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Doc     The native american man with glowing eyes pushes into the post office. His lab coat billowed in the wind coming in from outside. He was followed by a blonde woman who was far more attractive than a man like him had any right being seen in public with. She closed the door and his lab coat settled down into the melancholy hang it did when the only force that would play with it was gravity. "The hell was that thing?" the girl says, fear in her voice.
    "Supermutant," the man replies. "They're pretty omnipresent since the war."
Lucette     Despite adventures and mishaps going on outside, the post office has a quiet weight to it. A single figure is seated at the desc, perhaps familiar with her helmet off. Lucette was going over sorting some papers and envelopes. The newcomer is first spotted by Congress, a three-headed bald eagle. Fluttering of wings breaks Luce's reverie, and the courier looks up.

    "Well, ain't you a familiar face. Doc and his lady friend. What's the occasion? Not often a symbol of America is dropped on my doorstep." she muses
Doc     "Symbol of America?" Doc says, a smirk gracing his lips. "Me or us?" He approaches Lucette and offers her his hand to shake. "I don't think we've met since the mothership. I'm Doctor Ashkii Dighin. Most people just call me Doc."
    Megan follows behind him, mostly watching what he does and being ready to help him in any way possible. Though Doc isn't sporting one, she has on a pip-boy. A rather fancy milspec one that looks built by the aliens as a replica of the ones on earth. It's a confusing blend of technologies to be sure.
Lucette     Lucette nods, "A relic of the Old World itself, can't say that it isn't an honour." she says, accepting the handshake with a warm smile. "Lucette Richardson, Luce, Lucette, President, Guardian.. depends on who's calling me." she replies. She has her own pip, alien and military, wristworn. Certainly confusing.

    "Glad to see you got your Megan out of stasis there. Sorry I haven't been doing much on the parcels and mail lately, been at work for America. Claimed me a settlement from Zax's dwindling reserves." Congress gives a proud call from one of her three heads, while the other two have a small debate over which wing to preen..
Doc     Megan looks over at her. "Am I supposed to know her?" she asks Doc quietly, but still loudly enough to be heard.
    Doc ignores the question and says, "Us, then. Megan and I are both American citizens. Born in the US of A before the war." He smiles proudly as he recites it. "At least this time I'm not crashing through the window on a motorcycle this time."
Lucette     Luce shakes her head quietly to Megan. "We never met, no." she answers, then to Doc. "Well, I can surely say you two are more American than I am. Pedigree doesn't top actually being there." and a smirk, "I think Congress here wants to drive herself a motorcycle after I regailed her about the adventure on the ship." she chimes. "Also nowadays if you got a radio tower wherever yer at, I'd suggest rigging some kinda way to have it project an electromagnetic pulse or sustained field. It might scramble any errant 'birds from Zax' sky fortress. They're automated last I heard." she states.
Doc     "Jackie mentioned something about a sky fortress," Megan says to Doc. He nods.
    "What is this sky fortress deal? I heard there was a huge bombing that took place. My place is far enough away, I didn't know anything about it until a few days ago."
Lucette     Lucette seems a small bit upset. "A project of my dad's, meant to be sentinel and protect the Wasteland. Converted by Zax into an aerial assault platform. Been using automated vertibirds to carry strike teams." she explains.
Doc     Megan pouts. "I want a sky fortress to carry my automated robot attack forces," she says. This causes Doc to smile and put his arm around her, giving her a squeeze.
    "So, who are you planet-side?" he asks Lucette. "Husband? Family? Political affiliations?"
Lucette     Lucette smiles. "Member of the Militia, Guardian. Special forces unit, Power Armour users. Outside of that I'm a courier, I run parcels and mail across the wasteland, try to stay in New Mexico lately. Cozy here. Father was Enclave, lost touch with him out east around the Legion. Was a couple years ago. Rest of my family blew up when one of the Poseidon Rigs was destroyed. I started my own branch of the Enclave, since the current President and one before were both Artificial Intelligence. And the current one has a personal vendetta against me for actually caring about America and wanting to bring her people together. All shapes and sizes that'll cooperate." she says.
Doc     "Ash," Megan says, "can we get a robot?"
