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Ashur There are three great fallings in the history of the world: the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, Lucifer, and the bombs of the Great War.

A fourth has joined those esteemed ranks: Ashur, champion of Rome, who crushed the temple of Mars beneath him in his descent, shattering bone and splitting flesh. Dragged to his home, he has been laid in bed recuperating, the fractures set and limbs splinted, wrapped in casts, bathed by sponge and fed by loving hands. The morning sun currently pours through the living room window of his home -- getting him up the stairs was a no go, so he lays upon a couch -- and it is time, finally, to check his healing and tend any lingering abrasions.
Eden Eden comes in, all her supplies in a basket she is almost dragging. Going over Ashur's body with her eyes to decide where to start her work. "How are you feeling? Is there any sharp.pains?" while waiting for his answer, she begins setting up her workspace on the table next to him.
Ashur The man is like a child in swaddling clothes; the beams of sunlight glitter across the endless expanse of his white-clothed figure, his left leg sticking out at an angle in its heavy cast, his right arm likewise bundled. "There is the ache of stiffness," he rumbles, trying to awkwardly sit himself up; a feat, indeed, when your weight is so lopsided. "And I've had an itch inside the cast since before sun-up."

The man smiles gently.

"But beyond that, little one, I have felt well. But.." He scoots a little further, and exposes the stain of blood upon the couch, oozing from the torn stitches in his shoulder, toward the back, where a statue fragment tore him open that night. "I thrashed in my sleep. The stitching came undone."
Eden "of course it did, cause you can't be still" Eden laughs. "I know this has to be driving you insane, just sitting here. maybe i can find something you can scratch with. ok, try to roll this way a bit so i can replace the stitches" Eden sets to work on gently cleaning, then stitching.
Ashur Ever the compliant patient, Ashur rolls as directed, permitting Eden to tend to his wounds and check on his casts. "I mean to be out of these within the week," he decides, squeezing the toes of his healing leg.
Eden Eden stwres at him incredulously. "You do know that you can't just order your bones to knit back together, right? you heal fast, but it takes as long as it takes." Shaking her head, she finishes stiching and begins to try and put extra bandages and padding to protect the area. "il check on the casts next then, unless there is another area that needs specual attention"
Ashur Ashur snorts at that, nostrils flaring like a wild bull. "I heal faster than you think," he declares, "with the FEV coursing in my veins. It lingers in my, still, part of my essence as much as the blood of my father. And even before that, I endured and recovered with startling haste." There's pride in his voice, chest puffing a little. "But.. no, sweet wife. As beautiful as you are, at the moment, I want to sleep. Doing nothing is exhausting."