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Owner Pose
Sparrow Sparrow is out by the stables. She's all right at repairs but she's better at construction and right now she's working on getting some of the stalls back up and in place. Sifting through the old wreckage of what was once the family livelihood. She's sorted some of the lumber out. She's going to need more, that's a definate. But for now? She's working carefully to make sure the real scrap, the stuff only goof for kindling or melting down is set to a junker pile.
Stockton Stockton joins his friend, bringing with him a cleared pack and wearing his Wasteland gear. The Merc truly looks it with that T-visor mask and combat chestpiece. He's got that handcannon on one hip, and his 10mm on the other. He's got a cigarillo in his teeth and he chews a little before puffing on the thing, "Well, Sparrow, what's the good word?"
Sparrow Sparrow looks up from the work she's doing with a frown. "Not much. What can I do for you, Slimjim?" She asks softly tossing her gloves to the side. She leans under the overhang of the barn and pulls one of the tightly rolled cigars from her pocket to light it with a match, hiding from the drizzle and rain as best she can.
Stockton Stockton meets that frown with a grimace, one hand reaching up to palm the bucket off his head. His voice unmuffled, "I'm checkin' on my folk, keepin' touch, makin' sure you have what you need," he gestures at the machinery, "Fer instance, you look hard up on somethin that ain't workin," he doesn't approach too quickly, knowing better with the fiery cowgirl.
Sparrow Sparrow lifts her shoulder, "We'll get it worked on. Aidan's got Nikki kickin' about, she's pretty smart. I've got Tobi, chick named jackie volunteered to help as well. Skittles too. Machinery's taken care of. Just need your help keepin' the place safe from Solomon, provided that fat fucker hasn't already taken he already wanted from our family."
Stockton Stockton tilts his head to the side and plucks his smoke from his lips to exhale a slow stream of smoke, "What in the hell is a Solomon? You got some fat fucker givin you problems?" That might make the Merc's trigger finger twitch. "You got a place this fucker might be?"
Sparrow Sparrow says, "The Mayor." She replies. "Solomon, the fat fuck who got my parents kill't." She replies, "But me and Aidan don't have any proof." She admits with a little twitch of her lips downward. She rolls her shoulders. "You leave him alone til we have proof, Stockton, we need to bring him and his bullshit ring down. Don't tell anyone, especially not the Caines. They've had power in this town for long enough they could've unseated him. And they haven't. And no talkin' to Aidan about that last bit. Caines might not have involvement but idle men can be guilty too.""
Stockton Stockton's jaw clacks as he adjusts it in his mouth, that cigarillo passing to the other corner of his lips for another slow drag. This time the smoke billows from his nostrils in obvious frustration. Something clicks behind those feral eyes and he growls, "We should all fear evil men, but there is another evil we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men," he says it like he means it. "Alrigh', then you tell me how I can help."
Sparrow Sparrow lifts a shoulder shaking her head, face never moving from that hard stern scowl and the draw off her smoke. "Especially ones that work so close with the corrupt." She lifts a brow, "Done some reading while you aware away?" She smirks at him as she moves about to start moving more junked debris off to the burn pile.
Stockton Stockton can scowl just as good as her, better even with that protruding brow ridge of his. Fucking neanderthal. "Had to learn," is all he says despite her smirk. She moves more junk and he can't help but watch curiously. "What're you doin now?"
Sparrow "Clearin' stuff out for when we get stock in. Soon as we get breeding stock we can get the Ranch back up and workin. Cissy and Jess are pretty excited about the whole thing. And with Aidan back we'll all be set soon. It'll be nice. Not what it used to be but nice. We'll.. figure it out. You been enjoying being back in El Dorado?" She wonders with a lofted brow as she ashes to the side and tosses some ancient half rotten cork onto the trash pile.
Stockton "So what yer sayin' is you need breedin' stock," Stockton drawls a little bit. Slowly but surely that accent is coming back and he's starting to sound like the old Stockton, just a bit older, a bit wiser. There's a tongue in his cheek as he thinks on it for a moment. "I can track som Brahma down fer yah?" he offers, one hand instinctively dipping towards his gun only to just rest there, casual like. The Merc finally moves and just starts pitching in. He's burly, he can handle moving junk from one side of a space to another.
