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Lucette     Lucette had waited at the southern gate of Shantytown for parties interested in making the posse. It's night and cloudy that the Full Moon's light is diffused a bit. Luce has her mil-pip's light on, keeping a red, white, and blue pattern shining onto the ground for people to find her. Her helmet's off for the moment while she waits, tapping away at her pip screen.

    The mission wasn't that inclusive on details other than 'going to where the Militia patrol got attacked and kill anything hostile there.' all the patrolmembers came back alive so it should not be that dangerous.
Kaelyn Aaaand in wanders Kae. The Elf-like female yawning as she makes her way south of Shanty Town... Over her shoulder, is her Beowulf, the massive drum-fed .50 cal carbine with suppressor now held quite comfortably by the woman... Then her 'wriest' speaks up, CORA, the A.I. She keeps in a massively modified pip computer. "Sooo what are we gonna do?" Kae then shrugs "No clue was told to bring weapons..." CORA then adds "Think you brought enough?" Kae then blinks... "I dunno.. I've got my wierd pistol, and this Beowulf..."
Cormano Out of the night saunters a mummified vaquero, beneath his flowing mexican poncho numerious pieces of combat armor are strapped to his body. Each bear the mark of the El Dorado Militia. Cormano had heard that there had been an attack on a group of Militia and felt it was a good idea to join the party sent to retaliate against this threat.

He stops at the gate he had heard they were supposed to meet at and looks over the people gathered there. "Howdy folks, Reckon this is the place we're meetin', Right?"
Alasa Alasa comes strolling along, Bob and Lynn by her side. " remember..if its bigger then you, work as a team..ok..." She nods to them, "Alright were doing this old school right?" As she has her Stormcloud bow already in her hands.
Lucette     Lucette looks over everyone present and smiles. People showed up, it was... warming. "I already have my Assistant and Congress scouting the path ahead. They'll have a fire at the attack site, we just need to head a little while due south." she looks to Cormano and Kaelyn, "If you two will give me a moment I can mark the location on your maps." after noting their pips, adjusting a few dials and sending the frequency for a map update to Kae and Cormano.

    "Nobody died from the patrol so it shouldn't be anything like 'claws out there. When y'all are ready."

    Punctuating that sentence she pulls on the hood and visor of her suit and seals up. "Let's set out." ready to move herself if nobody objects.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiously "Congress?" She asks curiously, blinking a few times "News to me.. I keep on envisioning, old ladies and guys in this big semi oval thingie... Then again I have wierd memories..." She adds.

CORA then pipes in "Well, you are a remnant of pre-bomb Earth and all..." Kae then blinks and shrugs "Mebbe!" CORA then adds "Nope, definately... " Kae shrugs "Ok so I'mma wierd test-tube person.." CORA then pauses a moment and her sprite shrugs. "Yup!"

The odd pointy-eared woman now un-shoulders her Beo, then pulls the charging slide back, and lets go. The ominous click-thunk, of a massive round sliding into the chamber is quite obvious. Kae then shoulders the weapon and pulls out this rather sleek-looking pistol. She messes with it and a mid-section swivels it seems, just above the handle, and glows red briefly, as does what appears to be the emitter... Kae smiles slightly and puts that on her hip and glances around "Soooo..."
Cormano     Cormano reaches up and tips the brim of his sombrero, "Reckon I'm ready whenever everyone else is, lets go give these varmints what for." He adjusts the assault rifle on his back and readys himself to move with the group. He looks a little awkward handling the rifle, as if it were a foriegn object to him. Cormano rests his hand naturally on the butt of his revolver as he moves, seeming to find more familiarity in it.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "Maps? Oh come now, can't you find your way through the natural landmarks? My people have been traveling these lands for thousands of years. Oh well...when you map people are ready, we can move out...right guys?" The cats look at her and seem to nod. "Lets see, how does that song go...right...Where theres a whip, theres a way...where theres a whip, theres a way...were gonna march all day, all day, all day..where theres a whip theres a way." Before she starts off, she pulls out a spray can, and paints a pink flamingo on the ground.
Lucette     Lucette's expression is shielded due to her visor, but she offers an amused smirk. An entertaining bunch if ever was one. Her shoulders relax and she pulls a small pistol free from her duster into her left hand before turning to the path ahead. "Anyone object to me turning my light off?" she asks as an afterthought as the group go on the road...

    It's about half an hour walk from Shantytown until the campfire from Lucette's assistant can be seen. White smoke in the air reflecting the firelight, tall rocks and a few tumbleweeds are the only really notable features to be made on arrival.
Alasa Alasa whistles as she walks, not needing the light at all...after all, she is Neo Batwoman..and the darkness is her friend. She stops every now and then as they get close to the camp. She bends down, her cape fluttering a bit as she does and examines the ground. "Whats the old don't need to be faster then the bear, just faster then the slowest person with you." She looks off in a direction, "I have this feeling the militia left someone to die, so they could get away themeselves."
Cormano      The old Ghoul un-shoulders his rifle, Silently pulling the slide back to be sure that it's loaded. He keeps it aimed at the ground as he walks, and while watching the barrel of his rifle he notices tracks on the ground. "Looks like here's where the fightin' took place." He rasps out in a low whisper. "Reckon our varmints high-tailed it that-a-way." He adds. He toggles the switch on the assault rifle to semi-auto, then glances warily towards the trail.

