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Lilly Caine Lilly Caine sits at her favorite, and most well cared for, stool at the bar. She idly spins on it while a Nuka Cola rests on the bar in front of her. A big duffel bag full of assorta crap slouches on the floor next to her
Tina Tina steps into the bar in her full nun's habit, carrying a very worn backpack that doesn't match her outfit. "Peace and blessings be with you this day, everyone," she says, approaching the bar and, with effort, unslinging the pack and setting it on the stool two places to Lilly's right.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles to Tina. "Of all the things i'd want on me today, peace and blessings are probably top of my list", eyeing the backpack. "Hi. Name's Lilly", extending her hand to Tina. She retracts it, pauses to brush it off on her cloak, then offers it again, hopefully cleaner now
Tina Tina starts to take the offered hand, smiling, then blinks in surprise as Lilly withdraws. But as she wipes it, the nun giggles, and accepts it in a firm clasp. "Sister Tina, of your local church. And if you need Peace and blessings, I am happy to pray that you receive them in plenty," she replies, in a faint accent that definitely isn't native to the area. "I have come to minister to those in need," she adds, warmly, tilting her head to the left and smiling sweetly. "Are you in need, Miss Lilly?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine blinks at the question.. "In.. need?", looking around.. "Um.. I.. dont think so.. Mom runs the place here.. Aunt Clara is the Sherrif. I got a horse named Sprocket and Grandpa's laser pistol. Oh", thunking her chestpiece, "..and mom's old armor. I think I'm pretty set", looking to Tina. "You need anything? I got some chest armor if you want it.."
Jacqueline The batwing doors part just enough for someone to peek in, then open all the way, admitting Jackie Wayne. The waifish fix-it girl is clad in a gecko-skin jacket and pants, styled after leather armor, and carrying both her tool pouch and her now ever-present shotgun. She pauses by the radio to check the setting, giving the two at the bar a quick wave and a smile.
Nathan Nathan makes his way down the stairs and makes his way over towards the bar taking a set he waves the 'tender 'bot over, "Could I get some coffee, and whatever's hot for breakfast? Thanks."
Tina "Really? That's kind of a shame. I was hoping I could find someone in need from the first, so I could finish my ministering for the day. But I am very happy to find you so set," Tina replies, her tone as thoughtful as her expression, but slowly turning to warmth and joy. "That means at least one thing is right with the world."

She glances up at the wave from Jackie, then waves to Jackie and Nathan in return, calling out, "Hello! Peace and blessings be upon you!"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine pipes up, half joking. "If you can bless Sprocket and get her to quit fartin' so much, I'd be most appreciative.. ", snorting.. She wipes her nose with the back of a hand and does another spin on her stool.. This revolution, she snags the Nuka cola bottle from the bartop, takes a swig as she rotates, and then sets it back down in almost the exact same spot, without slowing her rotation. She's been practicing..
Jacqueline Jackie adjusts the volume knob, and the voice of that yodeling guy from ancient times gets a little louder as he sings about the midnight ranges. Smiling, she turns for the bar just in time to hear the words of the girl in red. "Well, it's pretty peaceful right now, and I consider myself blessed just living here, most of the time. But thanks for the kind sentiments," she replies with a wry smile, half listening to Lilly's idea of a good blessing. With her hand full of shotgun, she can't applaud her friend's feat of spinnage, but she does cheer her on. "Woo! Go, Lilly!"
She nods politely to Nathan, not knowing him but not about to be unfriendly about it. "Mornin', mister." She claims a stool a couple away from Lilly, just so she has room to sit 'n spin, setting her shotgun within reach.
Nathan Nathan offers a nod towards Jackie, "Mornin." Then glancing back at Tina he smiles, "Mornin to you as well miss. I"m alive and breathin so I guess blessings are upon me." His food and coffee arrive shortly after and he begins to drink the amazing wakeup juice and eat some not burnt food.
Tina "And I am sure you are both very welcome to them, too. It is a wonderful thing, to see people in good spirits," Tina replies warmly to Jackie and Nathan, smiling. It fades a little as she notes the request from Lilly. "Ah... very well," replies thoughtfully. Then, swiftly and quite deliberately, she brings her hands together with a soft but sharp clap and, head bowed and eyes closed, assumes an expression of deep but serene concentration.

