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Lowry      The sun is high on there is no shortage of heat on the long road. Dust litters the air as gust of wind blow back and forth occasionally. The road is cracked and hot underfoot, obious by the Cowboys horses quick and irritated steps. "Easy, boy. Almost there." He says to soothe his riding companion as he pours a flask, (likely water) by the horses mouth, most spilling but a good drink going into its mouth. El Dorado looms ahead with Shanty town on all sides but Lowry seems in no hurry to reach it.
Tibbie Tibbie was waddling along, running errands alone and horseless today. The short pregnant woman spots a familiar face and walks up to Lowry and his horse, "Well lookit what the dogs dragged in!" she says and takes her bag off her shoulders and rests her hand on her hip. "Nice seein y'so close to home!" she smiles to him.
Kaelyn In wanders Kae! Or out wanders Kae? who knows, not like her little plot of land is all too far from here... Across her back is a new rifle today, it's that gigantic Beowulf she has been fond of but not been able to use till at least just recently! She is chatting with CORA ont he way "You really didn't have to cut that one ganger in half did you?" Kae then ummms ".50 cal machine gun CORA..." COra pauses a moment and oohs "Good point."
Lowry      Lwory pauses, his neckerchief pulled and used to wipe his brow. He smiles! "Well, look here. If it aint' Miss Tibz." His eyes scan her stomach and he grins, "Or is it Mrs. now?" He lets out a laugh and shakes his head. "Was it one o' them Lone star bastards? Just give me tha' word." He gives her a nod and a grin and hops down. 'Despair' neighs softly and nudges towards her. "He don't like most folks. What ya' doin' walkin 'round in this heat in that condition? I'll give ya' a lift tha' rest o' tha' way." And then comes Kae. "Well howdy, darlin'." He spies the Beowulf and shakes head. "Shoot! You huntin' deathclaws or somethin?!"
Tibbie Tibbie turns to see Kaelin and gives her a friendly wave over and a smile. "Thanks chum! I was just runnin errands aroun'here, I ain't ready to give up bein helpful just yet." she swings her bag a little, "Yer lucky I keep most my things on me now since the attacks, I got some stuffs for ya!" she says to Lowry.
"Lookin good with that gun gal!" she says to Kae, "How's the farm going?" she asks.
Kaelyn Kae oohs "It's doing good... I gotta bag of ummm stuff to take to the sherrif's office and stuff... These guys tried to run me out of my home...." CORA then guffahs... "Yup they threatened to rape and kill her and everything, shoulda seen the look on her face when she walked out and started blasting without saying a word..." Kae then blinks "I did too say a word!" CORA then calls out "Ok, you said Bye Now..." Kae then shrugs "See, 2 words!"
Lowry      "Oh yea? I got something for you too. Ma' way of congrats on the little wastelander you's carryin'." He reaches into his saddle bags on the back of the horse and begins to rummage around. Over his shoulder he says, "What?" He stops and turns around, looking surprised. "Reckon they didn't know what they were in fer'." He offers a nasty grin to the woemn, quite sure she handled it easily. "Now wonder yer' carryin' that damn cannon!"
Tibbie "Hot damn!" Tibbie says after hearing Kae's story. "Awww, Thanks Low. Let's find a good spot to settle down and play switcharoo then yeah? Maybe the saloon? You gotta be itchin for a drink after somethin like that Kae." she suggests to the two. "Plus I been getting odd thangs happ'nin round, stuff about the fortress and that secret vault place, maybe y'all know something more about it?" she asks curiously.
Kaelyn Kae umms "I had some map fragments at one point. Amma thinking there might be a way there or something. Pluss those wierd memories of being a cheerleader..." She says and tilts her head to the left... "Any of you guys have an idea/"
Lowry      Sounds good. He leads the horse over to some abandoned fuelng station, where shade can be found and some curb to sit on. Going back into the pack he retrieves a few items. Then turning to the pair he says, "I dunno. HEard this and that about that vault thirty but mostly saloon talk. Don't recall nothin' important." He shrugs, "Sorry." He then hands some stuff over to the two girls. "Cheerleader? What in tha' hell is that?" He asks Kae.
Tibbie Not very gracefully, Tibbie sits on the floor in the shade. "Well did find a chunk of map too! And I got a weird message on the radio about where it might be too." she says and continues, "And not to mention them Annclave, in the soup kitchin one of em told me they aint human. They'd disappear, then come back less than they were a'fore, like a robot or something." she says while digging in her bag, she hands Lowry a roll of gunsmith tools.
Kaelyn Kae umms "Cheerleader? Umm it's a person that leads cheers for events and stuff... I guess... I don't completely know." She adds then glances around curiously and glances as stuff is exchanging hands... She then shrugs and pulls out things her self, handing each person something she thinks is nifty... "Here, try this out..."
Lowry      Lowry nods along, seemingly indifferent to radio stuff and the enclave bit as well. "Oh, shoot! Thanks." He says amiably as he puts the tools in his satchel. To Kae he says, "And thank you as well." He offers a mocking type of bow in good humor before looking the stuff over. "Cheers huh?" He seems confused but shakes it off and pulls his trusy flask from the back pocket of his jeans, a healthy swig taken.
Tibbie Tibbie pulls out a chunk of torn map, insisting Kae take it, "I sure hope this'll fit with the other pieces y'say you got. I'm sure your smart brains and a lil help from CORA kin'get it figure out. I just wish that signal wasnât so confusing, then we might not'a need no map!" she looks are the fabrics Lowry's gotten her with a smile, "Aww I think Ma'll be real happy workin with these." she gives Lowry a pat on the shoulder and a smile. "Them pod-oh memories was real weird, be glad you werent there, I can't even talk'bout it without people laughin me off'a it." she rolls her eyes and leans back, giving herself some room.
Tibbie The three continue to exchange things and chat a bit, before some time has passed and they decide to parts ways. Reminding themselves of their other duties to family, the homestead, and their horses. There's not much time for chitchat in the year 2285!