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Ironface Jones The market isn't too busy at this particular moment. Just the usual hustle and bustle of folks transacting business and shopping. One of those doing his mostly aimless shopping is Ironface Jones. He's looking particularly worse for wear thanks to being shot, sliced, lasered and slammed around not long ago, but at least his wounds are nicely dressed. Currently he's frowning at the metal part of a motorcycle seat, "I do not think this is actually horse helmet." He puts it down where he found it and steps away away from the stall.
Iris Lark Iris walks into the market, Bacon trotting behind her. She has a heavy rucksack slung over her shoulder and she looks as if she's taken a few lumps. She stops at one stall and starts to bargain for something to go into a stew later. The heat of the morning prompting her to remove her kerchief from her head so she can fan herself with it.
Decius Another person who arrives at the market happens to be Decius, who aside from several bandages peeking out from under his armor, seems to be relatively well off despite the recent battle. Enough at least that he can carry around his new super sledge over his shoulder as he lazily walks past the stalls and looking at random curio and scrap that is offered.
Nikki Nikki is without her eyebot at the moment, having left it at home for..reasons. In fact, the woman looks worse for wear, trudging slowly through the market with a blanket wrapped around her that's holy and rugged, but it works. Sniffling, she stops at a market stall, looking at nothing in particular before she coughs and sneezes.
Ironface Jones As he steps away from the vendor offering him a 'horse helmet', Ironface is off to check out the next thing that catches his eye. On the way, though, he spots Iris and Decius and stops to call out to them, sounding surprisingly cheerful, "Greetings friends!" The big guy isn't looking to get in the way of their shopping, though, just being pleasant. Besides, he spots Nikki and sees that she seems to be unwell. Concern fills his face and he starts to make his way towards her, speaking out gently, "Friend Nikki! What is wrong? Are you injured?"
Iris Lark Iris hears someone calling out and she turns to raise a hand in greeting towards Ironface. She turns back and beings to barter anew, pulling various things from her rucksack for trade. Eventually they settle on a deal and the Healer takes up a netting bag full of various veggies and moves on to the next stall, the tiny piglet trailing behind her. A man in a large stall has a pig looking creature turning on a spit and Bacon starts to squeal, until Iris picks him up and continues to walk.
Decius Decius waves to others as he hefts the sledge off his shoulder and places it down head first with a loud thud. A remarkable weapon and the fact that he took it from the corpse of a Decanus just makes owning it that much better. "Salve. Seems like you are on your way to start recovering Jones. At least you aren't out of commision."
Nikki Nikki glances up and over to Jones as he calls out to her, and she offers him a weak smile. "Oh, hey Jones. Nikki's fine..she's just...she's got a cold.." This followed by some wheezing coughing and then she shakes her head. "Nikki'll be better soon, but she wanted to come and find something to keep her busy at the house since she's all alone there right now.."
Ironface Jones "Yes, I am much refreshed after a night at the saloon," Jones replies to Decius with a nod, then glances towards the sledge admiringly. "I am glad that one of us was able to recover that weapon. It is very formidable." As Nikki starts talking to him he gives her his attention, looking closely at her and nodding his head, "If you are cold I could lend you more blankets. I have one that is shiny and provides much warmth." And there'll be another nod from him, "I do not know what you like to do to keep busy but if I am able to help you then let me know."
Iris Lark Iris is finally finished with her bartering and she walks towards the group. Bacon wiggles under her arm until she lets him back down to the ground. The piglet trots over to Nikki and squeals at her a few times, clearly wanting attention. "How does the morning find all of you?" She asks, offering each a smile. She spots the sledge next to Decius and pulls the power fist from under her cloak. "I found this last night, it's a very odd looking Pip-Boy, don't you think?"
Decius "Actually, thats a power fist. You see that ram on top?" The legionnaire vaguely gestures to the top part of the power fist. "When you wear it and punch with it the ram is pushed forward to ram into the enemy. That with the normal strength of a punch lets you punch with approximately the power of several people."
