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Fern     "So, how many people -have- you killed?" asks Fern as she makes the way out of town and into the wastes, headed toward a particular well-traveled path that's promised to lead them to a stream. The water may not be the least radiated, but it should work for a bath. At least that's what she promised. "And why do you kill? Kill because you need to or do ya kill for sport?" she wonders with a casual glance over her shoulder and back to Chevelle. She grins for her.

    Fern looks forward again and makes a turn on a path, moving between tall grasses until they head down a small hill where a few trees are. There's a stream running through the area here, wide and deep enough for people to take a dip and go for a swim. Fern pauses nearby once she's found a good spot, and the girl slips her backpack off and drops her guitar to the side, putting them at the base of a tree.
Chevelle      Following along behind the girl, her shotgun cradled in her arms. Half listening to the endless stream of questions as her eyes moved across the desert for any sign of movement. Her senses reaching out, searching for threats and trying to memorize the path they were taking. When they finally arrived at the stream, Chevelle walked around the clearing. It was kind of strange to watch her. She went to every rock large enough to be too big to carry, and every tree. Laying a hand on each one as she paced a slow circle around the edges of the clearing, finally making her way back to the edge of the stream where Fern stood.

     Once she'd finished her odd, almost ritualistic touching, Chevelle walked over to where Fern was setting down her things. Leaning in close, their faces almost touching, she lowered her voice until it was a barely audible whisper. The corner of her lips twitching, the tension in her face visible as she fought to restrain herself. "Stop. Asking."

     Walking off to a nearby spot Chevelle found a rock at the edge of the water and carefully set down her shotgun, keeping it close enough to grab as she stripped. Her body was lean and muscular. The portions of her skin beneath her clothing shurprisingly pale in contrast to the rest of her. Peeling off her clothing she knelt down by the waters edge and wrung them out in the water before setting them beside her shotgun on the rock to dry.

     Glancing over to Fern she placed a hand on her hip and scratched at her chin. "You have soap or a razor or anything."
Fern     Fern is probably still asking questions while Chevelle is checking out the place, and by the time Chev is finally heading back to the stream Fern is standing there staring at her. She lifts her brows, asking, "All clear?" Her lips tug to the side of her mouth, leaving a smirk for Chevelle, but it doesn't last long. The whispered threat wipes the smirk off her face, and the girl shrugs her shoulders at the other while turning and taking a few steps away.

    While Chev strips down Fern does the same, all clothing except her undershirt and boy shorts beneath her jeans. She doesn't really need to wash her clothing, and she doesn't look like she needs a bath (currently) so maybe she's due for a swim. Once her clothing is put aside she wanders to the stream's edge and steps in, sinking a foot or so and stepping deeper. Her eyes cut over to Chevelle and she smirks. "I'll let you ask me questions, sure. And yeah. I got stuff.." She looks to her backpack and Chev, glancing between the two before she decides to hop out and go to it. She unzips a pocket and soon produces both, wandering back to Chev and offering them to the other.
Chevelle      Staying by the rock which held her belongings until Fern returned to the water with the soap. Standing there ankle deep in the cool water of the stream. It'd been a while since she'd had a razor to use, or the desire to use it. Her heritage, whatever it was, didn't provide her much in the way of body hair, but what was there appeared to haven't seen a razor in some time. Taking a rough piece of cloth from a pouch she carried, Walking slowly in to the deeper waters of the stream, the accumulated dirt and grime rising around her as she set the cloth on one shoulder and took the offered soap and razor.

     Nodding she scrubs some of the soap on the cloth, getting it up to a lather as she began to scrub herself with an almost painful looking scrubbing. As the grim was slowly stripped away, one might be shocked to see beneath it all, despite a few sunburnt patches Chevelle was mostly white as a sheet.

     "Okay. What's your morbid interest in my body count for starters. I was figuring you were just luring me out here to try and kill me." Glancing over to Fern, it was clear she'd given this thought some serious consideration.
Fern     Fern can see all that grime. She stays upstream. "Seriously?" she asks when hearing Chevelle's question. "You really thought I was trying to lure you out here to kill you? Do I look like a killer? Do I look like a cannibal?" she asks, completely forgetting to not ask questions. "I don't kill unless I have to. I don't get joy from taking someone else's life. Killing people sucks.. cause no what side you're on- good or bad, you're killing someone who has family, friends.. all that stuff. I don't like it, but if someone's trying to off me? Well, I better get them first, ya know?" she says with a light shrug.

