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Tibbie It's early evening, the children of the El Dorado have spent many hours with their new gifts; be it bb guns, cooking sets, a new pet, or simply the gift of another day alive from the Skyfortress Incident, the day itself is still sprinkled with the Christmas spirit, and so is the ice cream at Sweet Dreams.

Tibbie, along with other survivors have taken the day off from repairing buildings or preparing to eventually invade the fortress to celebrate the holiday. The shop itself is festively themed for Christmas too, competing with the already colorful store's colors.

Tibbie is here with her mother.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane finishes her radio broadcast for the holiday and sets the station to play Christmas songs for the night. Strapping her guitar across her back, she makes her way to the party as well.

Entering, she looks around with a smile, offering a nod to Ashur and Tibbie. "Merry Christmas." She moves farther in and picks a spot off to the side to sit where she can play her guitar without interfering with those enjoying the reverie.
Ashur The restoration of New Rome continues unabated in the wake of the Enclave's attacks; Ashur has, temporarily, abandoned his home settlement during these labors to visit Acme, and attend the festive party. The toga-clad giant ducks his head low beneath the threshold, the cotton ball at the tail end of his red Santa hat crumpling against his skull. Here now he stands amidst the festooned halls decked with wasteland accessories, gold-collared dog in his wake.

Unarmed and unarmored, a rare combination, the former Legionnaire makes a slow walk toward Tibbie and her mother. "Merry Christmas, you lot," he declares, embracing them in a familial hug. "A well-chosen spot, Tibbie, but be cautious: the iced cream here causes strong headaches."

He remembers it well, and is lost to those thoughts, at least until a guitar's strum shatters his reverie and draws his gaze toward the unfamiliar Jane.
Yah Yah wanders in from off the streets, looking typically bedraggled. He hitches his seatbelt one way than the other so that it rests comfortably while he surveys the room. "Christmas... party. Huh." He meanders further into the room, dropping a few hesitant nods to people half-recognized, or complete strangers. "Merry, uh, merry Christmas I guess?" He offers somewhat lamely, with an uncomfortable shrug of his shoulders, the movement mostly unnoticed under the layered robes and hides in which he has clad himself.
Tibbie Tibbie smiles up at Ashur and both mother and daughter enjoy the hug he shares with him. She giggles from his cold cautionary tale and smooches his arm, she then turns to get her and her mother a scoop. Billie seems to be caught up showing off Tibba's newly knit Christmas cardigan or boasting her excitement for Tibbie's little 'sourdough bun in the oven'

"He's right Tibbie, not too much, here." Billie takes a bit of Tibbie's scoop onto her owen and smiles at her. "Jefeciiitaaa" she pouts her mother's nickname like an embarrassed teen. After being paraded by her mother a bit longer, she breaks off from her and smiles to the newcomer, "Howdy! Merry Christmas!" she says to the decked out somewhat younger version of Ashur.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane smiles and looks at the greetings between family members. Being a lone wanderer she has no family it would seem - she's hand no one around since she arrived and all but took over El Dorado's radio station. She seems happy however, watching. She tunes her guitar - it's a pre war model, an all metal bodied resonator of the type a true music lover would associate with blues and slide guitar styles. Or maybe it's just shiny.

Jane begins to play quietly, O Come! O Come! Emmanuelle. A melodic but also reverent and lamenting Christmas tune. Not the sort to overpower conversations.
Ashur Ashur's golden eyes - as bright as the rest of what he wears, bulging forearm clad in that glittering Pip-Boy, his strange-leather boots adorned with decorative gold, his cloak and toga threaded with that shine - cut aside to linger on Yah. "Ave, traveler," he greets, dropping a nod but unmoving from his sentinel position adjacent the guitar-playing Jane. He folds his arms over his chest and listens. Staring, most noticeably, at the guitar.

