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Vault Girl Less than a day after the Battle of Vault 30 - See News Storyline/Chapter 28

Word has reached the people of El Dorado about the battle between the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Enclave on multiple fronts in spite of the fact that it was believed that the Brotherhood was meant to ally with the El Dorado Federation in this attack against their mutual enemy.

It was not to be.

Mercenaries and would be treasure hunters had already reported that the area was mostly clear, and Jack of Jack's Town was already talking about setting up a 'Power Armor Supply Store' with all of the salvage his people had brought in from the area.

Maybe you were here with the confused Militia contingent who had moved in to secure the area, or perhaps you were already here hunting for treasure and loot.

Thus far, there were dozens of people scrounging around the battlefield which told a story of a very large battle between forces that could leverage great firepower. The tell-tale signs of explosions, and bullets were everywhere along with the corpses and the burned out husks of Power Armor that littered the field.

Vultures circled above, swooping down to feast upon the dead unless shooed away and even they were more persistent than normal.

A gunshot echoed in the distance as someone yelled "Found a survivor." Before a gunshot followed. One could only hope it had been a mercy killing, or at least a member of The Enclave that had been killed.

The greater mystery yet was what third force had wiped out The Enclave, and Brotherhood of Steel alike without leaving a single casualty or sign of their presence behind. It was unlikely though that both forces had wiped each other out, there were instances of Enclave and Brotherhood side by side as they died with weapons in hand still.

In spite of the bravado present, only a handful of people had actually bothered to delve into the excavation pits and enter Vault 30; and none of them had returned. For most, the treasures of the dead on a battlefield between the two most technologically advanced organizations in post-war America was enough.
Cormano Cormano Wanders through the carnage of the battle, Having been sent out as a last minute addition to the El Dorado Militia contingent. The only thing marking him as a member of the militia is a hastily prepared armband wrapped around a healing wound, He is otherwised still dressed in his civilian clothes. One hand rests on the butt of his revolver unconsiously as he surveys the scene, looking to his new superior officer for any directions as to what to do. Cormano takes this moment to light up a handrolled cigar, hesitating to begin looting the recently deceased. Instead he begins searching for survivers as he observes others doing. Smoke pours from his clenched teeth all the while.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane walks along, weapon in hand, eyes scanning every body she draws near. At the gunshot, her gaze flickers quickly in that direction, and the voice as she wonders silently who may still be alive to be shooting who.

Hesitantly she glances down at the dead again, looking for anything of value; in particular armor. The dead certainly won't be needing it any longer.
Ashlyn     Ashlyn has made her way perhaps a bit behind others as she's stayed as relatively inconspicious as she's able to in the Wasteland Sun. As she nears the battlefield she stays away from others, trying to stay unnotticed, dipping along a few corpses to look for any ballistic weaponry they might have had on hand but mostly her attention is on not being seen and making her way towards what could be the entrance to the Vault itself.
Alasa Alasa has found her way to Vault 30. She may have come in with the militia, but she is not really with them. More they were going to the same place, and it payed to convo. Really she is here to find out, well what she can find out here. In chaos there is profit..and oh lord, this was a lot of chaos. "Oh, thats worthless...more armor..can't sell that to save you life..." She continues to move along, "Oh, what the heck would someone do with a mirror encrusted bazooka..." She shakes her head, "I bet the better stuff is down below..must be some storage areas or something.."
Rome Rome trudges the familiar battlefield here within his suit of Power Armor, he remembers this place, he was part of the rallied enforcements of the Brotherhood of Steel, part of the air strike before he went down, one of the few to escape the sad scene layed out here. Rome checks the read out on his Rad-Meter as he scans the immediate surrounds on his trek to the entrance of Vault 30, failing to find something or specifically, a thing along the way.
Cormano Cormano lowers the brim of his sombrero, shielding his eyes as he moves from his group. He casually pokes among the bodies with the toe of a boot, waiting for something to catch his eye. Cigar smoke billows from the gaps in his teeth and ruins of his nose. He checks his pip-boy, halfheartidly hoping for a spike in radiation to help close up the irritating wound in his arm. Scanning the battlefield he notes Rome, and acknowledges him with a wave.
Lucette     The sound of hooves on ground are the first things that announce Lucette's presence. Followed by the sight of the Neo-Enclave's president atop her trusty steed. Riding shotgun(on Luce's shoulder) is her legislative branch, Congress the three-headed bald eagle. And seated just behind Luce's saddle is probably the only Legion-type most will see around for miles.

