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Lowry      The bar is quite busy now. Folks screaming and whispering, all at the same time. A few girls hustle and bustle between the back of the bar and the tables that are scattered about. Drinks delivered in the upmost efficeny.

     Lowry is seated at the corner of the bar. His hat is removed and next to his drink. In front of him is the slide to an automatic pistol but it's only the slide so hard to distinguish. He swallows the remnants of a glass of brown liquour and sets it down in frusteration. His head lowering again he examines the steel in front of him with a scowl. "Shit." He mumbles, "Complete shit." His tone raises and the small slide is picked up and thrown! A few folks look over, especially the bartender as it slams against the wall. She approaches and he shares a few kind words and a hand full of caps. She smiles after, seemingly just fine now and refills his glass. He nods and a smile returns to his face as he takes a drink. Shaking his head then he returns his hat and leans back, his arms folded across his chest. Crossing his leg over top of the other mud and blood are apparently stained into the denim though it is certainly not fresh, but it's there.
Tibbie The short brunette's been in Vegas for a day or two now, traveling for who knows what reason anymore. She enters the Second Chance alone, leaving her baby deathclaw with Fern back in El Dee. Shoving her way through she finds Lowry's familiar face and takes a spot in the booth with him, knowing full well she needn't ask. Today she's sporting her Texan cowboy hat and her hair's french braid stops short past her nape, letting her wavy brown tresses floof about on her shoulder. Right away she orders a large glass of water and chugs most of it before giving Lowry her attention.

"Hey chum! Sure is nice to see you, I tell ya things have been real kooky-spooky out in El Dee lately. Oh! I brought y'some stuffs too!." Tibbie smiles to him and starts digging in her drawstring bag when the waitress comes back to fill her glass,
"Miss, kin'I get a nice hunk of cheese? Y'all got that here right?" she asks and the waitress chuckles and nods.
Lowry      The cowboy smiles to see her. He removes his hat and stands the briefest of moments as she sits, etiquette dictaing so. After returning to sit again he gives a look and a nod and the water is given, no caps asked for. "Well, fancy me fuckin' retarded!" He says jovially "Been quite a long time, lil' Miss." He raises his glass and nods to her, the tender having snuck one in as well when the water was given and his eyes moving towards it, if she hadn't noticed. "Yep, I dun' heard!" He returns after having a sip. The cheese order was heard and brought shortly later. "For me?!" He says happily. "I got something for you too!" He exclaims then with a polite nod. "So what ya got?!" He sounds excited and leans forward.
Judas Judas shuffles his way into the saloon, his tattered robes clinging onto his leanky frame as he casts his gaze around. He makes his way to the bar, pulling up a barstool and taking a seat with a heavy sigh. He waves down a waitress, simply requesting a glass of water as he hands over a few caps. He leans patiently as he waits for his order, taking another look around for anything of interest or note.
Tibbie Tibbie pulls out a simple suede roll-case and opens it on the table, revealing it to be a set of gunsmithing tools. She digs out her usual paper wrapped parcels as well, and the faintest hints of smoked meats linger around it suggesting it's her families' prized jerky. "Figure all the weird shit's prolly passed over New Vegas by now and I had to come out and chec'onya eventually, you oughta give this new texas rub I fancied up a try too." Tibbie rambles excitedly. The waitress returns with her cheese chunk and she pulls out a jar of pickles from her bag. With a knife she slices a bit from each and makes a mini-cheese-and-pickle-bite.
"I appreciate bein in yer thoughts there chum!" she smiles to Lowry and pops the odd bite into her mouth.
Lowry      Lowry always notices a new face, well, mostly. Part of being incredibly alert but almost always drunk. Seeing Judas he gives a nod to the fella and goes back to talking with, Tibz. His eyes light up then, "Oh shit! You know how hard these are to come across?!!?" He stands up and reaches over to offer a hug. "You's sent from heaven, darlin'." Then he reaches and grabs some jerky with a very large grin. Taking a large bight he grins. He takes another healthy bite and admires the tools, "Ain't ya' in need o' some pistol training anyhow? Maybe we can use these ta' get ya' something powerful in that bag o' yours." He can't help but wink at the younger girl now as he re-wraps the tools. "Like I said." He stands and leaves to the upstairs to retrieve something now.
Judas Judas offers a respectful nod in return to Lowry as the waitress returns with his water. He sips it slowly, eyeing the jerky held by Tibbie curiously for a moment. He then turns his attention back down to the small icon held in his hand, a crude carving of an atomic symbol. He rubs his thumb over the piece gently. "I suppose I will have to find something to eat soon, hmm?" he murmurs seemingly to himself.
Tibbie     "Now it would'n be a gift if you go on and flop it back to me like that! Hookshot's my main problem solver nowadays." She chuckles and enjoys his hug.