For a full minute she stands in this manner. Then she lowers her hands and smiles faintly. "Perhaps now Sprocket will not be so troubled by flatulence," she says, smiling at Lilly. "And I may have a need for that chest armor you mentioned. I don't have all that many caps, but perhaps we could arrange for several payments for it?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine jumps at the sharp clap.. blinking.. just staring.. then blinks again at Tina's words.. "I.. I.. hope so..?", wondering if.. Sprocket isn't passing wind, well, it has to go somewhere.. then thoughts of Aunt Roxie's breath spring to mind.. no.. Ghoul breath isn't anything like Sprocket's worst.. And then she blinks and realizes she's not in her own little world and out in public. "Oh.. Um. yea.. I hope that helps" She moves to the duffel bag beside her and pulls out a Legionare's Chestpiece. "Picked this up not long ago. Big big for me."
Jacqueline Kicking her booted feet idly, Jackie waits for the serving 'bot to turn around. It seems quite focused on cleaning a spot off the rear counter with a rag. "Mind wanderin', Miss Lilly?" she teases her friend good-naturedly, having noticed that spell of distraction. "Where'd you come by that? Looks Legion-ish."
Nathan's feeding his face, so she looks instead to the other unknown person, Tina, offering her a smile. "Don't think we've met, miss. I'm Jacqueline Wayne, but everybody just calls me Jackie. And yes, it's definitely good to see folks doin' well and all."
Tina "I'm sure it will do /something/," Tina replies brightly. Her eyes turn thoughtful, and she looks over the armor thoughtfully. "I don't think that would take much altering to make it fit me. I'd be very glad to trade for it," she says cheerfully.

Jackie's greeting is met with a wider smile. "I'm Sister Tina, of the local church. It's very nice to meet you, Miss Jackie. May blessings and peace be upon you today."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles. "Got it off a dead legionare when we went and kicked butt the other night", smiling at it appreciatively. "good trophy. I got mom's breastsplate", thumping her own chest, "so i'm sorta sticking with it" beaming. "Let me find out what it's worth and I'll get back to you. I'll be here later and we can talk out a deal if you're interested" Lilly heaves the big duffel bag of stuff up onto the bar, then unceremoniously pushes it off the other side where it lands with a heavy thud. "I gott run. I'll be back later" She tosses back her Nuka cola, sets the bar on the counter and pockets the cap before heading out. "...c'mon. lets see if Sprocket's blustery day has ended.."
Jacqueline "I think we had that conversation already, Sister Tina, but it's good to meet you," Jackie replies with a grin. "How's the day finding you? Blessed, I hope." Might as well keep kicking the joke around.
She nods to Lilly, looking at the breastplate. "I wanted to go, but I was way too hurt still. But that's a good place to find a breastplate. If you're using theirs, they don't have any further use for it, and the fewer of them there are, the better off we all are." She waves after the departing girl. "Good luck! Say hi to Sprocket for me!"
Tina "That's fine. I don't mind repeating it, especially if it makes it come true," Tina replies, smiling warmly at Jackie. "And I have been /very/ blessed today," she adds, quite sincerely. Apparently the joke went right over her head.

She bows her head to the departing Lilly and smiles. "Be safe, Miss Lilly! I hope to see you in church sometime soon!" she calls after her.
Jacqueline "I've never seen that happen, but there's a first time for everything, or so I've heard," Jackie replies, nodding. "So I wouldn't stop repeating it yet. The next time might be it, right?"
Nathan Nathan finishes up his food and coffee pushing it away gently and spinning around to face the saloon and leaning back up against the bar and really looking at Tina and Jackie a moment blinking a bit, "Is this place crawlin with nuns?" He's of course referring to Tina not Jackie
Tina "Oh, I have seen it a number of times... it just took time, that's all," Tina replies warmly. "That's why I use it as a greeting."

