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Daniel It's been a few days since the rescue of the prostitutes, and Daniel has not stirred from the Harlot ever since. But if anyone pays attention, it appears that he is taking his payment in only one form -- a bed, a clean water basin, and some bandages. The battered old mercenary has been politely turning down every offer of any extra services.

Currently, he's seated in the lobby, joking with a few of the young women in a surprisingly avuncular -- and even innocent -- manner. He's sipping a Nuka-Cola with his left hand; his right arm is done up in bandages, seeping red. "You know, these stingy New Rome bastards haven't even offered up any pay to me? I killed.. what, thirteen of those guys? Not a damn 'cap thrown my way."

He smiles up at a pretty young prostitute. "But at least I have you ladies to light up my day." And then he winces, reaching over to prod at his bloody arm. His clothing, too, is absolutely drenched in now brown bloodstains. Apparently, the ex-Raider doesn't have a change of clothes.
Doc     The door flies open and a glowing-eyed navajo with a braid down to his waist steps triumphantly into the building. His lab coat billows in the gust of air from the sudden motion. "Did somebody call for a doctor?" he asked. He didn't so much step into the room as stride. There was more confidence to him than most doctors allowed themselves. More confidence than someone who cared about losing lives if he got too cocky afforded himself. Still, such confidence made the women take note. Confidence and glowing, green eyes, the color of deadly, deadly radiation.
Mafuane The politely petite Mafuane was a local of New Rome, and wouldn't step a foot into The Harlot, but news of a doctor and her newly found friend Daniel had swayed her hesitation just this once.

She walks in, looking for a place not too high in traffic to sit, but she spots Daniel and the women, reluctantly she joins them. Mafuane's honey eyes notice Docs' glowing eyes and she looks more curious than impressed.
Daniel "Hey, finish this for me, sweetheart." Daniel passes his Nuka-Cola to one of the girls as he sees Doc and Mafuane enter the Humble Harlot. "Looks like we've got visitors." He may be overstaying his welcome in this place -- eventually, even heroes have to pay their way -- but one more night out of the rain and muck is all the merc looks for. "Hey, Little Brown! Come sit with me. Did you hire this doc for me? That's downright sweet."

He grins and lifts his good arm, waving over at Doc. "I know a few of the girls got roughed up, pal, and some idiots with swords got my shooting arm pretty good. New Rome footing the bill?"
Doc     "Ew," Doc said. "Feet." He looked around at the ladies and pulled a pair of rubber gloves from his pocket, pulling them on with loud snaps. "Now, then!" he called out. "Who wants to play doctor first?"
Mafuane "I'm not sure." Mafuane answers Daniel with a bit of confusion and shyness in her accented voice. She looks to doc with a meek hand raised, as the wounds she'd gotten from the rescue mission haven't healed as well as Daniel's wounds had.
Daniel "Hey, Doc! When you got a moment, check out my friend Mafuane here!" Daniel isn't anywhere near as shy as Mafuane, and his bass cuts through the pavilion easily. He lowers his voice as he looks the young woman over, tsking. "Look, I'm sorry I didn't do a better job back at the camp. Shit got a little wild -- I didn't intend for you ladies to get caught in the mix, but my slave buddies sort of let me down."

