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Fern     If there's a new face in town, Fern knows about it, or at least she knows about it soon enough. Rumors have made their way to her ears over the last day, and now Fern's in the saloon, looking for the one the rumors are about. Unlike some who just stare at the girl from afar, Fern isn't scared to wander right up to the girl and strike up a conversation.

    Fern makes her way over to the table where Chev is soon enough, and as she grabs a chair she drags it over, sliding it across the floor and giving it a little spin as she plops down onto the seat, sitting backwards. Her arms are instantly propped on the back of the chair, and as Fern looks at Chevelle she grins a slow grin. "So, what is it then? You waiting for someone or are you a raider spy?" Her grin is a lopsided one, but it's flattering on that freckled face of hers.
Chevelle      Tonight was getting off to a slow start. Inside the Saloon tinny piano music emanated from the Juke Box as a row of die hard lounge lizards and old timers propped up the bar. A few patron's sat scattered through out, playing cards, chatting, or flirting with the girls from the brothel. Most of the tables sat empty, prime time wasn't for another hour at least. Robots clanked around re-cleaning empty tables as an aging Mister Handy, whooshed softly along, refilling drinks and cracking old jokes.

     Chevelle sat alone in one corner of the room, a bottle of cheap Whiskey on the table before her along with a single glass. She'd become a fixture here the last two days, appearing to have no other place to go. Most of the patrons left her alone, not allowing the curiosity to chance an interaction with the strange looking young woman. A few patrons occasionaly gossiping she was waiting for someone, or she was a raider spy, or a reaver spy, or any number of even stranger things. Truth be told even Chevelle herself didn't know what she was doing. She'd tried looking for work to no avail, and taken to spending her free time in the only place in town she was comfortable with... A bar. When she wasn't here she'd found a nice quiet patch of desert to lay her head down at night.

     She wasn't especially pretty, and even if she was the layer of road dust she'd acquired made her look like a street urchin.

     Darkly painted eyes staring off in to the middle distance as she nursed a glass of Whiskey, idly moving the fingers of her left hand across the table in seemingly random patterns.
Chevelle      She hadn't expected company, and it took Chevette's eyes a few moments to dial back in from a thousand. Studying the pint size girl, her gaze lingering for a long time on the young woman's robotic arm. It looked quite a bit different from her own cybernetics. The long, lean shining chrome that replaced her right leg from mid thigh down. Chevette's looked sleek, organic, like some sort of futuristic re-imagining of the perfect limb. If it wasn't for the grime and rust it'd probably shine like silver.

     Shifting in her seat, unconsciously tucking her artificial leg partially behind her real one as she knocked back the remainder of the Whiskey in her glass. Up close she not only looked like she'd spent months on the road, she smelled like it too. A combination of sand and sweat, mixed with something spicy and sage like. Her gaze was flat, expression neutral and difficult to read. When she finally spoke, her voice cracked slightly, forcing her to clear her throat, the mark of someone who didn't often find themselves in conversation... Or spent a lot of time screaming.

     Her voice once she found it was soft with a touch of rasp to it. Shrugging casually she picked up the bottle and began to refill her glass. " Maybe both. Why you asking? You a reporter or something? " The corner of her lip curling slightly in the faintest ghost of a smile, gesturing toward your arm with her chin. " Where'd you get that. "
Fern     "Me? A reporter? I ain't got none of those fancy papers or anything, and I can't write that well.. I'm just seeing who wins a little wager, that's all. I don't care which it is. Just curious is all.. Cause if you're a raider you're bad at your job. If you're waiting on someone.. you been here two days, so maybe they aint gonna show," Fern says with a light smirk as she leans back slightly, enough to make the chair's back legs lift up a little and threaten to tip her back. As the chair legs are brought back down, Fern notes, "Cool leg." Yeah, she saw it a little before it was hidden behind the other. Fern says nothing more about it. "You look like a raider.. Maybe. Don't seem like one, though," Fern weighs in with her own wager.
Chevelle      Raising her glass, listening to the girl as she sips some of the potent homemade liquor. Shit smelled like paint thinner, but it sure did a great job fucking you up. Holding the amber colored liquid in her mouth for a moment, letting it burn in to her tongue, Chevelle canted her head side to side as if weighing Fern's suspicions. Wincing slightly as she swallowed, though it was hard to tell if it was due to Fern mentioning her leg, or the piss that passed for Whiskey.