"How much?"
Alasa Alasa makes her way into the place, holding open the door for Bob and Lynn as she does. "Now remembers, its frozen if your tongue gets stuck, don't come whining to me..right?" She looks around, "Such subduded colors...they really need to brighten up the paint some..." As her little group makes its way over towards the counter.
Yah Looking around a beat longer, Yahweh issues a low, quiet grunt. He tips a familiar nod to the newly arrived woman and her small pack of wildcats, before stepping out of the front door. His hands shuffle about amidst his garments for a moment to fish out a battered pack of cigarettes and an old bic. Holding his hands up to his face, he lights one and deposits the smokes container back amongst his things.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane finishes the sone and moves to stand up, setting her guitar in the corner where she can keep an eye on it but needn't carry it around. She offers greetings to everyone she passes on her way to get a scoop of icecream herself.
Alasa Alasa makes her way over to the counter, and looks to the cats..."yes, yes..I know your choices..." She turns back, "Ok..lets see one vanilla for Strawberry for Bob, and one Chocolate for me...."
Eden The door swings shut behind Eden as she chases Lilith in. Lilith spots her family and goes running up to her. Eden walks up to Ashur and Tibbie too and hugs them both. "what kind are you guys getting??"
Ashur Ashur's folded arms tense, fingers tapping along his inner bicep as his mouth settles into a faint frown. The brute seems poised to speak up when Jane sets her guitar aside, a faint twitch of facial muscle signalling an opening mouth.. but then his Eden wanders in, Ashur's eldest daughter in tow, the toddler rushing in closer. The cloaked Legionnaire turns and squats down, massive hands encircling the little girl's body as he lifts her into the air. "There you are, slowpoke," he teases her, releasing her to the air for a solid two seconds, near touching the ceiling before she falls back into his clutches. "Did you catch the bug? Running off on your mother like that, tsk." He softly headbutts her, as her hand opens to reveal a wriggling little creepy-crawly.

Ashur nods, holds her in one arm. "I've eaten bugs, you know. On the march, pull up a rock, and peel off all the little wigglers you can find, crunchy and slimy.."

The white-haired child makes a face, and Ashur laughs, sweeping Eden to him to steal a kiss. "I've not gotten any, yet. But go on, mine - order whatever you like. They have some sort of red-green iced cream today. The owner said it was 'strawberry mint'.".
Tibbie Tibba seems interested in Lilith now more than the other children here, was it the bug, the hair, or how happy she is? We'll never know. He itches his claw at the cardigan and Billie is quick to swat at his efforts, as a single claw could unravel her work.

"Hey Eden! Hey Lilith!" She smiles to them after hugging. She also sends a friendly smile to Jane, Alasa, and her big kitty posse. Tibbie also snags a cookie from the platter left on the counter and uses it to scoop some ice cream off and a bite. She side eyes to check if her own mother had noticed her sugary misdeed. The Spanish woman sets her free hand on her hip and now looks for a seat to occupy.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane gets herself a scoop of chocolate icecream - just one. But she seems quite happy, licking at it slowly. Why should she rush with something yummy?

She looks around offering a smile to those she is near, "Merry Christmas."
Alasa Alasa gives a wave to those around, as she picks up 3 bowls and 1 spoon. She then moves over to an empty area...setting a bowl down in front of each cat. "Now take your time...your presents don't come till morning." She then takes the spoon, and starts to eat her own.
Eden Eden grins. "i dont remember the last time i had any, but... strawberry mint? sounds a little too adventurous for me" she grins and gives him a kiss back. "do you think they have some good old chocolate?" reaching down to pat tibba, she adds, " nice sweater!"
Ashur Ashur plants a kiss on his daughter's brow and sets her down, seeing the little deathclaw agitate to play. The fair-haired youth boops it in the schnoz and runs off. "Careful, now," he calls out half-heartedly. He spends most of his time in other states or murdering people far from home, he's not about to make a sincere effort at parenting now. "I think she takes after me more," he informs Eden with a sly smile, the enormous, dark-skinned, black-haired man with golden eyes watching the small, lithe, pale haired and pale-skinned daughter of his flee.

He nods. "Look at her. Three years old and bullying deathclaws. She'll be a champion, alright."

The soldier barks out a laugh and walks past the two women, hand briefly and possessively lingering on Tibbie's stomach, before he takes Billie by the arm and escorts her to an empty seat.

