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Kurokumo Mibojin      For the past 2 years, Kurokumo would move from caravan to settlement to solidarity, fliting from place to place as she plies her skills of medicine and care. The Wasteland offers many opportunites for healing, since it's a harsh mistress to it's inhabitants. When a rare opportunity arose for her to settle down, she took it to heart as there is no time to dilly dally. She's sweeping out one of the offices, now hers to use to continue her mother's work.
Jacqueline The door opens just enough for someone to peek in, then is opened all the way as Jacqueline enters, her now ever-present shotgun held casually in one hand. "Doctor Iris?" she calls out as she closes the door behind herself, looking around the big room. The shotgun, holstered sidearm, and her gecko-hide jacket and pants make her look more like some kind of flashy part-time raider than a local fix-it girl, even with the leather tool pouch slung over her shoulder.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo looks up from her cleaning, her own cloth shirt and pants being quite modest and appropriate for a Wasteland surgeon. "She is not in right now. Is there something I can help you with?" Despite the Asian features, Kurokumo doesn't have an accent herself. Setting the broom against the wall, she goes over to Jacqueline and offers her hand. "I'm Kurokumo."
Jacqueline Jackie, having been looking in a different direction, glances hastily back as someone speaks. "Oh! I'm sorry to bother you, then," she replies. "I was only dropping by. Doctor Iris treated me recently for injuries, and I wanted to thank her and see if she needed to do anything else."
She takes the offered hand nonetheless, looking up at Kurokumo with a hesitant smile. Is /everyone/ around taller than she is? "Kurokumo... Japanese? I'm Jackie. Jacqueline, really, but everyone calls me Jackie."
Kurokumo Mibojin      It does seem a bit odd that Kurokumo isn't on the short side herself. "Nice to meet you Jacqueline. I will only call you Jackie if you want me to." A bit of an odd way to phrase that. "And yes, it is of Japanese origin." If Jacqueline only knew the inspiration behind such a name... "Doctor Iris should be back later today. Maybe you cana catch her then."
Jacqueline Jacqueline gives Kurokumo a quizzical look at that. "Oh, it's fine if you call me Jackie. I don't mind," she replies, giving the tall woman her best reassuring smile, though her eyes are thoughtful. "Are you a doctor too, Miss Kurokumo? I don't know if I'll be free later today, but I can try to catch her."
Kurokumo Mibojin      There's a mild look of relief when Jacqueline gives her permission. Sometimes it's hard to read social cues. "Yes, I am a doctor too. Been traveling for a couple of years, and finally decided to settle down here. It's a really nice place." Perspective is key, since nothing is pristine in the Wasteland.
Jacqueline "After what I've seen of the Wastes, I'd have to agree," Jackie replies, nodding. "El Dorado is a great place to live, and to work." Not that she's missed that look of relief, but she doesn't pry. Not yet, at least. "If you're a doctor too, I don't mind if you check my injuries instead of Doctor Iris. Especially if you need the business, what with you being new in town and all."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Sure, let's take a look at it." Some of Kurokumo's hesitance melts away as she's given something to do. Going back into the mostly vacant office, she comes back with her medkit. Curious brown eyes try to pinpoint where the injury might be beforehand. "What happened, exactly?"
Jacqueline Jackie sets down her shotgun, beginning to unwind the faded blue scarf at her throat, though she watches as Kurokumo ducks into the office, returning with the supplies. "Well, first I gashed myself on some old metal while I was scavving. That's mostly healed up now," she replies, patting her right thigh. "Then I got bitten on the neck by a really lively gecko, looking for our last water shipment... that's this one," she adds, twitching the end of the scarf indicatively. "And after that, I got grazed by what I think was a laser pistol. That one's on my tummy. It still aches when I bend."
She glances around the room again. "Do you want me to sit down someplace? Or will this be tricky enough?" she asks, teasing just a little. After all, she's so much shorter than Kurokumo!
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo finally has a laugh and cracks a smile. "Sit up on the table, please. Unless you'd like to use an exam room instead?" Some people like to have their privacy. Kurokumo surely does. "Sounds like you find all sorts of trouble trying to help out. Nice scarf." The doctor muses, trying to figure out what to treat first. "Let's look at the Gecko bite. Those things fester pretty badly."
Jacqueline "The exam room, please? Last time I visited, Doctor Iris was examining me and told me to show her the injury I had. So I did. And then someone came in, and there I was with my pants down," Jackie replies, blushing a little, though she's stifling giggles and those dark eyes twinkle. "I'd rather not repeat that experience." Unbuttoning her coat awkwardly with one hand, she turns for one of the doors, hoping it's an exam room and not a broom closet. "And thanks. My mother found it for me. She said the bandage was unsightly."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Peeling the bandage away gently, Kurokumo gets a closer look at the neck wound. Teeth always have a way of causing infection in the long run. "What kind of adventures have you been on?" The question is casual, the doctor's focus on whether further sanitation is needed before applying a new bandage is necessary.