Nathan's comment is met with a confused look and a slow blink. "Umm... no, I don't believe so. I'm the only nun here, last I looked. And so far there are only two of us at the church, so no, it really isn't," she replies soberly.
Jacqueline "Nuns? I haven't met any besides Tina here, but I don't drop by the church much," Jackie admits, shrugging. "At least, not unless something needs fixing, so I'll admit that it's been a while."
Sparrow Sparrow steps into the Saloon, taking off her hat and moving to find a place to seat herself. The stoic cowgirl scans the room, nodding to Nathan and Jacqueline both before picking a nice seat that gives her a view of the door. Eyes too bright for her sunkissed complexion drift towards Tina though and her brow quirks in muted surprise then a slow shake of her head.
Tina "Part of that may be because I have been helping to keep up the church's infrastructure lately... I am not an expert, but I can fix most things with enough time," Tina replies to Jackie. "Still, I could ask Sister Neva to contact you more often when things break." Sparrow's shake of her head is met with a warm smile and a soft greeting of, "Peace and Blessings go with you today. How are you?"
Jacqueline "Actually, that'd be great. I need the work, if I'm ever gonna to get my motorcycle workin'," Jackie replies, smiling faintly. "Maybe I should ask for a blessing on that. I doubt it'd hurt any."
She glances up at the sound of the doors, smiling at the sight of Sparrow. She lifts a hand and waves to the cowgirl.
Nathan Nathan nods towards Jackie and shrugs, "There's Sister Neva as well. So at least two more than I've seen in any other town I've traded in." He eyes the newcomer and offers her a nod as well as Jackie and Tina chat.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Well it'd be impolite to lie to a Nun, so, I'd say I've been better. And yourself?" She orders a beer from the robot and glances to Jaqueline when she mentions she needs money. "Explains why ya were lookin' for work around the Ranch. I'll make sure to tack my brother down to ask 'im if there's anything needs doin'." She rolls a shoulder before looking to Nathan, "Any luck on a MedKit yet? And any chance I could get you to come price something for me?"
Tina "Excellent! I shall put in that good word for you then, Miss Jackie," Tina replies, smiling widely to Jackie. "Given how hard our air contitioning system works, I'm sure you'll be called upon any day now." She turns that smile on Sparrow, at least for a moment. "I have been very blessed today," she says. "Though I do hope things get better for you. I can always pray for you, and would be glad to."

Nathan's comment is met with a thoughtful look. "I see... I'm glad we have such a number here. Though I admit, I have never been noted as a tourist attraction before."
Jacqueline "Thanks, Miss Sparrow. The more work, the better, really," Jackie replies. "Not sayin' that I hope you and your brother have a lot of breakdowns, mind."
She looks back to Tina, stifling a smile. "On the plus side, Sister, you'll never run out of people to bless. I think you and the tourists'll both come out ahead."
Her attention strays back to the counter, where she notices that the serving robot has finally either cleaned off that spot on the back counter or given it up as a lost cause. She catches its attention and places a quick order for breakfast.
Nathan Nathan shrugs a bit, "Wouldn't say tourist attraction miss. More of an observation." He looks over at sparrow and shakes his head, "No word on a medkit yet but I suppose I could take a look and price somethin for ya but just know some things will likely get you better caps with a specialist instead of a generalized trader like myself."
Sparrow Sparrow lifts a shoulder, "It's your time, Sister. Ya can choose what t' do with it." Sparrow replies with a tiny twitch of a smile and reaches into her duster to pull out a tightly rolled cigarillo which she pops between her teeth and flicks a match to light it. "Meek folks a rarity in the Wasteland. Not so much a tourist attraction as an oddity. Folks'll get used ta ya."

