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Katherine Caine It's been a day since the expedition out into the southern wastes of New Mexico and the very close encounter with the Sand Snakes tribe. For most in the town it's like nothing happened, but those who had went knew there might be some truth to the errant Brotherhood Knights tale of a Raider Horde to the far south.

If one had seen Katherine the day before in her armored duster leading the group and then seen her today playing the role of 'Miss Kitty' for the patrons to bring in business, they might have a hard time believing it was the same woman.

Tending to the bar in a rather revealing dress she winked at one of the drunk patrons as she fed him more alcohol, her signature, "I'll put it on your tab sugah." Being said to the man.

Lots of people owed lots of money to the Gold Digger and by extension her and that was just how she liked it.
Manuelito Walking on inside is none other than the Navajo Manuelito Manny Romero. His boots thudded against the wooden planks in a soft footfall as he walks, eyes taking in the place and patrons as moves. His military cowboy hat was on his head, his trusty pistol stashed inside the holster against his hip.

Coming to a halt at the bar, the hat comes off being sat on the bartop surface. For him, it was of no surprise to see Katherine behind the bar. A benign smile crosses his lips, giving him an affable appearance. Lightly, he says "Hello Katherine." arms fold against the top as he leans in to a seat "How goes it?"
Katherine Caine A smile reserved only for friends and 'family' was flashed by Katherine towards Manuelito, "Hey Manny, it goes. You know how it is around here, drunks and gamblers, people smacking my ass and me just charging them a bit extra for it." She wasn't even joking, "How about you Manny? Anything big going on in your life?" Winking flirtatiously she laughed femininely, "I mean aside from the obvious heat you're packing." Was she referring to his firearms or something else!?
Manuelito Manny gives a soft smile back to Katherine, his head shaking ever so slightly as he talks. "Yes, my favorite bar in El Dorado does have some flaws here and there, doesn't it?" He replies smoothly, a smile still on his face "Though, I suppose that does help drive up business." he adds kindly with a grin. Giving a light hmm, he asks firstly "Could I get a beer sweets? Whatever is on tap will suffice today." before leaning back and giving his limber arms a stretch. "Life has been pretty good. Daily patrols, barking orders.." Rolling his shoulders a bit, he leans forward again "When did you and your brother roll back in to town?" He asks, pausing and adds "And how did you know about the vertibird?"
Katherine Caine "The Tinman who was with us. Caldwell. He claimed to be part of an expedition into Mexico that got over-run by raiders and crashed not far from here." Katherine replied as she began to fill a beer for Manny in an actual clean glass, not one that was just spit-polished, cause water was precious, "Mayor didn't seem interested in checking it out, thought we would do the town a favor." And herself more than likely.

"Least now we know he's not entirely a liar. Might be raiders coming from Mexico, might not." She shrugged and set the beer down in front of Manny before leaning close and pushing her cleavage together, "Do you think me getting a boob job would bring in more customers?" She asked out of the blue entirely. Total change of subject.
Manuelito Taking the beer Manny sips the beer for a few minutes as Katherine talks. Setting it back down, he hovers his body slightly over it as he looks to her; saying "Caldwell hmm? Well, mister tinman of the brotherhood is not someone I would trust. The Navajo tribes I've talked out in the wasteland have always spoken of them with mix feelings. Plundering from people and pilfering technology gained form scavenges deemed unsafe in normal hands." His head shakes at this and sighs. "I'll have my militia boys watch him while he is in town." A hmm escapes his lips "The Militia hasn't done a lot of scoutin down near Mexico. Sounds like we should here soon."

As the second question is asked, his brow raises and head shakes, lifting the mug and drinks.
Katherine Caine Katherine shrugged at the response to the question that mattered, "At least I got having kids out of the way young, wouldn't want to look like some of the women my age around town." Pouring herself a shot of pre-war whiskey from beneath the bar she raised it to Manny in a toast before slamming it back and setting the glass down on the bar.

