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Zealot Shreya Sunlight streams in the window of the Zealot's bedroom. Though she did make some comments the other night, your sleep was deep and unbothered. You shared a bed with the strange woman because the other options just werent as comfortable. She sits on the bed beside you smiling as your eyes open. She reaches over and pets the side of your face briefly before moving to look out the window into the arrid wasteland.
Fern     When Fern's eyes open she startles to see you looking down at her, and it takes her a moment to remember just where she is. As she sits upright she rubs at her face, then yawns as she glances over towards the window. "Mornin'", she says in a groggy way, her lips forming a slight scowl. She's never been a morning person, and she likely never will. "Whatcha see? Somethin' goin' on out there?" she wonders as she shifts on the bed and tosses her legs over the side of it, sitting on the edge as she yawns again and stretches her arms above her head.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "Just the cycle. Those forsaken out by the old post office are eating a deer. At least it is not a man. You can see through one of my rifle scopes if you want but...I doubt its anything worth a closer look."
Fern     Fern slowly twists her torso and glances over towards Shreya again, yawning a third time before she rises and tries walking on those feet. She scratches at her side as she meanders over, and she pauses near the window to look out and stare off down the road. "They're kinda like zombies. I saw a book once in an old library. Somethin' about people that eat other people, except they're -dead-. I know they," she nods to the ghouls, "aren't dead, but close enough. Closest thing I ever seen to zombies," she notes.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "It is very like. But the Forsaken are touched by the glow. Horrifically. Some are chosen for eternal life, some for eternal torment. The prophecies of the bible were true but also, not true in the way we thought. Others like us....we are in purgatory perhaps but it isnt that simple. People like me...that suggests there is something else." She looks back at you and smile. "Did you sleep well?"
Fern     Fern gives a little nod, "Yeah. I slept alright. Woke up a time or two and got freaked out by the glowin' stuff up there, but I remembered where I was and it wasn't too bad," Fern says with a little grin. She looks out the window again and watches the deer being devoured. "I know a guy that's a glowing one. Name's Doc. I think. Well.. I don't fuckin' know his real name, but he's a doctor. Has this crazy... fake alien skin on or something. Covers his glowing whatnot. Have you met him?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "You mentioned him last night. I'd like too." She looks out the window again. "You looked so peaceful lying in my bed this morning. It was hard to wake you up. Its too bad cameras are so hard to come by anymore." She looks down into the backyard where cultists are drawing water into bottles from the pool full of dead glowing ones. "Praise be to Atom for this day and this child Fern come back to me in one piece."
Fern     Fern laughs as she hears how she looked. It leaves her grinning and she says, "I'm sure I looked amazing. Good thing you -don't- have a camera!" Fern grins again and shakes her head, chuckling. She turns from the window then and starts to wander about the room. "Hungry?" she asks while finding her overskirt to pull it on. "I could make something real quick."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "I could eat. Its really nice having you here. I hope this isnt the last I see of you for another three years. I much enjoy having you around. Not just because I have another woman in my bed." She chuckles and follows you. "Shall we go to the larder?"
Fern     Laughing at your joke, Fern says, "Uh-huh. Sure.. Now you're making me wonder just how I slept so well, and why my shorts were on crooked," she teases with a smirk. The girl finds her pants and tugs them on, then runs her belt through the loops. "You'll see me more. I didn't try to disappear on ya. Just.. got busy with life, ya know? I do a lot of running messages for Mr. House, and I've been helping out more in town. But I never tried to stay away from ya on purpose."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles. "Yeah well I doubt Im that sneaky, maybe I should work on it for next time." She takes you down to a larder stocked mostly with dry goods There is an old refrigerator in the style of the 1800s. its really just a box on a stand with good ventilation through the chicken wire. She probably built it. It contains eggs and bottles of milk and some other fresh foods. "Be my guest. Be my little chef."
Fern     "Oh gee. Now the pressure's on," Fern says with a laugh as she walks down after you. She looks around to see what you have, and when she decides on the eggs she holds one up and checks, "Just chicken eggs, huh? Not gonna crack them open to find some mutant baby gator, am I?" she wonders, brow arched and amused eyes on you.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks at you enigmatically. "How can I tell what is inside the shell?" She laughs. "Yes they are radchickens. Nothing too out of what you would normally eat. Her eyes have a bit of a shine to them as she watches you going through her pantry.
Fern     "Alright.. I'll try to cook something then. When I offered I forgot to tell you I can't cook that well, so.." Fern smirks at that and she turns away. The girl starts to get a bowl and fork, little things she'll need to cook with, and as she prepares a simple breakfast she asks, "What are you planning on doing today?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya tilts her head to the side. "After morning prayer, my plan was to go hunting. The game is not plentiful but it is hungry like us so....we can find something. Sometimes chicken blood is all you need to draw out a good animal. I expect that to take most of the morning and then a good part of the afternoon if I am successful. Do you want to come with me?"