Nikki Nikki blinks and then shakes her head at Jones. "No no. Nikki isn't cold...well she is cold...but she means she's sick.." Explaining that a bit more before giving a shuffle of her feet. "She spent too much time out in the rain s'plorin and stuff and got sick.." A smile still as she turns her attention to Iris and Decius but they're off in their own sort of little conversation. A sniffle and cough later, her attention goes back to Jones. "Nikki likes working on stuff, but she's all...head fizzy.."
Ironface Jones "I am not as unwell as I could be, friend Iris," Ironface declares to his buddy, puffing out his chest a little bit to demonstrate that he's still somewhat healthy. He stares at the power fist she shows off, frowning, then pulls out his own Pip-Boy, "I do not think they are the same thing." And then Decius is there to explain what the thing is and how it works, "That makes much more sense to me." Nikki's explanation has the big tribal nodding his head up and down, "I understand now. I am sad that you are sick." A little frown as he thinks about what to offer next, "I wish I could unfizz your head or find you a thing to do..." He trains off as his brain seems to come up with something and he looks over towards Iris, "Friend Iris, do you have the thing I sold you put into your Pip-Boy yet? I think maybe Nikki could help you do that while she is sick and I could lend you my Pip-Boy to use until your is returned."
Iris Lark "I have the thing but it's not in my Pip-Boy yet, no." Iris says, and her attention turns back to Nikki. "If you'd like, I have some stew back at the clinic that might clear your head a bit. You're welcome to work on my Pip-Boy if you're looking for something to do." She offers the other woman a smile and she leans down to pick up Bacon and tuck him back into her cloak. She tries to heft the power fist to take a closer look, but it's odd bulk makes it difficult and she ends up just putting it away. "I really thought it was a Pip-Boy." She says, an embarassed look on her face.
Decius Decius simply shrugs with a wry smirk. "I'm sure you'd have noticed that it isn't once once you punched a hole in a wall by accident or yourself in the face. At the latest." He then glances at his sledgehammer and hefts it up again. "They are quite popular with the highranking Legionnaires due to being relatively simple in their technology as far as I have heard. That said, this sledge here, the power armor used by the Centurio and the giant gun he used of course points out again that they don't live what they preach when its inconvenient. Not that anyone there is intelligent enough to argue with anyone above the rank of Decanus."
Ironface Jones "If I punched things more often I would give you quite a lot of caps and trade for your punching thing," says Ironface to Iris as he watches her put the power fist away again. "I like a regular weapon more, though. It hurts less than punching things to death." His brow furrows as Decius speaks, thinking for while as the other man speaks. "The high ranking ones seem to think they will do what it takes to win the fight without care for the beliefs they should be holding."
Iris Lark Iris doesn't chime in when it comes to the Legion, she simply gazes at her feet and then back to Nikki, waiting to see what the woman says of her offer. She glances around the busy market and comments. "I think this place is becoming a bit more popular for trading, it's nice to see."
Decius At the mention of Iris how trading is becoming more popular Decius abruptly nods and begins to try to get his hands on something he has been carrying under his cloak so far. "Oh right, that reminds me. Jones, interested in some better armor? I might have something for you I took of a dead legionnaire a while ago." With that said he manages to retrieve what he was trying to get, namely metalic leg guards compareable to what the legion prefers to use although quite bloodstained.
Ironface Jones "I am glad there is much trade going on. I find it is good for people to have many choices of things," Ironface tells Iris as he looks over the place of commerce once more. Then Decius shows off some new armor and Jones' face lights up for a second. "That is something I am interested in." Although on closer inspection a frown creases his face, "Unfortunately I think they will be too small for me. It is hard to find good armor that fits because I am so large."
Nikki Nikki gives another round of coughing and hacking before she shakes her head and rubs a hand over her face. "Nikki...might just need to go back home...maybe tomorrow she'll feel better..." A smile to those around and then she begins to shuffle away.
