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Ashlyn     It is early afternoon, a few puffy clouds tracking across the desert sky as a powerarmor clad Rome heads out westward from El Dorado to strike out and find adventure in the hot sun-baked lands. It's a slow boring trudge along the roadways and the highways until he sees the edges of Rosewell itself. Unbeknownst to him he has a follower that's keeping back about five hundred paces, the black haired bronzed skinned Ashlyn that he'd met in the saloon earlier.

    Rosewell is relatively quiet as Rome heads through the streets, turning down one and heading into what looks like a run down and abandoned cul-de-sac with several boarded up houses. There is a slight increase in the Rad-Counter in his power armor in this area but nothing unsafe as of the moment.
Rome Rome checks the read-out on the HUD of his power armor, noting the up tick of radiation in this abandoned cul-de-sac. The boarded up houses and increase can only spell one thing; trouble. That's what he came looking for today and if the untouched looking houses are any indication, theirs probably loot and lots of trouble to be had. Rome double checks his AEP7, making sure it's charged up as he works the pistons in his T-45 power armor, making for the steps and porch of one of the houses lining this street. He seems oblivious of Ashlyn even yet, as she stays behind loose cover, his droning armor drowning out her presence anyway.
Ashlyn     The interiot of the house Rome steps up to is rather dark because of the angle of the sun at this time of day compared to the house, so it's hard to see past the sections of board, but nothing seems to be moving inside. The front door is battered and the paint is peeling but at the moment it is still on a single hinge in the closed position.

    Ashlyn is still trailing behind tinboy, her .308 held in her hands and held up but loosely, she's clearly just shadowing the power-armored man and not intending to shoot him in the back, at least not yet. As he steps into the cul-da-sac and onto a porch she hunkers down by a fence post at the end of the drive and watches him, her black hair bundled up into a ponytail by the leather strip, glasses on her nose.
Rome Rome clunks up the steps in his droning armor as the pistons work to carry it's weight, before he moves over and checks the windows, trying to look past the sections of board and into the dark house. Either this is a rad dump zone, or there's trouble here. To Ashlyn he's just checking out the house, but he's enabled his nightvision now, peering deeper into the darkness of the house. Rome takes a step back from the boarded section, moving over to the door. He found a lone ghoul, shambling in the hall. Now he's ready to bust down the barely hanging door.
Ashlyn     Sudden as Rome is preparing to kick down this door, it shatters before him and a pair of ghouls leap forward! One swipes at him, scratching along the thick power-armor along his torso but the metal encasing Rome's form protects him from the claws, leaving only gleaming lines in the steel. The second ghoul stumbles as it swings and is unable to catch the man with its raking claws.!
Ashlyn     Three more ghouls shamble forwards out of the home and swarm around Rome, raking claws against his metallic armor however their rotting flesh and weight is unable to pierce the hard shell of armor surrounding him at the moment.
Ashlyn     Seeing the swarm of ghouls come out and start surrounding Rome, Ashlyn brings the old .308 to bear and there is a twin report as she fires twice, sending a round through two different ghouls, their insides splattering and turning the metallic armor of Rome's a nice crimson as they crumple at his feet.
Ashlyn     And out of the darkness of the home a bright glowing irradiated ghoul comes bounding out! Its flesh glows with a bright green radioactive incadescence and as it lurches forward its radioactive claws clank against the metallic armor, however Rome's Rad readout spikes harshly with each strike as he is exposed to radiation!
Ashlyn     So many ghouls in one house! However, having heard the retorts of the rifle, three ghouls burst out of one of the boarded up windows and zerg rush across the lawn, swarming Ashlyn's form. She tries her best but she is overwhelmed a bit and several claws nick her bronzed flesh and blood begins to run down her legs.
Ashlyn     And even more ghouls?! What did Rome stumble across a whole PACK of them? Two more rush forward from the depths of this abandoned house and slash at him, once again ineffectively smashing their claws against his power armor but attempting to overwhelm the man in sheer numbers!
