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Alasa Alasa moves around the diner, putting up a few decortations here and there. Some holiday, some native american...theres even a festivus pole in the corner.
Alasa Alasa walks over to one of the table, and turns on a small radio...before look at the cats sitting at the table. "Try not to eat everything...the guests might be hungry too."
Achilles A massive figure darkens the doorway for just a moment before the door itself swings open. The man stops short once he's in a position to look around and asks in a shockingly quiet voice, "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

While some would take him for a new face, there are a few who would know him instantly. Achilles, the giant who called the shantytown home. He isn't looking so well at the moment though, aside from being short an eye he's taking some care around his ribs.
Alasa Alasa and the cats look over at the arrival. Alasa says, "Na, were just having a little party to celebrate the solstice. Cooler then those christmas people if you ask me." She laughs a bit, "come on in..we have all the classic solstice dishes..."
Achilles The man nods and closes the door behind himself. "I'm Achilles, by the way. I don't think we've met, but I've seen a lot of faces." He doesn't sound apologetic, more like he was stating a common fact.

Right as he manages to sit down a massive hairless mutated hound bursts through the door, head whipping back and forth as if it's looking for something.
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, your a heel?...gee I thought you seemed like a nice guy...but, I might have been wrong..." She looks to the mutt as it comes in, then to the cats..."Not a fish, feel free to eat it..""
Achilles Achilles turns his head and gives the cats a stern look. While they say you can't herd cats, it seems like it may be very possible for him. They lower their hackles and back down. "Achilles. And that is Terrance, my beast." True enough he trots over and plops his head in the man's lap, awaiting ear scritches, which he promptly gets.

"I thought I could get out while he was taking a nap." His attention shifts back suddenly to the dog. "You didn't break the door down, did you?" A pause. "What'd I tell you about doing that?"
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "Bob...Lynn...try not to eat it for now...looks like its not seen a bath in a while..." She looks back to the man, "Oh, well if you did break the door..I'm sure the owner will be quite upset..I just rent the place out for the party." With that she picks up a party hat, and puts one on each of the cats.
Achilles "I'm more worried about the door to my room. It should've been the only locked door between there and here." Achilles says, patting Terrance on his head once more. "He may not look it, but he's clean. We just got back in, so that was the first thing to do. Figured I'd come look for food then find a doctor."

He takes a moment to actually look Alasa over. "Broke a few of my ribs when raiders attacked me outside of Texas. Not sure where they got their hands on a power fist, but they won't be bothering anybody anymore."
Alasa Alasa says, "Doctor?...really?..I think they all moved away..or got abducted by the sky gods...well more came back then got abducted..but still, not sure who got lost...hard to find bits and pieces everywhere....though food we got...all the have some candy...this is a Crunchy Frog.""
Achilles "Sky gods?" Achilles asks, taking the offered food and crunching down on it. "You mean those small foul creatures with lasers that live past the clouds? They are weak, we escaped them without any armor once. It's been a sumer and a half ago now."
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, well...some are..I mean, I came across half a dozen of there scout vehicles when the crashed...but then the big chariot showed up, and took lots of people it seems..and when it crashed, even more came back...thousand upon thousands of them...some reeeeeeeeaaaaallly old.""
Achilles Achilles stops chewing and nods once. "It's a shame I wasn't here. I swore they'd pay for putting those holes through me." He'd always hate those aliens, even if they were actually helping. "How have things been around here other than that?"
Alasa Alasa nibbles on some snacks herself, "Well...depends. Enclave has been rather active...big sky ship, bombed the hell out of us and everyone really. Not so bad here, since we were prepared. But some of the other settlements...lots of damage...gotta keep a watch out for them...hit everyone, the pulled back..really odd."
Achilles "No better than the brotherhood." Achilles growls. "Perhaps we give them a taste of the old ultra-violence?" Terrance perks up at the suggestion and actually grins. "I'll have to check in with the Militia and see what information we have on them."
Alasa Alasa nods, "Best to check with them...kinda hard to fight them though..they really can crank out those vertibirds. Control the skies, and you control pretty much everything."
Achilles "Vertibirds can be crushed like anything else." Achilles reaches up to run the tips of his fingers through the hair on his chin. "If there's a chance they're the ones that dropped that nuke that took my eye, I'd like to have a chat."
Alasa Alasa puts some cat treats in front of the cats..."Yeah, they can be...course gotta have the right hammer to hit them. Why El Dorado survived I think..good anti air protection. I hear over in toga town, once again..someone tried to punch a vertibird. Not my first idea to take out air support..but if it works."
Achilles "Probably the same person that threatened to crucify me." Achilles says with a slight grin. "I wouldn't put down the idea before you try it though, I could probably knock one out of the sky with a power fist. Not sure if I'd survive the landing, but I'm willing to try."
Alasa Alasa laughs, "I think it might be better to just find some aircraft of our own..or build some..maybe a bunch of fighters made out of wood...I hear that use to work back in ancient times.." She moves over to a get a glass, "Sometimes low tech beats high tech..." she takes a sip.
Achilles "We would lose many." Achilles says. "It'd be best to get one or two teams aboard. It wouldn't be the first plan I've smashed. There's nothing I'd like more than to take their power armor and crush their dreams. Nothing I hate more than fools with a sense of superiority that would dominate everyone else."
Alasa Alasa says, "well...maybe you'll get your wish. Christmas is just a couple days could write the fat man, and maybe he'd deliver you something to make that happen. I always got socks, so thats not gonna be much of a help." She shrugs a bit, "But as I said...the militia or town hall is the best place to find out whats going on. I'm sure there planning something...""
Achilles "Fat man?" Achilles asks, brow raising slightly. "I was under the impression the former mayor was ran out. If I'd known he was giving out socks maybe I'd of been nicer."
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, I don't know...I've never been into politics. But that would be an interesting way to get peoples votes...socks. Vote for mayor, have dry feet"
Achilles Achilles nods and starts to say something, but suddenly claps a hand over his mouth and starts coughing. "Oh." he sits upright and pulls his hand back, frowning at it. "If you'll excuse me, I think the doctor just became more important." Sure enough blood stains his teeth and the inside of his palm, before it's wiped off on his moleskin pants. "I appreciate you allowing me to sit in for your meal."
Alasa Alasa nods, "Oh, thats what holidays are for...hopefully you find a doctor awake."
Achilles "If not maybe a stimpak will hold me over." Achilles says with a small sigh. He lifts his clean hand in a wave and heads back out, Terrance walking by his side this time.