    Doc continues to focus on Lucette, however. "Well, you're a young and lovely courier. I hope raiders and slavers don't give you too much trouble."
Lucette     Luce chuckles quietly. "Most of my trouble is the current Enclave forces led by Zax, they know how to shoot. Raiders tend to be easy pickings, Slavers usually leave couriers alone."
Doc     "I can imagine." He sits on the desk. "So, where'd you get that fancy pip-boy? On the alien ship, I imagine?"
Lucette     Luce shakes her head, "Salvage from. It was lying around out west, picked it from some scrap." she says, lifting up the goggles around her neck. "S'well as these. And a couple of other things."
Tibbie Tibbie arrives, dusty and alone. She's holding some papers and a grubby pen. She looks a bit distraught, but her frown lessens when she sees the other people and creatures here.
Doc     Doc notices Tibbie enter and lets go of Megan to rush to her. He picks her up gently, being careful of the pregnant woman, spinning around holding her before putting her down and hugging her warmly. "Tibbie," he says as the hug lingers. As he lets go, he asks, "What brings you in here? Not bad news, I hope."
Tibbie "Hey Doc! Megan!" she smiles and laughs as she's twirled around. "Well I dunno how to really write this letter. I need more starter from my uncle, but I dunno. With the fortress I cant tell em how long I'll be, or if he's even still livin there. It's got me all tore up." she worries.
Lucette     Lucette notes the newcomer and nods.. she vaguely recalls this one as well from the alien ship. "Welcome to the Post Office." she greets, "Sort of the place to go for sending out letters and whatnot." she chimes.
Doc     Doc looks at the letters. "Do you want me to help you write it?" he asks Tibbie.
Tibbie @emit
Tibbie waves to her "Thanks!" she says to Luce and her brows wrinkle and waggle, "I think I remember you..from the ship?" she asks then turns to Doc. "I'd like that Doc, I been so scatterbrained lately." she mentions and looks for a spot to sit.
Lucette     Luce looks around for a moment and stands, moving the chair to the other side of the desk with a nod. "Ave a seat. Yeah, I recall you had the tiny deathclaw up there." she reminisces about the ship. "Don't need the seat for much right now I was just getting a route organized was all."
Doc     Megan watched the whole exchange as Doc follows Tibbie. "Are you going to dictate or do you want me to actually write words for you?" he asks. "I'm happy with either, but I'm a faster typist than a hand writer, so you may have to slow down if I can't use a terminal."
Tibbie @emit
Tibbie grins when Tibba's mentioned, "He's a real gem, kinnda like what you got too." she points her chin to Congress with a smile. "Thanks'ya kindly. Them routes, they rough to plan? I mean with all them critters out there, must be a bit tricky when some new nest of Mirelurks pops up." she asks and mentions.
"We oughta work on it together, might have to throw away some papers knowin the way I try'n word things." she says to Doc and takes the seat. "I just feel a lil guilty, I only seen my uncle once, when I needed that starter a'fore. And here I am doin it again." she sighs.
Lucette     Luce shakes her head, "Not difficult. Just gotta plan the land route. But I suppose not everyone's armed to the teeth. M'horse, she's fast as you can get out here. Time's good with'r. New nest of 'lurks means mirelurk cakes yaknow." brow raised. She's not going to question the ordeal, "What supplies you need gettin there?"
Tibbie "That's a great way of lookin at things." she smiles. "She is? Did you git'r from Conway?" Tibbie asks "I been helpin him raise some cute foals." she says and continues, "Well I wanna send off a letter instead of showing up like I did before. I gotta get down there and get a starter, it's this sorta jar of gunk that helps bread rise. Been in our family for a way long time." she says.
Lucette     Luce shakes her head, "Not Conway, the ranch just before the end of the north road." she explains, then suddenly. "You mean.. I see, yer either making bread or yer.." she furrows her brows, "No, can't be sure what else that sorta thing's sued fer at the moment. I'll warn you too, if you got control of any radio towers, be sure to try and rig'm for an electro-magnetic pulse, should help keep any of them vertibirds from the sky fortress harassin' you.. capture one if y'can fer me."
