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Owner Pose
Fern     There are parts of Shantytown that are nicer than others, and some rougher than others, and that's where Fern is. She's sitting on an old metal chair outside of a little hut, partnered with another girl her age as the two watch someone in a third chair receiving a tattoo from some shady-looking feller. It's pretty much ink and a needle, and the guy getting the horrible tattoo is grimacing, but trying to hide it.

    "How much you wanna bet he's gonna faint?" Fern asks her friend, smirking as she does. She crosses her arms over her chest and leans back in her chair.
Doc t    Doc's...whatever she was...Jackie stepped out of a house a long way down the road. She was stopped and hugged by the old lady in the house, then she turned and headed down the stairs. Her riot shield in her hand, she looked at the road as she walked down the street, smile on her face.
Fern     A few more pokes of this needle into the arm and the guy passes out, which leaves Fern howling with laughter. "Called it! He's sweating too much.. and look at that pale face. Awww man, what a wimp," she says, snickering as she reaches over to grab the guy and get him sitting upright again. He doesn't stay down for long, and as he was again he looks a bit embarrassed. The tattoo has been paused for now. "Get 'im some water, Chloe," Fern says as she pats the guy on the shoulder. Her friend heads into the little home to get some water, and as they wait for her to return Fern glances towards the street to watch people as they pass.