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Franky The light was failing in El Dorado, velvet was pushing the blue and orange glow past the horizon. An evening breeze drifted in, and with it the locals and the perpetual tourists.

    One such tourist was Franky, this wasn't his first rodeo though. A dusty attire pushed through the doors and towards an empty table to rest his weary muscles. A dieing wisp of smoke followed him from the lit cigarette he had pinched between his lips.

    He situated himself and waited for someone. robotic or alive, to quirery about his preferred beverage. In the mean time he let his eyes dance between the patrons.
Kaydin     Kaydin was watching the rest of the saloon. When Franky comes in he moves from his spot and approaches the man. "You look like something a deathclaw hawked up." Kaydin says as he sips his nuka cola he had. He then gestures to the chair infront of him. "Mind if I join you? I am lonely and can use someone to talk to." Kaydin explains as if this was something common.
Franky     Franky tilts his head a little at Kaydins observation. He mouth breaths a little before remembering his cigarette, he plucks it from his lips with a free hand. "I have that effect on taste buds." A smirk, "Treat yourself." He quickly adds, his gaze wonders at the sight of Kaydin's attire. Settling on the two headed bear for a tick before a server distracts him. "Strong an cheap. And whatever he wants." He drops a few caps to the server. "What you want to talk about?"
Kaydin     Kaydin chuckles as the man looks to the bear on his shoulder. "Yea that attracts most folks. I am Kaydin, a Ranger in the NCR." Kaydin says as he smiles and finishes his soda. "I will have another soda." He says as turns his attention back to Franky. "Well to be honest I am curious about you. You seem like a traveler and I often meet up with the various travelers to trade stories. Where you from?" He asks curiously.
Franky     A long drag is taken from Franky's cigarette, he holds it in his lungs before exhaling it ceiling ward. "Franky." He states, rising from his chair to extend his right hand, the one without the missing digit. "NCR doesn't have a bounty on me?" A grin, "I suppose I should be somewhere in honor. Ranger are no slackers."
Kaydin     "I dont track bounties." Kaydin says as he takes the man's hand and gives it a firm shake. He then grins. "I am just a lone ranger scouting the area. I find work here and a few other places. Most Rangers I know are assholes who believe the NCR is the best chance at rebuilding civilization." He says as he shrugs. "Wont deny, things are somewhat better back home thanks to the NCR, but they do too much politicking for me to be comfortable."
Franky     Franky drops back into his chair after the handshake, ashing his cigarette as he does. He watches the cherry get smuffed, the butt deforming with a fiberous crunch making some form of abstract art. He looks back at Kaydin, "I'm from way back east, place called Haven." A glance upward to the wait staff as a bottle of rotgut and another nuka cola are brought over. "Wouldn't mind seeing the NCR one day. You don't make it sound too great." He nods his thanks to the server and collects his bottle and glass. Pouring a few fingers into the cup before giving it a test swig.
Kaydin     "Dont get me wrong. The NCR is pretty good. Law and order in a wasteland. My only complaint is everyone gets a say and sometimes folks forget what is right over what they could get." Kaydin says as he sips his soda. "If you want I can suggest a route you can take back to enter the NCR. Sure to provide trading and supplies." He says calmly.
Franky     Franky listens behind the rim of his cup, the test swig turned into a large gulp. "Mmmm." He manages, swollowing the stiff drink and clearing the burn with a bit of atmosphere. "All that comfort, maybe its a weakness." Franky stifles a burp with his fist. "Imagine that's why your out here? Keeping the old edge sharp?"
Kaydin     "Trying to. With the Legion fighting amongst itself, NCR wants to keep an eye on the land. I send in my reports and wager no one really reads it." Kaydin says with a shrug. He sips his cola and he looks to Franky. "So what brings you out west?" He asks curiously, watching the man.
Franky     The bottle of rotgun is tipped to spill into Frany's cup once again. His eye's drift to the door for a second then back to his drink. "Expedition...Expansion? Tribalism I suppose..." Franky furrow his brow almost as if he's trying to figure out his own explaination. "Was trying to see the west coast. Kinda fell out of the sky somewhere around here." Franky looks back up to Kaydin giving him a one shouldered shrug.
Kaydin     "Now only folks I know of with air superiority is the brotherhood of steel. You dont have the religious zeal for one of their numbers." Kaydin says calmly as he sips his soda and he looks to the door then back to Franky. "Well if you are still interested in seeing the west coast, I can provide some directions you can take. Not as fancy as flying but it should get you there relatively safe."
Franky     There's a good chuckle from Franky, he takes a moment to slow his rising chest. Taking his left hand and pulling a pack of smokes from a pouch on his chest rig. "Maybe it was them that knocked us out of the sky." A single cigarette is taken and place between his lips. "Floated on over in a small airship. Lunacy can take you places." A stick of timber starts his cigarette up. "Mmm, I'm not one to turn down good navigatable routes."
Kaydin     Kaydin nods as he pulls out an old fashioned map of the region. "Well most of the way is blocked off by legion camps, but if you travel in the wilderness you can avoid them. There are a few paths here and here." He says as he shows him the routes he took.
Franky     Franky sits forward after Kaydin pulls out his map. He nods at the sight, tempting a look at other regions and locals he doesn't seem to recognise. He snuffs out his cigarette prematurely, pulling out a marking stick and a scrap of paper. "I envy people with pipboys. Saves you the pain of plotting grid coordinates." Franky goes some rudientary charting and writes down the points located in the grid squares. "Appreciate it, Ranger."