Tibbie Tibbie nods and fidgets with her pen. "I mean I really oughta wait till that fortress is taken down, but with the timing I got goin on down here I dunno how it can work out. I mean, what if the starter gets broke again from another fortress attack when I get back. Or somethin happens on the way? I wonder if the attacks hit my uncle before even coming to us. Oh man, this is why I'm a wreck!" she frets and fusses, readjusting herself in the seat.
Lucette     Luce smirks, "And I imagine finding that sorta thing in an abandoned Super Duper mart isn't too likely that it's still good." she considers. "Just worry with what you can do now, resolve yerself to it so you can't regret it later." she says. "Otherwise, you'll waste all yer time worrying and nothing gets done, eh?"
Doc     Doc fiddles with the pen while listening. Megan moves to him and grabs his tie, giving him a random kiss. He is shell-shocked from this act and his eyes grow wide, glowing brightly. He gets a lovestruck expression on his face and is quiet for several rounds. He returns to his senses and realizes he's missed a lot of the conversation. "I'm sorry, what?" he asks. "Did I miss anything?"
Tibbie "Oh yer right. I'mma have to risk it." she takes a deep inhale and smiles. "Thanks for helpin me clear up my thoughts. I'll have to figure out about them E am pees though you was talkin about." she says.
Lucette     Luce nods to Tibbie, then glances to Doc. "Welcome back to what's left of America, Doc. You were gonna help miss Tibbie here write down her concerns to her dear uncle."
Doc     "Oh, right," Doc says, clearing his throat. Megan smirks at the effect she has on him.
    "Not bad for a three hundred year old woman, huh," she teases him.
    "So, tell me what you want me to write, Tibbie."
Tibbie "Awww man." Tibbie scratches behind her ear with the pen before handing it to Doc. "I guess I'd start by saying sorry for not seein him sooner, but I'm gonna see him in..shit I guess it takes bout a week or more to git in down there.. Annnd." she sighs "I hope he's got more starter of course."
Achilles The door creaks open and a massive figure both ducks and turns sideways to enter. "Howdy, howdy." he rumbles out, his good eye taking in all the faces. Not seeing anybody he outright recognizes he takes a few steps to the side and digs out a pencil and casually asking, "How's it going?"
Lucette     Lucette waves to the newcomer and smiles, "Welcome to the post office." she greets, "Can't say I've seen you around, howdy." then smiling at the exchange between Doc, Megan, and Tibbs.
Doc     Doc scribbles wildly while Megan looks at the newcomer. She lifts her hand. "Hey," she says, standing behind Doc.
Achilles "Achilles." The giant introduces, working on his letter. "I built the clinic in Shantytown, among other things. I just made it back from Mexico the other day though, been dealing with the Horde."
Tibbie Tibbie looks up at the giant and smiles. "Glad you're here! Shanty's in rough since the skyfortress wrecked everything." she says.
Lucette     Lucette idly fidgets near one of the cabinets while observing everyone. "Mexico's a rough place, I don't envy you, Achilles. I'm Lucette Richardson, or Luce. If it's Militia business, I'm Guardian. If it's about my people, it's President." she chimes.
Achilles "It's good to meet you all." Achilles says, finishing up his letter. "Mexico wasn't too bad, until they nuked us. I was on the Horde's trail a few miles off. Next thing I know part of my face is gone." Sliding the letter away and offering up some caps he turns to look at Lucette in particular. "I actually planned on seeking out the militia, offering my services as a guardian. Figured I could help bring that fortress down once we figure out how to get in it."
Tibbie "Well I'm sure glad we all popped in today, seems like fate's at it again. Hey, you should put that in the letter somewhere Doc!" she smiles at everyone.
Doc     Doc nods at Tibbie and writes it down, flipping the page over and starting a new page. Megan looks at Tibbie and asks, "Where DO you keep your pet when he's not playing with Doc in his lab?"
Lucette     Lucette smirks. "Ain't you lucky to survive a nuke without a shelter. Or tough. For the moment, Caldwell's the one you want to find about joining the guardians. Failing that, can see about talkin' to the militia higher-ups for some favour joining. You can use power armour, big as you are?" she asks Achilles, curiosity quirking her tone. Congress squawks for a moment, then moves to peck at the desk with all three heads, not destructively though.
Achilles "Caldwell is still around? Figured he'd of blown himself up by now." Achilles says with a small chuckle. "My suit is special, a little bit bigger. It's still just the basic rig though."