Iris Lark Iris leans in to look at he leg guards that Decius is holding up. After a few moments she glances at Ironface. "Do you think it could be modified a bit to fit you?" She asks, turning to gaze at the leg guards again. "Those are rather interesting."
Decius With a shrug Decius immideately packs them back to where he retrieved them from. "Oh well, worth a try. Hopefully I can get rid of them sometime, since they are a bit inconvenient to both store or carry around."
Ironface Jones "I am afraid that there is probably not enough metal in them to make them work for me," Ironface says with a big frown at the leg guards. Seems like something he'd want if he wasn't just quite so damn large. "I am lucky that this fits me," he reaches behind himself to grab the corner of the ludicrous cape he wears to show off it's shiny, sequined exterior.

His attention end ups on Nikki and his frown deepens in size, "If I do not see you tomorrow I will try to find you to make sure that you are okay."

Back to Decius, the big tribal shakes his head, "I hope that you can sell or trade them. They seem valuable but they are just too small for me." Then he glances at Iris and says, "Do you need armor?"
Iris Lark Iris gazes up at Ironface and both of her eyebrows raise slightly. "I'm already clumsy, if I put on armor I'm gonna end up waddling like a duck." She glances down at her dress and the apron over it. "I suppose I can look into something." She glances around the marketplace and frowns. "Leather armor..I guess?"
Decius Decius nods slightly towards Iris and smiles. "A few pieces of leather armor is something I can provide. Not particular good pieces, but still better than nothing if you wouldn't mind to take a look?" With that said he is allready starting to scrounge through his belongings again to see if can find it. Might be time that the man gets himself a backpack instead of just haphazardly stringing everything he isn't storing over his back.
Ironface Jones "I do no think you are so clumsy, but I am not you so I cannot know for certain," says Ironface to Iris with a little shrug of his shoulders. "The armor I usually wear is made of leather," he pokes himself in the armor for emphasis. "I want to get better armor, though, since I am being hurt a lot lately. I must save up many caps to do it." As Decius goes through his belongings Ironface stands back to give him some room, not wanting to get in the way of the man doing what he needs to.
Iris Lark Iris eyes Decius and she finally takes a step closer to look at what he has. She dithers for a moment and then scratches at her arm. "I guess..I could purchase them? I'm going on a hunt tonight, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to avoid a boar if it runs at me." She tilts her head and gives Decius a smile. "How much do you want for it?"
Decius After a moment Decius takes out his old armor pieces and holds them up. "5 caps each. Actually, you know what? I'll give you them for free." With that said he holds them towards Iris.
Iris Lark Iris takes the armor and she makes a face for a moment. The armor looked familiar but she shook off the feeling and leaned over oddly to try to strap the leg guards to her legs. It doesn't look good under a dress, but at least she'll be protected now. She does the same for her arms and then sticks them out, eyebrows raised. "Okay, how does this look?"
Ironface Jones "That price cannot be beaten, Iris," speaks the large tribal as he looks at the equipment being brought forth for her to peruse. "It will be useful to you when on your adventures." And then he more or less just stares at her while she puts them on, "I think you look protected in them. We will try to get you some armor for your chest, too, but I do not think there is much call to hurry about that."
Decius "Actually, I can provide something. I have found a few things in Roswell and what I have might interest you." With that said Decius quickly returns to scrounging through his belongings and drops several parts of what is obviously rather modern combat armor on the ground. "I don't need that, so... lets say about a bit below twohundred caps or tradegoods of equal worth? Thats about a quarter of what they sell it inside El-Dorado most of the time."
Iris Lark Iris and Decius get down to business, quietly discussing the subject at hand. After some hefty bartering and discussion, Iris is now outfitted in armor. She looks bulkier than before and now moves with a slight waddle but she should be safer. She aims a bright smile in Decius's direction and then impulsively reaches out to give the man a hug. "Thank you! Now I'm ready for boars!"