    The party of four are cautious as they approach the scene of combat, with Lucette dismounting Agro as close to the 'edge' as she can, instructing the mare to stay put and dismounting. A brief word to the Frumentarii is given as Luce moves on to the battlefield proper, head turning here and there shown by her visor sweeping left and right. A loud call from Congress makes proper the group's entrance, the screech of FREEDOM and AMERICAN VALUES that pierces the air.
Vault Girl The militia moves in towards the Vault entrance with Colonel Sanders decked out in his white suit with combat armor overtop leading the way. He barks orders left right, and center, clearly favoring the soldiers he knows better for the Vault 30 Detachment.

"You! Private Herman!" He was talking to Cormano based on the pointed finger, "Need you to go around and tell people that Vault 30 is off-limits for exploration until we can secure the entrance. Go spread the word, if anyone gives you a hassle, punch'em right in the face."

Ashlyn, Salvation Jane, Alasa, and Rome all find themselves following the same trail of clues and come across a crater full of untouched loot; the only ones who have noticed it thus far is the group of them.

Not far from Lucette, the remains of a crashed vertibird smolder just over the edge of the crater.
Alasa Alasa does come across the crater...well lots of craters, it's like a teenagers face on prom night...but this one seems a bit more interesting. The soldier types seem to be more interested in locking the front door, then anything else. "Well, more bodies...perhaps.." as she strolls down into the crater.."Hopefully, the ground is solid down here..."
Ashlyn     Ashlyn was really more of a loner, especially out in the Wastes. However she finds herself now at the lip of this crater with several others, her hide-clad form squatting down with the .308 held in her arms. She eyeballs the loot within and then glances around the others gathering, "So... rock paper scissors or the first one to run out of ammo?"
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane looks up as Ashlyn, Alasa, Rome and herself all find the swag crater (tm). "It looks like we got a bit lucky ..." She scans the edge of the crater and works her way down into it. "More than enough to go around it looks like>"
Cormano Cormano plucks the cigar from between his teeth and salutes the Colonel, "You got it Colonel!" He rasps out. Cormano breaks off from the rest of the Militia and begins informing them of the Colonel's orders. After socking a few uncomplient looters, as per his orders he continues roaming around, more or less dispersing the smaller groups of scavengers gathered around the entrance to the vault.
Lucette     Congress squawks loudly and points atleast one head towards the wreck of the vertibird. After a couple seconds of attempting to figure what Congress was on about, Lucette gets the hint... she starts her trip over to the crash site. She hears someone yelling militia ranks, her duster doesn't hide her affiliation but she isn't in her Armour to be doing any real official action.... oh well. Everyone seems to be either wandering around, doing something, or gathering with awestricken features.... but it doesn't look like anyone's moving to the crashed bird other than her, so Luce doesn't feel put off.

    She makes a gesture to her still-mounted companion while she moves up to the crashed vertibird and inspects it..
Rome Rome doesn't spot the familiar Ghoul Cormano yet as he eyes the group at the lip of the crater behind his armored helmet, he does however notice Ashlyn, working the pistons in his suit as he descends into the crater carefully with a drone. "Looks like I have a stalker." the power armor clad figure remarks to Ashlyn with a staticy clip at the end. He eyes Jane and Alasa as he moves to sift through the loot, AEP7 held at the side and at the ready.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "Well, I have lots of, I think I'd win that one...but its not like theres tons to go around..greed is ok, but theres alot of people on the way here I'm to when we get inside..maybe new rules.." She laughs a bit to herself...and looks through the stuff, as she pulls out a carrot and starts eating it.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane glances up at the various comments. "really, people? We're the living ones here. These boys aren't going to miss a thing. And you're talking about show's going to be the last standing? let's be a bit more evolved than a pack of ferals. You want something and someone else has it already? Why not barter for it. Or just ask nicely." She shrugs as she kneels to unfasten the combat arm guards from one of the Enclave soldiers.
Achilles From the battlefield stalks a new player. The wind whips a tattered cloak about it's massive frame. Could it be a super mutant? The massive blade splattered with fresh blood could point towards yes, at least until the thing is close enough a metallic sheen can be seen underneath the fabric. It's clear that they aren't Brotherhood or Enclave from the rust and blood on their armor, and they definitely aren't one of the Militia's guardians.

