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Doc     The water sprayed Tibbie from every conceivable angle, soaking her fully. Then she was air-dried, as per the usual procedure. The food was in something, of course, which defeated the whole purpose of decontamination, but it was Doc's lab and he got to say how things were run. The inner door opened and his glowing eyes were there to greet his friend. "Hey," he says with a smile. Moving to her, he gives her a hug and offers to carry the food in for her. "How were the roads?" Before the war, people would ask that because of weather. He asked it because of horrible monsters, raiders, rogue robots, giant insects, random radiation, and God only knew what else.
Tibbie Tibbie smiled and allowed him to take the protected plate from her hands after they hugged. "They aint too bad, ridin round with the caravans helps me out nowadays, and with this big'ol bump now, people be all sorts of insistent with me." Tibbie pats her uncovered pregnant stomach, her clothing style hasnât changed, although her shorts are unbuttoned from the new girth. She's also brought Tibba along too! He's used to the lab by now but still takes in some exploratory sniffs to smell anything new Doc's done with the place.
Doc     "As a medical professional, I feel like I should have noticed this before now," Doc says, looking down at her tummy. "How've you been hiding this from me? And who's the father? I thought you weren't interested in men from how well you resisted my shining paragon of manhood." Two women were expectently and patiently waiting, though as the deathclaw baby wandered in, sniffing around, one of the women squeaks a bit.
    Megan One was instantly recognizable to Tibbie. She'd been in the lab enough that she'd seen her in the pod. She was no longer wearing her speedsuit, but rather a sun dress that made her look much more like a lady. Her body was impossibly attractive, she was topheavy, beautiful, her hair was clean and curly and looked well maintained, and she held herself in a very feminine way.
    Jackie, on the other hand, had not been around before when Tibbie visited. She was also dressed in a pretty dress, but compared to Megan, she looked rather plain, even though she was lovely in her own right.
Tibbie "Oh Doc, cmon now." She chuckles. "I promised Ma and Pa I'd have to carry on the name with at least one, and Tibba aint really count. It's Ashur's, I suppose we aint a normal-like couple, but this whole baby thing'll be a breeze now that I got Tibba for practice, hell, he could even pitch to help too!" she chuckles at this new revelation.

"Well hello there ladies! Looks like Doc's been hidin y'all too!" She smiles to them. "I remember you, and I don't remember you, Tibbie Gaines the name!" she introduces herself to the plain jane and smiles warmly to Megan One.

"Good thang I always pack more than what's asked for!" she's very chipper with her twang and looks happy to be over.
Doc     Doc smiled as warmly as he could. He hid his disappointment well enough on his own, but Megan knew him well enough to jump in and run some obfuscation, though it was mostly just, "What the hell is that thing?" She points a slightly terrified finger at Tibbazoid. She tries hard not to hide behind someone, given that Doc isn't freaking out. Jackie has been warned ahead of time, and she tenses up, but she also has been a bit better prepared for it, given some of the other random shit she's seen in the wastes.
    Doc, meanwhile, turns his back to Tibbie and moves to the stove, putting the food on it and opening it up. He looks down at the food and zones out.
Tibbie "Simmer on down now, c'mere Tibba." she calls the wandering baby deathclaw to her. He hugs her leg and rubs his face on her thigh like a cat marking it's owner lovingly.

"This here's Tibba, he's a real good boy, that happens to be a deathclaw baby too." She vouches for Tibba while scritching the base of one of his horns.

"Doc here loves the lil guy and I think y'all will too'n time." she smiles and remembers Doc.