Jacqueline Jackie holds still as she can, letting Kurokumo work. The injury itself looks like someone knows the value of cleanliness in preventing infection. "That one I got helping find a misplaced water shipment. It turned out to be lost in a canyon full of gecko dens. Have you ever seen dozens and dozens of pissed off young geckoes, all coming after you?" She giggles, but shivers as well, remembering the sight. "It wasn't very funny at the time, that's for sure. But between all of us, and especially First Horse Jones, we got out with the water wagon."
She gently taps the bandage beneath her tee. "This one came from a laser, just a graze. Some friends and I had some trouble up around Roswell."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Nodding at the condition that Jacqueline keeps the wound, Kurokumo removes the old bandage to make room for a fresh one. "Who was firing a lazer at you? What goes on out there?" From her own experience, Raiders are a constant reminder of earlier years. After securing the edges around the tender skin, the doctor moves to take a look at the burn.
Jacqueline "I'm not sure... I never got a very good look," Jackie admits. "It was pretty dark at the time. But we all got away safely." She draws up the hem of her tee, so Kurokumo can examine the wound. Once the bandage is pulled away, this wound seems to be equally clean, though healing more slowly due to its nature.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Wincing at the burn, there isn't much Kurokumo can do other than replacing the bandage. "Glad you came back alive. Not sure I'd be willing to go there." Having a doctor available on such trips might be beneficial, but Kurokumo's not sure she wouldn't just slow everyone down. "You don't need for me to look at the leg, do you?" Normally, she would check to err on the side of caution. However, Jacqueline seems to keep herself put together just fine from the other wounds she's looked at.
Jacqueline "It was kinda close. I was pretty hurt as it was," Jackie replies, wincing at the memory. She's not laughing at this one. "I was glad to have some friends along to help."
She glances down. "I dunno... it's a gash from some metal, but it's a little older than the other injuries. I've been keeping it bandaged and cleaned up, but it's right under my holster, too. So it does get rubbed a lot."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Nodding at the assessment, Kurokumo motions for Jacqueline to remove the belt. "Let's take a look at it then." There's a bit of a distant stare to the side, as Kurokumo muses on her own scavenging efforts. "Did you find anything worth the trouble?"
Jacqueline "Not much," Jackie admits, unbuckling the belt and setting it aside. Standing, she unlaces her gecko-skin pants and takes them down to her boots, leaving her pale blue briefs and the bandage on her thigh to show. "There's supposed to be a lot of good salvage up Roswell way. Maybe we were just looking in the wrong place that evening."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo shakes her head in dissappointment. Some days, scavving isn't worth the hastle. Peeling off the bandage, the doctor tosses it into the growing pile of old bandages before grabbing a new one. "Do you know anyone who has a farm around here? I have some experience with fauna and flora and was thinking of getting some seeds for my own collection." A change in conversation topic, it seems.
Jacqueline Jackie rubs her chin thoughtfully. "Well, there's Miss Lilu. She does some healing of her own, and she's just started breaking ground on a farm, but she hasn't got anything for sale that I know of, yet. And there's the Drake place. I don't know how much they grow, but they do have a spread. My mother keeps a garden, too, but it's mostly spices and vegetables and the like for her cooking."
She tries to hold still, watching Kurokumo work. The injury was an ugly one, judging from the red on her skin and the scabbing, but it does seem to be healing in spite of the friction. The bandage must be helping with the holster's rubbing. She tugs down the hem of her tee, self-consciously, though it's too short to cover her underwear.
Kurokumo Mibojin      If it's one thing Kurokumo is good at, politely ignoring someone's discomfort is one of them. No one wants to be caught off guard like this. On goes the fresh cloth bandage, being tied in place. "That should do it. I'll have to check them out. I appreciate the direction." She gives a warm smiles, gathering up the old bandages to place in the cooking pot while Jacqueline has a chance to get dressed.
Jacqueline A bit relieved, Jackie answers Kurokumo's smile with a slightly nervous one of her own. She pats the new bandage lightly, as if to test how it feels. "Oh, do you boil your bandages to sterilize them?" she asks, glancing up and seeing what Kurokumo's doing. "I haven't seen much of how this place works. I was always busy being treated."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Yes! Boiling is something that won't go away anytime soon. Can't always find the nifty cleaners that run in short supply." It's true, no matter how much technology is blasted back into the Stone Age, boiling cloth is a sure deal. "So many folks come in regulary, it's never dull for very long."
Jacqueline "My mother does that with the laundry at least once a week," Jackie recalls. "It's true we can't always find detergent. I find enough, but we have to make our own, sometimes. Soap, too. At least it always works," she adds, pulling at the hem of her tee and waving a hand demonstratively down in front of it. And, accidentally, her equally clean briefs. She blushes, remembering where she is, but manages a smile, as if she'd left her pants down on purpose.