It's not empty when they get there, of course, but it very quickly is made so, with Ashur pointedly clearing his throat. "Sit, mother," he instructs, "rest. I'm going to get everyone some food now." He hears Eden speak of chocolate and nods to her across the room, moving off to the front counter to begin the orders. En route, he passes by Alasa. "Ave, Alasa," he greets her. "I've a friend in New Rome, a good man. His wife perished in the attack. She looked like you." A pause. "You should meet him."
Yah Yah stands just outside the door of the ice cream parlour, finishing a cigarette. With a short, gusty sigh, he drops the nearly-spent cylinder and stamps it out with the heel of one boot. His good eye studies the door for a moment before he issues another sigh and steps through back into the crowded space. A couple more nods are dropped to those who look familiar, and some who do not. He claims a space against the wall, unobtrusive, quiet, and watches the goings-on with a muted sort of interest.
Doc     Doc's shield maiden Jackie wanders toward the Christmas party. She's a very average-looking woman, though cleaned up by Doc's fancy equipment, she actually looks quite a bit nicer than before. Her hair is done up in a floof that pushes up the back of her stocking cap, and she's soaped her riot shield with a message of "IT CHRISMAS" followed by "MERR CHRISMAS".
Alasa Alasa hear Ashur as he goes by, "I'll pass, thanks but no thanks...I've heard men are only good for two things....automotive repair and lawn maintence..." She smiles a bit, as she continues to eat her ice cream.
Ashur "Any woman feeding cats ice cream at a Christmas party," the Legionnaire responds, "could use a bit of lawn work."
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane finishes her icecream and makes her way over to reclaim her guitar. Slinging it over her back she makes her way for the door as the party gets livelier and more crowded. She slinks outside and makes her way back toward El Dorado.
Tibbie Billie takes Eden's compliment with modesty and takes the opportunity to gift her with a small soft lumpy parcel, not exactly xmas wrapping, but inside would be a cardigan for Lilith in a oddly dyed pastel/fading purple. "Thanks Jefecito!" Tibbie thanks him for the seat, a soft blush sweeps her cheeks.

Tibba on the other hand is having a blast with Lilith, waddling furiously about the store and dodging the forest of legs with her. He makes some cawing noises that startle a few of the guests.

