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Doc     Doc was at the controls to the decon chamber as the heavy, shielded doors slid open, letting Tibbie enter his home once more. "Hello, my good friend," he says, greeting her with a hug. Farther inside, Jackie is dressed in some more wasteland-appropriate apparel than last time Tibbie was over, and Megan seems to just be wearing one of Doc's shirts. She also greets Tibbie with a wave.
Tibbie The petite, now plumped Tibbie hugs and greets them all warmly with Tibba and more protected platters of food in tow, and it's likely leftovers from christmas dinner. She puts her bag on the kitchen table and starts to scoop everything out of it, "I figure with the skyfortress stuff goin on, we oughta trade and share whatever we can, case it might help us get up there." Tibbie says with her usual twang. "Now in the past weeks, I been gittn all sorts of infermation bout vaults and that fortress." she says and looks to Doc, hoping he has something to share about the recent happenings too. The things scattered on the table are various; Chems, wasteland weed, holodisks, various papers with scribbles notes on them, ammo, some of Conway Farm's vegetables, and a pre-war porno that's been folded in various ways to give the subjects odd anatomy.
Doc     Doc looks a bit sheepish as she shares. He stuffs his hands into his lab coat pockets and rattles things around a bit before pulling out a stack of holorecordings. "Hang on, I have something here somewhere." He flips through cartridge after cartridge. "Pre-war home movies, Silver Shroud, Silver Shroud, Silver Shroud--oop!" he says, seemingly startled. "You don't need to see that one." He stuffs it back into his pocket. He goes back to flipping through them. The next one in line has a typed label. "Ah. Here we are. This has some information on the Enclave. I have zero use for such things. Do you know someone who might--" He trails off as he looks down at the various things on the table. "Is this all for us?" he asks, blown away by the generosity as Megan sorts through the things on the table, mostly out of idle curiosity.
Tibbie "Sure boss, take whatever you need." Tibbie says with southern hospitality.
"I was thinkin maybe your buddies downstairs could use med-x or any other sorts of chems to relax with" she adds.
"And I could use that Annclave stuff, I got some notes on em already, might find somethin new!" she smiles to Doc and Megan. Tibba pierces a few carrots off of the table with a claw and wobbles away with it, picking and biting pieces of it, but spitting them out and making a mess instead of getting vitamins from them.
Doc     Doc looks through the stuff. "I'm always a fan of these unmarked holodisks," he says. Megan begins thumbing through the porno mag, having never seen one, despite having been around before the war. Doc ignores it as he looks over the chems. "God, no," he says, pushing away the rad-x.
    Megan grabs it quickly. "Why not?" she asks.
    "Someone tried giving me some once. For a ghoul, that shit hurts." He shifts through the papers out of curiosity. "What are these notes on?" he asks Tibbie.
Tibbie "Have at em." she insists and giggles when Megan sees the magazine. "Keep flippin, I folded the girls up, my favorite's near the end." She smirks.

Pulling up get scraps of scribbles Tibbie says, "Oh these? I got all sortsa note on critters; mutants, them Annclave fellers, Robos. An I snagged a alien crystal-doo-dad too." she stacks her notes and spins the shard on the table. "Oh! And some feller was tryna tell me map numbers about where that vault is, but I aint seen it on this lil scrap of map I got." she mentions and pulls out a tearing of a map. Tibbie's now on a ramble, "Oh and them Anclave I tell ya, one went to the shelter I was cookin at was tellin me all sorts of things about that fortress. How they aint human anymore. So these notes might save our lives!" she enthuses while the naughty deathclaw is painting the lab orange with his carrots.
Doc     "Alien crystal?" Doc says, his eyes going wide and even glowing brighter. "I will trade you for it," he says. Apparently, the good doctor has a slight obsession with all things alien at the moment.
    Jackie moves up behind Megan to look over her shoulder. She looked down at Megan's body, comparing it with the girls in the magazine. "Women were built better before the war," she concludes aloud. Megan blushes and giggles.
    "Stop it," she says, leaning playfully into her friend.
Tibbie "Sure boss, whatelzchu got?" she asks him. She looks to the ladies and smiles "You bet they did! But I reckon they lives weren't as adventurous as ours! Rippin mutants up'n runnin from mirelurks still do the body good." she winks and laughs.