"Probably because the Sand Snakes look like children in comparison to anything south of the border. The en-cee-ar and the brotherhood don't even like to send people down that way." Leaning very close to Manny she lowered her voice, "Don't tell anyone but the Tinman said the brotherhood was checking out some kind of pre-war facility down in Mexico when they got hit by the raiders. If the story about the raiders is true, we may have worries if they keep moving north but what really worries me? What if the raiders recover whatever it was the Brotherhood was after."
Lilly Caine Lilly blows in like a shed geko skin. Not sure exactly what that means, since she doesn't stick to a wall, tumble head-over-tail, flit around in a breeze, but she does resemble a discarded remenant as she enters. Knees and Elbows jangles over to the bar where she flumps down. "Nuka?", she asks.
Manuelito His eyes narrow in a glare and frown at Katherine as she spoke about the kids; assured sign that he was displeased by the choice words. Taking a sip of the mug quietly, his eyes gaze from her to the drink. After a few minutes, he speaks. "I will put together a squad of militiamen and head down to Mexico. Probably best to scout the facility, verify what's in it. If'n there is something there that could tip scales to favor raiders, I rather beat'm to it."
Ironface Jones The doors to the Gold Digger swing open slowly as Ironface Jones, man of means now that he's gotten paid for helping to scavenge, enters the establishment. His spear is with him, as always, but it's not held in a menacing manner, just kept close to the big man. After taking a good look around to make sure things seem safe enough he ambles towards the bar. "Greetings, Miss Kitty. It was good to kill raiders for you." So polite. "Captain," He says to Manuelito. "It was good to kill raiders alongside you." To Lilly he gives a greeting as well, "It was good to scavenge with you, miss." When he finally makes it to a stool and sits down he leans his spear against the bar casually and takes off his helmet.
Katherine Caine For the moment, the most important thing for Katherine was getting Lilly that Nuka and not just any Nuka either, it was a genuine Quantum; not the fake ones, because oh boy did she sell half the people here fake Nuka.

Popping the cap off and setting the blue-color in front of Lilly she smiled, as if that made up for 16 years of absence, "There you go darling, you earned it. Good job out there."

Nodding to Ironface she poured the man a beer and set it down on the counter, "Why hello there handsome. Make yourself at home."

Leaning back down in front of Manuelito to give him an eyes first view of cleavage she frowned a little, "Problem is, that's hundreds of miles away. You can't get there first, because they were fleeing from them. Best you could do I reckon, is take out some horses and ride south for a few days or more and see if there's any sign of well, anything. Caldwell seemed unright in the head, inexperienced. The Brotherhood likes to slap armor on kids, hand them a rifle and call them Knights. Fifty Raiders? Coulda been a horde to him. Besides, Archie and I have a better way to check it out when my darling Lilly is done doing some work for me."
Manuelito "Nothin' good in taking a life." Manny replies quietly. "Life scared and should only be taken when it is of absolute necessity." He adds, lifting the mug to take a swallow of the amber drink. "And even then, still not good." He adds with a sigh as the mug is placed on the countertop.