Jackie's reply is met with a thoughtful but once more inert expression. "Always something to do." She assures before nodding to Nathan. "Yeah, of course. I know. But there isn't one around here right now is there?" She looks to Jackie and then to the Nun.
Jacqueline "If there's one around, I haven't met them. Unless it's Roman at Chips'N'Bits... but he's more of a techy seller than a medical supply seller. Still, that shop of his might hold anything. If I find one in there, I'll let you know, Miss Sparrow."
Nathan Nathan nods towards Sparrow, "You're of course absolutely correct. What do you need me to take a look at then?" He's still casually leaning against the bar and all that.
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Jackie with another small smile. "I do appreciate it." She tells Jackie and she stands up taking her beer from the robot server and moving over to the bar carefully and very slowly removing something from her jacket in the least threatening way possible and sets down a rather nice looking assult rifle.
Jude Jude makes his way into the saloon. He flips the dark goggles up to rest on his forehead, taking a moment for his eyes to adjust. He's dusty and dressed in some light leather over his vault suit. He flashes a smile and nods at familiar faces. When he achieves the bar, he orders a glass of something to quench his thirst. Once he has a couple sips, he croaks out, "Howdy, Miss Sparrow."
Tina "Honestly, I am glad not to be such an attraction. Still, were it to become reality, I think I'd be happiest with the tourists benefitting most. I may have to think about that one," Tina muses, smiling faintly to Sparrow before turning to staring at the top of the bar counter. As Jude enters, she smiles and watches him. "Peace and blessings be with you today, Sir," she says warmly, by way of greeting.
Jacqueline Jackie doesn't know Jude, but she waves and smiles all the same. There are standards to maintain for both Wayne and El Dorado hospitality.
She turns her stool, watching Sparrow draw forth that rifle. "Ooh... not a bad weapon," she says appreciatively. "Have you fired it?"
Nathan Nathan takes a look at the rifle that Sparrow set down and blinks, "That's an amazing rifle. I can honestly say I've never seen another one like it so I'd price it up there around 1,500 to 2,000 caps at least."
Sparrow Sparrow looks up, hand on the rifle but letting Nathan have a look at it. Spotting Jude she greets in her usual quiet drawl, "Jude. Mornin'." She says with a considering glance towards the Nun again. But, as usual, when Sparrow visits the Saloon, it's usually for business. Beer and cigarillo are just icing. "No." She tells Jackie, "Had Tobi do that for me." She admits, "Was a little afraid of it myself. Still am." She leans in and considers him. "Before or after the special tweaks?" She questions thoughtfully.
Jude Jude sips his drink some more, raising it to toast Sparrow's greeting. His attention moves over to Tina then, taking a moment to try and figure out the outfit. Lowering the drink back to the bar he returns the greeting. "Umm. Peace and, uhh, blessings to you too. But... umm... Jude if you please. Sir is my Pappy." He casts a wink before he moves his attention to meet Jackie's greeting, smiling amicably. His gaze flicks to the rifle, attention regained as Tobi is mentioned and work is spoken of.
Tina Tina blushes a little in the face of Jude's wink, but her smile returns swiftly. "I see. Jude, then. And thank you. I am Sister Tina, of your local church, and I hope to see you there sometime," she says warmly, bowing her head in greeting. The rifle that drew so much attention is given a long, slightly fascinated look, and then forgotten.

