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Franky It was pre-dawn again in Jack's town, the smell of smoke was in the hair, warding off the chill of the A.M. In the streets there existed corners of merc-behaving-badly, living large after contracts or whinding down to til their next score. Dull music came from a green metal gate, the entrance to a large lot cordoned by a high mud covered wall.

    Franky pulled his poncho closer around his body, double checking that he had enough magazines in the pouches on his chest. "You got everything?" He mumbled, struggling with the shock cord that retained his individual kit. "We'll be out in the sticks for a few days."
Aris The dark haired woman to Franky's right wrinkles her nose a bit but nods as she counts bullets. Lead goes click, click, click in her palm. "Ya mean there won't be luxury hotel accomodations out there?" she grins, likely referencing the shitty inn they'd been holed up in recently. "Breakin' my heart, Franky." Loading her Lucky revolver and stashing the rest, Aris holsters it and readjusts her Stetson. She's ready.
Franky The sheet metal of the gate banged then the sound of something heavy being lifted off of it on the other side. He gate then slowly swung inward under its on weight on one side, and the shadowy image of a man leading the opposide side until it's end. Inside the late was mostly black shapes, The man spoke immediately identified as the cocky voice of Cross. "Little late?" A chuckle. A light bar flicked on just past the inward swinging arc of the entrance. A moment of blindness would give way to what can only be some sort of wheeled vehicle lingering before Aris and Franky. The man in the drivers seat must be Twig? "Pile in we have some miles to cover."
Aris Aristide's look of distaste at Cross's appearance is visible even in the low light, but it doesn't last for long at the sight of that vehicle. Her gray eyes light up. "Oh, mierda," she curses with a smile, walking around the set of wheels. "Did I mention we're glad to have ya two on board?" She wastes no more time before piling in.
Franky Franky gives a nod to Cross under the glare of the light bar. "I got the juice." Franky mumbles, must be early for him. He hands off a sack to Cross, moving past him to the opposite side of the vehicle of Aris. He admires the seating arraignments as best he can in the dark. Twig gets a "Sup."

    The vehicle is some form of repurposed four door boxy sedan. The fender wells are gone, all four of the them. Tall narrow tires, what passes for tires these days, ride on a set of decent traveling suspension...which looks independent? Windows are gone, and the doors a little more than an after-thought of pipe and cargo netting.

    Cross accepts the bag and moves to the front of the vehile. Digging into it he removes some Micro fusion cells and plugs them into a wiring harness. "Hit it, Twig." A few moments later and the vehile starts whine audible whine which eases into a burping hum. Cross climbs into the front passenger seat.
Aris The woman's gloved fingertips run along the pipe of her door where a window should be, admiring the welding work. "This thing's a fuckin' death machine," Aris says aside to Franky once he's seated beside her. "It crashes, this pipe is going right through my--" But then whatever sort of engine this thing has is humming to life and Aris is silenced with a smile. "Prolly worth it, though." Glancing at her companion, she says to the men up front, "Y'all know how to get there?"
Franky Franky groans as he squeezes into the rear of the vehicle. Aris gets a look, "Relax, just tuck and roll or something?" A smile, he shifts his legs so his knees arn't digging into the rear seat infront of him. "Wake me up if you see something cool?" Franky asks, letting his head hang forward a little.

    Twig operates a lever looking shifter between himself and Cross. Working the accelerator and driving into the street, he pauses a moment for Cross to get out and close the gate behind them. Cross is in a second later, and Twig is barreling through Jack's town without so much of a goodbye.
Aris "Something cool? You're sitting in it!" Aris chuckles, but lets the sky pirate get some shuteye. She takes a chance and leans out her missing window a bit, flipping the bird to a banditos as they past and out of sight. "Y'all hate raiders, or just need caps?" she asks over the sound of the wind as they head to their destination.
Franky Franky's brow is the occasional furrowed brow or grimach. Each bump, bank, or brake, like the changing of the seasons. He either is committed to rest or trying hard to appear that way.