"Point taken." Manny said with a frown himself, eyes still on the drink. "Still, if'n I can get a little information, that would be better than none at all." At the mention of her brother and daughter, he adds "And what pray tell might that be?" He asks hesitantly; having known quite a few of her crazier schemes and plots from over the years.
Lilly Caine Lilly practically beams at the glowing drink set before her. "Thanks!" and takes a guzzle. She belches.. the mind's eye offer ing a little mushroom cloud emenating from her.. the smell of geko onna stick with Questionably Heavy Seasonings dont do her breath any favors. She 'ahh's happily and turns to look who she though heard coming in the door. ..and spins on the seat full circle.. then spins again to get another look.. She's soemtimes easily entertained. She then hops off the stool to look underneath.. a powered barstool might be fun.. then its back on the stool to observe folks again in another slow rotation.
Ironface Jones "I shall," Ironface replies when told to make himself at home, picking up the beer he's been served and taking a hearty swig and getting foam on his face when he does so. After wiping his mouth with his hand he turns on his seat to look at Manny, furrowing his brow in consideration, "I feel as though I have even more to learn about the El Dorado tribe than I realised if that is the opinion of it's warriors. Where I am from we are... We were peaceful but still we celebrated victories over our attackers and great hunts." Lilly's antics are studied closely when Ironface sees her spinning around and then ducking beneath her stool. If he didn't have a beer in his hand there's a chance he'd go to look himself.
Katherine Caine "Oh, Manny, my dear dear Militia Captain. You will just have to wait and see, besides, if we're all about to be killed by raiders, you and yours? Should really consider an expedition, maybe send some people down, you're too important to be away from town that long if there is a risk, what with the Sheriff dead and all." Standing up and giving her daughter a funny look she poured herself another shot before stating, "Lilly didn't kill anyone, she's a good girl, far too good for this town." Raising the shotglass towards Ironface in a toast to his words she said, "El Dorado would never back down from a fight. Besides, rules of the wasteland are a thing, kill or be killed." She downed the shot.
Manuelito "Last time I heard that I was fourteen and being chased by raiders." He quips. Manny then gave a warmth of a smile to Katherine before shrugging. "I'm Navajo. Being stuck in one place makes me stir crazy. Doesn't help I am Romero too. Militia patrols runs in our veins." Well, not really his veins as he was pure Navajo, only adopted into the family. There is a pause and nod "But, you are right.. With the sheriff out of the question due to experimental tests of explosives, I am the likely candidate to oversee what law that can be placed here." He sighs, and shrugs.
Lilly Caine Lilly spins again, looking at Ironface. "Hey".. spins "What".. spins "You.." spins "Looking" ..spins. "At?" ..spins.. "Mister?" ..spins.. Giggles and spins again, this time she's tilting up her nuka bottle and taking a rotation long sip.. ..continues turning.. Belches at Ironface on that rotation before continuing her spin. "I aint killed nobody", agreeing with Katherine. "I just shoot varmits. Something nasty comes, I'm sure someone I"m will with give it a new butthole.. ".. She winks at Ironface, continuing her rotation.
Ironface Jones Watching Kitty as she toasts him, Ironface mimics her and proceeds to pour the remainder of his beer down his throat in a rather impressive display. He has to wipe his face again when he's finished, of course. "I will not let El Dorado come to harm while I am here." Lilly's attention causes him to go back to watching her again, "I was looking at you. What you are doing is interesting to me." And at her wink he puffs up, "If someone threatens you and I am there it will have enough holes in it to make it die."
Katherine Caine "Lilly, you wanna watch the bar for the night? Most important thing is making sure your Uncle doesn't swindle anything from the Saloon. I think you're old enough to handle it, that is, if you're up for it?" Katherine asked her daughter with a smile before grabbing Manny's beer and topping it off, "Send some riders out, at the very least it will make you feel better. Then you can take Clara on a picnic or something." The shotglass she had taken her shot in is poured with a shot of the pre-war whiskey and slid over towards Ironface, likely in gratitude for his protection of Lilly.
Manuelito A slight nod is given as she talks about sending the riders out "Aye, I will probably do that.. At the very least scout for a few days. Making sure nothing comes back our way." There is a pause, a brow raising as he takes the mug and sips it for a moment. "What about Clara and a picnic?" He asks casually, eyes focusing on Katherine; unsure as to what she was talking about or getting at.
Lilly Caine Lilly pipes up. "Picnic??", hearing the words like a clarion call across an empty field. "I wanna Picnic!!", Her rotation on her stool increases double-fold.. her excitement at such an event illustrated in her rotational velocity
Ironface Jones Lifting the shot Kitty gives him, Ironface holds it up towards her the same way she'd earlier done to him, "Thank you." The whiskey gets a sniff before it disappears down his throat. The taste of the drink gets a pleased sounding "mmm" noise to sound from the big man, "This is the best hooch."
Katherine Caine Katherine sighed, "You know what Lilly, nevermind. Manny, make sure you take her and Clara on a picnic before you go riding off into the sunset." Moving back over towards Ironface she leaned down on the bar and began counting out caps, "So there's this guy out in Jack's Town who came in here a week ago and robbed a few girls. You want a job?"
Manuelito The Navajo has a confuse of a look on his face regarding all of this. Eyes look from Katherine, to Lilly with a brow lifted in question to what her mom was saying before looking back to the beer. Taking the mug, he swallows some of the beer idly before setting the glass back down.
Bane      The sounds of a horse is heard outside, of course a lot of people would miss it over their own thoughts and the general din of a well off saloon. It doesn't take long for the rider to make himself known, unconciously drawing attention to himself as the door clacks behind him. It certainly doesn't help his case that he is clearly new around here and looks to be a fresh arrival. His clothing is covered in a thin layer of travellers dust and he looks a little haggard. His head turns slightly as he scans over the saloon, picking out faces before he shakes his head and makes his way over to the bar. He takes off his har, dusting it off slightly as he does so. Placing it on the bar he looks over what is available, the creases in his face growing a little deeper as he peers at a couple of labels. "I'll take a whiskey, need something to clear the dust from my throat."
Lilly Caine Lilly 's spinning on a barstool at a rapid pace, her spinning stopsing at Katherine's words. "Robbed? Who?", looking to Ironface, eyes wide. She leans on the bar, anticipating his answer. She takes another swig of her Nuka-cola as eyes glance to the sound of Bane's order. "throat mud. yuck", she offers as a uninvited comment.
Ironface Jones "Yes, I would like one," Ironface tells Kitty, nodding once towards her. He's quite serious about the possibility of employment, it seems. The opening door gets a look from the Tribal who gives a nod to Bane, something he sees people do to each other in here.
Guardian Caldwell Theres the sound of clanking metal as the usual BoS Knight makes himself known once more. He waves to everyone and gives a nod to the saloon owner. "Miss Kitty." he says in acknowledgement. Then offers a smile to Lilly and a polite nod of his head to the rest of the patrons before popping a squat on one of the stools and spinning himself around in it for fun, because really, what else was there to do in a bar besides drink?
Katherine Caine "Sure thing sugah." Katherine replied to Bane's request all smiles as she grabbed the bottle from behind the bar and poured the man a double shot, "First drink is always on the house." Of course, she had poured two in the glass.