Fern     "Go hunting and come back smelling like chicken blood? Who would pass that up?" Fern asks with a grin as she continues to cook. "Sounds good, though. I don't have anything to do. Besides, if we hang out today maybe you can show me some more cool stuff you know how to do," she notes, adding the eggs to the heat now.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles. "I told you, my blessing is fire. I dont have any others that I can see. But being unharmed by the glow is the one that lets the faithful know there is hope for our future. But, tracking is cool, trapping is cool, skinning, butchering, anything that means everyone eats well is cool in my book. I do like having you around. Feel no urgency to leave. You can share my bed and everything as long as you want. Its been a long 3 years not having you around to make me laugh."
Fern     "You think I'm funny?" Fern asks, her grin lopsided as she shoots you a little look. "I'll stay a bit, but not every night or nothin'. I got stuff to keep me busy, but I promise I won't disappear on you again. At least not -that- long," she notes with a little smirk. By now the eggs are ready and she is plating them and a few other things. "What do you catch most often when you hunt?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya wrinkles up her lip. "Geckos, Iguanas. They taste terrible but you can live on them. Maybe you can carry the .308 or Atom's Judgment." She sits down to watch and wait for those eggs. "Its what I call my Gauss Rifle. Its ugh, you dont use it on small game. If we are lucky, a free ranging brahmin would be at the top of my list. A bighorn sheep or a goat, I always wanted to try Radscorpion, a grouse, some raiders, you know whatever animal presents itself first."
Fern     "Raiders?" Fern alas, her laugh following after. The girl brings the plates to the table and sits down, taking a bite before saying, "I ain't ever ate a person.. Don't think I could. Unless I went crazy.. Have you really eaten human flesh? Or is that a joke?" she wonders, no judgement in her gaze.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "When we were attacked here, it was about 18 months after you left. These pigs, they called themselves The Called themselves The Burning Sands. They were camped out beyond our perimeter. They wanted our weapons and our food and they were determined to starve us out to get the weapons when they discovered we would not fold. I prayed to Atom and he showed me what we must do. It wouldnt be enough to kill them, The Lord of the Glow told me we must consume them and take their power, we must leave behind something the unfaithful would remember. So, we lured some forsaken near their encampment to draw their fire and then...we took them. One had to live, he had to see, to spready the story of the wrath of holy atom. It worked. Praise be to Atom"
Fern     "That's.." Fern stares. She blinks a little and looks to her plate, taking a bite to chew it over. She decides on a little shrug, then keeps eating for a bit. Once she's gotten a few bites in she looks to you again and says, "No people today, alright? Just.. radioactive things. But raiders can still be shot. I'm always happy to find new shit they got on them."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya sighs. "Im sorry you didnt need to hear that. It was necessary. It wasnt something we did again. We didnt have too. Dont let me scare you away. I am not a monster and neither are we. Its so important for me to not lose you again. Sorry. Some things should not be shared.
Fern     Fern lowers her fork and she -stares- at you. Her grin widens and she stars to laugh a hearty sound. It takes her a while to calm, and when she does she asks, "You really think I give a shit?" More laughter. "For fuck's sake, Shreya. I could care less if you ate twenty people and had a few assholes in your basement. If you wanted to eat me you would have already." She laughs more.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smirks. "Maybe I do, your just not properly aged yet. Maybe I was waiting all this time to turn you into a pie." She chuckles before she takes a bite of the food you prepared. "You do look very sweet. Maybe just a little bite...only a taste."
Fern     Still laughing, Fern says, "You wait three years for one fucking pie? Yeah right." She sticks her tongue out at you, then laughs again. She looks like she's having fun with it. "You're fuckin' crazy, but it's fine," she says, her wide grin making her cheeks dimple slightly. She stops chuckling long enough to finish her breakfast, and then she's standing up and clearing her plate. "Ready to go kill things?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya gets up still laughing and comes over to you. "Im ready, let me see what kind of face paint we are gonna put on you, your so white." She chuckles as she takes your chin in her hand turning from side to side. "Fish scales are your favorite right? I can fix you up." And thats when the Zealot decides to steal a small kiss from your mouth. Nothing obscene but it lingers for almost a second before she stands back up. "There, that time I was flirting with you. Lets go, we cant live on only a taste." She hands you the .308. "Atoms Judgment is too big for you, youll fall over after a quarter mile with that, this one is better."
Fern     Fern arches a brow at the mention of paint, but then the kiss is given and she's too confused to even register what she was about to say. She blinks a little, then shifts and gives a little clearing of her throat. "It ain't my fault I can't tan for shit. Burn and peel. That's all. It's an atrocious cycle," she states with a smirk as she starts to follow you. She looks at you curiously now and then, but keeps on the task at hand.