Rome Rome Rome gets swarmed, taken by surprise as ghouls get the drop on him. They don't stop coming, the attack of the two initial ghouls being absorbed by his Power Armor before a glowing one leaps at him and swipes his chest. He watches as his Radiation read out spikes with each ferocious attack, protecting him from sure death. Rome tries to double back to Ashlyn as she gets swarmed, the pistons in his suit droning atop the porch as blood drips onto the floorboards. "Ashlyn!" he cries out in a machine like voice through the filter and mic, firing off two quick shots from his AEP7 towards the glowing ghoul as he attempts to cover some ground and put distance between the pack. The lasers instantly hit the irradiated Ghoul, a laser beam jerks the Ghouls head back, severly injuring it before another hit lands on it as warning.
Ashlyn     A final ghoul leaps out of the already smashed window and closes distance with Ashlyn, however now aware of the danger she manages to duck under its wild swipe!
    The ones that had surrounded Rome are able to close distance with him but swipe wildly as the move missing entirely. However, a second glowing ghoul bursts out of hiding from within the doorway and charges forward swiping at Rome and catching him in the torso and right arm! Once again the rad-counter spikes heavily as the thing's strikes hit his power armor.
Ashlyn     Ashlyn quickly draws the custom SIG holstered on her left hip and takes a step back, bringing the pistol up and aiming at one of the four ghouls surrounding her. She manages to nearly gut one of them but it's still standing after the .357 round goes through its torso. "Tinboy! Could use a little help here!"
Ashlyn     The assault never ends! Ghouls continue to shamble forward after Rome and Ashlyn, swinging wildly! THeir claws are ineffective against Rome's armor, and Ashlyn is able to duck dodge and weave her way past their raking attacks. However, the other glowing one screams out as it lashes at Rome once more, scoring a good blow against his arm that severs one of the pistons in his arm and partially breaks the seal that protects him from the radiation! Then its form glows even more and a burst of radiation pulses through the area!
Rome Rome leaps down the steps, moving over to Ashlyn as fast as his suit will allow him. The Glowing One swipes at his arm and tears a piston, exposing his body to the radiation emitting from it and breaking the seal their. He pulls the trigger on his AEP7 and the original Glowing One's arm flies off, the Ghoul slumping down DEAD. Rome swerves back ahead in a drone as his suit carries him towards Ashlyn, firing off a hurried shot that misses as the pack of Ghouls swarm her injured form.
Ashlyn     The ghouls' snarls fill the air as the pace after Rome, slashing and clawing at him, however only the Glowing Ones seem able to bust through that power armor and unluckily Rome takes a shot right to the back of the head! The Ghoul's claws rake poke several holes in his filtering unit as radiation floods the inside of his suit!
    Yet anotehr glowing one comes leaping out of the house! It rushes headlong at Ashlyn and without a problem rakes its claws across her torso. She gives out a cry, and then she spins with the blow and tumbles to the ground unconcious!
Ashlyn     With one already down the ghouls switch targets to the moving piece of shiny metal, leaping from Ashlyn's form to claw and hack away at Rome's metal shell, and one of them manages to snag into his arm armor where it had been punctured by the Glowing One and stabs deep into his elbow drawing blood!
Rome Rome keeps stomping on, his arm having drawn blood, seemingly unaware as he works the pistons in his legs to carry him to the fallen girl. He shields Ashlyn as he picks her prone, bloodied form up in his arms, like a groom would, AEP7 dangerously dangling beneaty her legs towards her waist. The Ghouls don't like this and the recently emerged Glowing One snarls loudly, momentarily distracting the ferals, Rome uses the momentary distraction to put a bit of space between him and the ferals. He keeps droning on as fast as he can make the pistons work, the Ghouls eventually falling back as he retreats with the fallen stalker in his hands, towards Roswell town.
Ashlyn     The ghouls chase after for some time however that little lead the Power Armor user was able to gain with the distraction allows him to outpace the pack and eventually they turn back to their home, trotting away as Rome and Ashlyn continue on in the Wasteland heat.