    Fern steps deeper into the water then, going about knee-deep to where she can sit down on the stream's floor and have the water up to her neck. That's better. She closes her eyes and enjoys the feel of the cool water. "I'm just curious about you. That's all. No other reason. All the info I have on you is just rumors, so I ask questions pertaining to the rumors. Would you rather I ask what your favorite color is? Or what happened to your leg?" she wonders, eyes opening to look at Chevelle.
Chevelle      Scrubbing the small dark patch of hair beneath her toned arms, Chevelle keeps her eyes on Fern as she lowers herself in to the water. Stepping deeper in, Fern gets perhaps the best look at that strange cybernetic leg than anyone had in sometime. It was strange, it looked so organic, so sleek. The metal formed to mimic the musculature of her left leg. It was fully articulate, right down to the toes. The bottom of it corrugated with some odd looking pattern of what looked like rubber or kevlar. Whatever it was it was clear it did a great job of letting Chevelle keep her balance on the slick rocks beneath the water. The area where it met her thigh was surprisingly smooth. No terrible scar, no gross wires, it was like it had grown out of her.

     Drunking her head briefly in to the water she spends what seems like forever scrubbing dust and crud out of it. Wiping the soap from her eyes she shrugs her shoulders, pursing her lips. "People are rarely what they appear. Take that to heart. No one ever knows what they're capable of until the time comes." Her voice is soft, just loud enough to be heard over the water. With the grime and her make up of soot and paint is gone, all that is left is the complex tattoo's. They're apparently everywhere, her body painted in bizarre symbols, almost runic, all apparently done by a skilled hand.

     Fern opens her eyes to find Chevelle's on her, perhaps a bit less scary minus all the make up and dirt. "Again, half right. I think my favorite color is blue. Or maybe green. It changes sometimes. " Rubbing the soapy rag across her abdomen before propping her good leg up on a rock and lathering it up before taking the razor to it. "What's yours?"
Fern     Fern is staring at that leg when Chevelle looks to her eyes. She doesn't shy away from staring, either, and as the question of favorite color is asked she answers, "That's wicked cool. Really cool.. Looks like whoever built it knew when they were doing. It's awesome.." Her voice is soft and low, almost like she was talking to herself. She soon snaps out of it, however, and glances up to Chevelle.

    "Huh? Oh. Uhhhh.. Shit, I dunno. No one ever asked me before. Err.. Orange? Green? Maybe?" She shrugs. "I'll have to put some thought into it." Fern gives a sheepish grin at that. As she sits there relaxing in the water she wraps her arms lazily about her knees, comfortable as can be. "You lean up good," she randomly notes then. "I thought all of that was paint.. You've got a hell of a lot of tattoos.. Cool," she notes. Now she's trying to check them all out without staring too much.
Chevelle      Following your gaze to her artificial leg, she continues to carefully shave up along the length of her leg clearly enjoying the opportunity to do something so mundane as shave. Sighing softly, she let her gaze drift back to her work. "Yah. Thanks." Though it is clear the praise, and the mention of it's crafter do not illicit the best of memories. Doing a double take however, watching as Fern begins to lose herself in something.

     Noting the attention the girl is giving her actually makes her feel somewhat exposed. A feeling she'd never really been allowed to possess before, or ever thought she would again. There's something else there too. A moment. Finishing up with the razor she considers shaving her armpits but decides against it after examining the small tuft of hair beneath each arm.

     Walking carefully through the water, she stops a foot or so away, handing you the soap and the rag. "Do my back?"

     Turning around, her back is just as lean and muscled as the rest of her. Tattoo's walking their way down the length of her spine from the base of her neck, they were just everywhere. If you unfocus your eyes it's almost like they make words, like she was some kind of walking human scroll. Shaking her head she glances over her shoulder at you. "No. Not all of it. I can't scrub these off..."
Fern     Fern looks up to Chevelle from where she sits, and she considers her for a moment. "Hmm.. Can't ask you too much, but you want me to scrub your back. Isn't that kinda intimate?" she asks, her tone teasing as can be. "But I guess I should help you out. Don't want you running around town looking like you got an odd suntan on your back." Fern snickers, hands unwrapping from her legs so she can push herself up to stand. The wash rag and soap are taken, and once they're lathered she moves around to start washing Chevelle's back.

