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Franky     Another glorious day in El Dorado, such a beautiful day why not waste it at the Golddigger. The bar had the usual midday crowd, noting too rowdy yet.
    Franky was seated at a table by himself, blowing smoke rings probably out of boredom. His eye's lazily flicked from the doors to the working girls. The remains of his plate of lunch having yet to be collected.
Aris To be honest, Aris hadn't been around town as much lately. Maybe it was the bombings. Maybe it was the renovations she was doing to a piece of shit shanty on the outskirts of town. Maybe it was the three day bender she'd been on. Whatever the reason, she looks like shit strolling into the Gold Digger this afternoon, eyes tired and dark hair a mess tucked under that Stetson. She doesn't even bother glancing around the busy place before heading straight to the bar and ordering two shots. It's 5 somewhere.
Kaydin     Kaydin was in the bar, watching the people move about. Helmet on his head, the glowing red optics watches the various people present. When Aris walks in he gets up and moves over to the woman. "Here to drown your sorrows?" He asks, the radio making his voice sound electronically.
Franky     Franky attempted to stifle a yawn, but failed, his eyes examining the damage he did to his meal. He allowed his lips to smack once or twice, lifting his gaze as Aris strolled into the joint. A grin formed as he watched her from his corner of the world. He sighed as he leaned forward in his chair, he muscles must be tired of eating and drinking. He let his elbows rest on the table, his left hand supported his chin, the four fingers he had drumming for attention.

    He eyes shot to the Ranger from the other night, it thought a moment before he metally put a name on the face. Taking a quick pull from his cigarette then tilting is head curiously as Kaydin approached Aris. "Huh." He grunted, now fully fixed on thier interaction.
Aris Wild gray eyes shift from the hard liquor on the bar to the man in Republic gear as he approaches the dark haired woman. A muscle in her jaw flexes at his words. "Too early to go around shootin' folk, but I'll make an exception for you, if ya'd like." But then a familiar voice distracts Aris from her ire and her gaze slides over the ranger's shoulder to settle on Franky. Her lips quirk up. "Sky pirate," she hails him loudly, somewhat amused. She takes the beer she's ordered and presses past the ranger--without shooting him-- and through the crowd of folks toward Franky's table. Sitting down, she swipes a piece of bread crust off his nearly-finished plate. "Still slumming with us in El Dorado?"
Kaydin     "Well you definatly know the right things to say to a fella dontcha?" Kaydin says as he watches the woman make her way over to Franky. He makes his way over with them. "Not many airships around to recruit him." He says as he moves to take his helmet off.
Franky     "Last week or so, been strolling the wastes looking for bodies." He lifts his head off his chin, diving an hand into his pocket and pulling out a tattered piece of paper that looks like it came from a book. "I think I owe you a drink." He motions for the waitstaff, and then ashes his cigarette out. "Hey, Ranger." Franky gives him a nod, "Suppose I ned to remedy that."
Aris Aris nods a bit at Franky's words, washing that crust down with a swig of beer. "Bodies?" she asks, pulling her black Stetson off, settling it on one corner of her chair and smoothing her hair out with her fingers. It doesn't really help. Her gaze shifts to the ranger as he follows her over and she frowns, gazing pointedly between him and Franky. "You know this hijo de perra?" she asks Franky. "If not, I'm gonna put holes in him 'til he shuts up." Glancing at Franky's snubbed out cigarette, she tilts her head a bit. "I'd settle for one of those."
Kaydin     Kaydin raises his hands and moves. "Fine. Take care Franky." Kaydin says as he puts his helmet back on and heads back out of the saloon.
Franky     Franky nods to the mention of bodies, pressing the piece of paper of atop the table and sliding it over infront of aris. "Doing a thing for a guy." He says, turning to look at Kaydin as Aris once again offers to smoke check him. "Met Kaydin, the other night. Good navigator." He beigns, but perhaps Kaydin came to his senses before he leaves the two to themselves. Franky shrugs and looks back to Aris, then down at his ashed cigarette. He picks up the pack from the table, and hands it over to her. "One less government friend I suppose." He says, watching the man leave.