Doc     "I've--" Doc starts, trailing off as he ruffles through his pockets. "I've got a case of ammo somewhere in the back. Five-five-six, I think. I don't have much use for it. Um...I have a bit of weapons, but you don't seem the type for those."
    Megan one turns the page sideways and lets a centerfold fall open. She and Jackie turn their heads to consider the woman in the picture. "Now, she's just unrealistic," Jackie says.
Tibbie "I dunno boss, the leather's all I'd be into, but seems like a sour deal to me." she remarks and finally notices Tibba's absence. "Tibba! Where y'at!" she looks over her shoulders, not leaving her seat. "Uh! You lil sneaker!" she chastises him and Tibba slowly makes his way back, but midway he turbowaddles away, cawing gleefully! Tibbie smiles and stands up to chase him down, which even for a pregnant woman isn't too hard. Tibbie returns with him and she hauls him to what little lap space she has now and scritches the baby deathclaw. "I'm real sorry bout the mess." she says apologetically.
Doc     "Can I owe you?" Doc says, manhandling the alien crystal as he looks at it from various angles. "Leather now and something else later? I've got caps and ammo and that leather. Couple food items, but you work in a place with better food by far."
    Megan finally closes the porno mag and tosses it down onto the table, her curiosity satisfied. Jackie, on the other hand, picks it up and hugs it against herself, blushing deeply, but not willing to let it go.
Tibbie Tibbie smiles at Doc, "Well, I think that'll work out, who knows what the future'll bring right?" she says and chuckles at Jackie. "I'm sorta nervous tryna tackle that big fortress, are y'all?" she asks.
Doc     Doc pockets the crystal and offers a swatch of leather in return. Jackie backs away from the table. "I think Jackie wants the magazine," he says. Megan gives Jackie a one-arm hug. "Also: Fortress? I've been kind of living under a rock for the last month or two."
Tibbie "Really?" Tibbie seems a bit shocked. "Well this big flyin thing came around, with a bunch of veritbirds, and attacked nearly all of N'Mexico! New Rome got the worst'uh'it though." she explains. "So now we gotta figur'out how'da take'r down somehow, it's full of them Annclave."
Doc     "I heard nothing of this," Doc says.
    "Yeah," Jackie says, stuffing the mag under her blouse against her tummy. "It's kind of a big deal out there, Doc. Did we not talk about that?"
    "You've been trying to flirt," Megan said, teasing the taller, plainer-looking woman.
    "Shut up, no I haven't," she protested. "I don't want cancer down there. You had to take how much rad-away after?"
    Megan one just put on a kind of gloating expression. "I assume there's lots of destruction," Doc says. "Is the alien ship okay?"
Tibbie Tibbie looks between the ladies a bit confused. "Well I mean we aint seen the alien ship hunk for a while now, this new floater is all different. Mines and Ma's shacks both got destroyed, that's why me and Tibba's been over so much. Lot easier to travel with no home to git on home to." she kisses Tibba's horns and strokes him. "Rad-away..oh my." she finally caught on.
Doc     "Do you need a place to stay?" Doc says without hesitation.
    Megan looks at her as she finally got it. "It was my Christmas present to him," she says with a wink.
    Doc can't help but smile, but snaps his fingers. "Focus," he says. "Tibbie, I'm serious, do you need a safe place to sleep?"
Tibbie "I'll be alright Doc, Ma and me've stayin in Vaulttown with the rest of the survivors, they need our help and at least some good cookin after them fixin up the town." she assures him and smirks at Megan. "Merry Christmas." Tibbie winks. Tibba now hops from her lap to get more rough pets from Doc, rubbing on his lap and scratching gently.
Doc     Megan smiles at Tibbie, a mixture of bashful and proud of her accomplishment. "I thought it was only men who bragged about losing their virginities," Doc said, slightly complaining with his tone of voice. He was trying to keep things on topic, here, but the girls were so focussed on porn and Megan's exploits that he was remembering how young everyone else in the room truly was, Megan's real age notwithstanding. Doc picks up the littlest deathclaw and puts him on his lap. "You're paying attention to me, right, 'zoid?" he says, scritching him in all the ways he knew the most unlikely pet liked.