    The washing is quick at first, scrubbing the filth and dirt away until the skin is the same tone as the rest. It's then that she slows, hand moving this way and that as she stares at the tattoos. "I want a tattoo some day. I just don't know what. They're neat.. There's this guy in town who does some pretty good stuff, but I haven't decided yet.. Were the tattoos done by choice or did you not have a choice?" she wonders in a softer tone.

    The cloth is lowered and Fern tosses the rag and soap to the bank, freeing her hands so she may cup them and bring water to Chev's back to rinse it off.
Chevelle      Shrugging her shoulders she glanced back at Fern, her expression difficult to read before finally turning away as you rise up out of the water. Folding her arms across her chest she leans forward slightly, gritting her teeth somewhat as the rough fabric of the rag scrapes away the dirt. The razor blade clutched tightly in her hand, suddenly white knuckled as the girl behind her continues. Her body is taut as a rip cord, and her breathing is a little ragged. It took an effort of will to relax, to bring herself out of the place she was threatening to fall in to.

     Closing her eyes tightly for a moment, she opens then and glances back, as if to make sure Fern was still there. "No... No choice." Letting out a slow sigh, Chevelle begins to visibly relax, the muscles of her back slowly releasing, the tension slowly working its way out of her muscles as the water cascades down her back. "It hurts. People might say it doesn't but it can... It does. Some hurt more than others. Where the skin is thin... It hurts the most. The soft places too.... Why do you keep staring at my leg." Interjecting the question casually, trying to find a way to get an honest answer, though she's not sure why she would believe the girl would suddenly start lying to her after having been so honest.
Fern     Fern takes a step back and lowers her hands to her sides once she has rinsed Chev's back, and as she looks at her she starts to grin and give a little chuckle. "I already told you. Cause it's fucking cool. Real cool." Fern looks down at it again. "Who wouldn't think it was cool? It's just like a leg, but metal.. and if you fell from a great height, you probably wouldn't break it like you would normal bone. It's cool," she answers again with a shrug.

    Fern turns away then and meanders back to the place where she had been sitting, and she plops down again to relax in the stream. "You don't like to be touched, yeah? I kept feeling like you were gonna punch me if I washed you wrong or something. Thanks for not busting my jaw," she says in a playful way, following it with a little laugh. As it calms she is sitting there quietly, watching Chevelle. Something amuses her, putting a softer grin on her mouth this time. "You clean up pretty nice, you know? Don't look so mean and killer with all the grime and paint washed away. You gonna put the paint back on before you go back to town?"
Chevelle      Hearing her move away through the water, finished with the task, Chevelle turns to face you, sinking down in to the water across from you, sitting indian style as she leans forward and dunks her head in to the water briefly, pushing her thick dark hair back with her hands as the water runs down her face. "Thanks." The corners of her lips twitching upward, a ghost of a smile on her lips. "It's not that... You did fine. I just..." Shrugging she glances off in to the distance for a moment, wiping some of the water from her face. Looking back to you, frowning slightly she cleared her throat softly before continuing. "It's hard to explain. But it was nice."

     Clearing her throat she sat there in the water and smiled softly. "Really? Well shit there goes all my mystique... Yah I will. It's an old habit. Probably the only thing I have left. A lump of coal and a two paint sticks..." Glancing down in the cool, clear water, she traced her fingers along the hard metal of her leg for a moment, tracing the joint of her knee with the tip of one finger and shaking her head softly. "It's weird. Sometimes I can still feel it. Not that I can't feel this one, but it's different. I can feel my real leg like it was still there. It hurts." Trailing off as the tip of her finger moved across a rough patch of rust.
Fern     Fern looks down into the water to watch the finger that traces the leg, and she watches as curious as ever. When her eyes lift to Chevelle she says, "Makes sense. Your body was used to it for so long.. I hear people who lose limbs get phantom pains. They say.. it's cause of the nerves that used to be there or something. Things hurt that aren't even there no more. That's crazy." She shakes her head, eyes going back down to the leg.