"I stopped by to minister to those in need, but nobody here seems to be in need, besides maybe the woman with the very interesting rifle. I'd best be on my way if I'm going to find anyone in need by the end of the day. Peace and blessings follow you all today, and goodbye for now," she says softly, taking up her pack and turning to leave.
Jacqueline "I can see how that might happen. It's got a lot of bells and whistles," Jackie comments, though she makes no move to touch the weapon herself. A saloon is no place to go waving a weapon about.
Her attention strays to Jude, and she gives him a considering look. But her breakfast arrives a second later, and she thanks the robot and sniffs the air above the plate appreciatively, then picks up her fork to give the meal due attention.
Nathan Nathan shrugs, "That's as is. You could probably get more from a collector."
Sparrow Sparrow waves to Jackie as she leaves and slips the rifle back into her duster and nods her head. "Fair enough. Good to know. Thank you kindly. Now I get to think about what to do with it." She exhales a puff of smoke through her nose and slips back towards the seat she'd picked previous. "Business been good lately?" She asks of Nathan before offering to let Jude join her at the table.
Jude Jude takes Sparrow up on her offer after seeing Jackie off with a nod. He lifts a hand at Nathan too, with a soft, "Howdy." He smiles at Sparrow and inquires, "Nice appraisal for it. That's the one you found on all them mole rats, huh?" He pulls out a chair and has a seat, drink in tow.
Nathan Nathan shrugs a bit, "Business is solid more trades in items than caps but it works. Honestly a weapon like that is likely a once in a lifetime find I'd hold onto it. But if you're ever looking to get rid of it let me know."
Sparrow Sparrow nods. "Yup." She tells Jude as he joins her and sets her beer back on the table. She glances towards Nathan and nods, "It is. And I may just. But it's always good to know the value of a thing if you're gonna lug it around right? But if I ever decide to sell it, you'll be my go to." She drags a hand back through the muss of her blonde hair, half falling out of the tie that keeps it back. "Been up to anything interesting?" She asks both of them idly while taking a pack of cards from her pocket and wiggling them at Jude. "War?"
Skittles Skittles begins to approach the group gathered at the table, Sparrow having caught her attention after entering the saloon. "Heyas, what's going on?", she asks.
     Pausing at the table she eyes the rifle and whistles, "Wow, didn't think I'd see another one of these.". She Glances over the people gathered and continues in a surprised tone, "Is someone buying it?". An order is placed with a serving bot and she takes a seat nearby, eggs and biscuits on their way.
Jude Jude sips his drink and looks on while Nathan and Sparrow talk their business. At the question, he shrugs with a twinkle in his gray eyes. "Oh, you know. Out pokin' around. Been doin' alright for myself." He laughs a little with a blush. "I even managed to pick up some protection and whatnot." He thinks a moment and then asks, "Did you and your crew go over to that there Jackstown hoopla I done heard about?" He nods enthusiastically at the offer of a game.

When Skittles approaches, he smiles amiably and offers a nod of greeting.
Sparrow Sparrow reaches over to ash her rolled smoke and lifts her fingers to Skittles in a greeting. "Nice t' see ya." She greets Skittles with a small nod of her head. She starts shuffling the worn deck of cards and leans back forward in her chair. "Not sellin'. Not yet anyway and if so, Nate here gets first dibs." Sparrow explains with a nod towards the merchant before giving Skittles a tiny apologetic smile that lasts a breath. "I did not. Know some folks who did though, stubborn mugs. Some of them part of 'my crew', though I wouldn't really call it that. The whole thing reeks." She opines blandly finishing the shuffle and offering to Jude to cut.

"What sort of protection did you whip up for yourself?" She gestures for Skittles and even Nathan to join them if they please.
Nathan Nathan shakes his head at the gesture to join Sparrow and her cohorts, "Appreciate it but I've got to head out for a bit." He nods towards everybody as he heads out the door and into the wild blue or wasteland colored yonder.
Skittles Skittles nods for a hand to be dealt, "Why not, I'm not betting though. Already spent too much this week.". Her meal is brought out and she says, "Jackstown, it was pretty nutso. Guy blew himself up, talk about a soar loser.". She shrugs a shoulder and adds, "I went because I'd rather deal with raiders than those technology hating sticks in the mud.". The corner of her mouth turns up as she adds, "Plus, got to test out this bad mamajama.", as she pats the laser rifle hanging from one shoulder.
Jude Jude listens as Sparrow talks about the kerfuffle. He nods in agreement. "Definitely a pickin' an evil, I reckon. I ain't heard much about that place, but all of it has been... less'n neighborly." He reaches out and cuts the deck. He thinks a moment at the use of the word crew. "Hm. Crew ain't right? Y'all up here don't talk about your friends as your crew?" He shrugs a little, but doesn't dwell. "Anywho, I didn't really make it. Just found a couple pieces of leather some folks wanted ta part with. Umm. Joe and Lilly. They did right by me on price." He bobs his head with a smile.

He gives a wave to the retreating merchant before he turns his attention to Skittles. He eyes the laser rifle with real respect. It's a weapon he knows something about, unlike regular old slugthrowers. "That is a sore loser," he agrees with a bob of his head.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "It's war, not poker." She says dealing Skittles in. "I don't gamble. Caps'r too precious for that frivolous bull." She says with a smile, "It's for bein' friendly and doin' somethin idle with your hands." She does snort quietly at Skittles with a tiny huff of amusement before locking her cigarillo between both teeth again. "I hear you though.. Raiders are far more satisfying to take down."

