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Owner Pose
Fern     Standing just inside the Vault where people come and go is Fern, and she stands there looking like she's not sure if she should proceed or not. The girl gazes over the mechanics inside and those who work the vault to make sure everything runs smoothly, and then she's watching those who come and go. They're a lot cleaner than she is.

    With a bit of a sway to her step Fern heads off farther into the Vault, checking things here and there and eyeing fancy doodads that keep the place running. "This is pretty cool.." she murmurs to herself as if she hadn't been here before. That'd be impossible, right?
Kaelyn Conming from the supply store area is well a perhaps familiar sight. An unnaturally hued dark skin, white hair, red eyes, all are quite visible as Kae is wearingn a simple pair of cargo shorts, a tank top and of course CORA... CORA is yapping away at Kae as Kae makes her way out of the store. "Get enough stuff for the settlement?" Kae blinks and shrugs "Well I got what I could find here that was needed..." Before she then notices Fern

Kae is about to speak a greeting before CORA pipes in "Hallooo Fern!" Kae blinks and nods, before waving, using the hand that CORA resides on, and waving rather rapidly to make the avatar go all swirly-eyed.
Fern     Glancing back and out of the vault, Fern catches sight of Kae and sends her a little wave. "Hi Kae.. Cora. Surprised to see you here in town. I thought your place kept you pretty busy," she says with a little grin and playful look. The girl looks back to the vault then and asks Kae, "You've been in here before, right? You came out of one.. somewhere, yeah? S'how you got that there Pip on your arm, hmm?" she checks with a glance back to her friend.
Kaelyn Kae ummmms... "Well maybe, I was actually in a very secluded underground research facility as far as I know. I really don't have a lot of memory on it to be honest..... Anyhow the pip boy? Well I found one in the research place and modified it so it could house CORA..." She says and grins slightly... "As to why I'm here? I need the occasional technological thingie to make upgrades from, this is as good a place as any to go to for em."
Fern     "Ohhh, I see," Fern says as she nods towards deeper into the vault. "That's kinda neat, though. Some research facility.. I wonder if it had ties to any of the vault programs.. I heard people say that a lot of vaults were just running tests on people. Isn't that crazy? Just to think.. us outsiders may have been safer than the ones trapped inside." Fern smirks a little at that and starts to travel deeper into the vault.
Kaelyn Kae umms "Wouldn't say safer mebbe..." She responds and shrugs... "Anyhoo ummm and it probably had ties to something." Kae says and shrugs "Even if just the scientist who made me did, and decided to do the experiment that made me on his own."
Fern     "Maybe.. But there are a lot of crazy people out there. Mad scientists and whatnot.. I wonder what happened to the one who made you. You gotta be pretty fucking smart to make someone.. especially like you with the eyes and hair and all. You stick out like a sore thumb, you know?" Fern chit chats as she walks along, soon turning down another corridor. "I dunno how I woulda turned out if I had been stuck in one of these all my life. I bet people got stir crazy."
Kaelyn Kae shrugs "Well if it's the chance of avoiding nuclear attack, or if you've never known the outside... I imagine it's not so bad." She responds and grins just slightly... "As far as why I look the way I do? The Mad scientist had an elf fetish... "
Fern     "Clearly," Fern says about the elf fetish. "Does anyone else have one? Like.. have you run into anyone else that is really giddy to see an elf-like person?" Fern wonders. "I mean, I known you for like three years now and I ain't never once seen you with nobody. Did the scientist make it so you'd only want to be with him or something?" she asks, curious about it now. The chat of living in the vault is on hold for a second.
Kaelyn Kae giggles "Ooy, how many folks wanna be with a wierd-lookin' woman who could litterally squish them with a thought?" She asks curiously and shrugs... "Anyhow, honestly? I could probably have a boyfriend, just been too busy to worry about that kind of relation ship. I have... A very long time to worry about that." She says and shrugs.
Fern     "You know, if you wanted me to I'm sure I could find someone to date you. I used to do that for friends and it worked pretty well," Fern says with a little grin. "What kinda dude do you like? You like the cowboy type or a barbarian type or.. You like nice guys or jerks that at least look good?" Fern asks, giving Kae a curious look again.
Kaelyn Kae quirks an eyebrow.... "Appreciate it, but I'll find one when I do." She says with a grin "Best just let those things come to you rather than chase... Least that's my philosophy." She adds and shrugs... "Speaking of which, you found anyone that tickles your fancy yet?"
Fern     Fern nods to Kae's answer, looking like she can appreciate it. When the conversation turns to herself she starts to snicker, shrugging as she says, "Ehhhhh, I don't know. I've seen some cute people.. I've been interested in a little bit of this and that, but," she shrugs. "No one I think I'd want to be in some kind of relationship with. At least not yet. But I'm not ready to settle down anyway. I'd hang out with someone and stuff like that, though.. But it's a little harder when most people around you are straight, you know? One second you're buy-in' a gal some drinks and then her boyfriend saddles up next to you." Fern grins a little.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiously "So you like women.... Or just havn't found a guy you like mebbe both?" She says and smiles a bit "Be patient, yer young, am sure you'll find someone to be a partner before long..." Then CORA makes her avatar appear above Kae's wrist and motions to her own wrist before showing a clock... Kae blinks a few times and oohs "Well, I gotta get moving, so I can get back to check on something I left running.... You have fun down here, adventure and wander around, there's tons of nifty things...." She says with a smile.
Fern     Fern wrinkles her nose at the mention of possibly not finding the right guy yet. "Nah. I've seen enough of those to know I'm not really missing out on anything." She grins a little again, then listens to Cora. "Alright.. I'll stop by again sometime and see how it's goin at your place. Thanks for saying hey," Fern says before she's off and exploring the vault.