    "I wonder if they'll ever create a leg you could feel with. Maybe some day. i've seen some pretty crazy shit out there.. so a leg that could feel like it was still attached to you? That's not completely out there, ya know?" she says. "How long have you had the metal one?" she wonders. "You walk like you've been used to it for a while."
Chevelle      Nodding she thought about that... Phantom pains... She'd heard that expression before once, but so long ago it'd been forgotten. "Phantom's..." Whispering as she slides her fingers over the hard chrome. "Um..." Thinking, she glances off in to the distance, counting back the years. "Ten years?" Though she's doubtful, time such a fluid thing out in the wastes. It could have been less then that, or more, she just couldn't be sure. "I used to use a crutch. Sometimes a decorative wooden one. But I hated it...." Canting her head to the side she gave you a quizzical look.

     "What do you mean? I -can- feel this one. I can just feel my old one sometimes too." Leaning back she raised the metal appendage in to the air and closed her eyes. "Touch it but don't tell me when you do." Was she putting her on? The thing looked organic but it appeared to be made out solid chrome, how on earth could anyone feel with that?
Fern     "Nono. I mean.. If I touch it can.." Fern pauses there. Her eyes widen. "Okay," she says in an excited, hurried way. She grins wide as Chev closes her eyes, and she lifts up her right hand. Does she touch it? Who knows?! Does Chevelle? If she can truly feel through that leg, she just may feel the tickling of slim fingertips as they brush against the sole of the metal foot. Fern's trying to tickle her. She waits for the reaction with an asshole grin and wide eyes.
Chevelle      Eyes shut tight, holding that gleaming metal leg upward, water dripping off of it to fall back in to the stream. Canting her head to the side, a slow smile spreading across her lips as the toes of her mechanical foot twitch slightly. "Cute. But it doesn't work like that." Opening her eyes, her head canting to the side as she scoffs softly. "You're loving this aren't you. I don't get it, what's with the fascination?" Reaching out she takes your hand in hers and places it on the cold metal of her calm. But it isn't cold, no. There's heat there, a faint warmth, the slightest of vibrations deep within the metal of the leg.

     "Don't ask me how it works. I think I feel your body heat or something, or pressure, it's different than skin."
Fern     "All of this.. and you still wonder why I'm fascinated? Ya fuckin kidding me?" Fern asks with a hearty laugh. "It's not like you got a wooden peg for a leg. You have this super sweet.. metal thing and it -feels-. Who wouldn't be amazed?" Fern asks, rolling her eyes before she splashes a bit of water at Chevelle.

    Fern lowers her hand from the leg then, and she looks to Chev again. "I haven't met many people with robot parts. Just you and a few others.. Oh! Okay. So.. the dude who was running the town? He was a robot.. Or something. I got his arm at home. I'll have to show you some time. It's like.. -real-. Covered with some kind of fake skin.. and it feels real and it's creepy as shit!" she says, laughing louder this time.
Chevelle      Laughing softly, smiling for real this time as she shakes her head in wonder. Lowering her leg back in to the water. "You're something else..." Splashing a little bit of water back your way, Chevelle chuckles softly. "Yah me either...." But she cuts herself off and leans forward, the smile melting from her face as she sits up on her knees. "Wait... What? Where's the arm? Can I see it? Do you live nearby?" Scooting closer as she reaches out, laying a hand on your shoulder, something catching in her throat. "And the man, the rest of him? Is it... Alive?" There was urgency in her voice, and something else... Panic? Excitement? Fear? Anger? It was too complex to tell.
Fern     Fern's eyes narrow slightly and she scrunches back just a bit, looking to Chevelle and her sudden interest. "Uhhh.." She blinks a little. "I.. I don't remember what they did with him. All I know is I grabbed his arm cause.. again, it was pretty cool. I could show it to you if you like.. Damn, girl. You're too excited about it. What's it to you?" Fern wonders, staring Chevelle down.