    Twig is doing his best of outrunning what they can see with their meager light. If this rig had mirrors Jack's Town was soon becoming just a few dots of artifical lights. Twig concentrates on the road south, before long vearing off into a less travelled and rutted track heading east.

    "AtomVu is a bad kept secret." Cross offers up from the front, looking out across the land flying past his corner of the waste. "Thin veil between hating people and loving caps." Cross calls over his shoulder.
Aris Aris is turned all the way around in her seat, watching those twinkly artificial lights wink out at the horizon. "We ain't gonna be no secret either, comin' up in this rig," she muses over the sound of the engine. She glances over at Franky beside her, chuckling at his struggle for slumber. She eyes his poncho, maybe looking for a cigarette pack-shaped bulge. Her fingers follow her eyes gingerly.
Franky If Franky was fairing well on the decent road south of Jack's Town is fairing signifigently worse on the backroad Twig is can crawling through. One particular bump send him froward into Cross's headrest before flopping back into his seat. "Shit..." He groans, laying there with his eye's closed for a bit longer. Aris's familiar hands are felt cursory searching for the tubes of pre-packed cancer. His eyes open and flick over to Aris, a smile creeping across his face. He lets her keep patting him down if she cares, hand dropping to the helment buckled to his right side. He pulls free the counter-weight pouch and offer it over to her. Inside a plastic sealed bag of smokes.

    Twig slows the vehice now, going over rough terrain and the occasional dry wash cutting through the desert. He gives Cross a look, then back to the trail. Killing the light bar as the sun has crest and offers enough light.

    "Wheels are our ride in and out." Cross starts, returning Twig's look with a shrug. "We'll be rucking the rest of the way in. Surprise is key or something like that."
Aris Oh Aris keeps patting him down alright, at least until they hit the bump that sends Franky into the seat in front of him. The grin she gives him when he presents those smokes is a little sheepish, but not enough to keep her from taking them. "Gracias, guapo," she muses, slipping one between her lips and sliding the rest of the bag into her back pocket for safe keeping.

To Cross's supposition, Aris nods in approval, taking a long drag off that cigarette as she double-checks her weapon. "We just taking a look, boss? Or lightin' 'em up?" she murmurs to Franky.
Franky A sigh escapes Franky's lungs, he sits up in the seat, then goes about reattaching the counter-weight to the back of the helment in his hands. "De nada?" He offers back, he plays with a corner of fraying thread on the chin strap before buckling to back on his right side for safe keeping. "Both." Mulling a moment as he gives the retreating shadows a look. "Try and set up a hide and observe, hit them at night if the timings right." He looks at Aris and gives her a smile and a shrug.

    Twig and Cross a fairly mum now up front. Twig opperating the vehicle and Cross holding on and doing his best to navigate this backroad.
Franky A long bumpy car ride ended somewhere west of the ruins of a suburban small town. The vehicle parked and camoflauged with home-made cargo netting to break it's silhouette. Twig and Cross spent the day sneaking through the ruins gathering intel on mutants or raider patrols. Returning well after dark to the school gymnasium to relay their findings. It was nippy out with a slow breeze which should make sneaking close to the theater not too terrible.