"I don't suggest fighting, least not amongst yourselves. Doesn't usually end well."
Ashlyn     The bespectacled wild lands girl raises her left hand in a two finger salute against her brow at Rome, "Always Drone." She smirks and then turns her attentions to the others, pursing her lips a bit, "I was trying to be funny... I think I'm going to claim this.." She shifts forward and does a little slide down the slope of the crator, grabbing an assault carbine along the way. She eyeballs everyone again before slinging the .308 over her shoulder and taking time to inspect the carbine while semi-hunkered down using a fallen BoS as partial cover.
Alasa Alasa looks up to the edge of the crater, and spies Achilles..."Oh hey, I remember came to the holiday party. No one else did, so its kind of easy to remember you." as she takes another bite of the carrot, her foot crunching against something....she bends down, leaving the carrot in her mouth and digs in the dirt a bit pulling out something.."ooo, shiny"
Cormano As Cormano mills around after executing the Colonels orders he trips over an Enclave soldier. He curses his luck as he holds up the broken remains of the cigar he was smoking. As he does he spots a fancy looking holster worn by someone who likely won't be finding any use for it, or anything else for the near future. He unclips it and wraps it around his narrow waste, sinching it up as tight as he can and still finding it loose. He draws the pistol within and looks it over, "Hm, ain't too shabby." Stowing it he spots a crowd gathered around a crater of some kind. Cormano approaches the group intent on ordering them off before noticing some familiar faces, "Rome, Ash, how ya'll doin'?" He rasps out. Cormano looks down into the pit with vague interest. "I'm 'sposed to tell folks not to wander into Vault 30. Could be mighty dangerious."
Lucette     Lucette hears a little bit of what's going on, but she isn't a hundred percent on what is actually happening. There's a big bird she has her eyes on. And then... a symbol of patriotism catches her eyes, eliciting a gasp. A genuine flag of her people, standing tall and proud. While its meaning has been slightly tarnished by a couple of bad, AI leaders, still it is a nostalgic symbol for Luce. She whisks the flag away from its hold and takes it up herself, triumphantly raising it to the sky. Then holds it in one arm while motioning in her mounted companion as she approaches the crash site moreso, wanting to examine the state of the bird.
Rome Rome thunks slightly as he uprights his suit from the tricky descent into the crater, "I was here fighting the Enclave when this all happened." the mysterious Power Armor clad figure says in a mechanical tone, through his mic and filter. Perhaps he's bullshitting, for the armor he wears looks mostly unscathed in comparison to the damage the unfortunate here present, actually you think he might be bullshitting, as all the ground troops litter the scarred battlefield. What was his role? Rome moves over to the fallen Brother Ashlyn hunkers beside, crouching carefully as he turns the comrade over with his free hand with unnerving ease, what he finds grasped in their hand is a hand-held Pip-Boy. Rome pries it away carefully, bringing it closer to his face for inspection.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane nods to the others as they all find something of personal interest or value to themselves. "See? This is what community is all about" she observes. Examining the arm guards she brushes dirt and filth off of them before moving to strap them on. Waste not...
Ashlyn     Ash instinctively saunters backwards as Rome disturbs her cover, "Yeah?" She says, returning her attention to the carbine, checking the magazine then sliding it back in and working the action to make sure it isn't jammed. As Babyface comes to the crater's edge and speaks Ashlyn looks up, giving him a wave, "Oh? Well... that sucks. Vaults always have the best stuff..." A moment of silent contemplation, "Well what ever this is good enough for me today, Drone... you gotta bury any of these guys or anything like that? Otherwise I'm headed home.... too many... people. Asking for a Yaogui pack to come along hearing all this noise, or something worse."
Alasa Alasa hmmms, as she hears Rome, "Oh, people kill each other all the get use to it..." As she finishes off her carrot. "Course thats one of the best times for shopping too..that and after storms..turns up a lot of things you never knew were out there." As she continues to paw through things, "ALot of this maybe be here later...but always best to shop early and shop often...shops smart, shop S Mart."
Achilles "Gotta keen eye." Achilles says, reaching up to remove his helmet and reveal his one-eyed face and recently shaven head. "Killin's the same as breathin', unless you stay in town you're entire life. Even then you never know." He tucks the helmet under his arm and looks back the way he came.