    "Did you know him or something? Or are you wanting that type of technology? For what it's worth, I think the metal leg is way cooler-looking than a fake arm meant to look real." She shrugs lightly at that. "And I live in town. on a farm.. with the.. CAINE FAMILY." she says, giving a howling cackle at that. "Wanna come see?" she asks in a normal tone.
Chevelle      There is a pained look on her face, the medication wore off at some point. Leaving her unable to move and in unbelievable pain. Feeling herself being opened, splayed apart, every nerve on fire as the blades began to whir. Suddenly there was no more metal there, just a solid limb of pain. Gasping softly as her grip on your shoulder tightened almost painfully. Finally, seeing something, perhaps the way you retreat from her, or a wince of pain of your own. She releases her grip on your shoulder and holds her hand out, palm open in placation.

     "Sorry. I'm sorry. I... " Standing up out of the water, getting to her feet as it runs down her body, almost looming above her. "No." A one word answer for every one of those questions. Pausing for a moment, she held out her hand to help her up out of the water. "Yes."
Fern     Fern is slow to take the offered hand, and she pulls herself up by it while keeping her eyes on Chevelle. Once she stands she asks, "Are you.. okay?" She looks to the leg and back. "I thought I did something wrong.. You alright?" she asks while taking a small step to the side, moving out of the way and starting to head back to the water's edge. Once there she steps out, and she walks over to her backpack, bending down to get something out. It's more clothing. The girl keeps her back to Chevelle as she quickly gets out of the wet clothing and puts on clean shorts and another undershirt. Then other pieces of clothing are put on, and once the wet stuff is wrung out she turns around.

    "C'mon and I'll show you. The farm isn't too far off from here. Just promise me you ain't seeking out Caine people to kill them. That'd suck cause I like them and you, too. Alright?" she warns, wagging a finger. her things are gathered and the bag slung over her back, the guitar across her chest, and then she'll lead the way once Chev is ready as well.
Chevelle      She was thankful for the warmth of the sun against her skin, the water cold enough as it was to give her a bit of a shiver. Giving your hand a squeeze Chevelle shook her head softly, her other hand coming up to wipe something, water or soap probably, from her eyes. "You didn't do anything wrong. I'm fine." But she pulls you back toward her as you try to walk away from her, looking down in to your eyes as she takes your hand in both of hers. "But you need to tell me about this man. The one whose arm you stole. I need to know who was there. I need to know who watched it die." Words spoken carefully as she studied your face for a moment. Finally releasing your hand she walked to the edge of the water and picked up her mostly dry clothes, tugging them on to her still wet body. Glancing over briefly as you strip, then looking over again, pausing as she retrieved a piece of coal, her paint sticks, and a dry cloth from her bag. Drying her face she quickly applies her paint.

     Gathering her things she walk over to where you stand, nodding briefly. "I don't care about them." Her tone strangely flat, but her head cants to the side, the last bit catching her off guard. "You... What?" Following along behind the girl as she takes off.
Fern     Before leaving the water's edge, Fern looks to Chevelle once more and grins, saying, "I like you. Now, c'mon. Let's go check out the ranch." The girl snickers and heads on out, leading the way through the trails and down the street, soon enough bringing Chev to the Caine ranch.

    It's not a bad walk, and it's not too far. As the two approach the farm Fern lifts a hand to wave at whoever is on guard in the watch tower. She walks down the street and says, "I'll find out more information for you, alright? A few of us had gone to meet him, and when we got there we realized something was off. He was a fucking.. robot or something. The whole him! Isn't that crazy?" She grins. "So, why do you care so much about him?"
Chevelle      Chevelle paused, rolling her eyes at the confession, but smiling all the same. Following along behind her until reaching the ranch. Her eyes wide as she surveyed the property, blinking in disbelief at it all. Spotting the guard in the tower, watching him with a weary eye before returning her gaze to Fern. Clearing her throat as she walked along softly on the dirt road. "Who was he? Or who was he supposed to be?" Ignoring her question for a moment as she asked several of her own. "Would you? Find out more I mean...?"

     Looking back around at the distant barn and the sprawling ranch house. "This place is... Something..." Turning back to Fern she clears her throat, reaching out and giving your hand a brief squeeze, her voice lowered to a whisper. "I... Just... Please if you like me... Let me answer in my own time. Not now."
Fern     "He was supposed to be Mayor Solomon.. Supposed to be, and it did a pretty damn good job, too. It was insane.. You're gonna love the arm. Trust me." Fern snickers again, walking along with a happy bounce to her step. She's got a new friend.. one who wants to see the weird shit she collects! How cool is that?

