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Doc     The decon shower was refreshing heavy water while the drying cycle was nice and drying. Soon, Jackson was all nice and decontaminated and the inner doors were opened. "It's good to see you again!" Doc said, offering Jackson a hug. In the lab side of the big room, two women were playing with some bit of tech and talking quietly among themselves.
Jackson As Jackson entered the decontamination chamber, he sighed softly, preparing himself for the water. But after it had him cleaner than he'd been in ages, and he'd been dried faster than a corpse in the desert, the marshal eventually moved his way through the chamber and into the lab proper, smiling at his friend's introduction before shamelessly wrapping him in a tight, friendly embrace.j As he glanced over at the lab, he saw the women, and cocked a casual eyebrow at Doc behind his glasses, grinning mischievously.

"Ah, I see you've been busy, eh? It's been too long, Ash. I've been so wrapped up over at the car plant, I haven't had time for anything else. Never thought the shit would be so.. Intensive."
Doc     "Busy?" Doc says, looking back. "Oh, them. Hey, a scientist needs lab assistants, right?" He clapped his hands and beckoned the women over with a gesture. They both came over and smiled politely at Jackson.
    "Oh, I know you," Megan said. "You were on the alien mothership, weren't you. I don't know your name, though. You guys were kind of...amnesia-riddled at that point. Doc gave me the run-down on how that all concluded, so I'm glad you survived it."
    Despite the recognition, Doc introduces them anyway. "Jackson, this is Megan and Jackie. Megan is my lab assistant and Jackie just has a huge crush on me." Jackie punched Doc hard in the arm, causing him to have to side-step to avoid falling over. "Oh, I mean," Doc continues with a smirk, "she's my shield-bearer." Though what he had said was not wrong.
Jackson As the duo introduced themselves to Jackson, he dipped his head toward each of them in kind, then smiled in realization as he realized that Megan was, in fact, the same who'd been trapped in stasis within her pod back on the mothership. He opened his mouth to speak, but quickly closed it as Megan spoke. Then, he attempted to speak again, only to hear Ash begin his explanation. With a chuckle, he listened to the introduction patiently, then pushed his glasses up a bit higher on the bridge of his nose, cracking a pearly-toothed grin as he did so.

"It's a good thing to see you made it out in one piece, yourself. The name's Jackson. Jackson Parkes. Dep-- Marshal at large, EDSD. Believe it or not, I was actually one of the pilots of that ship, bringing it down into the wasteland. It was.. Uh.. Well, you probably saw the wreckage. I've never flown a spaceship before." With a chuckle, he turned his attention away from Megan and toward Jackie, giving her a half-bow.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well, miss. Though I gotta' say, shield-barer's a bit of an odd title. I imagine you're from Avalon, then? Or New Rome, perhaps? Regardless, it's a pleasure. Any friend of the good Doctor over here's a friend of mine." After his words to both of the women, he added a last bit to Doc himself, maintaining that casual grin as he pulled off his gloves.

"Hope i'm not interrupting anything, I just was in the neighborhood, and thought it'd been far too long since we've just sat down and.. Well, caught up, really. I've been running myself ragged since the Enclave's last.. Well, you know."
Doc     "I haven't been outside, yet," Megan says. "I came out of that pod, there. That's where I sleep." She gestures to the alien tech that's now got a teddy-bear chilling on the cushions.
    "Just a Samaritan," Jackie said bowing slightly back to him with a smile on her face.
    "Actually, as you can probably tell, we were in the middle of a huge orgy when you showed up. All the rest of the girls are just way better at hiding than we are." His smile reached all the way to his eyes and he adds, "You want some water? I've been making it. Freshest, cleanest water you can possibly imagine."
Jackson "Oh, you guys too? I just left one of those." As Jack responds, he angles a nonchalant finger toward his duster, which he'd currently kept closed in an attempt to keep the chill of the winds off of him before he entered.

"Nothing under there. Just Socks, boots, and shame. Lots and lots of shame. Oh, yeah, and my pip-boy. I like the radio." With a chuckle, he dramatically ripped off the forementioned duster, revealing the nearly excessive amount of layers he was wearing. A long-sleeved white dress shirt, sleeves rolled up, his speedsuit from the mothership, his sheriff's vest and badge, his arm and leg guards, and of course, his now travel-worn cowboy boots, who's spurs were beginning to bend and lose their lustor. He hung the duster on the corner of one of the nearby bunks, then looked back toward Doc, nodding appreciatively at the offer for water.

