caine One might have expected Katherine to look more worried and there was some there on her face but she didn't look ready to faint out of concern, "Joe's a tough man. I'm sure he'll be fine. Thank you for coming to tell me though Sammy." Pouring the man a shot she slid it over to him, "On the house, for being so thoughtful." Tobias was slid a shot as well, "The Legion rarely comes unprepared to a party."
Nathan Nathan just sits back and watches for now he wasn't involved in a gun fight thats for the guards!
Sammy Sammy is actually relieved that Kitty didn't decide to shoot him in the balls, or otherwise, because sometimes people react poorly. There's always the risk and we don't want repeats of things that the body remembers very unfondly. He adjusts his hair and tucks it back up under his helmet, leaving the mask hanging down beneath his chin, "Well I am glad I didn't have any worse news to bring, really. Joe didn't look that terribly hurt. I've had worse pulling up a piece of vehicle wreckage to find fire ants beneath." he smirks, "But I don't think Lilly would let him get away without going and seeing the doc." he gives a shrug and scoops up the glass, leaning on the bar as the adrenaline of the day wears out and he looks for the moment, at least a decade older. "I think both have learned the value of a good set of armor..." he gives his chest plate the thump, right in the un-painted spot, that's been banged roughly into shape, but still not re-painted, where he got shotgunned the other night. "How you healing up from the other day?" he actually voists onto a barstool now, and curls his rifle down from his shoulder, hoooking his leg through the shoulder strap out of habit.
Tobias Tobias takes the drink from Miss Kitty with a grit toothed grin before he tosses it back, "Much obliged, Miss Kitty. You think you could get one of you yer girls to take a look at my holes..." He glances down at the layers of duct tape wrapped right around his mid-section with a weak laugh. "Pretty sure a few of 'em still got bullets inside."
Katherine Caine "Fire ants are nasty buggers. But so are my kids and they should have armor, since I gave them my old ranger armor." Katherine just shook her head hoping they were wearing it before replying, "I'm fine, never even took a hit. I'm pretty quick on my feet."

To Tobias she nodded, "I can get one of the girls to take a look at you, Angelica used to be a nurse out East if you believe it." She didn't.
Sammy Sammy raises the glass, "To us, and those like us... damned few there be!" and tips back the whole thing. It hits him in a bit of arippling, and he seems to not look as old, just more tired, fairly visibly relaxing, as he takes a slow sigh. He watches the other man get walked off to get something better than electrical tape and dirt in his wounds. He remembers days like that.
    "Mmmm... Pretty decent Fire Water." he muses, and sets the glass down. Though he's coming down from the adrenaline and looking more tire, actively leaning on the bar. He glances at the Rooms For Rent sign, and inquires, "How much for a room, with a bathtub? I saw it in an old holodisc..."
Tobias Tobias pushes back to his feet and moves carefully up the stairs with a colloquial grunt for Kitty's kind words, seems he knew his way around the place and he hobbles off to look for Angelica.
Katherine Caine Katherine raised a glass to Sammy before considering the question, "For the night? I'll just let you use one. Something more long term is a couple hundred caps, but I can give a discount for such a good friend of my Lilly." She didn't seem herself tonight, hell she was wearing her duster in the bar!
Sammy Sammy hmmmmns and thinks, "I will check on that, I need to file some requisiton forms. And tell my desk jockeys that yes, there weren't any local civillian casualties this time. And figure out who dropped the ball on an actual Legion raiding party showing up. There's got to be someone out there who's bagging and tagging Legion scouts." he sets the glass back down on the bar and raps his knuckles on it. "Thanks for the drink. I'll swing back when I can grab a room with a tub..." and he's off, but this time, there's no sound to his footsteps as he walks out, already the rifle swung up to his shoulder. Out, and down the street.
    Someone with good ears might hear him singing, amazingly enough on-key. "Through the city, I'm a walkin, through the ruins, I'm a-stalkin... one shot and one kill, from the top of the hill... Walkin in a sniper's wonderland..." the next verse is indistinguishable...