    Fern glances to Chev when her hand is squeezed, and to her she says, "Sure thing. I got plenty of time for you to start spilling secrets. I won't push ya to answer." She shrugs lightly. "This way."

    Fern leads Chevelle into the home then, calling out, "I'm home with a friend! Don't shoot!" even though no one would really care anyway. Fern takes Chevelle to the stairs then, heading up and down the hallway until she's finally at her room. "Gimmie a sec, alright?" she asks in the hallway, breaking away from Chev to step into the room for second. When she returns she opens the door wide and motions the other in. The robot arm is sitting on her bed. "There ya go."
Chevelle      Following her the rest of the way silently. Slipping into the girls home. Looking around, marveling at the place as Fern leads her up the stairs and down a hallway. Waiting there, shifting from foot to foot in the hallway, almost afraid someone might walk out... See her... Or... Breathing a sigh of relief as Fern finally motions her inside. Stepping in she looks around briefly before her eyes fall on the arm resting on the bed.

     Her face beneath the paint goes ashen as she approaches it slowly, like it was a radscopion... Poised ready to strike. Her eyes never leave it as she kneels down beside the bed, leaning in close to it, her fingers getting close but stopping short of actually touching it. Finally, carefully, she pokes at the artificial skin. Once she's ure it isn't about to come alive and attempt to kill her she picks it up reverently, feeling the weight of it in her hands.

     Her eyes still on the arm as she speaks. "Where did it come from?" Her voice barely a whisper as she moves the fingers around experimentally.
Fern     Inside the room it's pretty sparse. There's an old bed with blankets over it pushed up against the wall, a chair by the other wall, and a small desk like surface. There are various old books lying around, and a few old, beat-up posters are nailed to the walls. It's cozy as it can get in the wastes.

    "From Mayor So-Oh. Uh. No clue. Not sure who made it.. I'd love to, though. I'd wanna meet the person in charge, cause that looks real as hell, doesn't it?" Fern asks as she moves over to the bed then, standing beside it. She grins. "It's been useful so far. I managed some good pranks the first few weeks I had it. Now people know not to shake my hand." Her grin widens. She looks so proud.
Chevelle      Nodding absently as her fingers manipulate the artificial hand, feeling the skin beneath her finger tips. Chevelle's head canting to the side as she studies it, her gaze distant and far away. "Yah... It does... " She kneels there by the edge of the bed form a long time, simply unable to speak as she rolls the arm around in her hands, examining the joint where it was severed from it's previous owner.

     Glancing up at Fern she slowly gets to her feet, still holding the arm in her hands, her gaze is ten thousand volts of bad electricity, she speaks slowly, carefully repeating Fern's words. " Mayor So....? I like you Fern. Don't.... Just tell me his name. " Voice measured, it was like the tonal equivalent of sliding down the edge of a razor.
Fern     Fern is now staring at Chevelle, her eyes starting to squint as she moves to put her hands on her hips. "Nhh.. I'm gettin' the feeling you might strangle me with that hand if i tell you. Might do it if I don't tell, you, too, but what the hell. not sure why it matters much, but, his name was Jared Solomon. He was a robot thing. Several of us had been in the room with him and one feller shot him. All this fluid stuff started oozing out, and as the eyes started to dim, Solomon said 'The Symposiiiiiii' and then died. It didn't move anymore. Stockton killed it." She shrugs a little, eyes squinting again. "You need to borrow that? You can.. but you gotta promise to bring it back."
Chevelle      Listening, committing the names to memory. Mayor Jared Solomon. Stockton. Symposi....? Her vocabulary wasn't big enough to recognize the word, at least not at the moment. Nodding slowly Chevelle reached out with one hand and gave Fern's hand a little squeeze. Her voice softer when she spoke again. "Thanks." Returning her gaze to the arm she shook her head slowly before setting it down carefully on the bed and turning back to Fern.