The cowboy hat's always on a swivel as she catches Lowry's eyes to the man at the bar, and now the man's eyes to the jerky. The friendly gal waves invitingly to their booth, "Come on by chum, I always bring enough to share!" she says just above the noise of the bar to the man. Other patrons look her way and she waves them on over too, passing out nibs of jerky for them to sample and plugging her Shantytown business back in El Dee, most passersby are too drunk to care or roll eyes at the thought of leaving lucky Vegas.

She still has plenty left and scoots over in the booth to make room for the invited guest while she waits for Lowry to return.
Judas Judas makes his way over to the woman with a heartfelt smile as he meanders on over to the booth. "Ah, thank you miss." he says happily, taking the jerky in his weathered hands and biting into it hungrily. He chews the morsel manfully, bobbing his head in approval as he swallows. "Atom bless you with his benevolent glow." he says.
Lowry      Lowry notices the thing he is tumbling around in his hand as he returns from the stairs, a satchel in his hand. He stops, "You look new round these parts. Ya' could join me an' ma' friend if ya' like." Lowry lets out a look, always one to notice a new face. "Got's ta' get ta' know ya' if'n ya be hanging round." He sounds amiable though and continues to the table. Over his shoulder he adds, "Food's second ta' none, unlike chances. Elsie's soup is what you'd want."

     Then he retakes his seat an unbuckles the satchel. "Now." He says real quiet. "This thing heres worth a fortune once ya' figure how ta' use it. Me, I 'on like gizmos and such. But your a sweet girl, an ya always feed me." He gives a wink and slides it over. It's a pip-boy Complete with all the fixins. No doubt previously owned by someone who knew how it worked!
Tibbie The brunette nods with Lowry's invitation to sit as well.
"Atom bless you too! I help out with the church in El Dee most every weekend." she chimes to the new man.

Tibbie squeaks when she sees the pip,
"Are you sure bout this chum? I bet'll take me a bit of help to wrangle down how to use it but I could draw so much better at night, and I hear there's discs with recipes innit!" Tibbie rambles off how she'd use it and thanks Lowry sincerely. Clipping and adjusting, she gets the pipboy to fit snugly on her wrist. Tibbie takes her hat off and rubs her temples a moment,
"Travelin's been taking it out of me worse than usual lately.." she mentions and sips more water.