"Hell're you shoutin' about? Better be important." Despite there not actually being any shouting, a vicious looking super mutant hound comes bounding towards Achilles. In response the giant takes a knee, and sure enough actually cracks a grin. "Look at that, found a stray." Perched on the massive dog's back is a small hairless puppy. "You're in charge of 'em until we get home Terrance, so try not to get shot."
Cormano Cormano takes a knee at the edge of the pit, looking down at the familiar pair. "Aye. Rome, you need help buryin' any a yer pals, I can lend a spade I figure." He straightens out and adjusts the new belt to fit him better, but not really managing it.
Rome Rome glances up at the edge of the crater as he hears Cormano, lowers the Pip-Boy 2000 plus to chest height. "Baby, find anything?" he asks in a mechanical drawl, rising back up to full imposing height with a drone of pistons, resting his masked face on Ashlyn. "I'm calling it a day. There's too many to bury." he notes, looking over to Alasa and Jane.
Vault Girl The first reconnaissance team of Power Armored soldiers under Rexus emerged from the Vault entrance not long after Colonel Sanders had begun sending his teams in to finish securing it. After words were exchanged between the two, Rexus was dismissed.

No doubt.. he was the ONLY way to find out what had happened in Vault 30 and what was inside.

Colonel Sanders was helped up on to a horse and began to ride back for El Dorado as the sun began to set on the horizon.

Around the perimeter Militia soldiers began to setup, and with all of the scavengers and mercenaries present; you were all safe.. right?
Achilles "Bury?" Achilles snorts, raising back up and setting the helmet back down into place over his head. "The brotherhood left my people to be picked clean by the birds. Enclave isn't much better. I'll remember this fondly." Slinging the massive blade back up onto his shoulder he inhales deeply. "Assuming whatever killed most of them doesn't come for us."