    Twig and Cross managed to find the drive in theater, making out two points of interest. A pre-war pretrolium storage long since dry before the war broke out. The store tanks make a good observation point. The other is a red rocket station across the street from the AtomVu. Of course there's not telling what else Cross and Twig missed.
Aris For her own part, Aristide had spent the long ride to their location bundled up in the back seat with the poncho she'd managed to talk Franky out of. There are a lotta things this ex-Texas raider can handle, but the cold isn't one of them. "Fucking winter," she mumbles to herself, checking and re-checking the bullets in her revolver. When they finally park, Aris sheds the poncho and gives it back to her companion. "Smells like a girl now," she teases, hopping out of the car and looking about their surroundings. "Liking the look of that for a little recon," she muses to all three of them, head tilting towads the Red Rocket Station. She digs those cigarettes out of her back pocket, lighting one and giving it to Franky before doing one for herself.
Franky Franky tried not to make a big deal about his smelly poncho now. Slipping it back over his head, taking a moment to steal a whiff before Aris gets an eye. He goes about retriving his helmet, plopping it onto his head and snapping the chin strap buckle. He eyes the red rocket in the distance, "Why not, maybe the have abraxo cleaner." Franky accepts the cigarette, giving Aris a stupid grin. Taking a drag before slinging his pdw, "Let's take it slow, things quiet." He starts to whisper.
Aris Aris frowns. "Whatcha need Abraxo for?" she asks, but then Franky's whispering so she stops talking for now. Not so stealthy, this one-- used to blasting her problems away rather than sneaking around them-- but she at least knows when to shut up. Following behind Franky and just in front of Twig and Cross, the dark haired woman walks toward Red Rocket in silence.
Franky The group sets out throught the night headed for the Red Rocket station across from the street from the AtomVu. Everything is fairly quiet, some nocturnal bird screeches in the distance. That and the sound of someone chewing suger bombs loudly, which turns out to be just Aris walking. There is an unmistakeable glow on the air, and the faint sound of people talking. And smoke in the air, maybe something else aswell.
Aris The raider princess opens her mouth to speak, but then perhaps remembers they're supposed to be sneaky. With a soft little sigh, Aris squints those gray eyes out into into the desert darkness, seeing a bit of a light and hearing a bit of what sounds like people but not much else. She stays close behind Franky, hoping maybe he's got better eyes than she.
Franky Franky meanders along looking both where their heading and where they came from. Checking to make sure neither the hired guns or Aris gets seperated on their stalk. He tosses the cigarette as the glow from the AtomVu is noticed, stopping to strain and hear.

    Cross pauses and looks about at the others, pointing at his ear in the dark. "Guy and a girl..conversing.." Cross whispers, waiting a moment before adding. "Cooking dinner too.."

    Twig looks around also noticing the glow, voices, and smoke smell. "Psst.." He braves, throwing a hand toward the sand covered and cracked asphalt road that seperates the Red Rocket from the AtomVu. "Crossing this danger zone, theres a fence on the other side. We can follow it to the Red Rocket." He nods, before creeping out in a hurried crouch to do just that.
Aris Aris's cigarette is smoked down to the filter by now, so she tosses it too, her boot twisting it into the sand. She frowns, listening to Cross's description of what he observes. Was her hearing going bad?? She doesn't have time to wonder for too long, though, because there goes Twig across the road. Finally taking that Lucky revolver out of her holster, she offers a meaningful glance to Franky before following Twig across the broken asphalt.
Franky Franky watches Aris until she reaches the other side. Tapping Cross on the shoulder before he follows the Raider royalty to the other side of the hard pack. Ducking low next to the fence, and waiting until Cross making his way across.

    Cross makes his way aross, unslinging an ak-112 from his back and falling in behind the others along the fence line.

    The chain link fence is the color of rust areas of which have split and allow a body to slip through to the other side along its length. It terminates at the entrance to the Red Rocket station, the parking lot hosting a broken town and stripped nukacola tractor with trailer.

    The AtomVu is a glow with the light of a working holovid projector. A arc of light projecting onto a screen thats been repaired with corrigated metal painted white. The image of a well dress man and woman talking to each other and holding each other close. They appear to be in some fine pre-war establishment or office. The plot of the movie lost on you for the moment. The drive in theater hosts two cars both sedans and heavily raiderised. Several bikes are also parked in the lot. The only building at the AtomVu is a single store, which was probably the concession stand, save for the hut attop where the projector is housed. A few fires burn in old steel drums spaced across the lot.
Franky There's at least four people that you can make out. Two watching the holoprojector on the hood of one of the cars. And two others huddled around one of the fires, making cooking gestures.
Aris The dark haired woman lingers along that rusty old fence only long enough to see the sky pirate cross the road without getting shot. Once he's made it across, the moves along the fenceline until she comes to that hole and easily slips through toward AtomVu, though she snags the elbow of her denim jacket. Not so sneaky, remember? She pauses there, her breathing shallow, as she surveys the drive-in. Although she spots the coupled raiders on the car and around the trash fire, it's that holovid that really catches her attention. Gray eyes watch the figures embrace on screen, wide with wonder. Perhaps she ain't ever seen a working one before.
Franky Franky stares at the screen, eyes flicking from the projector to the images it's turning out. His mouth open for a minute until Aris passes to the other side of the fence. Bringing him back to the moment, he sneaks after her, trying his best not to get distracted. Slimming his way in the hole and the other side of the chained link.

