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Aris Just north of Rural El Dorado, a rare rain is just now fizzling out in this stretch of the wastes, cooling what had otherwise been a warm day in the desert. Raindrops glisten on sparse trees and brush under a sun that's struggling to peek through the rainclouds but failing. The result is a little streak of a rainbow across the southern sky.

Up on a hill, a little wooden shanty sits, looking like it's in the middle of renovation. In the large plot of land beneath the house, a dark haired woman stands in the middle of a half-tilled garden bed, face tilted up under her Stetson toward that kaleidoscope in the sky. She's leaning on a wooden-handled hand cultivator.
Yah Out from the wastes trods a lone figure, gait meandering, pace slow. Leather-clad digits raise, pushing the tip of his wide-brimmed hat up a bit as he stares at the small homestead a little ways off. "Hm." he intones to himself, thoughtful for a moment as his stride stops completely. After a moment, the slowly rolling walk begins again, crossing the damp ground that hungrily sucks up the rainfall. Yahweh makes another inquisitive noise to himself as the woman is spotted, and recognition dawns. A few moments of quiet admiration, and he's making his way toward her, "Ho there, lass, love when a beautiful woman is okay with getting her hands dirty." he chuckles, though his empty hands do raise in a placative, non-aggressive gesture as he crosses the space between.
Aris It isn't like Aris to let someone sneak up on her, but that spectacle in the sky's got most of her attention and the newcomer is probably the first person she's seen this far out in the wastes all day. "Jodido infierno!" Aris startles at the sound of Yahweh's voice, turning to look at the man as he approaches. It isn't until she's realized who it is and what he's said that her hand falls away from the Lucky revolver at her hip. Rather than shooting him, she settles for an amused frown. "Liable to get shot, sneakin' up on people like that. You lost?" The gate to the wood-and-wire fence surrounding the property is wide open, blowing back and forth a little in the occasional gust of wind.
Yah Upon not being shot at, Yahweh reaches up to remove his hat, one hand clutching it at his side. The other pushes back through his hair, as he continues along toward the woman, "Thanks for not pulling that on me, darling." he offers dryly, "I was, but now I'm not." he pauses, surveying the land about them, "That is, I am, but you're not. Sight for sore eyes, you really do hate people, don't you?" his one-eyed gaze shifts to the ramshackle building, "Whaddya, got geckos for roommates?" a growing grin punctuates his words, and he stops a few feet away from her, "Got any beer?"
Aris Gray eyes watch the blonde man as he approaches, Aristide's expression equal parts suspicion and amusement. "Still a little early to be thankin' me for that," she calls about shooting him, but lets him approach anyway. Once he's close enough for conversation, she muses defensively, "And I don't -hate- people! Not a couple of 'em, anyway." She follows his gaze up to the wood-and-scrap-metal cabin, grinning. "Not geckos, zarigueyas." Whatever that means. But then he's asking for beer and she frowns at him again. "Seem to recall that the deal was you and Franky buy -me- a beer," she says, but she's tossing her cultivator off to the side of Yah and heading up the hill towards the shack anyway. She glances over her shoulder. "It ain't cold."
Yah "Zarigueyas?" Yahweh fumbles over the word, shaking his head gently. "Yeah well, no robots or anyone hookin' here, and as I recall, that was part of the deal too." He watches the woman go, gaze lingering on her body before she glances over her shoulder. His vision shifts upward, and he gives a nod, moving to follow at a short distance so he can keep an eye on her. "I have a feeling that most things about you aren't." he muses quietly, stride lengthening a few paces so that he can come up alongside the woman, "That how you treat every gentleman, by the way?" his voice takes on a lilting, coquettish tone, "Oh, I rent a room in yonder saloon, come see me sometime." a sidelong glance is cast, "This your hole? Can't see you digging somebody else's garden."
Aris Aristide laughs, loud and genuine. The sound of it echoes a bit as they reach the front porch. "I supposed to believe you're a gentleman?" she grins at him, having caught the way his one eye lingered on her. The door to the shack is already open so she strolls on through, disappearing for a few moments. She comes back with four beers, amateurly bottled and warm just like she promised. She hands two to Yahweh, nodding. "Used to work on a farm in El Dorado, 'fore the farmer went loco. Figure I'll try my hand at it here," she relates, gazing down at the half-tilled field and leaning back against the shack. Her eyes shift and wander along Yah's features curiously. "We playin' twenty questions? Cause I have a few, macho."