"Naw, I tend to call'm my friends." She grins a little, "Cause if I call my friends my crew doesn't that make you my crew as well?" She finishes dealing out the cards and tossing the first in the center, face up. It's a five. She waves after Nathan and looks back down. "So what happened?" She wonders of Skittles, "Did they tell you? I'd ask Aidan but I'm tryin' not to pester him; with him laid up and Nikki not feelin' well."
Skittles Skittles grins as the hand of war comes up, 3 of Diamonds, frowning, "Eh, tell me what? I mean.", looking over at Sparrow from the card, "I don't think anybody died. One fellow, big beast of a man, he got messed up pretty bad, and I might've beamed Ironface on accident, but no casualties.".
     She flicks the card to one side awaiting another and adds, "After it all happened I was beat from the walk over and the fight. I barely remember the time during or after the walk back home.".
Jude Jude laughs and nods. "Folk have lots of friends, if'n they're lucky. I couldn't be in your crew though. We ain't known each other near long enough for that. I'd be part of your gang or posse though, I reckon. You can be fair sure that your gang'll do right by ya. Your posse will go along with ya into danger if'n ya need em to, but isn't exactly as close as your gang is. A crew, that's something special. Folk you hold dear. Grew up with 'em. Trust em." He gestures down to the ground. "The fellas that I growed with, Jesse and Tomtom? They're my crew. Like, best friends, I reckon," he explains, not caring so much if it's listened to or not.

He's eager to listen to what Skittles has to say about what happened. And also how her laser rifle held up. He lays down his own card, a mighty King. He grins a little as he takes the cards and the round.
Sparrow Sparrow bobs her head thoughtfully. "Huh." Sparrow says and nods, "Bane maybe. Aidan? He got pretty tore up, hear that damned Wrench Goblin did too. I'm gonna give him an earful." She shakes her head. "But no one dead's good. We need every good hand we've got if Rosewell and JacksTown have been any indication." She lifts the card from the top of her stack and lays down a King of Clubs. "Well shit." She doles out her three cards and lays out her next one. Waiting to see who's going to take the stack.

"Is that what a crew is. Well, I guess in that cause yeah, they're my crew. Cousin and my sister fall under that too though, yan no?"

She looks at Skittles, "What's your take on the whole thing?"
Skittles Skittles taps her chin and eyes Sparrow's deck with a snarky grin. She arches an eyebrow at her then, and shrugs a shoulder before leaning back, "I don't know about Bane. If he was there, I didn't see him.". Frowning a bit, she tugs at a lock of bleech blond hair, "No idea what kept me from getting hit, just pure luck probably. Some of those guys has automatic rifles, weren't afraid to dish out the ammo either.". She listens to the debate and ponders for a moment, "Huh, crew, so like, people who you interact with frequently, but more out of necessity, rather than any actual connection?". Both of her eyebrows go up, questioningly.
Jude Jude sighs in defeat as he sees Sparrow lay down a King and then an ace. "Shit," he mutters. He lays his three down and turns over a ten. "Double damn! Ten's a strong card too!" He pouts briefly, waiting for Sparrow to lay down another card. "Well, family is sort of jus' family underground." He wrinkles his nose, perhaps giving a glimpse as to his own thoughts on his family.

He shakes his head a little and corrects Skittles, "Naw. Out of necessity is more of your posse. If you're friends with em, your gang. If you're real close, then they're your crew." He snickers and shrugs. "Least, that's the way I learnt it." He pauses and asks, "How'd your rifle handle? The rough and tumble didn't jar your crystal matrix or nothin' did it?"
Sparrow Sparrow does not believe in 'odds' or 'fate' but she also can appreciate an amazing spot of luck. In response though the cowgirl has a sort of detached attitude that only has a brow spiking when she throws an Ace of. She nods to Skittles, "Legion don't. lay waste and claim." She wrinkles her nose but no spitting. Still, she clearly finds them slightly distasteful she doesn't speak out against them. She takes another drink of her beer and makes a dissatisfied sound when it rings hollow when she sets it down.