     " Do I? Guess I need to find a tailor... " Trailing off Chevelle wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as she stretched slightly, rolling her shoulders and neck as if trying to release some inner tension. Glancing back to the girl, holding her gaze for a few moment, the expression in her face suddenly very tired. " I'm... Inbetween jobs. " Glancing down at her own artificial limb before returning her gaze to yours. " Thanks though. Tell you what. You go place a wager, and make up whatever will let you win the most and I'll split the money with you. How's that sound? " f
Fern     "That.." Fern thinks on it. "That's pretty brilliant.. Sounds good to me," she states with a grin as she hops up from her chair, spurs jingling as she does. The young woman tosses her right leg over the chair as she turns around from it and wanders on back to a small gathering of people. She tells them something, and while some cheer and others grunt, Fern chuckles. She gets them set up with another, then heads back your way.

    Plopping down onto her seat again, Fern says, "Alright, this time they're tryin to figure out how many people you've killed. We stuck with 'less than twenty' or 'more than twenty'. More, right?" she asks with a smirk as she then catches a bot's attention, flagging him down for a beer that's promptly grabbed and brought back.

    "Bet you've killed at least thirty, am I right?" Fern asks, taking a swig of her drink.
Chevelle      Watching the girl go with a wicked little smile on her face, it was an old con but shit, might as well take advantage where she could. After all she was flat fucking broke and living off rats and rain water. Canting her head to the side as Fern won whatever side of the bet she took, careful to replace the smirk on her lips with a menacing scowl as some of the patrons at the table glanced back her way. Knocking back the contents of her glass she poured herself another drink as Fern returned.

     When Fern explained the next portion of the bet, Chevelle's face went wooden, lips forming a hard line across her face as she downed the rest of her fresh glass and poured herself another. Coughing slightly from the bite of the stuff, giving a brief nod of her head, her voice croaking as she fought to clear it of the back bite from her drink. " At least. " Glancing past Fern, something in the corner of the room catching her eye for a moment. Her body so still for a moment, save for the faintest movement of her head, still nodding almost imperceptibly.

     The slow rush of sound in the room, muted conversation and the clink of glassware merging together in to a deafening 'ping' of tinnitus. Adrenaline dropped in to her veins like nitro, revving her engine to a roar. Her leg beneath the table, translating her bodies response based on it's own advanced software, began to twitch silently ready to spring.

     She was only gone for a few moments, transported back to the sound of engines and fire, the stutter of automatic weapons and the dull whump if impacts. Backing up slowly from the memory she realized Fern was still there, a beer in her hand, in this stuffy, hot, cigar smoke filled bar, but all she could smell or feel was burning rubber and ice in her veins.

     Clearing her throat she took another shot of Whiskey and sat up in her chair a little. " I'm sorry what? " %
Fern     When Chev comes back and speaks to Fern, the younger girl is sitting there and leaning slightly to the side, her eyes locked on the other. "Hey uh.. Yeah. So.. welcome back.." Fern murmurs, giving a little snorting chuckle. "You kinda.. zoned out there for a sec. Everything alright? Didn't have flashbacks to killing them all did ya?" Fern checks with another grin while sitting there with her chin propped atop her hands.

    Fern rocks back in her chair again, and as she studies Chev again she notes, "You look like you've been out living the life.. Been out in the wastes for long?" she wonders.
Chevelle      Shrugging Chevelle picked up her glass, swirling the contents around in it before taking another sip, the muscles of her jaw bulging as she grit her teeth, and that part of her, the one made of metal and blood, threatened to crawl out from her throat and sink it's metal teeth in to the pretty girl across from her. Fighting with herself for a moment Chevelle forced herself to chuckle, offering a casual shake of her head. " What? No just drunk. I probably fell asleep for a second or something. "

