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Ashur The sun has cracked and spilt arid yolk across a pale sky; see how it oozes, how it burns, in lines of buttery charcoal, with nary a cloud to shadow its terrible heat? It leaves the dusted blacktop of old I-10 sizzling to the touch, sparkling, almost, through the dry grit that coats it and crunches beneath the feet.

Ashur stands atop that old-world asphalt, straddling a massive crack running diagonal through it where desert weeds have sprouted like trees to mark their territory. In the distance, a rusted billboard with a Nuka-Cola girl says REST STOP, .5 M. AHEAD.

He is unarmored today, clad in his well-worn cloths of white and gold, right hand encased in that beautiful gauntlet. The sun shines silver in his beard. Today? Today is a hunt, looking to clear out a radroach nest at an old stop for drivers a local merchant mentioned. Nothing threatening, nothing difficult; just a hot day's walk, some fun, and then a big ol' gathering of meat for the local restaurant.

The bull's hands fold behind his back beneath his cloak. "We're almost there, girls."
Cassandra Proving that a little bit of extra waddle and a /lot/ of extra jiggle in her bra-less step can't slow her ALL the way down, Cassandra's out here hauling her Barrett .50 cal along over her shoulders. Marching along and skin glistening with sweat in the sun, she's modified it to be more lightweight, but still takes up the rear so she can keep a good long distance in between her and any trouble that might actually make her have to move fast. She's been chatty, happy to see Tibbie and Eden again. Though to tell the truth, Cassie seems to have some 'pregnancy' brain. A little more vapid and distracted, easily confused. It happens when you're fit to pop, "Remind me where 'there' is again?"
Eden Glad to be out and about, Eden happily walks along with the group, keeping her eye out for anything moving. She hasnt had any target practice in a while, but it feels good to have her gun in her hand again. "There is the nest. to shoot things." she responds laughing, remembering pregnancy brain all too well.
Tibbie Fanning herself with her cowboy hat and talking with the gal pal crew helped ease Tibbie's collection of blisters on her feet. She's shown signs of fatigue and headaches a few times along the trip so far, something very uncharacteristic of her usual optimistic stride. Equipped with her hookshot on one beltloop and her slugger in another, she's ready for action.
Ashur All around is flat, flat land, cracked mud, stretching road, and all the sweet foliage of the southwest -- little flowering shrubs and sharp-spiked agave and cactii of varying sorts. The air cools in the billboard's shadow, and Ashur pauses to take a pull from his canteen, swishing the water around in his mouth. "Drink, girls," he instructs, as a refreshing breeze swirls low to the ground. "There, sweet slut, is an old pit-stop for travelers on the road. A small building, long looted, it served temporarily as a storehouse for the Legion. The Arizona caravans like to stop there before venturing deeper in state; one such traveler mentioned, in the bar, that a mean bunch of radroaches have swarmed it."

As he speaks, he's stopped moving, leaning against the rusted foundation of the billboard. It gives everyone a chance to rest, briefly.
Cassandra Cassandra grins at Eden and nods her head at the reminder of their eventual destination. "I knew /what/ we were doing, I'd just forgotten where." She reaches out to the canteen, taking it and takinga long swig of it before holding it out to the other girls and saying with a cheeky grin, "I'm still pretty damn good at shooting things, whether he likes it or not." She then looks over towards Ashur and favors him with a wink, "Is there high ground nearby I could set up on?"
Eden Eden takes her couple swigs and passes the canteen on. looking where Ashur is pointing, she stands and says "well, what are we waiting for?" Before taking off in that direction
Tibbie The tomgirl fights some nausea down before they take a break. Taking a thoughtful swing she leans on the ancient pipe propping the billboard and returns the canteen to Ashur.
"I'd say this board here could offer some high ground, but the climbin' might be too much on ya onna'counta the kiddo'nya, and my hookshot prolly cant haul y'up there easy neither." Tibbie casually points out and jogs to catch up with Eden, she looks back to Ashur and Cassandra in hopes the group doesn't split up.
Ashur And so the group sets off! Their rest beneath the billboard complete and their spirits high, the rest of the trip goes by in no time at all, and they come upon the old pit-stop building on the side of the road. A decent-sized mix of gas station, bathrooms, and quickie mart, the road branches off into a U-shaped driveway with two entrances to the parking lot at either side of the loop.

"Careful with your kills. Aim for the heads, when you can -- little meat there, and we don't want to spoil the good bits."

He turns upon the U and crosses the weed-strewn lot, drawing to the front door of the convenience store section..

Within the long-looted shelves, upon the counter near a cash register fat with old world dollars, there are what must be dozens of radroaches. You can barely look anywhere without seeing one -- this is a very active nest!
Cassandra "Shit!" Cassandra realizes that her sniper is going to be useless, as she calls out to the others in frustration, "Draw them outside!" But that's not how it happens. Hwo it happens is everyone rushes in guns and fists blazing. And so instead of unslinging her barret, she snap draws her Magnum. Dropping her hand to the holster at her side she snaps it up and shoots from the hip, obliterating a bug, and then her second shot explodes yet another one as she hangs towards the back, shooting past her comrades.
Ashur Ashur has a dismissive swagger when he steps across the shop's threshold. A floor littered with old wrappers and papers comes alive with the dozens of legs of myriad bugs, fluttering their wings and making keening sounds at the intruders. "Pests," he rumbles, and with an imperious stomp he crushes one beneath his boot heel, splattering its guts upon the floor. "Hmm.. perhaps I should find a female, and capture it; the boys need something small to fight."

He contemplates this a moment as a crowd of the things rushes toward him, two even dropping from the ceiling. He steps back as they march between aisles of shelving.. and with a grunt, simply grabs the edge of the shelving unit, flexes his mighty arms, and tips it over, collapsing it on all their bodies at once and sending a cloud of dust and screechings up.
Eden Eden pulls out her weapon and drops to one knee, steadying herself. following the group of radroaches with her sights, she squeezes and fires. explosion dead center, and she grims, fires again. another hit, this time a bit to the left. damage is done thought, it's not goomg to take much to finish them off. squatting, she reloads her weapon then takes the time to set up her next shot
Tibbie "Aint gonna last the day today buggos!" Tibbie exclaims as Ashur, Eden, and Cassandra make quick work of the hoards of radroaches. She takes aim with her hookshot, "Roach-kabobs coming right uh-!" Tibbie shoots! But instead of her intended targets she's zippered away by the hookshot as it anchored into the drywall. "Bwah! I'mma still git'chu uggos!" she declares and digs her heels into the cheap tile, with her slugger in hand she swings it with reckless abandon at the oncoming radroaches during her wild ride across the store! Six roaches squeal as the perish from Tibbie's critical swings and she's now at the back of the store. She flicks the bobblehead on the counter and beams as the rest of the roaches are picked off by the wonder-team.
"I was jus'getting warmed up!" Tibbie chuckles and returns to the others.
Ashur A few bullets ricochet off the overturned shelves, but most strike true, and in moments the frantic brawl has left a bunch of murdered roaches. After a short while, Ashur has gathered all the corpses in a large sack he brought for this very purpose, the burlap swollen with the dead like the world's worst Christmas present.

"Mm.. I'll come back here later myself and capture one," he resolves, "but for now, girls, well done. We'll drop half of these off at the Stew Pot. The rest are ours."

And with that, the group will begin the journey back!