    Right about now he feels like he could go for a smoke.
Lucette     Lucette doesn't see much that makes difference to her. "So, I can't make heads or tails of what happened here." she says, "Alright, should we skulk along the trail leading out?" she asks with some curiosity to the posse gathered up.
    "Or y'all think we'd get better results making a big fuss to get attention?" the question is open, even if somewhat muffled thanks to her suit. The lass seems a little fidgety, not knowing where to go from here, her head sweeping back and forth and her hands checking her Piece to make sure it's loaded, tugging the magazine free, then slotting it back in and facing the pistol downwards.
Cormano     "I figure I'd favor the quiet approach myself. Iff'n I git a vote, I put mine towards followin' these here tracks out down that trail." Cormano rasps. He points the business end of his assault rifle in the direction of the trail headed out.
Alasa Alasa says, "Sneaky sneaky works for me....always better to know what your going up against."
Cormano     Cormano raises a hand, signaling to the party, he rasps quietly "You folks see that up there?" Cormano points to the natural shelter, "Looks like there's somethin' in there."

He hunkers down low, attempting to be stealthy as he can.
Alasa Alasa nods, as she comes to a stop..the cats sitting down near her. "Ayep...does look like the spot...why don't you go in there, and knock on the door..tell them we'd like to have a talk with them?" She smiles a bit, "Be friendly like."
Lucette     Lucette skulks with the group down the trail, pistol in both hands, pip light off since nobody seemed to mind her offering to turn it off. "Well, looks like I see our critters. Buncha geckos in that den." she murmurs, raising up her pistol. "Doesn't seem like they know we're here, let's pick'm off. They're close to town and are probably what scared off the patrol if the trail leads here."
Cormano     Cormano rasps out a silent chuckle and nods, "Aye, good thinkin' miss, I'll welcome 'em to the neighborhood even. Ask 'em for sugar."
Cormano      Cormano takes a knee and aims down the sight of the unfamiliar weapon, finding his mark he fires off a single round. The odd 9mm round finds it's target and strikes it hard. He takes a second to re-aim the weapon, preparing to squeeze off another round.
Alasa Alasa watches as they things start flowing out of the house when the guns goes off, "Ok, so were not being polite I take it..." As she draws back on her bow, and gives a whistle. "Lunch time!" she says, and the cats move towards the geckos and Alasa lets loose the arrow which flies through the air crunching into something.."Right!" Bob rips into one of the gecko, shaking it back and forth till it falls dead. Lynn on the other hand tries her best, but just can't find something to play with.
Lucette     Cormano makes the first shot, already killing one of the little geckos... then Bob eats another one, Momma got hit by something that they haven't identified. The loud noise of Cormano's rifle stirrs up the den, and gets shot at in return by an angry sounding raider.

    "Damn meddlin' townies! Stop shootin' my babies! I'll kill you! I'll kill you THEN I'll feed you to my babies! Your strength will be theirs, THEN THEY'LL EAT YOUR BABIES AND SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT!" before devolving into incoherent screaming as a single round is fired off at Cormano, before the rest of the geckos start defending themselves. One of the hunters scurries off to harass Cormano while the rest go against the predatory felines...
Kaelyn By far, the energy weapons he has isn't the one she's best with, however what skill she lacks, she more than makes up for in cheerful exphuberance... She raises her pistol up and suddenly long lines of blue energy zip out, strafing across first one gecko, immediately rendering it ash. Then she swivels, raises the weapon again and more long streamers of energy lance out. The Keening sound the pistol makes as it discharges is quite obvious as another long streamer of blue energy lances out, and strafes over the next Gecko... This one too, glows bright blue then ends up as just a black carbon shadow on the ground...

Kae frowns, pursing her lips and takes careful aim at another Gecko, this time she kneels and with her tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth, she depresses the trigger on the pistol. A pair of beams zip out and stike the third Gecko, these too rendering it immediate ash...
Lucette     Both the last little gecko and the curiously armoured Gecko charge at their targets. The little one focuses on the furry predator that killed its sibling, but despite its best efforts the wily Bob is a superior fighter tonight! The Armored Gecko's charge for Kaelyn, but all for naught as the elf's superior skills render his weighted attempts to bite ineffective as well.