     Clearing her throat she leaned forward slightly, resting one elbow on the table as she gave a nod. " Pretty much my whole life, what's your name anyway. You show up asking a shit load of questions. You're with the sheriff or whatever right? And by the way, where's my cut of that little con? "
Fern     A brow is arched and Fern looks crazy skeptical at first, just eying Chevelle and her answer of falling to sleep. "You're a shitty raider -and- a shitty liar, " the girl decides with a hoot of laughter following.Brown hair is tossed about as fern then glances back towards the little group at another table, and when she looks back to Chev she says, "Don't worry about it. You'll get it.." But till then.. Fern pulls out a few caps and pushes them across the table to the other. "Fern," is what she offers for her name. "And I ain't with the sheriff. I ain't with nobody. Don't need no sidekick or play second fiddle to nobody, ya know?" she grunts.
Chevelle      Nodding, Chevelle certainly seems to understand the girls sentiments. Reaching out she makes the caps vanish like a magic trick. Now you see them, now you don't. Rapidly hidden away somewhere in her mix matched outfit. Chuckling softly she shrugged her bare shoulders once more. " That's half true. " But there was more... Regret? Something like that perhaps, in her voice, certainly not anything approaching pride. " Okay, so you're not with the sheriff, and you're not with anybody else. What do you do? " Most people might have said she looked too young to be on her own, too small, too skinny, too weak. But if Chevelle shared any opinions in that direction she certainly didn't know it. Having had to find her own path through life for so long, she couldn't imagine anyone -not- being able to make it on their own.
Fern     That shit-eating grin of hers stays put as fern sits across from Chev, eyes only on her in a fascinated way. "Look at you. Ya start pointing the finger at me for asking so many questions, and now look who's nosey?" Fern starts to snicker as she smiles, and her tone suddenly sounds a bit playful. "I do a bit of this and that. Run errands for people, deliver notes.. Tag along for hunting expeditions.. Fun stuff. Still don't know about you," Fern says with a smirk as she nods towards the girl.
Chevelle      Lips curling in to a playful if faint smirk, eyes rolling dramatically at Fern's accusations. Meeting your gaze, she sips from her glass with another one of those casual shrugs. " There's not much to know. I'm here, broke... All I've got is a shotgun and a shitty attitude so.... We'll see how far that takes me. Just hope it takes me somewhere fast. I'm getting tired of sleeping in alley ways and eating fucking rats. Makes me feel like I'm a god damn feral. "

     Finishing her drink, she poured herself another. The woman drank like it was her fucking job, but it had yet to appear to have too much of an affect on her, though she did appear to be relaxing a bit as the alcohol worked it's magic.
Fern     "Ahh. There we go.. That's the most truth I've heard about you all night.. Hey," Fern adds quickly, "You do honest work for honest pay? I can guarantee ya a job or two. At least to get ya enough so you could decide whether or not you wanted to stay in town or keep moving.. and it might be enough to get ya a bit more than rats," Fern says with a soft chuckle and nod towards the bar.

    "I know the owner," she says, "The family took me in when I was thirteen. They're good people.. and if you don't mind a bit of work, I'm sure they'd be happy to set you up with something for a night or two." Fern nods again. She sips her beer and thinks some things over.
Chevelle      The thought of 'honest' work seemed to crack her up a bit, her laughter was something else. Sharp sounding, like someone dropping a box of razor blades down a flight of stairs. Nodding as she sniffed and cleared her throat, smiling in to her glass as she took another sip. " Sure, I'll do whatever... That so? Whose the family that you hooked up with? Must be pretty well off... " Glancing about the place before returning her gaze to Fern. " Seems like you've got yourself a pretty sweet set up. "
Fern     "It's alright, yeah," Fern says. "Ain't like I mooch off them or nothin.. I work for my livin, don't you worry about that," she says with a little snort before saying, "Caine family." Fern swigs at her beer again. "Take a shower first yeah? No offense, but you probably need one." Like most people out here. "Then some work.. and before ya think it, don't. I ain't gonna suggest you be a call girl. We got enough of those already," Fern says, snickering again.
Chevelle      Nodding Chevelle listened to Fern, but on hearing the name of the family the girl worked for, Chevelle choked on her own drink. Spitting half of it back in to her glass while the rest of it sputtered out of her mouth and fell across her chest. Coughing, wide eyed she wiped a hand across her chest, trying to make the cheap Whiskey go away, but instead just smearing wet dust around on her skin. Thumping her chest with her closed fist she cleared her throat and spat on the floor. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as she sat up and shook her head.

     Despite the amount of alcohol she'd ingested sitting around in the bar, she felt suddenly, painfully sober upon hearing that name. Gathering herself she leaned forward slightly, gesturing vaguely in the direction of the bar. " You know them pretty well? The family you work for? "
Fern     Fern has her arms folded over the back of her chair again, and as she watches Chevelle she takes in the reaction to the name. The girl sits up taller for a minute, and as she watches the woman across from her she chuckles lightly and asks, "You okay over there?" A brow arches and she looks to the bar and back.