"That'd be fantastic, actually. I could use something a bit less than alcoholic in my diet. Only workable shit i've been able to scratch together out on the trail as of late has been old vodka and bottles of Nuka-Cola. Not the best combination, but i've had worse, I guess. I can see you've been busy youself, by the look of the lab." As it's mentioned, Jack angles his thumb toward the equipment humming with alien technology, evidently impressed at the speed in which the lab has been assembled.
Doc     "It practically put itself together," Doc says as he pours a glass of the clearest water Jackson would likely have ever seen into a glass, handing it to the well-traveled cowboy. Pulling out another three glasses, he gets to work pouring the girls each a glass before his own last. "Now all I need is a kick-awesome fusion-powered motorcycle and we can recreate my awesomeness in that shared hallucination."
    Megan sipped at her water, then looked at Doc. "I didn't know you could ride, Ash. You never really struck me as the type."
Jackson Pure to form, Ash followed up on his word without a complaint, pouring out a glass-- a genuine, actual glass-- of the clearest, most satisfying water Jackson had ever had the courtesy to lay his eyes on. He took the offered beverage with a nod of thanks, and sampled a mouthful, swirling it carefully around his teeth as if to appraise it's quality. It had to have been the most refreshing thing he'd had since.. Since.. Well, ever! At that, he took another sizeable gulp, savoring the liquid's chill as it worked it's way down toward his stomach. At the mention of their shared hallucination aboard Epsilon, he nearly spit his water back out, swallowing it quickly before barking out a genuine, mirthful fit of giggles.

"I can't act like it wasn't awesome. It convinced me-- The, for some reason, super, super patriotic eye doctor. I.. I was pretty confused about that one. Particularly the bits about my wife. I've.. Never been married. I've never even.. Had a long-term relationship before. Aliens are fucking weirdos. But that bike stuf-- That was gold. Absolute gold. You know I've got mine right outside, right? Usually it just sits in that old garage now that it's a bit more cleared out. But I've been riding it all over the god damn wasteland for the last few weeks. It's yours any time you see it around, though. It's what friends do."
Doc     "Megan's right," Doc says, reluctantly. "I've never even been on a bike. Never even had a bicycle when I was a child." He looks at Megan for a moment. "What do you think? Do you trust me enough to climb on that bike behind me and let me drive you around?"
    Megan swallowed hard and looks back and forth between Doc and Jackson. "Ash," she says, then stops. She looks into his eyes deeply and continues. "Ash, I will go with you into hell and back if that's where you take me."
    Doc blinks as Jackie blushes. "Jackson," he says, turning to face the 'eye doctor'. "Need your bike!"
Jackson Doing his best to hold in his laughter, Jack reaches into his right pocket, withdrawing a single, jingling silver P-shaped key. He spun it around on his index finger, smiling wryly, then threw it into the air, catching it on the pinky finger of his opposite hand, then offering it to Doc behind his back with a playful smirk on his face.

"Oh, of course. But if you drive it through your house, I'm not wrangling up the ferals again. We just got them all penned up-- I really, really don't want to chase them down with a lasso. I'm half-drunk already."
Doc     "Shouldn't be driving, then, really, should you?" Doc says to him with a playful smile as he takes the key. He looks at it. Freedom. Independence. A blonde bombshell wanting to put her breasts on his back. He just looks at the key for a moment in silience, the possibilities swarming all over him.
    Megan moves beside him and hugs his arm. "Do we have helmets?" she asks, letting the question hang in the air.
    "Are you anticipating getting shot at?" Jackie asks, the question a curious one in her mind.
Jackson "No driving laws in the Wasteland, Ash. I can ride the damn thing on daytripper if I want to-- die at your own risk, and all that. Can't say it's the most intelligent thing, but I'm not the most intelligent man. I read a pre-war book on law that I found digging through an old schoolyard once. There were.. Far too many for me to keep track of. I wouldn't have been a law-man back then, I don't think." As he spoke, he seemed to give the concept some serious thought, but eventually doubled back to the womens' questions, answering them not a moment later.

"Got one helmet, but I can't speak for how great it'll work. It's in the side car, inside the storage department. Shouldn't get shot as long as ya'll don't stray too far, though. I think I'm going to duck out of that trip, this time. You're more than welcome for a ride around. There's an extra industrial grade MFC inside of that storage department if ya'll run low on juice. But me? I've done enough riding for one day. If that's your plan, I think I might take a little nap in the Ranch House, sleep off this buzz."
Doc     "Sidecar?" Jackie says, looking at Megan One. Megan's gaze intensifies as she looks back at her primary competition. Thankfully, unlike her last living arrangements, she's got one competitor and not a thousand. The two women shoot out their right hands and start shaking their fists at each other. The fourth pump, both their fists stay closed as they pause. They do it again, only this time, their hands are flat with palms pointed at the floor.
    Doc ignores the two women competing over who gets to ride with him vs the sidecar. "I'm glad you didn't die, Jackson," he says. "If I was a drinking man, I'd join you for a round or two." He drinks down the rest of his water and puts the glass gently in the stainless steel sink. "Swing by when you're sober and I'll show you around the lab, if you want."
Jackson Chuckles, looking a bit apologetic for his slight intoxication. In spite of that, he nods happily, retrieving his duster, throwing it over his shoulders, and rising casually to his feet.

"Ehh, I'm sure we'll figure out something scientific to focus on one of these days. I've got plenty of ideas, witht he plant coming along as it is. I would like the tour, though. I think we might be able to do some great things here." As he spoke, he gathered what few things he'd left near his chair, slugging down his own water with a sigh of contentment.

"You look awfully used to all the attention, by this point. I don't know how I'd fair with all that.. Competition." At the last word, he aangled his thumb twoard the two women, chuckling idly.

"Good luck with all that. Screams terrifying to me from a mile away."