Sparrow Sparrow shoots Stock a look that could peel paint, you know, if it hadn't all been peeled away by time and radstorms anyway. "Ask Aidan and Jess. They're probably gonna end up runnin' things 'round these parts. You know me. I haven't got the constitution for permanency." She rolls a shoulder and pops her neck before lowering her chin a bit and scuffing a toe to kick an old rusted nail towards the junk pile. "But if our hunt for 'Yotes was any indication at all? We'll need a good tracker. So have a chat with Jess if you don't wanna hit up a Deputy tho."
Stockton Stockton meets that look with an expression that dares her to speak her peace. "I'll talk to yer siblings, but I thought I heard tale you were fixin to make it right, sounds more like yer makin' plans to skip out already," he says. "Ain't ya, now? No constitution?" He gives her a look that questions that statement. "I...can do what I can," there's a pause and a brow lifted, "Deputy?"
Sparrow Sparrow smirks, "Skip out? Never. But I stopped playin' house long ago. You know I wont leave home." She wouldn't. Which may be part and parcel why she didn't just follow him. But there's no regret in her eyes, no give, nor will there ever be no doubt. "I just do a fair bit more roamin' than they do s'all." She lifts a shoulder and moves over to sit on an old overturned trough patting the spot next to her. "Yuh, Aidan's a Deputy. Imagine my fuckin' surprise to find him workin' under the man. Suppose he thinks he's an umbrella. Keepin' the shit from tricklin' down to the masses. I think it's a leash. Aint inclined to tell'm as much though. Wouldn't do not good to stir shit this early and I just found'm again.."
Stockton Stockton keeps hauling shit while she takes a moment to sit. He's still puffing away, as the heat hits him, he strips down to undershirt while he works and they talk. "Roamin's been my specialty lately. Almost pays more'n Merc work," he shrugs a shoulder and scoffs. "The fuck? Aidan's Deputy now? Well now I've 'eard it all. Sounds like a terrible fuckin' leash," there's a half squint. "Yeah, I looked out fer 'im and Tobi at the firefight. Fuckin' gearhead went and took half a dozen to the stomach...then duct taped himself so I could get 'im to the Saloon." he shakes his head. "Gettin him armor soon."
Sparrow Sparrow rubs her face and her expression twists a moment in worry. "Well I'm sure Miss Kitty and hers'll take care of him." Her fingers twitch. Sparrow's instincts have always been towards the caring despite that cold weathered exterior. "Aidan got hit pretty bad too. He's restin'. Iris said she'd be by with a medkit tomorrow. He'll get looked at, maybe she can give Nikki somethin' for her cold. Runnin around out in the rain without any clothes on." She rubs her face and then puts her cigarillo back in her teeth. "Surprised you took a shinin' to the little goblin."
Stockton Stockton nods, "Saw most everyone that got hit gettin' patched up, and hey, Jack's Town is on the menu, just like Roswell." A second nod comes and he gives a hopeful smirk shrug, "Per'aps," and then he's clacking his teeth at her in a bite at the air, "I don't, just ain't gonna stand fer any other assholes pickin' on 'im. 'Sides, he's important t' you." It's a good cover story and the Merc will keep to it if he's ever tortured.
Sparrow Sparrow frowns a bit and shakes her head. "I'll leave that to ya'll. I'm goo with my gun but we've seen that when we've gotten swarmed, like yer bound ta do up in Rosewell, I'm not so good. Give me a quickdraw, one on one, duel or a good shootin-star, yanno, bck to back and whatnot, and I'm more of a liabilty. She eyes Stockton and lifts a shoulder, "He's been my best friend since we were littles, well, save for that period when I went a little wild."
Stockton Stockton chuffs, "I'm not gonna accept that kinda talk fer long, there's things need doin, and I didn't teach you to use a pistol just to shoot me in the ass," there's a rub to a particular spot. "I know. And I used to be an asshole to 'im. I'm tryin' not to be my old self...sorta," he shrugs and pulls his cigarillo to spit before replacing it. "Sides, until I got a more lucrative contract, I'm gonna have to keep huntin'."
Sparrow Sparrow snorts softly. "What, my contract's plenty lucartive." She says with an amused almost sneer and then she laughs again, a few short barks before she goes quiet again. The sound seems..rusty. Like it isn't often used. She looks up and her head tilts, "Yeah. You and Tobi know eachother then or something?" She's more perceptive than she lets on at times and her nose wrinkles.