Ironface Jones "You look much more protected now," Ironface tells Iris with an approving look on his face, tilting his head to the side to make sure it seems to fit her okay. He rocks back on the heels of his feet a little bit after that, then nods his head at whatever it is he was thinking. "You have had a good day trading in the marketplace. It is good to see you well equipped for the dangers that lie ahead."
Decius Decius lets himself be hugged with a grin and nods. "Sure thing. I'll see if I can find something better than the leather pieces for you some other time, but for now you should be fine for the most part. Just make sure nothing hits in your head. A pretty face doesn't make you bullet or stab proof." With that said he stashes his new caps away and scratches his head. "That said, I now actually need to figure out what to spend this all on. Might have to consider getting myself a pipboy at some point."
Iris Lark "Are boars very dangerous?" Iris asks, glancing around to gather the general consensus as she continues to fiddle with the straps on her chest plate. "I just want to see one, I've never seen one..well..that wasn't already food." The Healer pats her face and frowns as she considers Decius' words. "Pip-boy's make really good music."
Ironface Jones Perking up slightly Ironface pulls his Pip-boy from his belt and holds it out towards Decius, "Take a look at mine. I found it after an adventure and it is full of knowledge." Then he moves over towards Iris, ready to help her tighten up her vest, "Do you want me to help you?" After that he nods his head, "Boar can be very dangerous. They are faster than they look and very strong. Usually it is best to surprise them. Sometimes they will fight, other times they will run away. Sometimes they are alone, other times they are in a pack."
Decius The legionnaire nods slightly at the description of a boar. "Yes, an angry boar is just a pile of muscles, ill temper and a lot of speed that will gladly bowl you over if they feel threatened. Thats painfull, I can tell you that much."
Iris Lark "You can help me." Iris says to Ironface, holding both arms out to her sides. She winces before he even starts to pull at the straps and adds. "Not too tight, okay?" She takes in the information about the boars and then she wrinkles her nose. "Well I'm bringing my stimpak and my chems with me. I think it might be useful in general if we were more prepared. I wasn't very prepared for the ants."
Ironface Jones Getting Iris's straps done up doesn't take Ironface particularly long. Making sure they're snug without being painful is priority number one for him, this way the chest piece will move with her body and will be less likely to tug her off balance, "That should be better for you." And then he's back to the subject of the hunt, "It is good to be prepared for a hunt. There are many animals that are very dangerous and can hurt you or kill you if you are not careful."
Iris Lark "What do you think about chems?" Iris quietly asks Ironface. "I feel bad about people wanting them, but they can sometimes be useful." She turns around in the armor and then flaps her arms once or twice. When the armor doesn't move she nods, satisfied.
Ironface Jones "I do not know much about chems," The big man will reply after a moment of thought. "I think sometimes they will make people better at things like fighting and thinking but they are not for me to use. I do not like how they make me feel." A little bit of a pause, "Beer and hooch are good for me, though. They make me feel good without making me feel bad, I think."
Iris Lark Iris reaches up and pats Ironface on the arm and she picks up her bag of veggies. "I'm going back to the clinic to start cooking." She says, giving the two men a smile and a wave. "I'll see you both later if you go to the hunt."
Decius "Besides, you can become addicted to chems and that is extremely painful while also making sure you end up extremely poor in wealth and health after a while. One of the reasons why they have been declared illegal in the Legion." With that said Decius has managed to pack up all his stuff again and put away his caps before shrugging and wandering off. "Take care you two and try not to get run over by boars."
Ironface Jones "Fare well, friend Iris. I shall see you at the hunt," Ironface tells the lady before he stretches himself out a little bit and glances over the rest of the marketplace. Then he turns towards Decius and frowns, "That is terrible to become addicted to a thing." He'll get a wave from the tribal, "Take care. I will see you again."