    "I know them.. I wouldn't say I knew 'em as well as I'd know someone I'd grown up with my whole life, but I know 'em o-kay enough. Why? You got somethin' against them or.. something?" Fern wonders, her eyes slightly narrowed in a curious way. "Do -you- know them well or something?" Now she's leaning closer again, interested in hearing the answer.
Chevelle      Shaking her head again, finally regaining enough of her composure to seal away the look on her face. The surprise at hearing the name, the shock of it, blowing away like tracks in the sand. Soon that stoic, half bored look returned to mask her thoughts. Re-filling her glass she knocked it back and poured herself another. The cheap Whiskey burning it's way down her throat to settle within her like a hot coal. " What? No. Just got something caught in my throat, this is more colored paint thinner than Whiskey.

     Leaning back in her chair, casually hooking one arm around the back of it. " But I mean if they got work maybe I'd like to know some about them before I do it. You know? What are they like? "
Fern     Fern sits there just staring at Chevelle for a bit, and as those eyes lock on the other's face she starts to laugh a hearty chuckle. She rolls her eyes at Chevelle and laughs more, smacking her hands on the back of her chair once while she says, "You're so full of shit. I may be young, but i'm not fuckin' stupid. But if you don't wanna talk about it, cool. I'll play along." Fern smirks, then reaching across the table to swipe the bottle of whiskey and take a swig from the source. She tenses and shivers. Holy shit. It -is- more like paint thinner.

    Fern coughs a bit, and after clearing her throat she says, "All I know is the family goes way back. Cause really. I don't get into other people's business. Whatever they want me to know? I'll know. I don't know all of them that well. Just Gale and Kitty. A little. They're both nice enough, though."
Chevelle      Watching her, her face still until she watched the poor girls reaction at the Whiskey. It was her turn now, lips twisting in to a wicked grin as she reaches out and takes the bottle back, returning it to it's proper place beside her glass. " Don't say I didn't warn you. " Taking a sip from her glass she nodded slowly. " Gale and Kitty? Who are they? Like sisters or something? "

     Behind those flat brown eyes of hers, an idea was forming. The gears of her mind slowly churning out some semblance of a direction, a plan.... No more sitting around here that was for sure. Finally all of her patience paid off.
Fern     "I.. think they are? I don't know. I ain't a nosey sort," Fern says with another little roll of her eyes. "Gale, she's always off on her own.. doin' who knows what. Kitty runs stuff here at the bar and she's in charge of all the ladies in case ya ever.. need a massage or something." Yeah. Something. "They're both pretty nice, though. You gonna hang around and meet em?" she wonders. "Shouldn't be hard to find Kitty. Gale? Shit, I don't even see her much anymore and I lived with the woman!" Fern laughs at that.

    Leaning back in her chair again Fern eyes Chevelle. "So.. Where did you come from? Ya look like you've been to hell and back.. and kinda look like ya enjoyed it," she murmurs while still examining the woman across from her.
Chevelle      Processing what little information Fern provided, trying her best to commit the names to memory through the bubble of cheap Whiskey that surrounded her like a shield from conscious thought. Sliding the tip of her tongue across her lips as she studied the half empty glass in her hand, nodding absently. " Sure, yah... They coming by or something? Kitty I mean? "

     Glancing back to Fern, Chevelle considers this. Trying to figure out a way to answer the question until realizing the girl had answered it for her, perhaps without knowing. " Hell is close enough... I'm from all over... Out there. " Gesturing vaguely in the direction of the Wasteland that surrounded them. " What about you? "
Fern     "Same, really. From out there. Stayed in Shantytown for a long time till my parents got themselves blown up cooking chems. That's when Gale found me and took me in. Then Kitty started helping out once Gale got too busy. Maybe she finally found a woman," Fern says with a little shrug of her shoulders. She looks away and back, mentioning, "Kitty should be around at some point, sure. I dunno her schedule. If you wanna meet her at some particular time, though, lemmie know. I can tell her when I see her.." she pauses. "Unless you really are some crazed killer and you're here to whack her. Then sorry. Can't tell ya." Fern crosses her arms over her chest then as se eyes Chevelle. "Sure you don't want me to lead you to some stream where you could bathe or something?"
Chevelle      Nodding Chevelle knocked back the remainder of the amber colored liquid in her glass and shoved the cork back in the bottle of rotgut she'd been nursing for the last few hours. Canting her head to the side, her expression changing to something other than that vaguely bored look she seemed to favor. A funny little smile on her lips as she chuckles dryly and stands up from her seat, stretching expansively before shaking her head.

     "Whatever works... But nah, again, you're half right." Offering the girl a strange little wink as she picks up the bottle from the table and gestures toward the door. "Sure. Let's go."