    Cross and Twig exchange looks with each other and the holovid on display. Maybe not fully believing what their are seeing. He stay quiet and creep along after Aris and Franky, passing through the disrepaired fence and into the lot of the drive-in.
Franky The merry band from jack's town had just crossed into the lot of the AtomVu outdoor movie theather, well what was left of it anyway. Repurposed by the raiders that now called it home. Who were currently watching old-prewar vids they managed to get working again! Four raiders were currently disctracted either by some love story on the big screen or cooking a meal, respectively.
Aris It takes Aristide the better part of a minute to rip her gaze away from that old holovid. With Franky and the two for-hires lingering behind her, she's reminded of the task at hand and moves quietly around and behind a crop of overgrown yellow grass that grows along the decrepit fence surrounding the place. It appears she's trying to get closer to those four raiders without their party being seen.
Franky Franky follows close behind Aris crouched low, he takes a moment to recheck his p90 ensuring that the blaster has blaster juice. He examines the grass that himself and Aris are now hiding behind, frowning slightly. He leans out and directs Twig and Cross with very complicated hand jestures. Turning to Aris he gives her a smile and a wink.

    Twig and Cross stare at Franky, mouth wide and looking rather confused. They look between each other and sneak toward a solid looking pile of piled concrete and rebar. Making a nice cross-fire for the raiders that are visible, they get settled readying their weapon systems with smiles on their faces.
Aris Despite their precarious situation, Franky's wink earns him a grin. Seeing him check his weapon, the dark haired woman checks her revolver as well, finding it loaded and ready. Planting one boot and one knee in the dirt beside that tall grass, she silently takes aim at one of the raiders sitting on the car, but glances sidelong at Franky, waiting for his go.
Franky Franky glanced left then right, making sure that their position were good. A quick glance to Aris then he was rising over the tall dieing grass, irons on his pdw centered on the two raiders breaking bread. He worked the trigger on his bad larry, ryhthem of automatic fire disturbing the on screen kiss. Trasitioning to the other open barrel chef, the p90 erupts again. Both raiders stagger, but fail to catch fire or change shape. "Should probably find better cover!" He calls over toward Aris.

    Twig and Cross both start shooting, this time at the raider situated on the hood of the car. Rounds mostly adding new holes into the vehicle, one raider seems to labor his torso the other not so much.
Franky The raiders take a good lickin', but are still tickin' The two by the burn barrel produce pistols, firing blindly into the tall grass where the muzzle flashes came from earlier.

The movie appreciating heads slide of the hood, hugging the from of the vehicle for cover. Pistols come out too, and now their blasting rounds off towards Twig and Cross at their mound of concrete chuncks.
Franky Out-going rounds cue the gun battle at AtomVu, the burn barrel duo fire towards the Aris and Franky before turning to head for the concession building and where the projector is housed. For now their in medium range but in the open.

    The raiders at the car have minor luck trading fire with Twig and Cross. Twig starts yelling about his ass being on fire. Which might have drew taunts from the raiders by the car if one of them didn't double over after Aris's revolver rang out.