Yah Yah sets one of the beers down, his hat going over the bottle, as he joins the woman against the shack. While she studies him, he watches the horizon, and busies himself snapping the cap off of the bottle with the ass-end of an old lighter. "I'm all gentleman, lady." He assures her, before drawing a pull from the beer, "You've got questions you want to ask me? I knew it, you're just full of curiosity about me." his head shifts, turning to eye the woman for a moment, "If you promise to keep being pretty and not shoot me, guess there's no harm. I ain't saying I'll answer everything, but I'll consider it at least."
Aris Yah may notice the little uptick of lips every time he compliments the dark haired woman. It at least amuses her, even if she doesn't answer it directly. Taking a long sip of beer, Aris meets Yah's gaze squarely, though her eyes end up resting on that eye patch with the familiar symbol. She hmms. "Can't guarantee the latter, but l'll make an effort," she muses over the mouth of her bottle before taking another long pull. It's decent-enough beer, darker than the average brew. Swallowing, she asks him, "'Sky pirate'. What's that about?"
Yah Brows lifting, Yah's shoulders rise and fall with them in a gentle shrug, the motion mostly shrouded by his heavy layering of outer garments. After another pull on his beer, nodding appreciatively, he hunkers down against the wall, sitting on his haunches now. "Where we're from, airships are a little more commonplace. We got our hands on one, and let me tell you, it makes piratin' a hell of a lot easier. Anyway, as I recall, told you what happened to it last time we had a drink together." his features twist at the thought, and he gives his head a gentle toss, before raising the bottle once more to his lips.
Aris Gray eyes shift to look out over the property as Yah speaks. It's almost pretty, dry grass and wildflowers blowing in the wind that carries all that rain off into the wastes. Aris nods a little at that, remembering. Mostly, anyways. There was strong alcohol involved. "Reckon by 'piratin'', ya mean stealing?" she asks, glancing down at him.
Yah Yah finishes the first beer, setting it down alongside the second and his hat. He shuffles about in the folds of his robes and hides, producing a half-spent pack of cigarettes. He lights one for himself, offering the pack to the woman beside him. "At first, sure. Later, I had a city and a good chunk of territory and everything that comes with it to run." he shrugs a little, again, taking a quick drag, "Always fighting, first for myself, then just to keep the peace."
Aris Aris gazes down at him incredulously when he offers that pack up. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, though, she takes it, shaking one out into her palm and slipping the rest of the pack into the back pocket of her jeans. "You had a -city-?" she asks evenly around that cigarette in her mouth. She shifts down along the wall so Yah can light it for her, assuming he will. "Where was this? The moon?" she grins.
Yah Yah grunts as the woman pockets the pack, a sly half-grin passing over his features. Setting his beer down momentarily, he shifts both hands to light the woman's cigarette, one cupping against the wind while the other strikes the lighter. "Deadwater... kinda took over a gang there, little raider scumpond town, but we were building it up. Also had an old abandoned missile silo we used to operate out of. Had a lot of people working for me, depending on me." He blows out a heavy sigh after another drag, smoke accompanying the sound, "That gets tiresome after a while."
Aris 'Raider scumpond town' earns a wry little uptick of one corner of her lips, but it's gone just as quickly as it came. Leaning into his hand only long enough to make sure that cigarette lights, Aris settles back against the rough wood of the shack, sucking in smoke in practiced fashion. "Little king of a little hill," she muses quietly. "So ya got tired. Then what?"
Yah "It was a fair fucking sized hill." Yahweh contends, a little heat rising to his voice, "So I got tired of it, some pals got tired of it. We left everything in capable hands, people who cared about it more. Then we left, then our ship did a nose dive somewhere in Texas, and now I'm here." He pops the cap off the second beer, finishes his cigarette and stubs it out on the ground beside him. "Any more questions, my little hummingbird?"
Aris The dark haired woman makes a soft little 'hmm' in response, although she sounds less skeptical than she'd been before. "And now you're here, drinkin' cervezas with girls who like to shoot people," she finishes for him, smiling over at him. Her brows raise at that address, 'hummingbird'. "Oh I'm just gettin' started, caballero. What'd y'all mean when ya said--" But a large flash of light to the south and deafening explosion rip her voice from her, and that cigarette she'd been holding between her lips falls uninhibited to the dirt. Twenty questions will have to wait.