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Kaydin     Kaydin enters the saloon and pulls off his helmet as he looks around. "Well that was fun. Good to be back home." Kaydin says as he moves behind the bar, setting his helmet on the bar and pulls out a nuka cola and some caps to pay for it. He sips the cold beverage and looks around at the various other people present.
Fern     Fern wanders in as casual as ever, taking note of anyone there.. especially anyone who might know her. Certainly someone would since she hangs around so much, but she tries not to wander too close to any who knows her. The girl has the hood of her jacket up and over her head to hide her face from any side view, but enough of her face is visible from the front. Fern walks over towards the bar then, sliding up onto a stool not too far from where Kaydin is drinking his cola.
Kaydin     "Why the hood, rugrat?" Kaydin asks as he reaches behind the bar and pulls out another cola. Paying for it, he hands it to the girl. "Here, something refreshing from the heat of outside." Kaydin says as he looks around. "Still learning how to beat people up by Asher?"
Fern     Fern glances towards the voice, and when she sees Kaydin she gives a wide, lopsided grin. The girl reaches over to take the cola, and after taking a few gulps she says, "Every now and then. I ain't seen him much lately.. Well, I did the other day at Kae's, but he was busy with his woman, so," she shrugs a little at that. "He's taught me to fight pretty good. Wanna try me?" she asks with a teasing grin before she says, "Thanks," with a nod towards her drink. "You look like you just got in.. Where had ya been off to?"
Kaydin     "Nah, I dont want my butt to be kicked by a kid." Kaydin says with a grin to the child before sipping his own cola. He shrugs. "I was back home in the NCR. Had to do a few missions. Even got to see my parents. They are doing well. They expected me to be a veteran Ranger by now." Kaydin says with a shrug. "So naturally I disappoint them." He says with a grin.
Fern     "Hey now. I'm not a kid no more," Fern grumbles. "I'm sixteen now, almost seventeen. That ain't a kid age, is it?" Fern asks while giving Kaydin the stink eye. She smirks at him and then finishes off her cola, banging the bottle down afterwards. "Glad the rents are doing good... and.. Yeah, I think lotsa parents are like that. They get disappointed and stuff cause they want better things for us or something. As long as you're gonna keep working, you'll get better and better and be awesome one day."
Kaydin     "No it isnt a Kid's age, your right. We just arent used to you being an adult." Kaydin says as he watches the girl. "So how are things here?" He asks as he smiles at her. "Having fun?" He says as he watches the girl. "You know if you are interested I can take you out into the wasteland for some survival training." He says as he watches her reaction.
Fern     "Yeah? That could be fun sometime. I like shooting' at stuff and finding things. Long as no rabid bears come chasing' us I figure we're good," Fern says with a snicker. "Things are good here. Well enough. I keep busy between here and New Vegas with m'job n' all, but I still have time for fun stuff." She smiles a little at that. Her attention is drawn to a woman who comes down the stairs soon enough, and she's one of the girls who help with the healing around here. Fern looks back to Kaydin and lowers her voice as she asks, "You think anyone ever rents their time to just talk n' stuff? Or do you think they're always having to make the beast with two backs?"
Kaydin     "Thats what I do, hire them for talking and teaching me how to seduce." Kaydin says as he lowers his voice for the girl to hear. He sips his cola and looks to Fern. "So Fern, You are an adult now. What do you want to do for a living? Be a bad ass?" He asks curiously as he watches the girl.
Fern     Fern gives Kaydin a look like she's not buying it for a second. "Uh huh," she says dryly, smirking again and glancing back to the girl once more. "Them lessons paying off yet? You learned to seduce someone?" she asks, one brow quirked with curiosity. When she's then asked what she wants to do Fern says, "Hah! Well, right now I work for Mr. House.. you know, run-in' things here and there. It's fun. Tiring, but fun.. I'm keeping' my options open."
Kaydin     "I heard things about that man. Man lived before the war. Weirdo hides in his casino." Kaydin says as he watches the woman and he shakes his head. "Nah the lessons dont work I dont think. Besides scientist told me once that killing and loving is the same part of your brain, so you keep on killing you dont need loving."
Fern     "Maybe not love, but you wanna bang at some point, yeah?" Fern asks, looking confused as to why someone wouldn't want to. Isn't it all the rage with teenagers? Fern shrugs anyway, then says, "I don't think Mr. House is even still alive. I mean.. No one ever really sees him.. right? Even I didn't see the real him when he hired me. It was all screen.." She lowers her voice and shifters around. "I bet he's just like.. I dunno. Maybe someone harvested his brain and it's in a jar with wires attached and it runs like that off some computer or something. Weird shit, you know?"
Kaydin     "Wouldnt be surprised. I knew a guy who claimed to be from the east coast, that the guy who owned nuka cola was a head in a jar." Kaydin says as he shrugs. "Course guy was drunk so not sure how accurate his information was." Kaydin says as he shrugs. "Sure I wanna bang at some point but life doesnt revolve around banginng." He says calmly as he sips his cola.