    A PA system screech on, "Action!" comes a voice...then goes quiet. Whoever else is out here their about to come out. On the screen the two lovers embrace, turning to look off-screen as a knocking can be heard. They seperate before the female pleads with her man to leave. "Quickly! Through the window!"
Aris Her companion wastes no time in gunning down those raiders cooking dinner. Although a little late to the game (that on screen kiss was hard to look away from), Aris adds her gunfire to the chaos, returning fire once at the car raiders before abandoning the visual cover the grass provides to duck behind a more solid dumpster nearby. The grass pratically explodes behind her, shredded by raider bullets. She hunches behind it, back to the metal as she checks her weapon again and looks for Franky.
Franky Rounds and greenery were snapping and coughing out there in the tall grass. Franky remained fixeds resting on the heel of his shoe as Aris ran past behind and past him for a more suitable shooting location. He decided to stay, and draw fire. Raising up again and catchinga glimpse of the fleeing line cooks. Shouldering the belgium gat again and giving both the retreating raiders a burst each. One drops and then the other, his melon making an audible *pop*, also like a melon..go figure. Franky lets out a chuckles, as he turns and starts toward Aris's dumpster..still much out in the open thought.

    Twig Is hollaring something ferch out him ass, a hand clutching a slick spot while he pops off rounds at the raiders behind the car. Cross tries to reassure him, who himself is also returning fire. Call it vindication, but he manages to drop one of the raiders at the car. His body falling in disbelief while grabbing his bloodied crotch.
Aris Just barely catching the way that raider's melon explodes, Aris watches Franky move to join her behind the dumpster. Quickly leaning out from behind the hunk of metal, the raider princess provides cover for boss man in the form of bullets. They enter the last raider standing with a satisfying meaty noise and the body falls with a thud, kicking up desert dust. Aris finally exhales, collapsing back against the dumpster. "You dead?" she calls across the way to Twig and Cross.
Franky Franky jogs along head bobbing along to the stride of his run. He glimpses Aris firing, turning his head toward the raider vehicle just in time to watch the last one go down. He grins, feet kicking up dust as his movement terminates at the dumpster next to Aris. "Nice shooting, Tex." His chuckle is short, maybe laden with an underlying sarcasm? Only Franky knows. He waves at Twig and Cross, giving them a grin.

    Twig is face down in the dirt, not bashful at all as he bitches and groans, holding his ass wound. Cross is presently pulling gauze from his kit, and working on staunching Twigs leak. "Gonna be a shitty ride home!" He yells back toward Aris.
Aris "Pobrecito," Aristide eyerolls at Twig's complaining as she moves to stand and meets Franky, giving him a quick once over with eyes and hands for any wounds. Not having found any, she grins. "Ya think that's all of 'em?" she asks. Just now, though, she tilts one ear towards the center of the drive-in where the ancient remains of that concession stand sit. Dark brows furrow over gray eyes.
Franky The concession stand is a long rectangular enclosed concrete structure with a single double wide entrance at one end closest to the party. There's a lack of windows, and from the side visible to the party a ladder leading up to a smaller projector housing atop the concession stand. The movie is still rolling the dead raiders having lost interest and their lives aswell. It's eerily quiet until the handsom man on screen walks toward the window, turning the latch to lock it. "My heart will never leave you, Penny. So I won't either." His voice echos through the drive-in. The look on the womans face is a mix of terror and infatuation. Somewhere the look is broken as there's are loud bang on the door again, just as the PA system clicks on again. "Come and get me..."
Franky Franky grins a little as Aris gives him the old cursory search. "Pretty sure you got the smokes, chica." A stupid smile, he checks his gun again checking the magazine. A glance past the dumpster at the sounds, then a step back as he PA system cues and an open ended invite is offered. "Think they're talking about us?"