"Welcome to El Dorado. If you're planning to stay awhile, I suggest getting a room here, unless you like radroaches or bed bugs, then there's a couple other places in the city." Winking at the impressive looking Bane she added, "Lemme know if you need anything, anything at all."

Her attention went back to Ironface and she motioned Caldwell over since he didn't seem to be doing anything better, "Anyways, this guy. He goes by Slim Tony, he's pretty fat though, shouldn't be hard. You go get the jewelry back he stole from the girls and we split whatever else you can carry from his place. Take Tinman with you, he still owes me a few favors before I can vouch for him to use the radio."
Bane      Bane lets out a quick gruff laugh as Lilly speaks. "Well it certainly isn't pleasant, thats why I need a drink to get rid of it. Preferably something that burns a little so I can be sure that it is all gone." He moves slightly, the hand previously hidden underneath his long duster coming out with a rifle that he places leaning up against the bar. As his duster gapes open their is clearly another weapon holstered at his hip, no real surpises there everyone in the wasteland is armed. He turns slightly from his seat to look at Iron Face and offers the man a quick nod, his eyes widening slightly as he seems to realise just how large the man is. Well with a build like that at least there must be plenty of food around here. And then there is the sound of clanking metal, and a freaking Knight walks in. Bane shakes his head in near disbelief, it has been a while since he has seen one of them clanking around. He shifts his rifle a little closer to hand as he looks at all that heavy armour, it never goes to be unprepared. He looks up with a small quick smile as his drink arrives and he takes a small sip of the fiery liquid. When he speaks his voice is deep and gravelly, although he is clearly relieved to have had something to drink. "I think I will. I'll probably be here a little while. Largest city I have seen for awhile. Might be able to pick up some work around here."
Manuelito Finishing the beer, Manny stands and slides the beer across the bar. "Thanks as always for the drink, Katherine." He replies with smile before turning to walk out, cowboy hat being placed on his head as he moves.
Ironface Jones The knight gets a return nod from Ironface who comments to him, "You are good at killing with your energy weapon. I enjoyed seeing it in operation." Very friendly way of greeting someone. Then he turns back to Kitty and gives her one more nod, "I shall find Slim Tony and retrieve all of the things in his possession."
Clara Caine Right as Manuelito is heading out, Clara is heading in. Cowboy hat slightly askew, thumbs tucked into the front pockets of her pants, dark hair braided and slung over her shoulder. Under her blue eyes is that charming smile, combined with some straw she is chewing on.

"Howdy Manny, heading out?" She asks him, doing a turn on her boot and tipping her hat a little.