And died, to a man, in the process. But Daniel shrugs that off. "Good thing they hired a Doc for us, though. How're you feeling about all that, otherwise?" He's really stretching, Daniel is -- concern doesn't seem to be his strong suit. "You did really well. Kept your head, went with the act. Hear you guys knifed their leader all on your own."
Doc     Doc looks to Mafuane and points. "Patient!" he exclaims. He looks around to anyone that looked healthy. Then he started pointing at other women. "Nurse! Nurse! Lemonade!" The women looked confused as he moved in quick steps to Mafuane's side. "You two are nurses," he said. "If I need anything medical from my bag, or whatever, give it to me. You, get me some lemonade. I'm parched."
    Another woman with a riot shield strapped over her backpack pushed through the door, much less confidently than Doc had. "Ah, Jackie. You three. You're fired. Jackie, come." He knelt down by Mafuane and smiled at her. "Now then," he said through his smile as he pulled a stimpack from his bag, holding it like a dagger in his tight, rubber-clad fist. "Show me where it hurts."
Mafuane The ebony-haired woman flinches and looks up to the Doc a bit flustered and squeamish at the sight of the needle. "I-I I'm not sure about this, your medical machinery will taint me." she says uneasily while grabbing her leg defensively.
Daniel Daniel's smile doesn't reach his eyes as he examines Doc, looking at the man for a long few moments. His glance at Mafuane is protective, almost possessive, though he certainly has no claim on the young woman. He glances from the man to Jackie, and back again. "Let him see it, Priestess," he says quietly. "Man'll set you up nice."

He taps the bandages wrapping up his right arm and looks at Doc. "After her, can you take a look at me? I got it mostly tended to, but I worry about rot."
Doc     Doc's eyes go wide at the mention of taint. "Oh, really?" he said, excitedly. "Thaumaturgical, or will it just release some kind of long-dormant disease that only reacts to stimpacks? No, don't answer that. I want to find out with science."
    The one called Jackie said to Mafuane, "No, he really is good at this part." She opened the bag and got some other medicine ready that she guessed he might need. She was just his shield-bearer, but she looked very loyal if nothing else. "He won't hurt you, I promi--"
    "FOR SCIENCE!" Doc shouted, bringing the stimpack down into Mafuane's leg, plunging the needle into her flesh. His head tilted slightly back and his eyes seemed to glow more strongly, though when nothing happened, he suddenly looked dejected. "Aww. By taint, you meant some weird, superstitious thing. Poop nuggets."
Mafuane The bronzed woman winces and lets out a gasping shriek as she's stabbed in her leg by the needle. She grabbed and squeezed Daniel's shoulder hard in this reaction, and after a moment after she lets go. Overall very flustered and red from her consent being revoked.

Mafuane takes a few moments of calm breathing to settle down, now trying to distract herself from the thoughts of her heritage and upbringing being completely demolished with one action, she'll try to answer the things she missed from Daniel earlier while still keeping an eye on the Doc in case he strikes again,

"The situation with the man and our fellow women was very odd, yes. I am impressed we all made it out without less injury."
Daniel Daniel reaches up to pat the woman's hand as she shrieks, wincing in brief empathy. "It's over now," he tells her. "You'll feel better in a jiff. This sort'a treatment costs -- it gets you right back into the fight." But there's a dubious edge to his voice as he eyes Doc, the mad glee and the descent into disappointment apparently worrying him.

"You three did real well. Odd, sure, but I've seen odder. This one time, I was 'bushing a caravan near New Vegas.." He seems to realize that there may be an inappropriate tone to the story and cuts himself off, clearing his throat. "..That was a long time ago."

"Ahem, Doc. When you look at my arm, maybe less needles, huh? I just wanna get it all cleaned out."
Doc     "A ha!" Doc says through a Spanish accent as though he were Don Quixote. "You fear a taste of my blade, do you? Well, have no fear, small boy. I guarantee that I shall--" he interrupted himself with a thrust from what could only be described as a 'stimpack he had made a poor attempt to palm before thrusting it into Daniel's arm'. "Ah," he said. "Behold my genius." He spun on his heels and thrust a gloved finger into the air like a knight readying to ride off into the sunset. "To the next patient! Come, Jackie!"
    Jackie sighed. "I'm really sorry," she whispered to Daniel and Mafuane, then got up and jogged after Doc.
Mafuane With the glowing-eyed doc gone she relaxes a bit, still rubbing her leg though.
"I will need to preform a large ritual to cleanse my blood of this.." she sighs quietly. "And with no radscarabs here it will be harder to improvise this.." she trails off but turns back to Daniel.