    Cross is still working Twigs booty hole wound. Waving over to Aris and Franky to continue on.
Aris The romantic holovid soundtrack plays in stark contrast to the situation at hand. The raider princess pouts at the menacing voice over the PA. "Ain't no one else here, guapo," she says, reloading her revolver. "Let's give him what he wants." A bullet, from the looks of it. She moves away from Franky, past Twig and Cross, and staight toward the double doors in the concession stand. She's over this bullshit.
Franky Franky is quick to chase after Aris, hoping she doesn't decide to go ham and step through the fatal funnel first. "Peep those corners, chica." He mumbles, increasing his stride in an attempt to over take her and saddle up to the side of the threshold first.
Aris She'd never professed to being good at sneakin' up on people. Or at being patient. A perhaps dangerous combo. "You ain't the boss a' me," the dark haired woman grumbles at Franky, but she does as he says, cutting towards the right of the double doors to check one corner.
Franky Artificial lighting bleeds on the edge of the shoty raider constructed door. A definate shadow lurking inside, it's quiet except for the soundtrack low and tragic. On screen the door opens rapidly two well dressed men in fedoras enter the room. Picture cutting to the lovers as he hold each other, then back to the men. A produces a revolver, another whips out a badge...Scram it's the fuzz!
Franky A smile as Aris checks the corner, Franky puts a single finger to his lips the drops his hand to whatever sort of hand the door has. He gives it a tug outward, easily pulling the door outward, and beginning to move inside. Looking from corner to corner and hoping Aris is doing the same assuming she follows him in.
Aris Only slightly miffed that Franky's taken all the fun/danger of going in first for himself, Aristide follows almost silently, boots falling steady on the concrete floor a few paces behind her companion's. Fingers grip the ivory handle of her gun as eyes search each corner of the room for movement.
Franky It was all movements and muzzle presentation for Franky, somewhat happy he didn't get blasted as he stepped through the door. Eye's lead, and his gun follows, his blue orbs settling on the Raider behind the counter. The end of his gun pans to meet where his eye's are centered, P90 already rocking back and forth in fire and recoil. Rounds impacting the walls and counter space infront of the raider. His next burst is more accurate, catching the raider somewhere centermass. He starts to move towards the counter at his flank for cover.
Aris Mean-looking boss raider doesn't even have time to say something smartass before Franky and Aris are lighting him up. For her own part, the woman fires off two rounds straight to his chest before falling to one side of the aisle for cover. Good thing, too, because boss raider explodes. Wide-eyed, Aris looks on as a blood-covered compression coil rolls down the little hallway past her. "...hijo de puta..." she mumbles, sounding not exactly incredulous at this new development.
Franky One-way gunfire erupts inside the concession building, ending in an explosion of blood and spare parts. Most of the counter where the raider took cover caught the brunt of it. There's not much left, just questions it seems. Somehere outside the movie still plays, a gun shot rings out and a woman crys. It's followed by the sounds of the handsom man, probably speaking his last words...Something about leaving, love, and other hoopla.

    "Ya'll dead?!" Comes Cross voice.
Aris Aris ignores Cross's shout, standing and pressing past Franky to make her way around the blown up counter. Boots pick carefully over rubble and bloody robot parts, coming to a stop right in front of what's left of boss raider, looking him over. She looks disturbed. "Deja vu."
Franky Franky's head braves a glance toward where the Raider was a minute ago, a quick look across the room to Aris. Watching his rise and walk toward the read smear and metal bits. Slowly standing up, Franky glances around the room a frown on his face. He works up the bravery to join Aris at the blasted out counter. "You running depleted uranium rounds out of that bad larry?" The comment obviously directed to Aris's revolver. He doesn't attempt a smile, noticing Aris's expression. "Bum a smoke?"
Aris "Not hardly," Aris replies evenly to Frankly without quite looking at him yet. He saw her run-of-the-mill bullets. Her eyes remain fixed on the exploded synth for another long moment, but mention of smokes finally pulls her back to the present. "Yeah, but you owe me," she murmurs as she pulls Franky's own baggie of cigarettes out of her back pocket, shaking two out into her hand. Lighting both between her lips, she passes one to Franky with a shaking hand before moving toward that goo-covered terminal. Wiping the screen with her sleeve, she taps away at broken keys.
Franky Music begins plays outside, it's sad elevator sounding stuff, denoting the movie coming to an end. What really happened is probably only know to Twig and Cros, and the dead men outside. The computer is password protected, but Franky and Aris are both smart enough to know that a boot/sequence will propmt and list of possible passwords.