Kurokumo Mibojin      It takes a few moments, Kurokumo busying herself purposefully with the pot so Jacqueline has a little bit of privacy. "There are certain root plants that can do in a pinch, if you know where to find them." She turns, curious gaze taking in the other woman's state of undress. Kurokumo tilts her head, lips quirking into a smile. Is she offering?
Jacqueline "I think I know some of them," Jackie replies, nodding at that. "But if you know of more, I definitely don't mind hearing about them."
She catches that tilt of the healer's head, that hint of a smile. "You're thinking something..." she guesses. "Cap for your thoughts?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo chuckles when Jacqueline asks about her thoughts. What she says next could lead to a good time...or bad reviws for her practice. Better to play it safe. "Was there something else you needed me to take a look at? Otherwise, you can put your pants back on." There is no discomfort, no accusation, only mild humor that flavors her tone as she stays by the boiling pot.
Jacqueline "Oh, that... just showing that the homemade laundry cleaning mixtures work," Jackie replies, her tone a touch embarrassed even if she does somewhat mirror Kurokumo's humor. She stoops to pull up her gecko-leather pants. "Though... you haven't said what you were thinking."
Kurokumo Mibojin      She's caught in her misdirection, eyes looking down at the floor. What does she say to someone she's just met? "I am quite envious of the nice things you have. Having been on the road for the past two years makes you wistful for detergent and a place to stay. You are very lucky to still have a family that loves you."
Jacqueline Jackie, catching the tone as she laces up her pants again, blushes a little as comprehension dawns. "Oh, dear... I'm a idiot. I should've realized before," she murmurs. "I'm sorry, Miss Kurokumo." She hesitates a moment, then steps forward, stretching to give the healer as comforting of a hug as she can manage.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Rising from her sitting position on the floor, Kurokumo stands to her full 5'10" before accepting Jacqueline's embrace. As her arms wrap around the other woman, she realizes that she hasn't had something so simple in a very long time. "It's ok. You didn't know." Her eyes close, as Kurokumo savors this little bit of human affection and comfort before pulling away. Can't hold that for too terribly long, before it becomes awkward. Kurokumo gives Jacqueline a nervous smile.
Jacqueline Jackie shakes her head. "No, but I should've guessed: You said already that you'd been traveling, and that I was lucky to have a family yet. Sorry for being inconsiderate, even if it was accidental." Releasing her half of the hug, she drops to her own height again with a faint sight of relief; hugging such a tall woman took a lot of stretching! "Is there anything I can do to make your stay in El Dorado more comfortable? I do hope you'll stay. Not everyone in town has my manners," she adds wryly, with a smile for Kurokumo that is nonetheless welcoming.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Crisis potentially averted, Kurokumo's smile relaxes a bit more. "Well, you did give me a couple of places to find plants or seeds. I was hoping to find a shop that might offer a Bow for hunting. Guns are just too noisy, sometimes." Which is true, the echo causing any number of curious critters to arrive from miles around. "I'm glad we could meet, Jackie."
Jacqueline "A bow... you hunt, then?" Jackie asks, her curiosity piqued again. "I know there's a weapon shop in town, but I'm not sure how well-stocked they are on things that aren't guns," she confesses. "But I'll check, promise. I'll be back by after I've found out. It might be a couple days."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Oh! Well, you don't have to on my account..." Kurokumo rubs the back of her neck, smiling sheepishly as Jacqueline is being so generous. She's not used to folks going out of their way for anything. "Um, yeah, we can check your bandages again when you get back."
Jacqueline "It's nothing. I need to get out of the shop for a while, anyway, and this reason's as good as any," Jackie replies. "Besides, I do need ammunition, and there's no better place to get it. I can check on what you need while I'm there!"
She nods, thinking of that. "As much as I've been getting hurt lately, I wouldn't say no to that. Thank you, Miss Kurokumo. But I shouldn't take advantage of your generosity before I've done anything. How much do I owe you for today's treatment?" she asks, shrugging into her jacket and reaching into her pocket.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo muses on her going rate, and the value of the information she got today. "10 caps should do it." She's not some fancy healer, and not a charlatain out to rob people blind either. "And you better not come back mortally wounded. I don't think my poor heart could take it." Kurokumo places a hand on her chest, her tone comically dramatic as Jacqueline gets her payment.
Jacqueline "I'd call that a bargain, Miss Kurokumo, and I think I can manage to spare your poor heart the suffering," Jackie promises, stifling giggles at the dramatic request. "Though It might be for nothing, considering some of the prices around here when things get scarce." Strapping her pistol on again, she catches up her shotgun easily, turning for the door, though not without a final smile for the healer. "I'll be back around once I know something, bandages and all."