"I know you'll like what I brought, theys y'favorites now that I got to git'on knowing what they are." she smiles to him unknowing of Doc's sudden distancing toward her.
Doc     Doc hadn't even noticed the food, even though he'd been staring at it for almost a full minute. "What?" he says, pulling himself back into himself. "No, I was just thinking about if I could make some kind of mutfruitaid or juice out of this." Pizza was delicious, of course, and he would thank Tibbie for the rectangular thing that took up half the tray, despite the fact that it was nothing like pizza before the war. Right now, though, his eyes had seen the fruits first. That was easier for her to both get and prepare, and even with the rads, Doc scarfed it up, but of course he would, given his glowing guts. "Speaking of..." Doc trails off as he goes to the fridge and pulls out a stainless steel thermos that had a hole drilled in it and the walls between filled with lead. "I got something. Only good for me and Tibba, and it took a long time to make, but I think he might appreciate it." He took a dog bowl and put it on the floor, pouring what looked like normal water into it. The mil-spec pip-boy 4000 on Megan's wrist clicked a few times.
    Megan and Jackie seemed very curious about Tibba, though Megan's curiosity was still mixed with some trepidation. As he speaks, she moves a bit closer to him, not ignoring Tibba, but letting her focus be on the mad doctor. She looks at him as if to ask him silently if he's alright.
Tibbie The baby deathclaw wobbled over to see what Doc was doing as Tibbie was no longer entertaining him. He sniffed the bowl and began happily lapping up the water-like drink.
"With that scratchy noise goin off it must be pretty special. I'm glad people's finally catchin on to the good Tibba is." She says while Tibba's finishing the bowl. "Shit buddy, I didn't know you was that thirsty." she chuckles and Tibba's attention is now on Doc and his tasty drink. Tibbie readjusts in her seat, hoping to alleviate some lower back pain she hints at by rubbing the small of her back.
Doc     Doc continues pouring the ultra-heavy water for Tibba bit by bit while Jackie moves to the visitor and rubs her back for her. Megan then moves and sits down. "I remember you from the ship," she says, staying well away from the unknown element of Tibbazoid to sit next to Tibbie at the table.
Tibbie "Oh yeah, thanks gal." she thanks Jackie and looks to Megan "I remember you too! Doc cracked you outta that egg, again! I really wasn't in the right sorta mind up there though." she adds a bit embarrassed by the ship ordeal. "You know Tibba came from that ship, so bein a whackjob for a while was worth it." Tibbie adds.
Doc     "Is it an alien?" Megan asks. Jackie wasn't entirely sure, and Doc also seems intrigued by the question. After Tibba finishes up the extremely expensive beverage, he stands and moves to the lab, leaving the three women largely alone together. Megan watches him go, but Jackie doesn't seem that concerned as she works to help Tibbie feel better.
Tibbie Tibbie looks a bit lost to the question, "Well I mean, he prolly gotta be some sort of somethin to not wanna hurt anybody right? And it aint like I saw his parents neither so I got no idea how or if'n he'll ever grow up more or learn words like we do." Tibbie thinks aloud, "You'd think Doc would'a figured him out by now but even that's still up in the air." she says and pulls a jar of pickles from her bag. She pops the lid and claims a pickle with a bite. "I sure hope he'll stay good and not run out on me someday." Tibbie looks under the table to notice he had indeed skipped out on her for now, favoring Doc's company in the lab even without special water.
Doc     Doc picks up the little deathclaw and puts him on one of the lab tables. "Hey, buddy," he says, rubbing him roughly through his thick scales so the little deathclaw could get something out of it. "How you doin', huh? I guess your mommy is pregnant, so that's a thing. I guess that's probably why she was never into me." He didn't have treats in the lab section of his little house, but he and Tibba were buds, so he plays with the little guy while he takes a break from the girl-talk...or at least the talking girls.

    Megan looks at Tibbie. "So, who's this Ashur guy? Is he going to be a good dad?" She was really just making small-talk, but as soon as she mentioned it, she knew it was the wrong thing to say. "Or, um..." she tries, looking up at Jackie's expression of warning. "I's nice, right? I mean...for a post-apocalypse?"
Tibbie Tibbie's smile beams at Megan's question and her slight embarrassment asking it, "Don't gotta step'round curiosity with me now. Me an Jefecito been through some wild adventures together, and hell, he's gots kids with other ladies round too so I know he'll be good bein a father.. As fer weather, well it was lookin right close to snowy when I was comin on out here. I think Ma's fixin on knittin Tibba some sorta outfit if this weather keeps up." She chuckles at the thought.

