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Doc     Jackie was the one operating the controls as the inner door opened for Fern. Jackie was dressed in a pre-war dress that had been laundered and looked basically new. She also had her hair washed and done, and seemed to be wearing makeup. "Hi, Fern," Doc says from the lab side of the room. Jackie gives a shy smile and raises her hand in a wave to the younger woman.
Fern     Wandering into the room, Fern slips her backpack down onto the floor before she moves farther inside. A pause in her step has her lingering closer to Jackie, and she glances to the woman, giving her a quick look over. Okay, maybe longer than quick, but Jackie -does- look nice today. "Hey, Jackie," Fern greets, grinning at her and giving a little wave before her eyes are searching for Doc. "Heya," she then says towards him. "Things going well in the lab?" she wonders as she starts to head over.
Doc     Fern doesn't make Jackie uncomfortable staring like the other fella did. She lets the girl have her time looking. Jackie is tall for a woman, slender, but with enough meat on her bones to be attractive and not just a skeleton with skin.
    Doc was hooking things up through a kind of Doctor Frankenstein switch. Doc puts down his tools, though and spreads his arms to offer Fern a hug as he smiles broadly. "It's good to see you, Fern," he says as Jackie follows the girl into the lab section of the building.
Fern     "Good to see you, too. Seems like you've been busy.. Whatcha working on now? Helping cheeseburgers make a comeback?" Fern wonders as she moves closer, checking out the wires and where they all attach. She gives a little hug to Doc, friendly enough, and then she's stepping back to keep personal space. Her hands go into her back pockets and she looks at the wires, then back to Doc.
Doc     The wires are running from the alien-hybrid fusion reactor through a big ol' switch (of course) to the pod that contained the buxom bombshell he'd been avoiding for a while. "I was thinking about what you said last time you were over," Doc says to her. "I've got all this," he continues, gesturing around, "and just keep her locked away, terrified of interacting with her. So, I thought maybe she should be allowed to make her own decisions about this world. I don't have the cryofluids to put her back into stasis, so this is a one-way trip, but I know I've got the power to get her out."
Fern     Fern's gaze shifts to the pod, studying it as she listens to what's said. When she looks back to Doc her eyes are wider, and one brow is arched. "You're.. going to let her out?" Her eyes widen more. She glances to the pod and back, and she says, "Ya couldn't tell me that first? I woulda washed my hair or something!" she grunts. First impressions and all. "Worn a nice shirt and," she sniffs at herself. Not -too- bad.. "Dammit, Doc!" She grins.
Doc     Doc looks at her. "I haven't finished preparations yet. Jackie might have something that would fit you." He looks over at the thinner, taller woman behind Fern, then back to Fern. "And if not, you could always use the decontamination showers and meet her naked." He smirks, his teasing obvious. "I'm sure she'd LOVE that."
Fern     Fern glances to Jackie again. She squints, not looking sure at all. "Eh.. I'll pass on a dress.." She looks to Doc again, starting to grin. "Naked? Hah! Not gonna let you see me naked. Nice try," she teases, grinning right back at the man. Her hands slip from her pockets and rest on her hips as she watches the pod. "Have you planned out what to say to her? Are you nervous?"
Doc     "Is that what this feeling is?" Doc says, his smirk widening. He enjoyed their banter, not that he'd said it out loud to Fern. "I don't think I've ever been this nervous about anything in my whole life," he admits to her. He takes the few steps to the pod and puts a hand on it. "This woman," he says. "I failed to protect her, failed to save her friends, failed to keep her on the mothership, failed everything about her. I'm terrified she's going to listen to everything that's happened and just walk out that door and never talk to me again." He sighs. "But," he continues after a moment, turning to look at Fern. "Whether you realize it or not, you helped me realize that that's her choice to make, not mine." He looks down at himself, trying to adjust his wardrobe to be perfect as it could be. "How do I look?" he asks.
Fern     "I don't think you failed as bad as you think. You got her this far, after all. You saved her.. you could have just decided to leave her in there the rest of her life, or you coulda let her die, but.. she's there. And who knows, maybe she'll still think you're the shit even after she sees you and all the other men out here." Fern shrugs, arms now crossing over her chest. "I can guard the exit if you want. Make sure she don't run off n' stuff... and you look alright? I mean, for a dude. You're clean and stuff and lookin' dapper?" she tries, having a tough time deciding whether or not he looks good.
Doc     Jackie smiles at him. "You look beautiful," she says. He smiles. "Thank you both," he tells them with a genuine warmth. "For the compliments; for being here; for everything." He takes a pair of shiny goggles and puts them over his eyes. Then he moves to the switch. "Hold onto your butts!" he quotes. Flipping the switch, the lights flicker and dim as the fusion reactor throttles into overdrive. Arcs of electricity light the room around the switch and the pod's glow intensifies until it's like a lightbulb. Doc's smile broadens into a mad, toothy grin and he begins laughing maniacally.
