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Owner Pose
Cormano Stale cigar smoke hangs heavily in the air as Babyface steps through the Batwing doors, He tilts his sombrero up to survey the crowd with an interested gleam in his sharp black eyes. As he approaches the bar the faint creak of his dry leathery skin can be heard. He exhales a raspy sign and rubs at a knee before taking a seat, not noticing Doc immediatly. He waves the robot bartender over and asks him to get him a Milk, with a straw. As the bartender brings him his drink he notices Doc and a faint grin spreads over his leathery face. "Well Howdy there friend."
Doc     Doc and the blonde scientist lady sitting next to him look at the other ghoul. "Hello there," the native american man's gravelly voice lets out as he smiles. His glowing eyes are piercing and look almost sinister, given they're the color of the glowing one he is inside, but the rest of his face is friendly. "Once you get your drink, come on over. We're very friendly to ghouls at this table."
Cormano Babyface eyes Doc closely for a moment noticing something he can't quite put his finger on. Aftera few moments he lets it go and saunters over to their table, milk in hand. "Nice to see a few more smoothskins that ain't offput by my dashin' good looks." He rasps out a chuckle before taking a seat.
Doc     The blonde girl smirks. As he gets closer, Babyface would be able to see how beautiful and well-built she is. The man, however, extends a hand. "Not as smooth as my skin implies. I'm Doc. Resident sawbones, usually literally."
Cormano Babyface shakes Doc's hand amiably, "Not as smooth? Looks awful smooth to me, The eyes though.." He trails off. Babyface glances over to the Blonde girl and flashes her a grin, showing off his pearly whites. He removes his sombrero and bows his bald head to her. "Anyhow, Don't mean to sound rude or nothin'. Names Babyface."
Doc     Doc shakes a head and waves off the comment. "Not at all, Mr. Face. You're not the first ghoul to miss the glowing giveaway. A few months ago, there was an alien ship adventure I went on. In addition to adding a second set of memories from before the war into my head," he said, angrily thumping his own temple with his first and middle finger. "They sprayed me with some kind of synth-flesh. It basically reset my appearance to how I looked before the war. That was before I became a glowing one. Strangely enough, I don't glow in the dark, except for my eyes, and the synth-flesh doesn't let the glow out, sadly, so I can't just lay on hands like some kind of pre-war miracle man to ghouls." He sipped on whatever beverage he had in the glass.
    As he drank, Megan extended her hand to Babyface. "Believe it or not, I'm almost as old as you are. Aliens, again. Ash is working on a cure for feralism, so we deal with ghouls a lot."
Cormano follows along with Doc's story, nodding along until the mention of aliens, to which he raises a non-existant eyebrow. Afterwards he turns his attention to Megan and shakes her hand. "Almost as old as I am? Tell truth I can't rightly recall how old I am." He rasps out another chuckle before adding. "Real nice to meetcha though miss." He looks from Doc to Megan and rubs his leathery chin. "Quite the tale ya got there though. Aliens, Synth-whatchacallit, A cure for feralism." He whistles through a gap in his front teeth due to the long lack of proper lips. "You ever need a handyman, or a gunhand. I'd be obliged to help a good cause like that.. Time may come when I might need a cure for that."
Doc     "I appreciate it," Doc says. "The feralism cure is more of a hobby, now. I've got preventative measures, but nothing to reverse the brain damage. If you want to be immune to feralism, and also have a setup for body-swapping with others who are immune to feralism, I can do that. You just need to let me take out your brain." Megan giggled, suppressing it before it turned into a maniacal laugh.
Cormano Babyface scratches his bald head and chuckles, "That there is somethin' else. Personally I ain't sure if I got that brain damage or not, just hard to recall things sometime." He shrugs and trails off. "But good to meetcha sawbones, I gotta hit that ol' dusty trail now, but you ever need any help with anythin', assumin' I ain't molerat chow by then I'll lend yall a hand." He downs his milk in nearly one gulp, savoring the lukewarm goodness.
Doc     Doc smiles and waves at the other ghoul. "Likewise. It's always good to have a handyman on standby."
    Megan also waves. "Bye, Mr. Face," she says, immitating Doc's statement, even though she got it. "Be well!"
    "Yup," Doc adds. "Don't want to have to replace bits of you with animal parts...although." He loses himself in imagining all the details of that, leaving Babyface to leave on his own timing.