Moving on, the person she spies is Lilly. "Hello my lil' flower." Walking up to the girl a kiss is placed on the top of her head, in a motherly fashion. To the rest, a charming smile is given in greeting, which fades upon spitting her sister. "Well lookie here, nice to see you off your back for once. On break?"
Manuelito Manny pauses as Clara walks in, his hat tipping to her as well. "Thought about it, unless there was a reason to stay." He notes and pauses at the doors, eyes looking back to her, then over to her sister with a furrow look.
Katherine Caine "Anytime Manny, keep up the good work and remember. You owe Clara and Lilly a picnic, they'll explain what it is." Katherine made sure to remind the Militia Captain again because she sure as hell wasn't taking them on a picnic.

"You can call me Miss Kitty." It was said to Bane, "You want a room on the second or third floor? You pay in advance for the room and its yours, I don't care what happens in there. As for work?" She pointed a painted nail towards Ironface, "Got a job in Jack's Town that Big Iron is going to handle for me, I'm sure he could use another gun in case of trouble. You know how Jack's Town can be. Sure you heard the payment arrangements."

The arrival of her sister just puts her in a shitty mood but she doesn't show it. Instead she smiles, "Clara! I'm so happy to see you darling. Take a seat and have a Nuka." A nuka-cola was produced from beneath the bar and she handed it to her sister.
Guardian Caldwell Knight Caldwell turns his armor plated head to Katherine, tilting it slightly "Who is Slim Tony and why did he steal jewelry? Is this some sort of job? Is there some sort of reward for this, I hope?" he asks curiously. Sure helping people was it's own reward but a young BoS Knight needs to eat! He stretches and looks at the Pip-boy on his arm, beginning to tap in some information on it and looking up to Miss Kitty again. "Jack's Town, huh? Sounds like fun."
Lilly Caine Lilly Hugs Clara back, blushing and beaming at the kiss as if it were a gold star put on a bit of homework. She spins on her stool more, taking a sip of her Nuka quantum.. doing a full rotation while she sips..then tries for two rotations, giving up halfway through with a belch that gets spread a full 270 degrees before completion. A new personal best. Lilly's eyes glance between Clara and Katherine.. and she's settled in for a good show. Front-row seat, too!
Ironface Jones When he gets a smile from Clara, Ironface returns it with a massive grin, way more than is probably called for. He might be trying to fit in. But then he's being introduced so he speaks to Bane, "It will be good to have another warrior to accompany us. I am Ironface Jones, hunter and explorer of the El Dorado tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard clan." Then he extends his big right hand for a potential shake.
Bane      A small smirk touches his lips at Katherines words "Miss Kitty huh? Well you can call me Bane." The man shrugs his shoulders slightly "Third floor please. Paying in advance shouldn't be an issue, and with any luck hopefully what goes on in there shouldn't be either." He tilts back his drink and polishes off the rest of the double with no discernable reaction. "Well I don't know how Jack's Town can be. But I am very sure that I can handle it." He shrugs his shoulders as he watches the interaction between the two sisters, no emotion on his face as he watches it unfold with curiousity filing away that little tidbit for later. Then he turns to Ironface Jones with the barest hint of a smirk twisting his lips "Bane, wandering gunslinger." He holds out his hand to accept the handshake, his grasp is strong and his hand rough with callouses.
Clara Caine Clara smirks a little at how cordial Kat is being "Thanks! Could use one!" She says to her sister. She looks down to Lilly with an approving smile. A gloved hand grabs the back of a chair she looks over to Manny. "Come have a drink!" She calls, if he isn't about to leave. Blue eyes go to look to the new faces, again there is a charming smile, around that straw she chews on. Letting go of the chair, she'd go to greet each with a handshake. "Howdy, names Clara Caine." She'd introduce.
Manuelito Manny looks at the offered chair and proceeds on over, setting down quietly. "I guess another Katherine." He says cordially as he looks to her, a small smile cross his lips.
Katherine Caine "Pleasure to meet you Bane." Leaning down beneath the bar, and taking her time with it she finds the key she is looking for and hands it over to Bane, "Third Room on the right. Room is yours until you die or you skip town."

