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Doc     Doc works the controls, letting Tibbie into his lab. "Hello again," he says, offering her a hug, though he is significantly underdressed from how he usually is. He is wearing a bathrobe, and it seems like very little else. Covered in a sheet on Doc's bed, Megan waves to her friend.
    "Sorry," she offers. "My fault. I got Doc distracted and we lost track of time."
    "What did you bring us for supper?"
Tibbie Tibbie puts a free hand over little Tibba's eyes while balancing a protected platter in the other. She chuckles after a light hug from Doc and sets the plate down on a table.
"Should we give y'all a minute?" she asks. "I brought mostly stuffed vegetables from the farm, and some chicken." she answers.
Doc     "I'm good," Doc says. He takes the food from Tibbie as Megan clears her throat, awkwardly.
    "I guess it's just like changing at the pool," she says.
    Doc gets out the glasses and starts with the fresh water, as usual, whistling cheerfully as he does so.
Tibbie Tibbie lets Tibba free to sniff out the lab, hunting for new smells about. "Y'all gotta pool here?" she sits and takes the glass with a thankful nod before taking large gulps of it. "I gotta say, seems like waddlin around is getting rougher nowadays, and riding Butter is too darn painful." she says.
Doc     "Are you sure you don't want to bunk with me?" Doc asks. "I'm a doctor, and I've got everything I would need to deliver your baby. If there are complications, I can deal with those, too."
    "And I can babysit," Megan says, sitting up as she looks around for any of her clothes. She looks at the lab side, lamenting at the equipment separating her from her clothes in that moment.
Tibbie The spanish woman shrugs, "I aint all too sure, I shoulda talked it over with Jeficito, and I know Ma'll wanna be there for it too. I just hope Tibba aint gonna get a sore heart over the lil bean." she smiles and looks to Megan, then to Tibba.
"Be a dear Tibba, go on and git'r things for'er." she tells him and Tibba looks around with his nostrils hiffing, eventually finding most of Megan's clothes but cant seem to carry them all. "Throw em on you buddy, like Ma does with her rags." she suggests and Tibba flings her shirt in the air and it now hangs on his horns, nearly blinding the little helperclaw. Tibbie can't help but laugh.
Doc     "If you don't mind the shelter, your ma can visit outside. I don't know if I'd trust her to be in the lab without meeting her. You're only allowed in here because you're one of my very best friends in these wastes." He brings her a glass of water. "There are other options. Like getting a room in Vault Town. It's pretty well defended and very clean. I wouldn't mind coming to visit you there, either."
    "You're such a softie, Ash," Megan says with a smirk. She lets the sheet fall accidentally as Tibba jumps up onto the bed with her, her stuff draped all over it. "Oh geez," she says, giggling. "Okay, thank you, get down, now," talking to him as if he were a dog.
Tibbie Tibba caws, but eventually fumbles off of the bed, heading for Doc for pets. Tibbie say, "We been shacked in V-town for a whiles now with the rest of the survivors. I do 'preciate the offer though Doc, you been real helpin out with Tibba and Jack and all sorts of science thangs I aint knowin'bout." she smiles.
Doc     "You know all you have to do is ask," Doc says. Megan, meanwhile, flips the sheet off of her, revealing a glowing stain on the bed. She stands and begins putting on her clothes. Even though she's convinced herself this isn't weird, she can't help but blush deeply changing in front of someone else.
    Doc stoops down and pets his favorite deathclaw. "Well, hey, there," he says almost like Tibba is a full person. "How you been, buddy?" he continues, playfully wrestling with the deathclaw's horns.
Tibbie Tibbie catches a glimpse of the sheet but politely turns away for Megan's sake. Tibba flails his claws and caws as he tries to roughhouse with Doc, the two-footer fighter can only do so much though. Tibbie watches and laughs further at the sight while Megan finishes changing.
Doc     Megan's speed suit covers her skin, even if it feels like she's naked. She moves to hug Tibbie once she's dressed, even though she hasn't zipped up the suit. She then sits at the table and drinks some water greedily while Doc plays with his buddy. "You gonna play with me like this when you get big?" he asks him while the deathclaw is up-side down and Doc is 'tickling' him. "Huh, buddy?"
Tibbie Tibba's kicking and cawing happily in a pattern that suggests laughter. Tibbie smiles to Megan, "Glad yer both happy, it's real important too. It'll help Doc with his research'n." she comments sincerely with a grin.