She reaches for the take, stacks them and sets them aside before laying down a card a simple Four of hearts. She looks to Skittles for her answer to Jude's query.
Skittles Skittles takes her 7 and eyes the 4 in opposition. "Oh, it didn't seemed to mind it too much. It's not one of the new, well, latest?", she stumbles trying to figure out the correct phrasing, "It is the more basic models that were meant for things like this. I ran some diagnostics on it just to be sure though.", she begins tapping at her PIPBoy and adds, "I can send them over to you if you'd like to have a look.", but glancing up to Jude's wrist she arches an eyebrow, "OH, I thought you might have had one.". She darkens a bit and exits out of whatever she was pulling up.
Jude Jude listens to Skittles talk about how the laser faired, nodding a little as she speaks, seeming to get what she's talking about. He blushes a little at the lack of pipboy. "I... uhh... have one, it's just in need of some repairs. It's gonna be expesiiiive though." He sighs dramatically, smile not leaving his face. He lays down a seven as well eyeing Skittles. "This means War!" He smirks and eyes Sparrow. "'nless Miss Sparrow has somethin' better."
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head, "No Sir, I had that four you two are warrin' over. You have at." She smiles at Jude and then tilts her head towards Jude and then glances towards Skittles and she shakes her head a little with some amusement. It's about then that Sparrow notes the time, "Damn." She stands up and splits her cards, setting a pile on each side so they can continue. "G'n ahead and keep playin. Get those back to me later. I've gotta run and see a man about a thing."
Skittles Skittles shrugs a shoulder and pushesher cards in towards the table, "I've gotta finish eating actually!". She spends the next few moments munching down her biscuit and coffee. Once done she'll say, "Hey, I'm Skittles by the by. Real name's Meggan, but I don't mind Skittles. Know anything about the NewMexico Brotherhood of Steel? We're recruiting if you're interested. Looking for people with a mind for tech and fixing stuff.".
Jude Jude smiles and nods. "Good to meetcha, Skittles. I'm Jude." He smirks a little. "Or Vaultie if'n you ask Miss Sparrow." He shakes his head a little when the Brotherhood of Steel is mentioned. "Mm. I done heard they like tech a whole lot, but not much beyond that. Folk downside say they don't tend to play real well with others." He thinks a moment. "Recruitin' though? Like freelance workers?"
Skittles Skittles gestures to the northwest, "Well, to join. We've a base now, and it needs some work. Radio tower, and a truck in the garage. We're not really affiliated with the other groups. It was founded by a member who wanted to mirror the basic concept, but with a few uh, kinder tweaks. So we save tech, and save people with that tech.".
Jude Jude nods as he listens closely. He chews his lower lip contemplatively. "Like, what all do y'all require to join? Like, is there an oath and does it preclude joinin' or workin' with the Militia, for instance?" He won't even touch the 'kinder tweaks' turn of phrase just yet.
Skittles Skittles laughs and shakes her head, sending the oddly colored hair swirling. "Honestly, I have no idea. The guy just came up to me, offered me the position as scribe and bim bam done. I don't think it'd stop you from working anywhere else, but you'd be required to uphold the ideals at least, which like I said, save tech, save people with the use of said tech.
Jude Jude nods a little, his smile reasserting itself. "Who is the fella that inducted ya?"
Skittles Skittles arches an eyebrow before finishing off her coffee, "Oh, Knight Caldwell. I'm not suree where he can be found. I haven't seen him in a couple of days, but I've been busy busy, so no surprise there.".
Jude Jude nods as he finishes his beer. "What sort of projects are you doin' up there? Like, clearing out the area or workin' on the tower and all?" He lifts a hand, possibly with other, rapid fire questions and leaves it at what she might actually have been brought in on. "I'm guessin' Knight Caldwell would be the fella to ask, if'n you've only just joined, I reckon, huh?" He gives a sheepish grin. After a moment, he rises to his feet and offers, "If'n you see that fella, I'd be eager to jaw at him a while. Maybe see when I might be able to pin 'im down?"
Skittles Skittles gets to her feet as well and kicks her chair in as she turns to leave as well, "Sure thing, Jude it is then. Seeya around". Witht aht she gives a wave and makes her way out of the saloon.