Leaning back down against the bar she frowned just a little at Knight Caldwell, "You want to use the radio to contact your comrades right? Well, DJ Wild Bill said he'll let you if I vouch for you. I'm not ready to vouch for you yet. You do this and let's say, you beat my brother in a bareknuckle bar fight and I'll vouch for you? Kay? Okay." She doesn't even let William respond, she just puts a hand in the air towards him basically telling him to shutup and accept it, "Ironface. Bane. Tinman. Slim Tony lives in an old trailer home painted red, only one in Jack's Town you won't be able to miss it. Good luck and look forward to seeing what you bring back."

Pouring herself a shot of whiskey she raises it to Clara, "Bottoms up Sis! To Family!"
Ironface Jones "It is good to know another gunslinger. I am fond of watching talented marksmen," Ironface tells Bane with a deep nod. When Clara offers a handshake he returns it politely, sucking less at this than at the greeting smile thing. "I am glad to meet you Clara Caine, but I cannot stay. We must begin our mission." With that he stands up from his stool. Waiting for Bane and Caldwell, he stands ready to head out the door.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell slowly rises up and sighs. "Oh we go." he stretches himself and nods to everyone. "I suppose i'll be heading out to get that Jewelery back and stuff...sooo yeah. Cya." he waves to Lilly in particular and nods to everyone else and begins to head out through the door to go find SLIM TONY or whatever
Bane      Bane stands and holds his hand out to Clara "It is a pleasure to meet you Clara." Bane speaks his voice still gravelly and deep "I would offer you a drink but work is calling me." He sweeps his hat off the counter and places it on his head, pulling the brim down low over his eyes as he takes up the rifle he had leaning against the bar. He grunts with laughter as he accepts his key "Well I hope I do the second before I do the first." He waves his hand over his shoulder as he turns to leave.
Lilly Caine Lilly mumbles softly, something about the 'order of operations' before disappearing into what is left of the last of her Nuka Quantum, offering a barstool-spinning-burp in an attempt at a full 360-degree belch.. Clearly, Lilly makes her own fun..
Clara Caine "Bye ya'll." Clara says to them with a wave, she then sits and kicks her feet up on a chair, tilting her cowboy hat to the sidr some abd lifting her drink. "To family!" And then, she drinks.
Manuelito "So Katherine thinks I should take you out on a picnic... Maybe with Lilly." Manny says as he drinks the beer quietly. Then looking to Clara, he asks "Want to?"
Cigano With a push of the swinging doors, the High Chef himself Cigano steps into the tavern. He looks as though he stepped right off the Boyardee can sans the perfect tan and winning smile. He glances over the place and then heads right to the door, still flashing his pearly whites and takes a seat, "Might I inquire about your water situation? I would really enjoy a palatte clenser"
Lilly Caine Lilly 's rotational velocity atop her barstool stops abruptly. "Fancy Talkin!", eyes widening as she zeros-in on the newcomer.. well, eyes only. no targeting sights or anything. Lilly watches with rapt attention, mentally undressing the stranger while looking for odd bits of tech and whatnot.
Katherine Caine Katherine drinks her whiskey before setting it down on the bar and sliding the caps she was counting out over to Lilly, "Here you go sweetie, go buy yourself some power cells for your gizmos."

Poor Clara.

Clara had just got a bottle full of butt water. Not water from someone's butt, that would be messed up! No it's the bottle of nuka-cola everyone had put their cigarettes in the night before.

Poor Clara.