    Lucette's not too fond of this dude screaming about geckos and shooting at her posse. At all. She reaches around for something close at hand, finding her prize a kicked over cactus that she tosses with no small amount of force towards Gary, but the bloke's erratic screaming and movement puts her off. Her next action is lining up a single shot from her pistol, but the round smacks off one of the rocks and does nothing important... after a moment to center herself, she snaps off two more rounds right after eachother, both smacking into Gary and making him scream -even more-.. the opposite of what she wanted to happen.
Lucette     Gary's fairly upset at Kaelyn for continuing to not be dead and being hard to hit, screaming more about feeding and murderig people to his Geckos and then conquering the world with a Gecko army, but he's probably too busy being angry and startled from being woken up to get any sort of coherent shot on Kaelyn. Even the wounded Mommy gecko Alasa shot tries to bite Kaelyn, to no avail. The wily elf evading multiple attacks. Though the DaddyGecko charges at Lucette, he finds she's not an easy target either.

     Luce mostly shrugs off the avoided attack from the angry Gecko to shoot at Gary, purposely firing off at the rock above but... nothing results from this as the round ricochets uselessly. She then unbuttons and quickly shoots off a round from her Colt, which manages to score a nice hit on Gary's chest, making the Geckomancer all the more furious.

     Then the last surviving small Gecko and the Armoured Gecko both decide to go their own way and instead make their ways over to harass Cormano since the elf seems like much more difficult prey- only to find that Cormano is no slouch either!
Kaelyn Kae is tired of getting shot at, needing to at least try to bring this thing to a stop rapidly. Kae fires a pair of rounds at the Geckomancer... As he drops she starts to turn away for another target, then blinks when CORA calls out "He's not dead yet, I think you gave him a flesh wound!" In a very Brittish accent... Kae blinks and turns, now, raising that massive rifle and cranking off another pair of rounds, this time knocking him down for good...

Now the Geckos attack her yet again, and the elf-like woman is hopping away and jumping to to the side as well as other directions rather acrobatically to avoid incoming attacks! "Jeeze, I think I made em mad!"
Kaelyn Kae's crimson eyes latch onto the last Gecko and she sighs, eyes glowing a bit as she says exasperatedly. "Just... Go away..." And suddenly, well, the Gecko is picked up and flung away from Kae, as iff someone picked it up and tossed it.... "Don't come back either..." She mutters and rubs at the back of her neck...
Cormano     After the smoke has cleared from the firefight Cormano shoulders his rifle. He produces a hand rolled cigar from under his poncho and lights it with a wooden match. Surveying the scene he exhales a large cloud of smoke, it pours from the gaps in his teeth and the remains of his nose. "Whelp, that's that." He rasps out, clapping his hands together. "We oughta check that den over there, could be somethin' up there I figure."
Lucette     Gary's shot by Kaelyn, hard. It makes him stop his screaming and drop to his knees, cold. For a moment, he's lifeless, droning on in his head... his babies... HIS BABIES, "MY BABIES, YER GONNA KILL MY BABIES! I'LL KILL YOU FIRST!" he shouts, firing off one more round, getting up to his feet. But it's wide and wild, and the next shot from Kaelyn puts Gary the Geckomancer down for good. The Daddy gecko screeches for the loss of Gary, charging at Kaelyn with abandon to attack her, but to no avail. The Armored Gecko is harassed by Cormano, though manages to avoid being shot by him, moving in with the last little gecko to attack him. But the Ghoul knows some tricks of his own and like the elf, escapes harm.

    Lucette takes close aim at the Armored Gecko and fires off a single shot, missing barely. Her second shot she aims high, firing at the ceiling of the rock den, where the round bounces between the stones and then flies through a slot in the Gecko's armour and brings it down. Without missing a beat she lines up the Daddy Gecko in her sights and squeezes off two quick rounds, making him drop to the dirt as well and leaving only the one runt left to go... then it seems the party has cleared out the Den, with Kaelyn tossing the runt aside, where it flees for its life now given the chance..

    Lucette stands up with a sigh and a stretch. "Looks like it's all clear for now." she murmurs, holstering her Colt with that statement.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head and sighs... "Babies? Probably shouldn't have let em attack us.." She mutters and sighs... "Lotsa crazies out here.." CORA pipes in "Yer one of em Kae..." Kae then shrugs "Well I'm a strange humanoid and all I guess..." She adds and grins a bit before shouldering her rifle... "Ooh this was an expensive outing."
Cormano Cormano shakes his head, "Nah, I'm thinkin' Militia boys that mighta got left behind. Gotta see iff'n there are any so I can report it back." He rasps out.
Lucette     Lucette shakes her head, "Why he ambushed the Patrol is beyond me, but it definately won't be happening again. Let's see if there's any stragglers then head home, I'll update our maps just to make it a bit easier." she murmurs, holding up her right arm and fiddling with her milpip while sweeping her head here and there.

    "Probably jumped the militia patrol and that loon there scared'm something fierce they skedaddled with only bites and a twisted ankle." she remarks, "Or there's somethin else at work. Anyway, home's a little safer now than before, Geckos way too close in a big group." from there she turns and shines her light to help with finding anything, and then when all's done goes to lead the trip back to Shantytown.