"Hey Jackie!" Tibbie notices her and waves from her spot.
Doc     Jackie hears her name and smiles as she waves at Tibbie. She walks over to her new friend and gives her a hug. "Some party," she says with a smile. "I'm afraid I didn't bring you anything, though."
Alasa Alasa says, "I have some tech that takes care of all my lawn needs. So I think I'm doing just fine..." She smiles again."
Ashur With a chuckle, Ashur gets the ice cream for Eden, Tibbie, Lillith, and Billie, and proceeds to pass it out to them. An old radio on the counter begins to belt out some classic Christmas carols, in the sultry voices of some of America's long-dead finest. He'll seat himself opposite the older Billie and converse with her while the rest enjoy the festivities.
Tibbie She waves off Jackie's comment, "You're here, and that's enough." she smiles to her and points out the littles playing to her. She's enjoying her time and the music playing.
Doc     Jackie smiles and bobs her head, tapping her foot to the music. She was glad Tibbie was here, even though it was obvious the woman would be. She didn't know many people, but with a friendly face, she felt freer to just cut loose a bit. Like bob her head to music.
Rexus Rexus is not entirely sure what all the fuss is about. It's frozen milk! Essentially.. and Christmas... this does NOT look like the christmas from the pre-war books or post cards or posters. Still, he has to make a show of attending... sorta. Duty-bound, and looking a little too stern and formally dressed for the occassion.. no cheesy christmas sweater here, the Captain arrives, squinting about.
Alasa Alasa finishes off her ice cream, then gathers up the bowls from Lynn and Bob. She takes them over, and disposes of them. She looks about, as she pulls out a pencil and a notebook. "Ok, time to do some christmas charactures..lets see whose not dressed for christmas...ah, theres one." She looks at Rexus..."OK, Rexus's oversized head on a elf body." She then starts to draw.
Franky It was a chilly night, Franky could feel it's caress start at his shoulders and move down his back. He breathed hot air, smirking at his dragon like effects under the clouds. He adjusted his kit under his poncho, mumbling something about the dead and flying horses. Turning slowly and staring at the ice cream shop. He forgot why they came here? Maybe it was to smoke Einsteins weed or convince the dude to grow some mushrooms? Anyways, Ice Cream was about to be a thing. He stepped in from the chill and was slightly disappointed by the lack of any form of bonefire.
Tibbie "Hey Franky!" Tibbie recognizes a face she's cooked for. She waves to him and takes a bite of her ice cream. Billie's discussing baby names with Ashur and Eden, looking for suggestions among her own. Tibbie's enjoying her time, passing out introductions to people and checking in with their lives and how the Skyfortress has affected them, while still giving her christmas wishes to them.
Rexus Rexus raises an eyebrow, "Elf.. body... what is that?" he looks about.. newp.. no Kaelyn. He doesn't even pose or anything.. just stands there.. till someone hands him an ice cream cone. He stares at it, watching it drip down his hand before lifting it up to lick his fingers clean.
Alasa Alasa finishes the drawing, "There we go..." she rips the page out of the notebook, and puts it up on the wall. "Perfect..Rexus the waterskiing elf...not my best, but perfect for the holidays." She nods to herself, she then looks about a moment..and starts working on the next drawing...her eyes falling on Ashur, "Oh...Ashur the christmas garden gnome, taking care of the lawn..." As she starts to sketch again.
Franky Franky raises a hand in a greeting to Tibbie. He staring around hand finding its way back under his poncho. He moves between the peoples enjoying their ice cream, hoping to get several scoops himself. Ashur get an eye, his mind ponders how many scoops the overgrown man can eat. Franky looks away, and settles on 3 scoops all strawberry. Shuffling off to a corner to bite the Ice cream more than lick it.
Yah Yah has been leaning against the wall, staring through the bodies present at the opposite side of the building, mouth slightly agape with a zoned out expression in his eye. He gives himself a rallying shake, "Whew. Goddamn." he mutters lowly to himself, as he comes back to his senses. He gives the room an appraising once-over, startling at Franky's corner as he takes the man into his gaze, before wandering over toward him at a languid pace through the busy room.
Doc     Jackie is mingling, now, her friend clearly busy. She isn't very good at socializing, though, so she mostly just hovers near other conversations. Several times, she opens her mouth to speak, but closes it again in silence, having convinced herself she would only do something to be ashamed of.
Tibbie Lilith has been chasing and playing with Tibba, the 2 foot tall deathclaw baby wobbles full speed into the two tall bulky big dudes and falls backward, tail flapping and surprised cawing comes from him as he coordinates himself back to standing. Tibbie looks over at the men a sympathetic smile, hoping to smooth over her 'son's' accident.
Rexus Rexus finishes his ice cream, grinning as Ashur gets turned into a gnome.. for prosperity. "Well... i'd ask where you got all this iced cream from but.. not sure I want to know...." And then he sees a deathclaw baby... "Errrr.. you know those things grow up.. you know.... and... kill people."
Doc     Jackie looks at the deathclaw and wonders how it will react to its good buddy Doc in the future. She moves over and kneels next to the baby deathclaw. "You're really not as fearsome as you'll grow up to be, are you," she asks, rhetorically.
Franky Franky smacked his lips a few times, now a few shades strawberrier. He examines the work he's done before taking some more bites. Through the crowd Franky spots Yah, easing his way over. He lifts his chin in acknowledgement, holding out his ice cream to share. Lips in constance motion savoring the freshness of that authentic strawberry flavor.
Yah "Get a load of that freaky little monster." Yah eyes the tiny deathclaw, features hinting at a frown as he takes in Jackie's appearance and her cooing at the beast. He blinks once at Tibbie, or maybe it's a wink, then nods and shoots the baby deathclaw a quizzical little stare for a moment, before shaking his head a bit and posting up near Franky. "I'm good on the ice cream. You see some crazy shit out here." He adds that last as an idle comment to his old friend, "When we gonna go ruin movie night?"
Tibbie Tibba gets to his clawed feet and looks up to Jackie, Rexus and Yah, tilting his head a bit as he somewhat knows the tone people use when talking about him. He rubs his horns on Jackie's arm wanting pets like a cat would ask. His predatory eyes still see Lilth in his peripheral though, his tail wags.