    Turning her attention to the new guy she introduces herself, "Name's Tibbie Gaines! I'm bettin you heard the rest while I was passin out samples for the business an'all. What'd they call you chum?" she smiles and asks.
Judas Judas continues nibbling on the jerky hungrily before replying. "Ah, I am Brother Judas. A recent arrival. I feel like I walked many weeks before finding myself here..but, I feel that this must be where Atom has called me." he explains with conviction. He sips his water again before he continues. "In anycase, you are quite the cook, Tibbie. The Jerky js quite tasty." he remarks.
Vera Vera makes her way into the saloon, then hangs her head back out the door. "Why don't you run a systems check while you wait, I think we might need to add some power to the woofers..." She then turns around, and comes in the rest of the way...looking around.
Lowry      "Aww, sure. I 'on even know how ta' use it." Lowry says happily with the upmost sincerity. "'Sides. No want ta'. Nice 'en happy with gunpowder and ma' horse." He tips his hat and sits again. "Oh there sure is," He says in reference to the recipes. "Good luck, doll. You'll figure it out. Just keep me in mind when ya' come across more of the old stuff." He's referring to the gunsmith tools no doubt. He nods now to Judas, "Lowry." He throws out there politely. "May tha' Atom go with ya'." IT sounds funny but he's not being rude, just not a practicer. The newcomer and her head out the door catches Lowry's attention and he just looks from the other side of the room. A tip of the hat given if the women crosses eyes.
Judas Judas finishes his jerky with relish, and sips down the last of his water with a satisfied sigh. "Well, I'm afraid I must be off. It was nice to meet you all, hmm?" he says. "If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always around." he says with a smile, offering a wave as he makes his way out of the saloon.
Tibbie "Why thank you kindly Brother! We'll be seein ya!" Tibbie beams from the compliment and fixes herself some more pickle-cheese morsels, she offers some of her odd combo to Lowry.
"I sure will Lowry, I had to go to chrome mountain in the scrapyard just to find those, was pretty fun till the ghouls showed up!" Tibbie chuckles.
Vera Vera gives a nod of her head, as she pushes back her poncho a bit and finds somewhere to sit down. "Interesting place...course lots of those around. Seems peacefull enough though...local patrol must not have much to do."
Lowry      Lowry squints, "Hope'n ya took some help." He chuckles and raises his glass again, ever one for another sip. "Don't be gettin' yerself chewed up. A ghouls one thing, but deathclaws and such. Ya' should be home skinin' geckos and such. Stuff more suited ta' a women." He sounds nice enough about it...

     Hearing Vera now he says, "Quite tha' contrary', Ma'am." He tilts the hat again as he looks her over and adds, "Just stay away from them funny haired fellas." Then he looks around, surveying the place for just that sort.
Tibbie "Sure did, like I can do anything outside my shack by m'self. Speakin of deathclaws, I sure miss my little Tibbazoid back home. Woulda brought em but I get worried people'll try an kill the lil guy." Tibbie pouts a little at the thought and finishes her glass.
"You hear about all that alien ship kookyness going on? I was on that thing!" She tells him, further explaining her time on the ship and coming across her baby deathclaw Tibbazoid. She excuses herself to the restroom a moment later.
Vera Vera says, "Alien? know, theres lots of story about that...I'm finding parts of it all over....heck I found this crystal shard, and hung it from the mirror in my it just sorted melted into the car...thing drives alot better, so I'll live with it..." As she digs around in a pocket, "I found all these tool sets one in the militia can use them, anyone around here might be interested?""
Lowry      Lowry chuckles at Tibbie. Then he asks, Tibbazoid? Get a new horse or somethin'?" He sounds curious as the girl likes to ride. "Why would someone kill yer per?" Now he starts to seem a little wary. "Wait, You was? What'd you bring back?" He takes another sip and awaits an answer before addressing Vera, "Them there..." He looks closely, "Oh, I could put them ta' use. Hard to find good files and such." Not to mention all the other things that would be included. "Where ya' come across those? Whaddya' ant for 'em, darlin'?"
Vera Vera hmmms, "Oh, you can use them?..really...hmm, don't know...say...100 or so each. Got some more of those crystals too, if your interested..they sorta merge into lots of things...might work on a gun too."
Tibbie Eventually Tibbie makes it back to the booth and waves to Vera as she and Lowry talk business now. Not wanting to intrude she gets her glass refilled and drinks it heavily as her thirst seems unquenchable. She hasn't touched her jerky at all but her jar of pickles is nearly empty with a sole surviving pickle left in it.
Lowry      Lowry looks confused at the crystal business. "Nah, sounds too much like what-a-majigs to me." He does not sound keen on anything he doesn't understand. "The tools though. I'd surely take. Consider trades? What ya' into, doll? I'd still pay a hundred' or so if'n I aint got nothin' ya like."