"You are used to their machinery here?" she asks.
Daniel "Take a long look at my face, sweetheart. Do I look like I'm used to getting proper medical care?" The scarred man smiles, shaking his head. "I'm used to some machinery. One time I had a captive doc, he helped me out quite a bit until some fuckin' hero shot him. Other'n that, it's mostly just been Wastelands wisdom. This guy's the best doc I've ever had."

He rubs his arm surreptitiously, muttering "..Ow." Eyeballing Doc and Nurse Jackie, he says "Tell me more about your religion. What weird-ass shit you gotta do to feel right again?"
Doc     "For science!" came the shout from another room. A short, piercing shriek of fear from one of the prostitutes was followed by the equally distant, "Oh, that feels much better. Thank you."
Mafuane She goes in extensively of her ritual and religion. How very little reliance they had on technology, the shame it brings to be born with any mechanical assistance, and how secretive technology was kept under royal supervision.

Mafuane looks nervous as she hears Docs' antics.
Daniel "He's having a good ol' time," remarks Daniel casually. But there's a hint of uneasiness in his voice as he glances toward that private room. "I get it," he goes on. "The priests were using, or the royal family, but they kept that shit on lockdown to control everyone else. That's clever." He smiles broadly.

"How long have you been here? Since you got outta that thing that took you off?" He's still a little vague on the details of that. "You gotta know that half the stuff they told you ain't true by now." A pause. "I mean, was life that much better where you come from?"
Doc     Doc walked back into the room and Jackie followed, but her expression was one of shock and surprise while his was one of smug self-satisfaction. He did nothing to explain or quip about it, but whatever had happened, Jackie seemed to wish she could un-see. Doc slumped into the seat between Daniel and Mafuane. "What are you guys talking about? Is it about me? About monkeys? Do you even know what monkeys are?" he said, seemingly offended that they would be talking about Monkeys, the ignorant savages. "I'll have you know, your ancestors were monkeys!" Jackie waved at him to try to get his attention. He jumped up. "Oop!" he said. "Not done yet!" He skipped off like a little girl. "Tra la la la la," he said, gleefully. Said, not sang, mind you.
Mafuane Mafuane's brows wrinkle as Daniels' remarks insulted her. "They would never." she states confidentially.

"I will see you, some other time." she says and limps her way out of The Harlot.
Daniel "Christ on his crutch," remarks Daniel as he watches the young woman go, "But she is both too beautiful and too damn naive for this place." He looks over at Doc and Jackie, and at the prostitutes, sighing. "Maybe I'm just too fucking old to learn new tricks. Hey, Doc, what the fuck's a monkey?"
Fern     Just as Mufuane is limping out, Fern is stepping in. She gives the short girl a nod of acknowledgement as she steps inside and looks about. It's different now that all the harlots are back! With a little stretch of her arms above her head, Fern yawns and wanders into the place.
Doc     Doc spins around and points a finger at Fern as she enters. "You!" he called out to her. He rushed to her like an angry god. Then he stopped, looming over her almost accusingly. He raised an eyebrow and huffed and puffed before asking, "You know what a monkey is, don't you?" Of course, she didn't. Nobody did anymore. Ghouls might.
    Jackie said, "Are you makin' stuff up again, Doc?"
    Turning to his assistant, Doc boomed, "I never make things up!" He throws his hands up into the air. "I keep trying, but everything I say keeps coming true!" He suddenly spun around and gave Fern a big hug, picking her up off the couch and squeezing her tightly.
Daniel "Hey, Doc. That's my little Battle Buddy there. Go easy, huh?" Daniel's voice is casual, but one hand is resting lightly on the grip of his modified .32. He's still smiling - the gesture seems habitual rather than an out-and-out threat. "Hi, Fernie," the grizzled merc says. "Doc here's been telling me all about monkeys, whatever the fuck they are. New Rome's paying him to fix our shit."