     Looking about the small room, like she'd suddenly realized the place was there. Walking around it, examining the books on the shelves and posters tacked up on the walls, occasionally glancing back at Fern over her shoulder. "No. I wouldn't know what to do with it. I like your room by the way. It's looking more and more like I'm going to have to find a place here. Know anywhere I could stay?"
Fern     Does she? Fern stares at Chevelle, lips pursed, and without missing a beat she says, "You could stay here if ya wanted. Long as you promise to take a bath now and then, don't get the room messy, and promise not to bring anything dead into the room. And don't take my weed if you find it.." She thinks a bit more. "I could round up a few more blankets, maybe even go out and find you a somewhat okay mattress.. I got space for it, I think," she says with a nod towards a wall with nothing against it. "if that's cool with you. Ya won't have to worry about me takin' your stuff or murdering you in your sleep." She shrugs.
Chevelle      One eyebrow climbing upward at the suggestion, absently raising one arm and sniffing herself as if to clarify to herself that she still didn't reek. Walking back over to where Fern stood, looking down at the young woman, not quite towering over her despite her boot's making her an easy 5'10. "You'd do that? Just.... Let me stay here?" Catching part of her bottom lip with one canine she chewed on it for a few moments in thought. "What'll it cost me? Besides making sure I bath, don't bring in dead shit, and don't toss the place?"

     The corner of her lips twitching in a faint smile. It was an extremely tempting offer, and it fit her needs perfectly at the moment... And it was exactly where she wanted to be ever since she first spotted the sign on the ranch several days before. "You sure the Caine's won't mind? I mean..." Gesturing at herself, the face paint and the tattoo's. "Sure they won't just shoot me on sight?"
Fern     "Not if I tell them not to. Long as you don't take my stuff, I don't care. I've shared rooms with people before. Used to live under a tarp on the dirt, with other people, too.. So, nah. I'm used to it. Just let me know if you got any weird roommate habits," Fern says with a little snicker and a grin.

    The girl looks around the room again, and when her eyes lift to Chevelle again she asks, "Sound good? It'd be nice to have someone to hang out with in the evenings. You can meet everyone here, too. They're all real friendly. I doubt they'd mind having someone new staying over."
Chevelle      This time she smiled for real, lips curling upward as she reached one slender muscled arm out and wrapped it around Fern's shoulder. Hugging the petite woman tightly, if briefly. "Yah that'll work fine." Clearing her throat she took a step back and glanced back at the empty space on the floor. "I could use a lock box if you know anyone who has one handy. Not that I don't trust you or anything but... I just have some things I'd rather not risk losing you know?"

     Turning back to you Chev chews absently on her thumbnail for a moment, the gears of her brain almost visibly turning. "I don't know, I guess I'm pretty quiet. I'm a light sleeper but I don't sleep much so... Guess that doesn't matter too much. When do I get to meet your friends?" That last question asked almost like an after thought a she sets down some of her gear. "Now all I gotta do is find some work."
Fern     "Gotcha. Everyone needs a box. If you need something longer for storage, we can get ya a bed frame and you can pull up floorboards beneath the bed. Or something.. But we can find you a box. We could go out scavenging later if you wanted. Or tomorrow. Sometime, anyway." Fern smiles.

    "You can meet the family later tonight. I'll make sure to show ya around so they don't shoot. Doubt they'd shoot first and ask questions later, though. They're pretty cool." She shrugs lightly, then chuckles. "You don't sleep much? Gawd. I could sleep for days if I didn't have work to do. I like my sleep. It's ok with me that ya sleep light. I won't be keeping you up.. and you won't be staring at me while I sleep," she says, giving Chev a faux menacing look.
Chevelle      Blinking innocently, well, as innocent as someone who looks like Chevelle can at that last comment. Chuckling softly she shrugs and idly fondles one of the bones hanging from her odd looking top. "Yah that sounds good, all of it. Once I can get some work and actually eat something other than rat I'll probably feel something closer to human. But no, I can only sleep for a couple of hours most of the time. Less I'm lit like a fucking candle. Then I can usually pass out for a pretty good while."