Fern     Fern watches as Doc puts his goggles on and doesn't give them any! Her eyes close tightly and her hands cover them.. Just in case, but as she hears the strange sounds around her she opens her eyes to watch the pod and lights. "Wicked.." she whispers, starting to grin again. Hopefully she won't do any permanent eye damage!
Doc     The lightshow stops and the room is plunged into darkness. The pod hisses and status lights of other equipment come on. Things beep as they begin rebooting. Doc moves across the room and flips more switches, resetting the breakers to the human equipment, including the lights. The hissing pod is slowly coming open. "It's happening," he says. "Oh, maybe this was a bad idea."
Fern     The lights go out and Fern squeals an excited squeak, and when the lights come on again and the pod starts to OPEN. "Hell yeah!" she shouts, grinning from ear to ear. "You better not turn back now!" she says, still grinning with excitement. Has she ever seen anything so scientifically kewl? Probably not!
Doc     The pod opens wide like a gaping maw, breathing out fog and looking for those whom it might devour! Then there was coughing from inside. "Megan!" Doc says, rushing forward to the pod. He helps her to sit up. She continues coughing a bit, then looks around. Doc interrupts her curiosity by hugging her tightly. Quickly realizing who it is by the braid on his back, she hugs him back and smiles, closing her eyes.
Fern     Fern is still grinning like an idiot. This is COOL. REALY COOL. She's enjoying watching Megan come out of the pod, and when the two hug she grins even wider, somehow. The girl says nothing for now. She gives a look to Jackie and watches her reaction.
Doc     Jackie doesn't look happy about the whole thing, and at the hug, she actively looks away. Doc finally ends the hug and sidesteps, gesturing at the women. "This is Jackie," he introduces. Both women wave in greeting. "She's been following me around for a few weeks." He then gestures at Fern. "This is Fern," he says. "She has a gigantic crush on you and insisted I take you out of the pod so she could ask you out." He smirks again, obviously teasing the girl.
Fern     "Wow, Doc! Didn't think you'd give her up that easily," Fern says with a smirk as she looks over to Jackie again, smirk remaining. "That's alright, though. I'll just steal Jackie from you now. She's really cute in that dress." She winks at Jackie and glances back to the two who have been reunited.
Doc     Megan stretches her legs out, then swings them over the side of the pod. Doc helps her to stand up, careful in case she falls. She falls into him, but quickly regains her balance. She looks to be in her late teens, early twenties, and her curly, blonde hair cascades down to her naval in front and behind her. Her blue eyes are hauntingly blue, and her figure looks even better when she's not frozen in a pod. She's topheavy, has an hourglass figure, and even before the war, men would have killed for her. "Hello, Fern," she says. "Jackie," she says, repeating her greeting at the other woman, who doesn't return any acknowledgement. "What happened? I mean...we obviously got off the ship, but...did we go back in time? What about the bombs? The vault?" She turns to Doc, "Ash, where are we?"
Fern     Fern stares.. Really stares. Poor thing. How long does she stares? Who knows! It's long enough for her to start blushing when she finally snaps out of it, and she quickly looks to Jackie, stepping her way quickly and reaching to grasp for Jackie's hand to tug it if caught. "C'mon, Jackie.. I think the food's burning," she excuses. Best to let them have a moment alone.
Doc     Jackie quickly takes the hint and goes to the food on the burner for warmth more than anything. She focusses on the food, letting Fern have her say. She looks like she needs a hug, however.
Fern     Once Fern has Jackie off to the side she grins slightly and says, "Don't be so down.. They haven't seen each other in a while.. and from what I've seen, that's how a lot of guys are. They miss out on what's right in front of them." She grins a little lopsided at Jackie, stepping up to give her a hug. "Besides, her boobs are too big for my taste," she murmurs into Jackie's ear while hugging her, trying not to snicker.
Doc     Jackie hugs the young lady back tightly. She had seen how Fern gawked at Megan One. She knew Fern would rather have her, but Jackie smiled regardless at the compassion. "Thank you," she says, quietly. "I needed that." She finally pulls back from the hug to open the fridge and pull out a pitcher of water. She pulls down four glasses and begins pouring. "I don't really deserve him, anyway," she continues, mostly to herself.
Fern     Fern gives Jackie a soft squeeze before releasing her so she can move about freely again. She follows after jackie, but moves aside to get comfortable while waiting. "Why don't you think you deserve him? Even though it shouldn't be that way.. Gotta find someone who deserves -you-. S'what I heard," she says.