He gestures to his bandaged right arm. "I'm feeling like a new man already. You come to sample the merchandise?" A gesture at the various prostitutes in the room, and a knowing grin. "I bet they remember you. Killer."
Fern     Fern looks up as Doc rushes over, and for a moment she is too shocked to do anything. She stammers, "U-Uhhhh.." When he asks about monkeys. Monkey.. Okay. "Uh.. Maybe.." They still have books in some libraries! They're not all burned. Fern gives a shrug, then grunts as she is picked up, which makes her tense.

    As she is squeezed, Fern squirms and wiggles, grunting more as she says, "Put me.. down.. ya jackass..." It's said in the nicest way possible, of course, for calling someone a jackass. The girl squirms a little more, then looks over to Daniel by the time she's (hopefully) put down. "Heyyyy. It's you!" She grins. "Good seeing you again. Better this time.." She looks away to the room and back, and she shrugs. "Just.. Lookin'." She shrugs again, cheeks turning a bit pink.

    Glancing back to Doc the girl says, "You got strange eyes. That's pretty cool. What happened to them?"
Doc     Doc puts Fern down. He smiles warmly at her. "I'm a ghoul. A glowing one." He looks into her eyes closely, both getting a good look at her beautiful eyes (for there are few eyes that are not) and letting her get a good look at his eyes. "But it's all bottled up inside this synth flesh I got on the alien ship." He stood up again and smiled more broadly at her. "Hey, why don't you come over for supper. I'm teaching Jackie to cook. Maybe you could give her a few pointers."
    Jackie rolled her eyes as she moved to sit next to Daniel. She smiled weakly at him. The look was of a woman who followed a man, but was not bound to the man. She was single, but just friends-ly. "I'm sorry," she repeated, quietly. "He's...well, he's Doc. I don't control him. He's just...well--" a look of endearment crossed her face. "He's Doc." As if that explained everything.
Daniel "It's like this, ma'am," Daniel says quietly to Jackie. "That young lady there risked her ass with me. I got no beef with your Doc, none at all. I'm just protective." He smiles aside at Jackie, offering her his left hand. "Daniel Dennison." Without waiting to see if the woman shakes, he raises his voice.

"Ladies! Ladies! This here is the great and mighty Fern! Remember her? She snuck into a campful of soldiers to save your beautiful bouncing titties for herself." A huge, mischievous grin breaks out on the mercenary's face. "She killed their leader her ownself, from what I hear, while I snuck around in the shadows. Why don't you show her some gratitude?"
Fern     Fern leans in closer to Doc and stares him down! She's really interested in those eyes. Her hands go to her hips and she gets a stubborn look on her face as she says, "No way. You're shittin' me. You're a glowin' one and you got all that glow-flesh under.. robot stuff? No.." She pulls back slightly, shaking her head as she starts to smirk. "Maybe you just got crazy eyes.." a pause, "What makes you think I can cook? Vaginas don't come with cook books," she tells him with a little snort before she glances back over to Daniel when she hears him speaking.

    Fern's eyes widen and she -stares- at him, turning slightly pale before her face is bright red. She clears her throat hard a few times, then laughs as she swishes a hand. Is she.. Embarrassed?! Has she ever been!? Fern grins slightly and takes a few swaggering steps sideways over to Daniel so she can give him a friendly punch in the arm!
Doc     Doc puts his arm around Fern, standing with her, but getting out of the way of both the punches and the other stares. Jackie has shaken Daniel's hand left-handed with a bit of confusion, and also shies away from him, not sure how this stranger will react to being punched in the arm.
    Doc whispers into Fern's ear. "I still want you to come to dinner." He tried enticing her with, "I'll let you look at my eyes through a microscope."
Daniel "Ow! Owowowowowowowowow!" Daniel hams it up, grabbing his bandaged arm as though Fern had driven another gladius into it, as the recruit did the other night. "See! Look at her, ladies! See the strength! The power! She like to killed me with that." He winks up at the blushing young woman, then whispers loudly aside to Jackie, "She's wound a little tight, right? Needs to relax."