Unfortunately Katherine couldn't fully enjoy her victory as Cigano stepped in, the pearly whites are noticed and well Miss Kitty loved her caps, "Well, hello to you sugah! We've got clean water in house if that's what you're after, straight from Bitter Lake. For a handsome gent like yourself, I'll even throw in a clean glass."
Clara Caine Clara gives the newcomer a passing glance before she is coughing and sputtering. The drink was the most horrid thing she has had. Face turns red, and while she isn't trying to be rude, the cowgirl spits out ends if cigarettes. "God all mighty!" She huffs, slamming down the drink, eyes red with water. "That's what it's like to kiss ya sis?! This is closer then I want to be to family! Excuse me, I think I need to hurl." She gets up and would go to the washroom.
Manuelito Manny frowns at Katherine, his head shaking as he slides the drink back across the counter. He sighs and says "That was fucking cruel Katherine."
Cigano Beaming, Cigano replies, "In the house? Well, now then set me up and I shall see what else you have that I might be able to spend a few caps in this wonderful establishment." His grin never fades, "Seems like you have a rather popular place here. I traveled quite a bit to get here. Feels like a place I might be able to spend some time in while I figure out the town. Figure I will need to meet the people if there is to perhaps be some kind of trade between us all. Trade is always good for the people and as Saint Campbell would say, 'm'm! m'm! good!' for the soul." He glances over at the leaving woman while trying to put those pieces together. He seems to decide its not worth the time and goes back to smiling over to Katherine. After hearing Manuelito he responds with a tsk, "Now that wasn't very kind. Few things are as bad as something terrible in your mouth."
Lilly Caine Lilly beams, to distracted counting caps to offer more than a passing notice to clara going to yodel for a buick or something she read in an old holodisk.. a final sip of the last of her Nuka quantrum.. just enough swill left to add a bit of light, she glances to cigano.. non-comittal.. she lets family tender him up first before she makes any kind of approach.. sides. those that dwindle to ash means less distractions from fiddlin' with stuff. And, Lilly enjoys the comfort of worse-off-than-her external shielding
Katherine Caine Katherine shrugged at Manny, "She brought it on herself, she could have been pleasant to me. She knows that only one of us can win the war of the bitches." Turning her attention back to Cigano she says, "Well sweetie, we have some nice rooms here, some with a patio, and a radio and hell a shower if you can afford it." She points to the posted rates, "Planning on staying awhile? Buy the room and its yours for life or till you disappear. Be a good spot for a man such as yourself to have I bet." She allows herself a bit of a victory smile while she watches Lilly with the caps.
Clara Caine Clara is gone for a good few minutes, but she does eventually return, cowboy hat being used to fan herself. Throwing up is dirty business. Not giving her sister a glance, she would go to the table and thunk down in a chair, looking to the others briefly, her skin a bit pale. "I don't think I'm going to eat for a week."
Manuelito Biting his tongue, Manny just shook his head in response. As Clara comes out, he looks to her and shakes his head. Stepping off the chair, he walks over to her and smiles "Maybe a rain check on the picnic?" He says, eyes narrowing on Katherine and once a answer was given, heads on out.
Lilly Caine Lilly continues to spin on her seat, letting 'adult matter' tend to themselves.. and thankful she's removed from such matters. A look of syumpathy os cast towards Clara.. a bit of an 'appology' for 'mom'.. but Lilly rests comfortably in her position of 'not a target' and tries to offer comforting smiles where she can
Cigano Considering the offer for a few moments he seems to agree, "You know, thats a good idea. I will have a lot of business in town, would be nice to have a shower to come back too. Always difficult to sign in on the roster for the shower lists back at Rail, people get all flustered and move me around to try to win points." He shakes his head, "It's a whole thing. Please, excuse me for one moment." He stands and move over to the cowgirl, he reaches into a small satchel on his side and produces a can with a red label and the words 'chicken and stars' written across it. He offers it to the lady, "This is what was left for us by the faceless Saint, we eat it whenever we aren't feeling well. Take it, eat it when you can, you'll feel better." He offers it with a smile.
Clara Caine Clara takes her hat, and slaps Manny on the arm with it. "Sorry Manny, when I don't feel like a trash bin." She looks to the newcomer and takes the can. "Why thank you darling, I'll give it a try."
Katherine Caine Katherine picked out a pair of room keys and asked Cigano, "Do you want a regular or a deluxe room and first or second floor?" She was all about business. Caps caps caps. It was all she saw sometimes.
Cigano Cigano gives a big smile when she accepts and nods, "No problem, he gave us much so we could share for those who need it." He turns back to Katherine, "I believe I will take the deluxe, first floor will be just fine." He reaches into his satchel and fishes out the handful of caps to match the price, "Well, hopefully that will cover it. This will be perfect!"
Katherine Caine Katherine gets the key for Cigano and hands it to him, pointing to a door across the saloon, "Just over there sweetie. You got a patio and everything. Let me know if you need anything, I'm just a holler away!" Winking at the man and blowing him a kiss she went off to serve some other customers, always busy, and always money to make!