    From the sounds of things outside Twig and Cross are checking over the raider vehicles, and the holovid has kit the end loop. Static looping on the speakers.
Aris Gray eyes watch as green text scrolls across a black background. The loud, looping static outside creates a creepy soundtrack in the blood-covered concession stand. Tapping in four different passwords, Aristide's locked out of the terminal. She straightens and curses incoherently in Spanglish. "...comedores de mierda." Her eyes go to Franky, looking perhaps a little apologetic. "Ain't no good with this shit."
Franky Franky takes the offered cigarette from the shaky hand of Aris. Putting it right to his lips and inhaling, he's savoring the capacity of smoke in his lungs for a tick. He exhales, following Aris over to the terminal. He leans against the the wall behind her, watching her type. "Mmm, I take it that wasn't a suicide belt blew that poor raider to mist...And this ain't the first time you've seen it happen?" Another drag, he turns to gaze outside. "I wonder how Twig is gonna ride in the vehicle?"
Aris "Probably shouldn't let him drive this time," Aris answers Franky, skipping over his previous question until she's smoked her cigarette down to the last little bit. She drops it and puts it out with her boot. "Ya ain't never seen them explode before? The synths?" she asks him, facing him fully now as he leans against the wall. A muscle in her jaws shifts, clenching. "Startin' to wonder if I'm the only human left here."
Franky Smoke billows from Frankys mouth, his eyes focused on Aris as she joins him in holding up the wall. "First time for everything." A subtle wink, a turn to flick his butt at the epicenter of the remains. "We can wonder that together when we're chugging brews. I'll let you pick the place." His hands dig around in his chest pouches pulling out a black fabric folded up. He passes it to Aris, "String it up ontop the projector, yeah? I'll try pulling this hard drive, you know any eggheads?" He steps past Aris braving a slap to the meaty part of her rear. "See if that projector is moveable...might be worth some caps?" Franky starts fiddling with the terminal, hoping to pull the guts without incedent or getting maimed by Aris.
Franky The fabric is none other than some sort of flag. Homemad obviously, a white cut out of an skeleton with a doggish head is all the banner has as standard.

    Twig has stopped bitching, cackling about finding some sort of replacment parts on one of the rigs. Cross seems pretty cheerful too.
Aris That little slap to Aristide's backside gets her moving again, though her eyes very purposefully avoid the s'ploded synth on the floor now. Lighting up another cigarette, she nods and leaves Franky to his business with the terminal that she'd threatened to Office Space just moments before. "Only egghead I knew kicked the bucket during Sky Fortress," she calls down to Franky as she climbs the stairs to the projector room above with that fabric in hand. "Might be Jack knows someone." Her footsteps can be heard above, and she calls down again, "Projector's huge, guapo, but it's on wheels." Coming back down, she glances out the doubledoors at the hired help. "Y'all finish up. I need a fuckin' beer."
Franky Whatever passes for the harddrive is pulled from the terminal, stuffed into an admin pouch on Franky's chest rig. He stays quiet when Aris mention skyfortress fatalities, a frown on his face. "Maybe just pull the holovid, can only hump so much shit back." Moving to join Aris when she comes down from the stairs, "That flag flying for everyone to see?" A smile, at the mention of drinks. "Loud music and stiff drinks calling our names. Shall we, Chica bonita?"
Aris With the holovid in pocket now, Aris lingers in the double doorway to the concession stand, waiting for Franky before heading out to meet Cross and Twig at the vehicle. At his question about the flag, one side of her lips quirks up into a wry smile. "It's flyin', guapo," she assures him, eyes studying him curiously. "Looks kinda like a wolf's head to me. You've got some talkin' to do later." Probably referring to that note he left for her, too. Once she's sure he's coming, she affords one last glance back at the blown up synth before heading out and the direction they came through that chainlink fence. Looks like she meant it about needing the beer.
Franky The expedition to the AtomVu drive-in theater was for the most part over. Aris, Franky and the hired help of Twig and Cross left bodies and questions after their raid. The raiders in this area were dead, and those returning were out of vital vehicle parts claimed by Twig and Cross. Not to mention their favorite holovid, perhaps only holovid. What remained on the hard drive from the terminal awaited more science literate minds. It seems Aris has something to watch on the ride back to Jack's town, a classic noir love story called Outlaw Romance. The next raid awaits, Killers...