A few moments later, the mercenary studies Doc with a hint less good humor. "Doc, let the young lady enjoy the fruits of her victory, huh?" It's like trying to talk to a brick wall. "I'll stare into your creepy-ass eyes if you want," he adds.
Fern     Fern's grin falters slightly as she realizes she hit Daniel's bad arm, and just as she starts to look like apologizing she is glancing about the room again. She picked a bad day to come stare at whores! The girl, who can't turn any more red, looks from Daniel and to Doc, squinting at him slightly. "You're awful persistent. You're not gonna chop me up and feed me myself, are you?" she asks, arching a brow and pointing a finger at him.
Doc     Doc smiles at her and chuckles. "No, but I might braid your hair." He had felt her rib and shoulder give enough before that they were almost certainly broken. "In the meantime," he said, "Can I talk to you in one of the side rooms alone for a second." He drew his alien blaster pistol and handed it to Jackie, then showed Daniel he was unarmed. "In case you assumed anything untoward."
Daniel Daniel's amusement remains intact, though his protectiveness doesn't seem to have diminished either. He glances from Jackie to Doc, considering for a few moments, then down at the blaster. With a shrug, the oversized brute says "Hey, Fernie, go with the man. But you scream for me if he tries to braid your hair. Or, you know, gets otherwise weird. He's got a fondness for needles, this guy."
Fern     Fern looks between Daniel and Doc for a moment as she assesses the situation, and she decides, "Eh.. I'll be alright.. But if you hear him scream.." She grins slightly. Fern nods to Doc and moves to follow after him, and as she goes she does take a second to look at any woman who is near her.
Doc     The women around seem to have been patched up alright. Doc has done good work, despite the rumors. Once they're in a room together, he tosses his labcoat over the bed and sits on it. "Hey, Fern," he says, "Look, I know you want to appear strong,'ve got a broken arm and at least one broken rib. I'm going to need to set them before I heal you. I didn't want to do this out there because...well...I don't think Daniel trusts me to touch you."
    Jackie clears her throat as she's left with alien hardware and a man who hasn't taken his hand off his firearm since she'd been there. She says, "'re...male, then?" She was absolutely rubbish at talking to men, at least for smalltalk, and suddenly wished she was back in the lab getting Doc a cold, refreshing water and having him lament over her not understanding science better.
Daniel Still smiling, Daniel says "Male and straight, Jackie. Wanna help me scratch an itch?" His frank come-on is delivered in an absolute deadpan, straight-faced. He glances down at the alien blaster, then out over the room, watching the crowd. In an entirely different tone, he says "Times sure do change, Jackie. Five years ago, I'd be the one that kid has to worry about." Alone with the bodyguard, the good-humored merc seems -- older, somehow. Sad. "If the Doc's a glower," he asks, "How come he looks normal?"
Fern     Once in the room with Doc, Fern stays near the door as she listens to why he's brought her there. "Broken? Naw.. It's just sore.. The rib though.. maybe. I'll give you that. Or at least cracked it or something. I've done it before," she says with a grunt as she wanders closer to Doc. "Everything hurts after you get your ass handed to you in a fight," she mentions with a chuckle.
Doc     Jackie cleared her throat and giggled nervously, blushing at Daniel's comment and scooting a bit closer away, not sure if he was serious or not. Thankfully, he changed the subject so she didn't have to. As he spoke about Doc's glowing one nature, she sighed a mental sigh of relief. She knew the answer to that one. "Well," she says, "the way he tells it, he was ghouled wrestling a glowing one to save Megan One and a few other ladies. Then he obviously became immortal. Then aliens happened and squirted some kind of synthetic flesh on him. God only knows what that stuff's made out of. Anyway, it looks and feels like it's his normal flesh, but it's on top of his glowing ghoulness. I gather that without a way to escape him, the rads inside just...accelerated the process of making him glow? I don't know why it doesn't leak more, though."
    Doc nods to Fern and says, "Yes, yes, of course." He cautiously reaches up to her arm. "This is going to hurt a bit," he says, quietly. "Try not to scream. I really don't want him bursting in here guns blazing."
Daniel Daniel may or may not be joking -- the prostitutes don't seem to interest the man, but he does shoot the occasional up-and-down look at Jackie. He listens to her story with real interest. "You know, I spent all my life out in the Wastelands and never met a alien. I come to this fucking place, and they're all I hear about."