Tibbie herself stands up and walks over to Tibba and the small group around him. "He's a special lil guy, friendly too, I just cant seem to tucker him out though, is y'all's okay?" she asks with her usual southerner twang.
Doc     "Doc likes this one," Jackie says, reaching out and stroking Tibba, much more gently and carefully than Doc does. "I don't think I've ever seen him respond as affectionately as he does to this little deathclaw...not even to the feral ghouls, and he treats them like...well, like they're his children."
Rexus Rexus smirks, "Just.... don't let him out on the streets or he'll scare the locals..." he says, not being the sheriff.. doesn't really matter to him either way. "Thanks for the Ice cream, I should get back though." he says, offering a polite little bow before heading off... sleepytime!
Franky "Heh, we could some monsters ourselfs." Franky grins resuming his ice cream chewing as Yah declines. Tibba gets a long look before Franky lifts his shoulders in a shrug. "It's the wild west." Franky muses, nodding to Tibbie. "Hopefully soon. Think the three of us can handle it? I know a lawman who's pretty capable."
Yah "We've handled worse." Yahweh muses quietly as he watches Tibbie with her baby deathclaw and the excitement surrounding it. "Anyway, the more the merrier if he wants to crack some raider skulls." Yahweh's hand fishes about in his outer, layered garments, withdrawing a small flask that he takes a light pull from, before offering it sidelong to the man beside him.
Ashur Ashur has been in his cups of icecream, amusing himself with a quiet conversation with Tibbie's mother in a corner table. Eden has gone to mingle, and others have come and gone from the gathering, all kept to a pleasant cheer by the decorations and the music. But at one point little Lilith dashes past him, and trips, and scrapes her knee, and it's at this point the indulgent father turns in his chair, scooping her off the ground. "Look at you," he rumbles, thumb brushing along her eye. "Scary enough to make a deathclaw run."

He pats Billie on the shoulder, and walks over toward Tibbie and the group.
Tibbie Tibbie looks a bit confused, like Tibba had earlier, but she smiles and chuckles happily knowing now bones were broken this time. "Awww, he really does?" she beams to Jackie. Tibba's had his pets from Jackie and he finally bolts after Lilith to play once more.

Tibbie smiles up to Ashur as he walks up to them. "Hey Jefecito." she says affectionately.
Doc     "He does," Jackie says to Tibbie. She looks at the handheld pip-boy 2000 that Doc has lent her, then slips it back into her pocket. "It's aftermidnight. I should get back. I can sleep in the shack tonight, if I have to. Hopefully Doc will let me join you guys for meals more often." She smiles and gives Tibbie a parting hug, then waves at Tibba as she walks toward the door.
Franky A belch comes from Franky as it seems the end of ice cream taste bud adventure is at hand. "Hm." He thinks a second before taking the flask. It gets an eye. As does Tibbie and Ashur, "Tibbie. This is Yah. Friend from back east." He nods, looking at Yah and clearly mouthing the word 'Pancakes'. Ashur gets a another nod as he approaches.
Ashur Ashur slides a hand to Tibbie's hip and leans in to snatch a kiss. "Your pet's drawing quite the audience," he remarks, looking toward Tibba. "Who knew a deathclaw would have a fan club?"
Tibbie Tibbie beams and chuckles. "Howdy Yah! East huh? Must be a whole lot of weirdo thangs out there to kill on up huh!" she points out his hides. She gives Ashur her patented smile after he kisses her and nods, "He sure is, Lilith sure stirred him up too! Who woulda thunk it!" she remarks with a chuckle
Tibbie The early evening has past, the sun's setting on the scenic Acme Ice Cream Shop, the children have worn out their sugar highs and some parents have a long walk or caravan ride home.

Billie and Tibbie thank everyone who attended, enjoyed their supplemented baked goods, and good cheer of course.

Even after a massive tragedy like the Skyfortress attacks, people still have the heart to celebrate with their fellow man. And that's exactly what Christmas is about.