     "Oh, welcome back, honey-dew." She hasn't had a chance to answer on the baby deathclaw so he's not yet offered to kill it.
Vera Vera hmmms, "Oh, shards aren't for everyone....well, I'd kind like the money...see I wanna mount a gun on my ride, and I need to order some parts....they cost money. So thats why I'm selling things I don't need." As she glances over at Tibbie, ah she remembers.
Tibbie "Tibbazoid's my little baby deathclaw!" Tibbie says to Lowry when there's a lull for her to cut in to. She gets a few odd looks from the patrons around before they return to drinking their alcohols. "Them shards do sound hinky to me too, but if they work then you donât really gotta know much else about em!" Tibbie chimes in on the subject. "I aint gonna go back an return Tibba to that ship just cause I aint know why he loves me so much." she grins and sounds sentimental about the little ugly creature.
Lowry      Lowry nods to Vera, "I get it." He fishes inside his coat and pulls a bag out. Squeezing in next to Tibbie he makes sure none of these scumbags is eyeing him as he counts out the appropriate amount of caps before slyly handing them over. Assuemdly they both think three hundred is fair. Seems he knows going rates. "Much oblidged." He says with a tip of the hat. Turning then to Tibbie he says now with alarm. "Yer' fucking kiddin' me?" Thats all he's got. He can't believe it but the look of dissaproval is apparent on his face.
Vera Vera digs around under her poncho, pulling out the tool kits and handing them over...."Yeah, I'm kinda old fashioned myself...I like a gun that shoots something you know that when it hits, it hurts...thats why I like my boom stick..."
Doc     Bursting in through the saloon's not-quite-saloon-enough door, Doc is smoking. Not in that he has any tobacco or other smokable substances in his lips, but smoke rises from his clothing passively, like he's internally on fire. He walks calmly but with purpose to the bar. Thumping his hands on the bar, he looks at the bartender from just under his yellow fedora. He takes a slow breath. "Water," he says, his gravelly voice making it sound like he smokes in more ways than literally. "Irradiated if you got it. I want to SEE the glow after the day I've had."
Tibbie The short brunette pouts at Lowry's disapproving look. "You wouldn't be lookin like that if you saw him!" she defends the absent Tibba. When Doc walks in she hollers and flags him down, her face shows a bit of concern when she sees him smoking.
"Glad yer here! You gotta tell Lowry how nice Tibba is, he won't believe me!" Tibbie pleads with him to join her cause.
Lowry      Lowry nods to Vera, "I get it." He takes them in hand and wrapw them up, same satchel the pip-boy came from. He grins to her and her old fashioned sensibility before turning, he doesn't need to be observant to take this in. "Irradiated?" But he sees who it is and just grins. To Tibbie he turns the third degree. "You's shit crazy, doll. You go do yourself a favor an' put a bullet in that thing. Get yer'self a horse. You's be happier for it."
Doc     "Tibba?" Doc says, his mood perking up slightly. "Is he here? I could use a Tibbahug." Despite the comment, Doc extends his arms to hug Tibbie while she's available for said gestures of friendship and affection. "How are you?" he asks, before quickly adding, "It's good to see you, as always."
Vera Vera looks at the new commer a moment, then nods to Lowry..."I say get a least if it goes wild, you can turn it off...and put it back together again."
Tibbie Tibbie stands from the booth and glares at Lowry before turning to hug Doc. "I left him in El Dee for now with Fern and Ma, cause some jerks around here might wanna hurt'm!" she says pointedly to Lowry.
"I'd be showin you this nice Pip Lowry gave me but I'm nearly as steamed as you right now Doc!" Tibbie says sourly and pulls out some jerky from her bag for Doc, then she heads to the restroom again. As she leaves her face is reddened and her eyes look ready to cry.
Doc     Doc watches Tibbie exit, then looks at Lowry. He inclines his head slightly as he says, "'sup." Taking his water, he steps toward the other that Tibbie seemed so upset at. He spins a chair backwards and plants himself on it, downing his water like he hasn't drank in six weeks. He thumps the glass onto the table, saying, "I don't know you or what you two were talking about. I side with Tibbs by default, since she brings me food."
     Watching Lowry also exit, Doc shakes his head. He then turns his attention to Vera. "You gonna run off, too?" he asks, raising an eyebrow over his rad-spitting, glowing, green eyes.