He squints, peering at Jackie for a few moments, considering her story. "So he's a good guy, this Doc. By his own telling. Rescuing girls from ghouls, all sorts of shit." He reaches aside, with the hand that //had// been resting on his pistol, and touches Jackie's shoulder. "He really that good?"
Fern     Fern eyes doc, studying him for a second before she takes a small step slightly closer. The girl takes a deep breath and releases, then closes her eyes as she tries to relax. She says, "Count me down.." and she starts to take another deep breath. She'll probably make a grunt and pained sound, but she's tough! She ain't no little bitch!
Doc     Jackie swallowed hard, looking at Daniel's hand on her arm, then into his eyes. They were so intense. She hugged the up-side-down blaster against her chest tightly before shifting a lock of hair behind her ear. She laughed nervously again. "Um...he wants to help anyone who's lost their mind to feralism," she tried, not sure how to react to this kind of attention.
    Doc whispers the countdown. He sets her arm as painlessly as he can, then he gave her a gentle but firm hug as her body would react. She was a strong girl, though, and it wasn't nearly as bad as he had expected it to be. "You're very strong," he said, gently administering the stimpack to her arm, much more gently than he had to his other patients. The rib hurt, too, but it took just as little effort. Soon, she was healed of both her broken bones, at least in such a way as would impede her.
    He smiled up at her from his spot on the bed. "I wish I had a bit of candy to give you," he said. "Or some fruit or something. I know you're too old for that, but you're not all grown up yet, young lady." He put on his lab coat as he stood up. "I would still like you to come over for dinner sometime. I was only teasing Jackie about the food thing."
Daniel Daniel smiles at Jackie, displaying a few missing teeth -- apparently lost to violence rather than gumrot. His smile grows a bit at her discomfort, dropping his hand back down into his lap. "He sounds like a good man, sure. A hero, maybe." There's a beat, and in that same half-teasing tone, he adds "I'm not." A brow arches -- perhaps he's simply having fun at the awkward woman's expense, it's hard to tell. And then, more seriously, he adds "How do you think they're doing in there? I'm not hearing any screams."
Fern     Fern winces and growls a few 'fuck!' or 'shit!'s as her broken bone is set. She growls and shakes her head a bit, then opens her eyes and looks to Doc. She's grimacing, but looking thankful. "Thanks.." she says before she smirks a little, rolling her eyes as she says, "I ain't a kid no more. Candy's good, though. And fruit. Kaelyn usually has a stash of candy.. No clue where she manages to find it all, though," she says with a shrug before adding, "I'll stop by for dinner sometime, sure." Who turns down free food? With everything done she moves to step out and look for Daniel so she can give him the 'everything's ok' look.
Doc     Jackie puched his arm as it became clear she was just being teased. She did smile at it, though. "Jerk," she teases. She looks at the room, then at him, then back at the room. "You don't suppose they're being...indecent in there, do you?" She looks at the keyhole, just begging for her to peek through.
    Just as she was tempted to look, there came Doc and Fern. She stood up quickly as they entered the room. "Oh!" she says, trying to hide her surprise that her blush betrays. "We thought you were getting indecent in there!" she blurts, immediately kicking herself for saying it, but not wavering even as metaphorical sweat drips down her false-smiling face.
    Doc laughs. "Of course we were!" He elbows Fern, knowingly, giving her a wink. "We were every kind of indecent, weren't we Fern?" Jackie's eyes got very wide and her blush deepened by several shades of red, spreading to her ears as she sputtered.
Daniel "Hey, I just meant I wasn't a hero, sweet-cheeks. I'm still up for that itch-scratching any ti.. Aw, damnit." Right as Daniel thought that he might //finally// get lucky, here comes Doc and Fern to ruin his good time. The old mercenary might die before he gets another chance, at this rate. But he takes his defeat good-naturedly, smiling at Fern's look of assurance.

