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Fern     It's later in the evening with most folks at home and cooking dinner or near starving. Luckily Fern's neither! She doesn't have to cook and she isn't out hungry and searching for food. She's here in the diner, eating some sort of sandwich with sliced meat of sorts. A cup of water is sipped from now and then, and the girl seems to be pretty content for now.
Doc     Jackie, Doc's--whatever she is--enters the restaurant, her riot shield on her back over her backpack. She is on her way to the counter to order food when she notices Fern. She raises a hand in greeting of the young lady.
Fern     Fern doesn't quite catch the wave since she's all about that sandwich, but when she takes the bite and puts the rest down she glances about from the corner of her eye. Doing so helps her catch sight of Jackie, and she is quick to chew her bite and swallow it down. "Jackie! Hey!" Fern turns on her stool and leans over slightly, patting the stool next to her. "C'mon over. How's it going?" she asks, looking happy to see the other.
Doc     Looking to the counter, then to Fern again, she decides to wait to order and walks to her acquaintance. "Hi," she says, giving Fern a hug. "I'm doing alright. Have you been well?"
Fern     Fern returns the hug gently, and as she releases she smiles to Jackie. "Yeah.. I've been well enough.. Whatcha gonna get?" she wonders as she nods towards the menu. "Sandwiches are pretty good. So's the radroach.. if you can stomach it. It's not as good as your cooking, but it's still nice in its own way," Fern compliments.
Doc     "I'm not that great a cook," Jackie says, but can't help but smile. She takes off her backpack and plops it on a seat next to her as she sits next to Fern. "I might just get a brahmin burger or something simple. I'm not all that hungry, actually. I just came from reading to a friend of mine."
Fern     "Oh yeah?" Fern asks, one brow lifting. "You like to read?" The girl takes a bite of her food, chews, swallows, then asks, "What kind of stories do you read? I haven't really read much besides books that teach you stuff. Like how to fix cars or how to play guitar. Took me for fuckin' ever to learn how to read, too. Gale taught me," she says, as if Jackie would know who that was.
Doc     Jackie blushes just slightly. "No, not like that. It was her mail. From her grandson. He's good about writing to her. He writes every day, but only mails them whenever the mailman comes by, so she tends to get a lot all at once in a bundle."
Fern     "Ohhh. I see.." Fern says, grinning slightly. "Have you ever thrown something into the letters that wasn't really there? Just to see her reaction?" Fern wonders, looking highly amused by this idea, starting to snort and grin.
Doc     "No," Jackie says. "That seems kind of mean. I just help her because she can't read and even if she could, her eyes are going bad." She leans forward onto the table. "It's nice to see you, by the way."
Fern     "You don't have to add anything mean.. Just.. I dunno. Say something like 'All the trees in our yard are turning purple' or something silly to see what she'd do. I wouldn't be an ass to an old lady," Fern says with a soft laugh. As it dies down she says, "Nice to see you, too. How's life? You still working for the Doc?" she narrows her eyes slightly, peering at Jackie, "Megan still there? How's that going?"
Doc     "Oh, not bad," Jackie says. "They've been having sex, so Megan's been using a lot of Rad-Away and Rad-X." She shrugs. "I guess that means it's going well? I also know now that I don't have nearly enough Rad-Away to get with Doc...disappointing, but such is life, right?"
Fern     The admission makes Fern put her sandwich down, and she just sits there for a moment, staring at the other. She opens her mouth to speak, but closes it, then opens.. closes.. Fern looks to her food and instead sips water. "Ahh... Well, uh.. Hopefully she won't grow a third arm? Or are you secretly hoping she will?" She grins.