Vera Vera hmms from her table, "Wasn't planning on it, Sora is adjusting the sound system in the Roadmaster right till she's done. Not really in much of a hurry..." As she stretches her arms a bit.
Doc     "Roadmaster...wait, you have a working Roadmaster?" Doc gets up from his chair, kindly putting it back where it goes before moving to the other table and spinning a new chair to sit in as he addresses Vera more directly. "Tell me about her."
Vera Vera says, "oh, it's a beauty..pristine condition when I found it..all the bells and now it really sings...reinforced the undercarige, and and such...rides like a dream, since that crystal melted into it....things is great..just need to add some weapons to it now.""
Doc     "That alien thing out front? I thought that was something the grey guys whipped up, like my Pip-Boy 4k. I know I don't look it now, but before the war, I was an automobile designer. You should let me drive your car for a bit. I would love to see how it handles with the modifications you've made."
Vera Vera says, "Na, that thing is built for bear, I love it...sorry, right now it has that new car its only me or Sora that get to drive it...nice to have something decent to work on. But you can look at it all you like...maybe I should organize a car show..""
Vera Vera toss a disc to Doc, "Here...I can give you this was in the glove box when I got it....don't know what it is..the label is missing."
Doc     "Oh, thank you," Doc says, catching the disk against his chest with both hands. He looks at it for a moment before pocketing it. "I'll look at it later. So, tell me about yourself. I don't think we've met before, even though you look kinda familiar for some reason."
Vera Vera says, "Oh, I'm often around...I'm with the of my duties is to go around to the settlements and check on the patrols stationed its probable that you could have seen me most everywhere.""
Doc     "That's possible," Doc says with a nod. "I do my best to keep on top of that, but my best is usually doing well to pull my head out of my research long enough to notice other people still exist." He smiled weakly at her. His joke was too lame for even he himself to laugh at it.
Vera Vera says, "Oh, I don't mind not standing crazy pets, no outlandish outfits...I'd rather do my job." She shrugs a bit, "I often get lost in my work myself, so I know how that is...I mean, when I was building Sora I often worked late into the night.""
Doc     "I--I see," Doc says. "I'm afraid I don't have any of the things I've built over the years anymore...except the lab, but that's new, so. I cybernetically augmented a genetically enhanced chimpanzee at least once." Doc's eyes have gone wide and excited as he speaks of his scientific glory days. The smile on his face borders on the manic as he continues, "He destroyed a city block completely, with collateral damage stretching for miles in all directions. The insurance claims totalled in the billions!" He began laughing maniacally, and everyone in the bar was staring before he abruptly stops. Taking off his hat, he smooths his hair back, though it doesn't need to be, as it's a long braid that reaches his waist. He then calmly puts his hat back on and says, "For obvious reasons, he exploded."
Vera Vera says, "ok...yeah, I can see a giant lizard that rose up from the depths..30 stories high, breathing fire...into the sky...I might believe you saw a lepracun once....but that...I'll have to pass""
Doc     Doc blinks as Vera lays it out, but just goes back to smiling as he leans into his chair. "It doesn't matter if the militia believes me. I'm just lucky the bombs dropped before I had to do the legal cleanup."
Vera Vera shrugs, "Not saying anything for the militia...just hard to picture a chimp doing that....I guess I'm just a girl based in facts. I leave truth to the philsosphers.."
Doc     "You've obviously not seen a chimp with dual shoulder-mounted MIRV-launching cybernetic implants." Doc shrugs, shaking his head slightly. "Admittedly, those were just frivolous. They didn't do nearly as much as the other weapon systems I installed on him."
Vera Vera nods, "ANd hopefully I won't" Just then Sora pops her head in the door.."Already to roll boss." Vera nods her head, "Ok..." As she gets to her feet, "Always best to keep things simple....the extra weight is prolly what slowed them down..." As she gives a nod of her head, and follows Sora out. After a few moments, the roar of the Roadmaster can be heard drivng off.
Doc     Doc pulls a toy non-cybernetic chimp from his pocket. "Eeerkh. Pshew," he vocalizes softly as he gently tips over his glass with it.