Doc     Jackie looks over at the girl briefly. "I'm not better than him," she says. "He's a genius. Actually, that word feels way too small for him. He's charming and beautiful and look at this house he's got?" She spins around, taking it all in. "He braided my hair and he gave me this dress and..." She pulls herself back down to earth and clears her throat. "I don't know why he wanted me here for this," she concludes.
Fern     "Maybe he likes you or.. values you or.. has the hots for you? I don't know." Fern says as she glances back towards the other room, not seeing what the two are up to, but knowing they are there. She keeps her voice low. "Megan's a part of his past. She's pretty, but... In that -too- pretty kinda way to where.. you kinda.. don't wanna be with them? I mean, I'd much rather be with you than her. You know?" Fern shrugs. "We'll see how it plays out. Try not to worry, yeah?"
Doc     "Please stop," Jackie says, turning away. "I know you're trying to help, but telling me she's too pretty to be with doesn't make me feel better about not being as pretty as her." She turns back to Fern. "I'm sorry," she interjects. "I just...I've been looking at her in that pod for weeks, now. He doesn't talk about her around me, but I've been trying so hard, and he doesn't look at me like he looks at her." She opens her arms for another hug from Fern.
Fern     Fern makes a sort of sour look with her mouth before she steps up to give Jackie a warmer hug, holding her this time as she says, "I meant it in a nice way. But I guess people have different tastes. She's pretty, but there are lots of pretty people. You're pretty, too. I doubt Doc would keep ya around if he didn't enjoy your company.." She's trying! WOMEN.
Doc     Jackie held her and this time didn't let go unless Fern pulled away or started getting uncomfortable. She doesn't say anything, either. Instead, she just enjoys the warm hug for as long as Fern lets her. Hugs are common enough outside in the wasteland, but not like this. Not here, where it's safe. Here, you can just hug someone until you fall asleep hugging them.
Fern     Fern gives another little squeeze, relaxing into the hug to let Jackie get as much of a hug as she needs. She probably starts to get a bit squirmy before Jackie may be ready, and when that happens she slowly pulls back, giving the other a smile. "You're a nice gal, Jackie. If he doesn't decide he shares your affections, well.." She shrugs. "There's lotsa people out there. I could take ya off to New Vegas and.. man. LOTS of people there. I could set you up on a few dates even."
Doc     Jackie smiles at Fern, her hands on Fern's shoulders. "You're sweet," she says. "I've been on dates before. I'm no virgin queen." She spoke the phrase without understanding the full, historical meaning of it. She looks more deeply into Fern's eyes, seeing what's in there and if maybe she might get lost in them.
    Just then Megan One screams and sprints to the pre-war home side of the building, sliding into the counter before hiding behind Fern and Jackie, her eyes wide with fear.
Fern      There's a nice compliment. Has fern ever been called 'sweet' before? The girl is looking at Jackie.. and Jackie is looking at her.. and.. Wait. Jackie's really looking.. Shit, why?! Fern's eyes widen a little and a brow slowly starts to quirk. More.. more.. Danger, danger! Fern sucks in a breath, and just as she starts to pull back and away from Jackie she's said by the scream! She flinches and turns around quickly, looking that way.. and as Megan runs in and hides Fern first looks like she's prepared to fuck shit up. Until rational thoughts arrive. "Eh.. You find out he's a glower?" she guesses, looking back to Megan. "He ain't gonna eat you."
Doc     "A glower?" Megan One said. "You mean like that fucking glowing mutant thing we ran into?" Doc calmly walked into the home side, hands stuffed in lab-coat pockets as his goggles rested on his forehead.
    Jackie looked at him, her eyelids half lowered as she put a hand on her hip. "Doc, you've got lousy timing, you know that?"
    Doc shrugs. "Sorry," he says. "Didn't know you two were hooking up." He looks at Fern. "I thought you wanted to shag Megan."
    Megan looks up at Fern from where she's crouched down. She takes her hands off the girl she's hiding behind. "What?" she says, everything kind of piling up on her right this moment.
Fern     Fern may as well be the alien in this situation now! She looks between Megan, Doc and Jackie, hands lifting from her sides as she says, "Hey now!" She swallows hard and starts to chuckle.. nervously? "We ain't hooking up! We're just talking.. and I ain't never said I was gonna really go at it with Megan. That's.." She shakes her head, suddenly bright red. "Uh.. Maybe I should uh, just let you guys work it out in here, yeah? I mean.. Got work and all.. things to do, you know?" She whistles, chuckling again. Someone shoot her now.
Doc     Doc was between all three girls and both exits. The safe one they'd come in and the only other, also on the lab side, which led out to ghoul city and the irradiated water around the clean water of the water tower. He says, "Firstly, Fern, stop acting like I'm going to gun you down. Second, Megan, would you calm down? Fern wants to shag you, I want to talk, and you just make Jackie want to cry from inadequacy. Nobody here's going to hurt you."