Franky The paper is written in red crayon simply stating: 'Earn money. dead some raiders. See the wastes!'
Aris The dark haired woman's eyes follow that book page as it's slid in front of her. "Mr. Good Navigator's gonna get dead, hitting on girls with guns..." Aris answers under her breath as she shakes a cigarette out and then slips the rest of the pack into the back pocket of her jeans. Classic.

But then those gray eyes are reading the words on that page, and one stands out in particular. "Raiders, huh?" she muses around that unlit cigarette between her lips.
Franky     "We're all gonna be dirt napping some day." Franky beings, watching his pack of cigarettes disappear into her jean pocket. He tries to calcuate that amount out of her raiding wage, but math always makes his head work. "Why not let a pretty woman put them down for that nap? Yes, area around Jack's town. Trigger pullers there too busy chasing contracts than to thin out their own herd." He clears his throat and studies Aris for a second. "I know your not scared of Raiders..?" He risks uncertainly.
Aris The woman rolls her eyes a bit but seems to take Franky's compliment better than she'd taken that ranger's attentions. Lighting up and taking a long drag off her cigarette, she nods, listening to those details. But then she meets his studying gaze, gray eyes to blue, and she barks out a lilting laugh at his question. A few patrons nearby turn to look at them. "Only one in particular," she offers vaguely, still recovering from that laugh. She pushes the paper back across the table to Franky. "Are you?" She looks genuinely curious.
Franky     A smirks breaks one corner of Franky's mouth at Aris's laugh. It might have even spread into a grin before the sligthly annoyed looks waitress steals Franky's attention. The result is a stupid face before Franky remembers that he's thristy. "Ahhh, Two beers and some stiff shots." He tosses a few caps to the waitress, then looking back at Aris. "Only Supermutants." Franky offers up, seemingly completely serious about his fears.
Aris Aris is grinning back at Franky until that waitress comes to take his order. Watching her walk away, her gaze eventually comes back to him. An eyebrow raises at 'supermutants'. "I'll remember that." For better or worse. Glancing at that paper once again, she's quiet for a long moment before nodding. "Count me in. Could use a little stress relief."
Franky     Franky shrugs, maybe at the fact that he's scared of supermutats. "Enclave payloads got you stressed?" Franky ponders on that night, maybe it was too soon to bring that up...but maybe not. "It's a paying job, whats your going rate for slumping sacrificing raiders?" he digs into his pocket now, probably to pull out caps.
Aris 'Enclave payloads' has Aristide's eyes wide and she glances away, looking at her beer bottle, the tabletop, anywhere except Franky. "Fucked me up," she answers simply, which is perhaps more than she'd divulge to some. Taking a long, long swig of beer, the woman eventually redirects her gaze to him and she shrugs a shoulder. "Depends on how many bullets I have to use. But I trust you're good for it, after the job's done." In other words, keep your caps for now.
Franky     Franky studies Aris when she looks away, too soon, he concludes. Luckily he's saved by the waitress, a grin forms as he takes his beer and has a swig. "As many as you have to until they catch fire or change shape." He muses, taking another gulp and then screwing up his face. "Let's say no more than 150 caps and an equal share of spoils. Don't need you coming at me with 700 caps after...Call it smart business."
Aris The dark haired woman nods once, satisfied. "I'll leave the bein' smart to you. One fifty it is." She reaches for the other beer the waitress brought, tossing the cap and downing all of it in nearly one pull. Setting the bottle back down, she stands, reaching to put that Stetson back on her head and check the lucky revolver at her hip. Gray eyes glance down at Franky in his seat. "Come find me when it's time. Yah knows where I'm holed up these days.""
Franky     Watches the woman gulp down her beer, smiling for a second. "I will, try not to murder any Rangers if they don't deserve it." Franky remembers the shots all of a sudden, another grin develops on his face as he takes one. Theres a pause and his grin fades, maybe he's trying to figure out where to buy cigarettes in this town.
Aris Before that grin fades, Aris is headed out the saloon door into the bright afternoon sunlight, Franky's smokes tucked into her back pocket.