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Rexus The Knight thinks a moment, "Could be done.... however we are not terribly interested in supplying.. militia.. with heavy weapons without some guarantees that they will not be handed over to others or.. used against the Brotherhood."

     Rexus glances to Mellie, then addresses the Knights. "As you know, I am a Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel.. the last thing I would allow is for any people of El Dorado to fight the Brotherhood. So, you need not fear that... and I am sure El Dorado could lend its support to the Brotherhood groups around New Mexico in exchange for the weaponry and any training needed... consider it a partnership in times of dire need."

     And for the new folk, Rexus and the others are speaking with a gathering of armored Brotherhood Knights outside El Dorado.
Aris Just now, a trio of silhouettes emerge from the wastes beyond El Dorado at a slow gait-- a dark haired woman on a horse and a robed man leading it along towards town. As they draw to the gathered people, the woman on horseback appears to be Aris, who calls out to familiar Rexus, "All good, Rex?" Her eyes glance pointedly between the El Dorado folk and the Brotherhood knights.
Yah Yah walks alongside the mounted woman, pausing as she calls out to the group. He reaches up to tip his wide-brimmed hat upward, one good eye gazing over those gathered. His attention lingers on each in turn, though he offers little in the way of greeting, aside from a bare nod toward Rexus, the only one of them that he actually recognizes at all. Instead, his hands shuffle about amidst his layered robes, producing a lighter and the last cigarette from a pack which gets haphazardly tossed on the ground. A few strikes and he's got the smokestick lit, contentedly and silently puffing away.
Rexus Rexus looks over his shoulder as the others arrive. "All is in good hands, just seeing if my fellows here can let us use some of their heavy weapons against the Enclave... missile launchers, ammunition and such.. against Vertibirds... amongst other things." And he looks to the Knights, who nod in agreement. "And I think everything is about to get settled.. this will help us with dealing with the Sky Fortress, I hope.. and the general defense of El Dorado and the settlements."
Mellie Mellie BLINKS and looks at Kaelyn again, "I'm following you okay? I have no idea what's really going on but I will just let you make all the decisions and do all the talking.." She gives Rexus another look and waits.
Kaelyn Kae pauses and looks back at Mellie "Well i don't think this will be all that combat intensive, so everything should be fine, allright?" She says, and yes she'd sweatdrop if this were an anime, she nearly manages it anyway.. or is it just hot out here.. Who knows...