    Megan looks up at Jackie, a slightly sad expression on her lips. "Aww," she lets out.
    Jackie also blushes, but also takes a defiant step toward Doc. "Of course I do," she says, confident in herself. "Megan is more beautiful than anyone has any right to be. I would kill anyone alive to trade bodies with her. I've been trying to get you to love me for weeks, now, but even frozen, I'm no match for her, so yes. She makes me feel inadequate, but now I think maybe it's just you!"
    Storming past him, Jackie slams her hand down on the open command for the doors and walks into the decon chamber.
    "Jackie," Doc says, exasperated. "Fern, keep Megan safe." Then he follows Jackie in and the door shuts and locks.
Fern     And through all of this Fern just stays perfectly still. Her eyes follow Doc as he goes after Jackie, and as she looks to Megan she offers a slight grin. "Ah.. and just for the record, I was just kidding. About the.. what did he call it? Shagging? I assume that means sleeping with, right?" She chuckles again and then looks away towards where the two disappeared. "Seems like.. things are going pretty well considering.. He was pretty worried you'd freak out and hate him and all that stuff. He kept you alive in that thing for a long time. Must really care."
Doc     Megan stands and runs her fingers through her hair. "Oh, god," she said. She takes a few deep breaths and calms down. "I'm sorry if I made you feel undesirable. It's not like I haven't slept with girls before. It...was actually kind of a necessity in the vault, but...look, dinner and a movie first, okay? Then we can talk from there." She took a deep breath and held it for a second before letting it out. "I know Doc cares. I just...I saw his eyes and I remembered that night. That thing." She grabbed her left wrist with her right hand. "God, I feel naked," she said, despite the full-body speed suit.
Fern     Hearing Megan say 'undesirable' makes Fern start to laugh as every bit of tension leaves her body. She has a good laugh, then follows it up by saying, "You didn't make me feel that way! I know I'm desirable. I just meant what I said. While you're pretty and all, I don't know you. I ain't about to try messin' around with someone I don't know and all that stuff." She shrugs. Fern glances about the room then, eyes finding Megan once more. "Yeah.. Those are pretty revealing, even though they ain't. Hmm.. I'd offer a shirt from my bag, but.." It's not going to fit over Megan's chest. No way in hell. "I don't know where they keep clothes and stuff.. else I'd offer to grab ya something."
Doc     "What?" Megan said, looking down at the speed suit. "Oh, no, not that. My pip-boy is missing. Has been since the aliens took it. I could be in my underwear and my pip and be okay." She hid her left arm behind her back which caused her to thrust her chest out more. "You get to relying on them faster than you realize."
Fern     "Ohhhh.. Yeah, I guess they're pretty handy. It wouldn't surprise me, though, if Doc managed to steal it back from the aliens or something. I bet he could even make one for you. He seems to be pretty smart and good at those kinds of things," she notes with a nod.
Doc     Megan smiles at Fern. "I think I'm going to be alright," Megan says. "But I think I would like to hang out. You're my first new friend in hundreds of years, it would be a shame to throw that away." She winks as the inner door opens again, a freshly-dried Doc and Jackie stepping back into the room.
Fern     "Ah.. Sure! Okay, yeah. Can do," Fern says with a flash of a grin. She hears movement and glances that way to see the two returning. Phew! Good thing. Fern lifts a hand and wiggles her fingers in a slight greeting before lowering the hand again. At least no one has left or is running off crying.
Doc     "What took you so long?" Megan one teased. "Fern and I shagged six times while you were out."
    Doc narrowed his glowing eyes at her. Jackie looked at Fern. "Hey, Fern," she says, "After I get changed, can I walk you home? We're postponing dinner."
Fern     Fern's eyes go wide again. Dear baby jesus! This girl ain't gonna last around this trio! Fern clears her throat and puts on a little grin, then says, "Ah, sure! Thanks.. Yeah. A walk home would be nice. Good to get some air." She then looks to Doc and gives him two thumbs up as she mouths 'good luck' to him. On her way towards the door she says, "It was nice meeting you Megan.. I'll see you around, surely!" She's quick to grab her backpack and get out of there!
Doc     Jackie pulls her dress off over her head, draping it over a chair before opening a drawer near the bed and pulling out her only real outfit that was hers. She pulled it on one piece at a time and picked up her backpack and shield. She walked to Fern and turned back to Megan and the doctor. "I'll come right back when I get her home, Doc."
    Doc waves. "Thanks for coming, Fern. Sorry about all the drama."
Fern     Does Fern watch? Heck no! She's seen way too much today and has gotten more involved than she had ever planned. Nope! Fern's behaving and waiting for the second Jackie is ready. She'll slip out with a, "See you soon, Doc!"