About that time the perimeter starts to set up. "I wouldn't set up here, if I were you. Not if you wanna keep all your bits where they belong."
Ashlyn     Ashlyn shifts the strap of her .308 so that it goes across her back, keeping the carbine in her arms as she glances between Cormano and Rome, "Baby, heh, so cute, prolly stick to his full name Drone, 'for you start sounding like you got a soft spot for the squishy." She smirks a bit as she glances around the others in the depression of depravation with them. "Well folks, as fun as it is standing around being Feral Fodder with ya'll, I think I'm going to call this a W and run away." She pats the carbine fondly and makes to start trying to scurry out of the crater.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "Set up here? a, no..I think sleeping in a hole is a bad I know a place I'm sure that has lots of beds, and other comfy things." as she eyes a nearby body, "Thats an odd name...musta been a medic...Doctor Feelgood..."
Rexus Rexus emerges from the Vault! In all his glory. He takes a moment to remove his helmet, scratching at that matty hair... helmet-hair to the extreme! "Well, that was interesting." he mutters, waving aside the rest of his Team, "Relax for a bit guys, get some chow and rearm.. re-equip." he says as he wanders to a rather large rock.. a rock big enough for him to sit on and not crush under all the weight of his armor and weaponry.
Salvation Jane No one is ever 'safe' in the wastes. But every gun and body helped. Jane looks at the group that emerges from within the vault. Cinching the last strap to her newly obtained arm guards, she walks over toward the gropu and Rexus, simply to see what's going on.
Cormano Cormano rasps out a chuckle, at Ashlyn's statement, "You can call me Cormano iff'n ya want Rome. Folks in the Militia started callin' me that. Said Babyface weren't no name for a Militia man." He shifts under his poncho and waves to Ashlyn as she makes her exit, "See you back at the Saloon I figure.". The Ghoul stays on his haunches thinking better of offering Rome a hand given the vast differences in their weights. "Nabbed this here holster, even got a gun in 'er."
Achilles Achilles turns and whistles at Cormano, tugging his helmet off once more as he heads over. "Yo, smoothskin. How the hell are we supposed to kill those raiders if you're out here playing bait for whatever Wyvern ate all these canned dicks."
Cormano Cormano Glances over to Achilles, shooting him a wave. He stands, joints audible popping as the centuries weigh down on them. "Evenin' partner, didn't expect to see so many familiar faces 'round these parts. I'm always up fer pluggin' a varmint or two, when where ya thinkin'?"
Alasa Alasa makes her way up out of the crater, and spies Rexus the thinker, sitting on his rock. "Maybe he'll make more sense...must be something in that crater...seems to be making the others speak in tongues..." As she strolls over to where Rexus is, "So, the party ready to move inside? Been looking for this place for awhile...better to have mother sun watching over us, then father moon I think."
Rome Rome climbs out the crate with great effort, minding a misfire from his AEP7 and careful not to crush his new handheld Pip-Boy. The earth gives way beneath the weight of his armor, making it difficult and forcing him to make several attempts before he hauls himself over the lip and onto highground. Rome rises from his knees, looking at Achilles. "I don't know what were dealing with. I saw gleaming silver marching onto the battlefield before my Vertibird went down." Rexus and his squadron exiting the Vault in the distance catch his attention for a few moments. "I wonder what that's about." Rome muses through his mic, following Rexus with his gazr as he sits on a rock. "Cormano, feel like finding out what he saw?"
Lucette     Lucette sighs quietly... the vertibird's a no-go it seems. But her signal to her comrade leads her with horse and frumentarii at her side. The former she affixes the Enclave Flag to, securing it to the saddle with a nod. She then turns to face Rexus and gang, not interfering directly, she listens to see what's going on for herself.
Ashlyn     Ashlyn finishes her scramble up the side of the crater and withdraws from the overall scene, seeking highground and finding a spot among some rocks to lay down on her belly, setting up her .308 with the carbine propped up near by just in case and watches over those below through those crystal clear glasses of hers.
Rexus Rexus suints at Alasa and the others who start gathering around. "The upper levels are clear.. the rest is sealed an ye can't get inside at all... so far. Everything's been picked pretty clean though, not much there but it's habitable... make a decent basecamp I imagine. Lots of pre-war tech and other stuff that could be useful... we saw some of the security feeds... showin Brotherhood and Enclave battling it out. Seems like a bunch of robots came in and killed everyone that walked on two legs. Colonel Sanders over there says the Vault'll be opened once the Federation Council has their meeting and decides what to do... so..."
Achilles "Think I'd miss this? I was on the way over and caught wind of Brotherhood and Enclave fighting." Achilles starts, when Rome speaks to him. "If I was a gambling man, I'd bet reavers. Well, Reavers or robots. Though theren't much of ah damn difference."
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane says, "Federation Council? I like Civilization and all. But that sounds more like they're going to agree to split the spoils themselves and leave the rest of us out of this. That's not going to go over very well at all."
Cormano Cormano pushes his sombrero back on his brow, "Reckon that'd be the thing to do." He replies to Rome. He reaches into his poncho and retrieves another cigar, this one just a stub.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "well, one thing I've learned out in the wastes..theres always more then one way in anywhere. Finding the place to start looking was the hard part...we're now, we'll they play guarding the front door...we'll just have to find one of the back doors." As she surveys the landscape a moment.
Rome Rome stomps across the scarred battlefield littered with bodies, wreckage, scorches and all the other telltates of high-tech war. He stops near Rexus, listening to his report, Pip-Boy and AEP7 held loose at his sides. "Does that mean we're going to lose out on the tech secure behind those doors? Because that's what it sounds like." he says through his mic, casting his gaze over the battlefield.
Cormano Cormano fades in with the rest of the Militia, returning his his duties and assisting in setting up the parimeter.
Achilles "Well." Achilles casually walks over to where the others have gathered and sticks the helmet back on his head. "Hear me out." He lifts the bumper sword from his shoulder and points it straight out towards the vault. "I say we ignore the militia. You have heavy units, yeah? You got me. Don't see what the problem is."
Rexus Rexus smirks, "Without the Federation or any of that you'd be dead long ago. And if the robots took out both the Brotherhood and the Enclave.. stands to reason they'll take you out as well. No, the lower levels'll be unlocked soon enough, this is a bit of a pandora's box but i'll wager it's cheaper to send in a bunch of no names to test the waters rather than waste proper troops. Besides, the Vault isn't going anywhere.. all sealed up... might help to reinforce the access points for defense.. both from outside and in."
Achilles Bellowing laughter erupts from Achilles' massive frame. "I /knew/ the Brotherhood was stupid. But this!" The giant's face turns red as he howls for a moment. "Friend, I've walked this country from the Capital Wastes to New Vegas. I've slaughtered raiders, mutants, Brotherhood, Legion, and more beasts than you can count." He gets deadly serious now, straightening back up.