His hand is, at least, off his pistol as he rises to his feet. "Well, that's my cue to get on out there. I gotta find Ashur or someone in charge -- still ain't been paid my head-money for those fucking slavers I offed." He grins over at Jackie, puffing up his chest. "I hate slavers, me. Regular hero of New Rome." With a wink, he adds, "So long as they pay."
Fern     Fern notices the blushing on Jackie's face and she looks back to Doc.. then to Jackie. She chuckles softly and says, "Nooooooo, Jackie. He was a.. perfect gentlemen," she says, giving that phrase a try. Seems good enough. "I had a friend named Jackie once. She had a bike and other cool stuff. I ain't seen her in a long time, though.." she says. "It'd be nice to see her again. Maybe she rode off to some other town. Or got killed. Who knows." She shrugs again and stops near Daniel, catching what he says. "You're not sticking around? Though you said you had an itch, and.. well, look where we are!"
Doc     Doc laughs at Fern's candid comment to Daniel. "She's got you there, boy!" he says. He holds out his hand and his blaster is tossed to him with precision. Catching it effortlessly and pocketing it, Doc moves to hug Jackie. She pushes him away, then hugs him instead.
    "Jerk," she says, smiling.
Daniel "Hey, little sister, I don't pay for it. I may've lost my crew, but I still got my pride." Daniel pats Fern on her good shoulder, smiling down at her. "But your first few rides ought to be free, the way you stepped up out there. You can have my back any day." He drops his hand, moving for the doorway, then pauses beside Doc. "Thanks for taking care of the girls, man," he says. And again, a glimmer of something besides bravado cracks through -- the big man seems almost bashful. "I owe you. Those kids saved my ass." And he heads off again, presumably to try his best to get paid.
Fern     "No shame in paying for it!" Fern calls after Daniel, shaking her head. She then turns to glance at Jackie and Doc, seeing that they're hugging. She glances away. "What do I owe ya for yanking on my arm?" She looks back to Doc again, waiting to hear it. "And I ain't gonna cook you no dinner."
Doc     "Hundred clams?" he says, parting the platonic hug with his shield bearer. He manages to get behind Fern as she's looking away and begins braiding her hair. "An honest to god Jangles the Moon Monkey in mint condition? I don't know. Honestly, just having the pleasure of your company will be payment enough."
Fern     Fern casts a weary eye on Doc, and when he starts trying to braid her hair she steps away, turning quick to face him. "Hey now.. I don't wear braids.. and if Dan sees one in my hair it'll make him wanna kick yer ass. I seen him kill like.. fifty guys with his bare hands the other night," she says, nodding with brows lifted. "I can look for the monkey thing, though. Where'd they ever have them?"
Doc     "Seriously," he said, "Don't worry about it." He sighed. "I just want you to come to my house for dinner and be your pleasant, smiling self." He smiled at her. "And don't worry. I won't braid your hair without permission." He shot her a wink and Jackie facepalmed.
Fern     Fern eyes Doc again, this time for longer. "You come off really creepy, you know?" She's still watching him. "I'll come over, but I might have to bring some backup in case you get all weird or something." She snorts at that. "Thanks for the fix, though. I didn't think it was really that bad." She grins.