As Kae talks to Mellie, CORA makes an appearance, the tiny holosprite projecting from Kae's pip to look waaaay up at the Knights curiously.. "Ya know, you guys really should remember Kae, she's pretty unique and stuff and yah she's helped y'all a few times... Especially with a Knight named Arnold or something?!?" She says and Kae blinks and flails her arm with CORA on it, the little sprite flailing...
Aris After reassurances that some sort of firefight ain't about to go down here, Aristide stands and swings her right leg over that paint horse, both cowboy boots kissing dirt as she dismounts. "The Enclave is everyone's damn problem now," she says to the Knights, hooking her thumbs into her gunbelt. Gray eyes shift to the El Dorado folk, lingering on Kaelyn and the blonde she's never seen before. "They'll give us heavy weapons in exchange for what?" she asks Rex, turning to Yahweh briefly to slip that cigarette from his fingers.
Yah Yah issues a short-lived frown as Aristide absconds with his cigarette, his good eye glancing regretfully toward the empty pack he had recently discarded. His brows lift in what must amount to a shrug as his attention shifts back to the two groups. "Reckon the townsfolk get to put a hurt on the Enclave for 'em, and they don't get their shiny armor scuffed up." He speaks softly, one hand idly toying with the hilt of the sword stuck through his belt. "Reassurances." He smirks, then spits toward the ground, shaking his head.
Mellie Mellie looks at Kaelyn again, taking a swig from a bottle of vodka, "Whatever you say.. if fighting starts I am going to hide.. just saying.." She looks at her belt pouch, "Well if you need me to pick a lock I can do that I guess.."
Rexus Rexus nods in agreement with Aris, "Aye, heavy weapons... and I'm sure we can work out something with the Brotherhood... food, medical assistance... places to stay.. a refuge if they need it." he says, "I'm sure the Brotherhood'll have access to even some guided missile launchers... will help against all the Vertibirds... thin the numbers and maybe some flak cannons to emplace around El Dorado and the settlements."
Aris The dark haired woman's freckled nose wrinkles at Yah's and Rexus's words. "Support, but... are y'all fighting -with- us?" Aris asks the Brotherhood group, incredulous. Taking a long drag off that cigarette, she finally passes it back to her travelling companion with a little snort. "Que monton de malditos cobardes." It doesn't sound particularly kind. She murmurs something sidelong to Yahweh, but otherwise waits for the Knights to explain their role beyond supplying the big booms.
Rexus The Knights glower at Aris, "The Brotherhood has been fighting the Enclave since long before your time." says the leader, "I would choose your words carefully or let the Paladin do the talking." He adds, nodding towards Rexus. "As you are well aware, our numbers are small after the Enclave operations.. and scattered.. though many of us know your reputation, Paladin Rexus.. we would be honored to join you in your stand against the Enclave."
Yah "You know I don't speak that barbarian language." Yahweh speaks softly aside to the woman, mouth twisting in a sardonic grin. His good eye tracking toward the knights again with a quizzical expression, though his words are meant for his companion. "Somehow, you end up with all my cigarettes." His hand trails from the hilt of his sword to hook a thumb in his seatbelt, "Well, there's that I suppose. Looks like the Brotherhood's game, only makes sense, what with the giant death machine hanging in the sky. Now we can all join hands and get obliterated together."
Mellie Mellie laughs nervously, "I won't be fighting anyone guys.." She looks at Kaelyn, "My skill set is.. well.. delicate."
Aris Aris grins wryly, her question having gone unanswered. "You called it, cabron," she muses to Yah. She glances in the blonde stranger's direction, shrugging. "They'll give us the firepower and stand way back to watch." With a raise of brows and a tip of her black Stetson to Rexus that together clearly mean 'good luck with that, buddy', the farmhand leads her horse past the group gathered here and on toward El Dorado's gates. She tosses a half-empty pack of cigarettes back in Yahweh's direction. It probably looks familiar.
Yah The group at large gets an impassive nod, Yahweh adding a tip of his hat to the two women present. Then, his long-legged stride has him caught up with Aris rather abruptly, even while his hands work to get another cigarette lit and pressed between his lips before depositing the pack amongst his robes and hides, "Met plenty of their kind before. Why bother the techs to repair their gear when they've got plenty of chumps willing to do the dirty work for 'em?" He gives his head a rueful toss from side to side, "We're the chumps, by the by, in case you were wondering."
Rexus Rexus watches as Aris and Yah head off, looking back to the others. "Well, that is sorted then." he salutes the Knights, "Let me know when and where the exchange takes place and we'll get the equipment ready to move it and install it around El Dorado and the settlements... and we'll see about getting some militia folks trained up on them." he says, "El Dorado will certainly be grateful for the added defenses.. and will be more than happy to aid the Brotherhood in exchange."

     The Knights return their salutes to Rexus before turning to head back into the wastes.. a most profitable meeting indeed!
Aris "I ain't a chump. You maybe, but not me," Aristide can be heard chuckling at Yahweh, even as they and their horse disappear from view.
Kaelyn Kae ummms... "Imma just a wierd mad scienc experiment.. NO chump here!" She says cheerfully.
Mellie Mellie watches people start to leave before patting her pistol, "Collecting dust as always.. let's keep it that way.." She looks at Kaelyn, "Remind me never to wander into a gathering of.. whatever this was again!"
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Mellie "They're just brotherhood of steel folks." She says and shrugs... "NOt the craziest out there to deal with... "
Mellie Mellie looks at Kaelyn again, "Well whoever they are they sound like they are looking for a fight.. I certainly am not! If they really need someone to pick locks I should at least get some.. treasure or something at the end.."