"Weak people hide behind guns. If you don't want to go in with me, that's fine. Much as I find the thought of canned dick disgusting, I suppose I'll be camping out until a decision is made."
Ashlyn     Since nothing seems to come preying upon the group, Ashlyn stands up, stowing the .308 and grabbing up the carbine. She throws out a more than likely unseen salute to those below before she turns and begins to saunter off into the New Mexico Wasteland headed in the general direction of El Dorado.
Rome Rome glances down at his Pip-Boy 2000 Plus, curling his fingers around it, stating to Rexus, Achilles and anyone else gathered around the former. "I can try hack the systems to get us in."
Alasa Alasa shrugs as she listens to the others...they sure talk funny. "well, you can sit here waiting..doesn't hurt to have a look around. I'll see what I can find." As she stretches out her arms, "If I get inside, I'll be sure to leave a messege for you somewhere..." She grins a bit, "Be sure to look for the flamingo."
Rexus Rexus smirks at Achilles, "We had someone like you... talked a lot... couldn't back it up. I've seen it before. There's a reason all the super mutants got wiped out.. all brawn, no brain. Same with the Legion.. body full of muscle, head full of shit. That's why you don't get to make the decisions."
Rome Rome laughs at Rexus, looking at Achilles for his reaction. He drops the naive idea of breaking into the Vault, a mission for another day. He's already come across his new Pip-Boy to help him in his quest. Rome glances up at the sky as the sun sets, seeming ready to depart.
Achilles "I was in Mexico for that too." Achilles says, motioning up towards his eye. "I don't really see anything wrong with my plan though. Send a small well prepared team in, have them test the waters. Long as they're disposable. I'm not exactly a Brotherhood asset. Disposable."

Turning to Rome he nods. "If you can, I will be in your debt. Much as I'd rather not be."
Rexus Rexus smirks, "Well, soon as you learn to hack through a few doors and get past all the security... knock yourselves out... but I'll wager Sanders over there won't be too pleased. Chuckle all you want but this is a nice example of hurry up and wait. It's a vault, not some bandit outpost... full of robots and security cameras and who knows what else. But if you like walking off cliffs... I ain't going to stop you but i'll certainly help put a sign on top of your corpse at the bottom that says, 'I told you so'."
Rome Rome turns and begins the long trek back to El Dorado in his suit of Power Armor, leaving Rexus and Achilles behind as the sun begins creeping away.
Achilles "Fine." Achilles finally backs down. "But after word gets back and they crack it, I'm going in with whoever they send. Not exactly worried about dying, it's not like I'll know." That big sword comes back to rest on his shoulder. "I'll be sparring in the camp, send word when they return."
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane shrugs. "we'll see how the court of public opinion finds the greedy actions of the Militia." She turns and begins to walk off herself.