Fern     "See?!" Fern says loudly, but quickly hushes herself to whisper afterwards, "See? What'd I tell ya? Fuckin' heads in jar, man.. Heads in -jars-!" She sighs and sits back, shaking her head. When she sits closer again she smirks and swishes a hand, saying, "Uh huh. Sure. You're the first guy I ever heard say that, but that's alright." She snickers. "Anyway.. I figure I'll know what I wanna do in a few years."
Kaydin     "The things folks will do to live forever." Kaydin says as he watches the girl and he nods. "All I ask of you is to be careful, Fern. Cant be too careful with folks. Also be careful with who you bang, some guys and girls carry diseases that way." Kaydin says as he watches the girl. "So how goes you and your caretaker here in the saloon?"
Fern     Fern makes a face when she's told that some people carry diseases. Note taken. The girl leans back slightly on the stool as she listens, and she says, "Things are goin' good. I don't get to see Gale that much anymore. She's always busy, but that's her. She don't like being around people anyway. I mostly stay with Kitty, which is also pretty nice. She's fun and stuff, and she's around more.. They keep me busy enough!" she says, snickering.
Kaydin     Kaydin nods. "Well if you ever need some help with any jobs, feel free to ask me for help. Would love to help you look good to this mister house." Kaydin says as he grins at the woman. "So got a boyfriend or girlfriend?" He asks curiously enough.
Fern     Fern nods a bit to Kaydin, and then she's laughing. Her eyes grow wide and she gives a cheerful grin. She rolls her eyes, too, then murmurs, "Do you -think- I got a boyfriend? Psh. No way. Even if I liked guys I wouldn't have one. Ashur would probably.. well.. No. Ashur said he's going to find me a husband. He's crazy." Fern laughs more, grinning even wider. When she calms she says, "But no. No girlfriend. Maybe some day, but like you said, life ain't all about bangin'."
Kaydin     "Well I hope you find a girl who makes you happy. Just remember. You cant have babies unless you be with a man." Kaydin says as he watches the girl and sips more of his cola. "Yea Asher's views are a little...old fashioned and barbaric." Kaydin says calmly as he watches the woman.
Fern     Fern nearly gags. "Babies?! Yuck. I don't even want kids.. Why have something I gotta take care of and feed and make sure doesn't get eaten by a wild animal? That's crazy. I'm good without anything followin' me around," she says, snorting. "There's plenty of other gals out there havin' kids.. They'll keep the future going," she says with a little smirk. "Barbaric and old fashioned! That's him alright. But he's still a cool guy. He's my best friend, you know." She then lowers her voice again. "He told me I could mess around with his wives if I wanted.. Weird, huh? I mean, cool for offering but.. I don't think I'd wanna mess around like that."
Kaydin     "Yea I dont wanna mess with his wives." Kaydin says with a smirk and a chuckle as he watches the girl. "Never know. Someday you may want a little baby fern to teach things to. In any case, if you want kids I am wagering you will have plenty of help with it. Especially with Asher helping raise it." Kaydin says as he shrugs. "Asher is alright. I dont agree with him on certain things but I dont doubt his desire to help. About the only thing I respect about the man." Kaydin says calmly.
Fern     "Just 'cause I got a vagina it don't mean I want somethin' being popped out'w'it. Nope. Never! I don't want kids.. if I wanna take care of one I'm sure I could hang out at Ashur's house and listen to all the crying and stuff. That's enough right there to make you never want one!" Fern laughs at that, and then she asks, "Do -you- want kids?"
Kaydin     "Would be nice to have a kid to teach all the stuff I was taught. Like survival, firearms, combat, and tracking." Kaydin says as he shrugs. "Still it is dangerous to raise a kid in the wasteland. Not like it was before the war." He says as he watches the woman. "So got a favorite gun?" He asks curiously.
Fern     "I understand that.. But you can still teach younger kids all the stuff you know.. without having your own. But maybe you'll have one.." Fern shrugs. When asked about her favorite gun she grins. "I like shotguns.. or sniper rifles. I need to get better at those. It's fun. Hide and spy and shoot like that? It's cool.. You?"
Kaydin     "I prefer pistols. having two pistols, one in each hand? Thats what I like." Kaydin says as he shrugs and looks to the woman. "Your right, I dont need to have kids to train them." He says as he watches the woman. "I can use sniper rifles. Infact we have a sniper unit in the NCR, called First Recon. I actually knew a member of First Recon that used a lever action sniper rifle. It was a beautiful rifle." He says as he remembers it.
Fern     "That all sounds pretty sweet.. I dunno if I'd wanna work for anyone, though. Shooting things. Maybe I'd work on my own.. go after the bad guys and take 'em down one by one.." Fern says while grinning. "Like in those old Western ballads. Like Big Iron, right?" she asks.
Kaydin     "I grew up on those old ballads. And nothing wrong with bringing folks to justice. Some raiders need to be brought down." Kaydin says calmly as he looks around and finishes his drink. "Well Fern it was nice to see you again. I wish you the best luck on your fortunes. Just dont gamble it all away." He says as he rubs the girl's shoulder and he gathers his helmet.
Fern     "Yeah.. Fern, the raider killer.. I like it. Title needs a bit of work, but it's a start," Fern says while grinning. "See ya! Stay safe out there," she says to Kaydin before she starts to watch people. That's always fun.