"How long y'all be here with Doc? It must notta took him too long to git'chu on out, and I aint got no idea how yer tied up with him at all." She mentions to Jackie.
Doc     "I don't know," Megan says. "Week or so, maybe two at most. I've been sleeping in the pod. He gave me this dress this morning." She checks her pip-boy to get a little bit better idea of how long it's actually been. "Oh, fuck," she swears again. "Um..." she looks sheepish and blushes. "He gave me this dress this morning because it's Christmas, didn't he." Jackie shrugs and moves from behind Tibbie to sit across from Megan.
    "I've been with him about three months, now." She gestured at a rolled up bedroll tucked up but just visible under the bed. It sits on a riot shield with a folded up change of clothes that looks much more wasteland. "He lets me sleep on the floor so I'm safe."
Tibbie "Well fuck me runnin, it is christmas aint it? I left too early for Ma to remind me, shit." Tibbie says. "I think they both look great on you, Doc's got a good eye for colors, and science stuffs of corse." she adds with a smile. "Thanks again for the rub. So you been round with Doc longer, here at least, did you help him pop the pod or are you not scientifical like he is? And I hope the pod aint swipe yur'memories, you was saying you was gonna help Doc remember things on the ship I think." she points between the two with her pickle for taking another crispy bite.

Back with Doc Tibba rumbles a low purr from his throat and seems unusually curious about Doc today as he's watching his glowing eyes. He can only answer Doc's questions with a soft cawing noise and a tail waggle.
Doc     "He remembers, now," Megan says, only slightly disappointed. "I have been a bit nervous to talk about it and ask questions. I don't know if he's told you what happened..." she trails off expectently.
    Jackie tries to squeeze in her answer, saying, "No, I'm not very science-minded. I'm just a Samaritan, trying to help protect Doc as much as I can. He calls me his Shield Maiden." She can't help but smile at that, blushing slightly as if it's a cute lover's nickname, even though it doesn't seem to be in anyone else's eyes.

    Doc knows the deathclaw has already played in the decon chamber, so he knew the little guy was clean, but he still pulled out a brush and scrubbed him, if only because Tibba seemed to enjoy it.
Tibbie "Aww well I'm glad yer'round to keep em safe! We been in some tight spots out in the wastes together too, and I sure aint no typ'uh bodyguard like you sure are Miss Shields." she winks playfully before turning to Megan.
"I aint too sure whatchur gettin to, we talk an'all but Doc's aint shared anythin in the tones yer'gittn at.

Tibba's scales twitch and shudder from the brushing, he also chitters his long sharp teeth. "Rrrraaa!" he exclaims and wiggles his arms.
Doc     The littlest deathclaw is melting away Doc's cares and worries. He ended by hugging Tibbazoid. "You're my buddy," he reminded the reptilian pet. It was also his way of saying thankyou for spending time together, but he knew Tibba just enjoyed his company regardless.
    Walking back into the living area, Doc says, "I'm sorry about that. I started a DNA analysis from the old genetic sequencing I did of Tibba. I'm testing similarity to the aliens' DNA. Then we got to playing." Doc looked much happier as he returns. He moved to the kitchenette and pulled out some plates. "Who wants what? Fruit will have rads."
    Megan leans over and whispers to Tibbie, "Hey, can you get me some Rad-X and Radaway by the end of the day?"
Tibbie "So yer gonna figure out what he's all about sometime then?" She asks. "Oh and I'll take a bit of everything, been forgot to eat this mornin, asides this." She downs the last big hunk of pickle left in her hands and chews furiously on it before speaking again. She turns to Megan and nods to her. "Sure, the clinic gives me loads of it, hold on." She says softly and rummages in her pack. Tibbie tries to discreetly hand her the medication.
Doc     Jackie and Megan tell Doc what they want and Doc brings it over to each of them in turn, then serving himself. While his back is turned, Megan takes the medication and places it between her ample breasts, hiding it as she excuses herself for a moment.
    Jackie tentatively bites the pizza, not really sure what to expect. Her eyes widen. "It's good!" she says, almost as if she's surprised. Doc laughs.