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Owner Pose
Cormano Babyface enters the lounge, taking in the atmosphere for a moment before finding an empty seat at the bar, He glances around and adjusts the sombrero on his leathery head.
Cormano Babyface Notices Franky and Achilles and tips his large hat to them, "Howdy there. Uh.. I'm new in town here.. Been wanderin' a spell an lookin' for somethin' to do."
Achilles Casting shade over the quest board is a mountain of a man with a bumper sword hung from his back. Muscles bulge as his fingertips tap at crossed arms. "I suppose this will do." he grumbles, snatching a patrol request that was meant for the militia. Stuffing the paper into his molerat leather trousers he heads over to the bar and heaves out a sigh, hunching forward a touch so he comes closer to the height of the other patrons.

"Howdy." he greets Babyface with a small nod. "I got somethin' you could help with, if you've got the stomach for it."
Cormano Babyface Peers up at Achilles, registering the size of him as he draws closer. It takes him a moment to regain his train of thought, then he nods amiably. "I reckon I might, I'd be fixin' to help if it put a little grub in my gut." He chuckles a little at that.
Franky Sounds of crayon on paper are drowned out by the servos from the robot bartender. Setting a fresh beer infront of Franky who's obviously engrossed in his latest masterpiece. He tucks his tongue back into his mouth, and steals a look over his shoulder. A brow is raised at the sight of Babyface, he remains quiet for now, flinching at the shear size of the large man at the bar. He returns to his crayon and paper, touching up a stick figure with red curls. "You looking for shooters or something?" He asks toward no one in particular.
Achilles "Might be." The big man replies. "Got some raiders to deal with. Pay's shit, but you two can split it." The robot glides over in front of him and pours a glass a quarter full of whiskey. "Not making any promises you won't get shot, they tend to be mean sons of bitches." A slight pause. "My name is Achilles, by the way."
Cormano Babyface attention wanders for a moment as he glances over to Franky's drawing. His attention snaps back to Achillis at the mention of Raiders. Babyface nods along with Achille's words, "I tangled with a raider or two in my time... Might be nice to get paid to put 'em down for a change." He scratches his leathery hide, then nods to Achilles, "Names Babyface.. Well... It ain't my name but it's what folks call me." He pauses for a moment. "On account of my dashin' good looks likely."
Franky Franky perks up at the mention of Raiders, raising his left hand with fours fingers to stroke the stubble on his face. "They cross you or do you just like to dead raiders?" His hand drops to retrieve his beer, pouring a portion down his throat. "Franky." He states, making a stupid grin, and pushing the paper toward the robot bartender with several caps atop.
Achilles Taking a swig of the liquid hate Achilles nods once. "Giving one of the settlements an issue. Talkin' things out was my ex's job. So I figure we show up, tear a few of 'em apart, and let the ones what run away spread the story. Assuming they're smart enough to run anyway."
Cormano Babyface turns to the robot bartender and orders a milk with a straw. Then returns his attention to Achilles. "You got me interested partner, always wanted to git into the hired gun game. For a good cause that is." He takes his glass of milk from the bartender with a silent nod of thanks, then flips a cap or two in it's direction. "When you thinkin' a settin' up this here job? I'ma gettin' situated at the moment, but I'm mighty interested in the work."
Franky Franky mulls on things for a spell, sipping his beer and digging into the chest rig under his poncho. Pulling out a cigarette and setting it between his lips. He turns in his stool, taking a moment to appreicate Babyface's ghoulishness. Resisting the urge to physically inspect his epidermus, "Funny you bring up raiders. I'm balls deep trying to murder some out Jack's Town way." Franky pauses to light his cigarette, exhaling a plume ceiling ward. "Could use some bodies if your game. Before or after we kills this particular group?" He gives a shrug.
Achilles "I'm having my axe repaired right now, but as soon as it's done I'm ready." Achilles says, cracking his knuckles. "I'm also gonna ask that y'all try not to shoot me, I don't use guns. Don't even own one."

At the mention of the other raiders the big man simply nods. "We can handle them before, or after. It doesn't bother me much."
Cormano "I'd be up for both, can't have too much payin' work." Babyface sips noisily at his milk, savoring the lukewarm goodness. He drains the glass in record speed and glances over to Franky, then flashes him a ricktus grin. "You fellas just gimme a time an you got my gun."
Franky A rather long drag of smoke is taken, Franky looks from Achilles to Babyface. Another choo choo cloud gets vented from his lungs, "I'll be in touch before I leave town in a week for jacks town." He's taking a long drink of beer now, sighing as he returns the bottle to the bar. "We'll have to hash out the details."