Tibbie "Aww cmon now Doc, this doesn't happen twice." she mentions with a smile and turns back to the girls. Tibba rumbles a deep purr and his foot thumps like a dog.

"So you've known Doc a long time that right?" she asks Megan.
Doc     Doc drops to the floor to play with Tibba. Jackie wanders off to stash her new porno mag somewhere safe. Megan beams like a lighthouse as she nods. "Hundreds of years," she jokes, "but even consciously, I've known him since junior high. He came to a career day at my school. That was before the Furious George incident."
Tibbie Tibbie chuckles. "The junior, high? The what now?" she asks Megan for more of the story. Tibba on the other hand is soaking up the attention like the ham he truly must be.
Doc     "Oh, I's part of school...was part of school. I was 13 when I first met Ash. Doctor Dighin. I admit to a slight crush. He's the smartest man I've ever known by far. I...guess I have a thing for intelligence."
    "Don't forget my exotic beauty," Doc said, not taking his eyes off of Tibba.
    Megan playfully pushed him with her foot. "They actually brought him in to look at my science fair project."
    Doc sits up as she mentions it. "I remember that," he notices. Turning to look at Megan, he continues, "the hydrogen thing, right?"
    "Methane," she says to him. "I was a cheerleader when the bombs fell. We got in, but the football team didn't. So, that sucked until I learned Ash was in there. Until I learned he was the only male in there."
Tibbie The spanish brunette laughs at Doc's comment, "So brains got you both together, but now the story's going in some sorta Ashur-like territory." she tries to translate the tale to her more simple understanding.
Doc     "Oh!" Megan said, giggling. "Maybe it is! Doc has got SO many daughters," she says, looking over at him playfully, teasing him about his similarity to Ashur.
    "Can we not talk about life inside the vault?" Doc asks.
    Megan reaches over and rubs his back. "I'm sorry," she says, realizing she'd crossed a line.
Tibbie @emit
Tibbie notices Doc's limit to the subject and tries to change it. "So do you think lil Tibba is more than jus a deathclaw in that Dana thang you're running?" while waiting on the answer she shoots Megan an empathizing frown.
Doc     Doc gets up with Tibba and sits in the chair nearest Megan, scooting it close to her. She puts her arm around his, hugging his bicep against her ample chest as she rests her head on his shoulder and practically purrs with contentment. "Oh, he's 100% deathclaw. I was trying to analyze and see if deathclaws are alien in origin. I'm going to need to get a DNA sample from elsewhere."
Tibbie "oh!" Tibbie fishes in her pack yet again, but before her hand is seen again she shoos Tibba away with another destructive carrot to pick apart. "Will this work?" she pulls out a deathclaw hide from the seemingly endless bag. "I aint treated it with nothin at least. Got it a while back helpin out Jack."
Doc     Doc takes it. "Thank you," he says. He gets up and rushes off to the lab section, Megan almost falling over as her leaning support suddenly rushes out of the half-room. "Warn me," she says after him, though he's in his own little world. There's a loud and short squeal as Jackie is discovered on the other side of the building. Megan smirks and turns her attention to Tibbie. "Do people still get married?" she asks.
Tibbie "Sure! I think Ashur and Eden are 'fishally married." she answers, she jumps in her seat at Jackie's squeak.
Doc     Megan looks at Tibbie's belly and wonders a lot of things about the arrangements in that situation. "You know," she said, "I spent years hoping to win the vault lottery for one night with Ash. Night after night I'd sit in my room with my fingers and even my toes crossed, hoping they'd say my name over the P.A. For a while, I cried myself to sleep. Then I started spending the night in other bedrooms. I did a lot of babysitting, poured myself into every scientific endeavor I could think of, and eventually, I just learned to live with it. He let me be his lab assistant and I never zipped up my jumpsuit. Wasn't the only one who behaved so shamelessly." She smiles and stands, helping Tibbie clean up the rest of the stuff before starting to set the table for supper. "I'm not ashamed of my behavior, but I am glad how it turned out. I miss the girls from the vault, but I'm glad I got grabbed so we could be friends. Jackie, too." Megan gives Tibbie a hug, then smiles and says, "Let's eat."