Theres a very sudden and very loud bang at the door as a large gray hound with dagger sized teeth jumps up onto it. Achilles simply sighs quietly, "Would you mind not doing that, Terrance?" Sure enough it drops right back down, curling up outside the door to wait.

"I don't use guns though. No honor in that."
Tibbie "I know Caldwell too! Oh wait, right! Letter..hmm. What else would I put?" she rubs her neck. "I gotta remember where he lives, I know it's real south." she hums softly in thought, a hand rested on her swelled stomach.
Doc     Doc shakes his head. "Projectile weapons," he grunts in disgust.
    "How south?" Megan asks. "Like, Mexico? Panama? Brazil? Argentina?"
Tibbie "Xico, yeah, sounds like that." she nods, "He's way down in it though. I'd like to git em out of there but I couldn't convince him last time about it, even when Pa died." she takes her Texan cowboy hat off and sets it on her stomach.
Lucette     Luce nods, "Last I heard he was." then sighs quietly.. no guns sucks, bigger suit means more maintenance. Even worse, deep south means horde, even after being nuked. "Sounds like a fun adventure, you gonna be hirin' an escort out?" she asks Tibbie quietly.
Achilles "Oh wait, I do know you." Achilles says, flashing Lucette a grin. "I fought alongside you when we went after Solomon." He then turns his attention over to Tibbie. "You'll need it if you plan on going. Raiders and mutants behind every damn rock down there."
Tibbie She nods, "Well I'mma need anyone I can muster up really. It was rough tryna get the Lonestar to do it the first time cause the dangers, I doubt they gonna wanna do it again." she straightens her legs and crosses her ankles. Tibbie looks to everyone, "Thanks for helpin me out with this mess, it aint all ready yet, but just talkin things out helps." she says sincerely.
Doc     "You know Ash and I are always here for you," Megan says with a smile to Tibbie, rubbing Doc's back as if standing with him on that.
Lucette     Lucette hms. "Yes, I do recall. In Gohauq, yes?" she asks, trying to consider that far back. As for Tibbie, "S'much as I'd want to help Miss Tibbie, I should be giving advisories to anyone with a radio to try wiring EM pulses to keep the fortress vertibirds at bay. However, if circumstances do permit, I'll gladly tag along."
Achilles "Be easier if they had a pilot. Cowards don't want a fair fight." Achilles grumbles. "If I get my hands on the person who ordered those strikes, I'm taking them to Dunwich."
Tibbie Tibbie shudders in her chair, "That's a tall order boss, I been to Dun before. I still get chills jus'hearin it's name." she says. "Think I oughta put anything more in that letter Doc? I'm more of a in person kinda talker." she says.
Lucette     Lucette smirks, "Good luck sending that AI to Dunwich.. and, it having some effect." she muses, "Though if we can get one of those 'birds we can probably hack it to board the fortress."
Doc     Having finished the letter, Doc hands it back to Tibbie as he stands. "I hope it gets to him," he says to her, giving her a hug, followed by one from Megan. "I'll see you at supper," he concludes with a smile. "Lucette, wonderful to see you again." Megan follows him as he aims himself at the door. "For science!"
Achilles "You hve a point. It'd probably end poorly for everyone." Achilles decides. "It was nice meeting you all, or running back into you. Hopefully I'll run into Caldwell." His nose wrinkles slightly. That was not something he figured he'd ever have to say.
Lucette     Luce salutes Doc as he exits, and Achilles as well. She then eases up a little bit. Congress spreads her wings, then decides to flutter-run her way outside as well. Some poor varmint was gonna be lunch, Luce knew it. "All well with you too, Miss Tibbie?" she asks warmly
Tibbie Tibbie nods and smiles to Lucette, "Pretty late for lunch aint we." she takes a bit to stand up, eventually makes it to the door, she signs the letter and secures it with a fold before turning it in to Lucette. Tibbie smiles and heads out.
Lucette     Luce nods and thumbs up to Tibbs, "Have a nice one." collecting the letter, she waves to Tibbs as she leaves, then sighs and moves her chair back to its place at her desk and resumes her sorting of letters fo rher next route... and then cleaning her guns.