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Alasa Alasa says, "Could be...lots of them visiting now adays....I've come across several crashed ships myself..the people inside usually dead. But you need to work fast...those things also tend to explode before you can get anything good out of them. So its a trade that big one crashed awhile back too...lots of people on that one. Wasn't there myself, but I heard stories..""
Daniel "Didn't hear about it, but then, I was.. someplace else." Daniel takes another swig from his Nuka-Cola, considering Alasa speculatively. "I bet that big one was all picked clean, huh?" He sits down where, a few minutes before, Ashur had been perched and sighs. "I was hoping your big buddy there was gonna sign me for a contract, but it looks like it may take some work to make caps in this place."
Alasa Alasa hmms, "Really? want..a job?...why? I guess if you really feel the need. I'm moe of a, just do what you want takes care of it self. Find something you don't want...sell it to someone...or hit the casinos..those are a good source of money."
Daniel Daniel snickers softly. "Not with my sort of luck, they aren't." He takes a swig from his Nuka-Cola, shrugging. "Once upon a time, I had a great job. Loved every minute of it." His gaze turns wistful. "Had everything a man like me could want." He tongues the bruise on his jaw absently. "Ah well. I like working, if it's the right job. Keeps me busy."
Alasa Alasa says, "Everything you could want? What kind of things would you want? Maybe I can help you on your way to recover." She smiles a bit, as the cats sit down and start to bathe."
Daniel "Well, women, to start. Booze. Food. Cigarettes. Drugs. Women. A real bed. Anything, really. When I was younger, I had a sorta wandering eye. Saw a thing, wanted it." Daniel shrugs his huge shoulders, speaking with a disarming sort of frankness as he leans down to rub a finger down the spine of a kitten. "But younger men decided I got too old. It happens."
Alasa Alasa laughs, "Oh, well those things I can't really help you with..I thought maybe you wanted a space gun, or something like that
Alasa Alasa laughs, "Oh, well those things I can't really help you with..I thought maybe you wanted a space gun, or something like that. You'd have to check at the Gold Digger for those things."
Daniel "...Well, I mean, if you //got// a space gun, I wouldn't say no to it." Daniel grins hugely, finishing the Nuka-Cola and twirling the bottle between his fingers. "Or even a good rifle with a scope. I'm old, sweetheart. The more distance I put between me and the soon-to-be-dead, the better."
Alasa Alasa nods, "Oh I agree a good rifle is a god send..." as she reaches under her cape, "I got Blue here for things like that." As she pulls out her Vault Tec Rifle. "I really need to get some better jacketed ammo for it, but it still is very nice...I can fill the sky with shots, or one at a time...sure its not the most powerful thing out there, but its never done me wrong."
Daniel Daniel looks down at Alasa's rifle with frank envy, breathing out. He pats his own reliable marksman's rifle, an unsexy piece of machinery, and smiles at the woman. "I had a couple of real nice pieces awhile back, but this and my pistol are the ones I walked away with. Can't go wrong with reliability, but -- well, like I said. I don't think you can ever have too many guns or knives."
Alasa Alasa nods, as she slips the rifle back under her cape. "Oh, I have to agree with you there...I like to have options..never know what you might need, when your out scavenging in the wastes. I seldom travel with less the 6 or 7 weapons on me...well and the kids...." As she looks to the cats, "They can be very useful in situations."
Daniel Daniel considers Alasa speculatively, then pats the chest-piece of his armor. "I do have some caps saved up from my last job, if you're looking to unload anything. I'd be willing to take a look." A glance down at the cats, the big man smiling crookedly. "No pets, though. I barely get enough meat for me, let alone for these beauties."
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, as I said..I do have a space gun of sorts, let me get it.." As she trots back out to where her bike is parked, and returns a few moments later. "Nothing to powerful..but its very good at striking deep.""
Daniel Daniel studies the weapon curiously, head canting to one side. He dampens his lower lip after a moment, grinning covetously. "Yeah. You definitely got my attention." He squints. The idiot-giant look fades, revealing a fairly sharp intelligence beneath the mask. "It's been modified. That's interesting.."
Alasa Alasa nods, "Yep, not really my as I said, I sell things I don't really think I can use...I can give you a good deal on it...if your I can keep an eye out for more things..."
Daniel "What do you consider a 'good' deal?" Daniel's forehead wrinkles a bit. "That thing's //absolutely// my style. I'd need to be in close, but once I was, I bet I could drop most anything with a decent shot or two." He licks his lips again, the lust in his expression far more pronounced now that he's looking at a firearm.
Alasa Alasa bats her eyes a bit, "Oh, for someone like you....lets does 300 sound? Its a great deal, can't get a gun like it in ED for that price."
Daniel "I mean, it's certainly an interesting weapon. But 300?" Daniel's bartering seems to be instinctual, his tone almost absent. "One fifty. I could certainly go to one-fifty for a piece like this." He smiles at Alasa, almost avuncular.
Alasa Alasa looks shocked, "Oh, are you trying to starve me kitties....oh man, I might have to qualify you as not fish..." She shakes her head a bit, "How about 200?...I mean, you can affoard 200 right?"
Daniel "Hm. Well, I wouldn't wanna starve your cats, you know, but I got to eat too. One seventy-five?" Daniel's smile widens a bit, his ugly face lightening as the pair negotiate. He fiddles with the Nuka-Cola bottle, whistling softly. "Or, how's this? One-fifty and I'd owe you. A favor, redeemable anytime you like."
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "I guess I'll go with the 175....favors are to hard to cash in, when someones dead. More then once, I've had something like that happen." As she hands over the gun.
Daniel Daniel produces a bag from inside his body-armor and counts out 175 bottlecaps, meticulously. He smiles over at Alasa ruefully. "Fair enough," he says as he accepts the gun. "And frankly, I like it better this way myself. I hate owing people."