     Pacing out the spot she's been provided, Chevelle does some quick mental arithmetic and scratches the end of her chin with the tip of her finger. "A bad frame?" Turning back to Fern with a look of pure surprise. "With a mattress and all?" There was more than a shade of awe in her voice, not ever expecting this level of luxury to be provided so casually. "Shit girl I haven't slept in a bed since..." Trailing off she glances away, clearing her throat and kneeling down. Distracting herself by rapidly dismantling the SMG and the Assault rifle she carried. Taking the bolts out and dropping them in to a little pouch on her hip. Standing up she turned back to Fern with a lopsided little smile. "You... Fuck." Planting her hands on her hips, Chevelle's eyes wandered around the room for a long moment before finally returning to meet Fern's gaze. "I -really- don't know why you're doing all of this for me. It's not like we're fucking or.... I don't know.." Wincing slightly as if she's struggling to find the right words to express herself and knowing she's failing miserably.
Fern     "Well, I got some stuff that can make ya pass out. Don't worry about that.. Hmm.. Maybe we spend the rest of the day finding you something to sleep on, and we can get lunch.. I'll show you this diner that serves some pretty good food, and then I can help you get some good sleep. Sound good?" she asks, starting to laugh after.

    Fern shrugs at Chevelle when she wonders why Fern is being so helpful, and she says, "I don't know. Cause you seem kinda cool and you're needing a little help? I know if I was in your situation I'd hope someone would do the same for me. Ain't no biggie. Besides, it's good to have all kinda of friends. When ya get back on your feet, well, we'll see what happens then, but till you can.. Hang out here if ya want. But seriously, if you make me look like a fool for letting you stay, I'll find you and kill you. Probably. Kay? I know I'm short, but I've got good aim."
Chevelle      Those strange green eyes of hers fixed on Fern's as the girl speaks, planning out their day with the promise of sleep at the end. It would be the first time in months she'd be able to sleep without having to worry about being chewed on, murdered, or robbed. Chevelle understood the concept of humanitarianism, if not the word itself. She'd seen it once or twice, people sacrificing themselves for others. Chevelle thought it was about the most naive fucking thing in the world but it was hard to argue with it. Despite her suspicion she didn't want to think Fern was stupid. Perhaps she just wan't telling her everything...

     Another smile spread across her lips, this one more predatory than anything. Reaching out she took hold of the waistband of Fern's weird jeans and gave her a shake. "That's the spirit...." The smile fading, transitioning in to something softer as it lingered there for a moment on her lips. "That sounds good. Let's do it."
Fern     "....Okay. But first you have to let go of my pants," Fern says, trying her best to keep a straight face and not laugh. It's hard for her to remain serious, and her eyes give her away long before her lips crack a grin and she starts to laugh. "Okay, okay. C'mon. Leave whatever shit you wanna leave here and we'll go grab a bite to eat. Gotta have some fuel for scavenging, yeah?" she says, grinning once more.

    Fern steps away then and moves over to a shelf by her bed. She takes her backpack and unpacks a few things, then replaces them with others until she has whatever she might need today. Her backpack is slung over her shoulder and she says, "Ready?"
Chevelle      Releasing her grip on your jeans, Chevelle carefully arranged the Assault Rifle and the SMG beneath Fern's bed. When she's finally confident a casual observer wouldn't notice the items she stood up and headed for the door. "Don't have to tell me twice. I'm literally starving... Probably. But yah, lets roll."

     Gesturing to you from the door way as she stepped out in to the hall. "Lead the way..."
Fern     "Like I said, the food here is pretty good. The roasted radroach is pretty popular, but they got lots of good stuff," Fern says as she enters the building, pushing the door open and holding it that way for Chevelle as she glances about. She nods towards a table, and once Chev is inside she'll start heading that way. "We'll have dinner with the family later, so if you haven't met everyone by then, well, you'll have your chance," Fern says on her way to the table.

    Fern plops into a chair and leans back slightly, looking at a menu and reading over the few choices. "Mmmm.. Didn't think I was so hungry."
Chevelle      Following Fern inside, Chevelle glanced about the place. The concept like a distant memory, she hadn't been in an actual restaurant in forever. Sliding in to a seat across from Fern, she copied the girls movements and picked up a menu. Reading through it she balked a little at the prices. Leaning across the table as she lowered her voice to a whisper "Fern I... I can't pay for any of this...I spent my last cap on that bottle of Whiskey back at the Saloon."

     Though as she inhaled the scents wafting through the place from the kitchen, Chevelle felt her stomach begin to cramp in hunger, it felt like it was eating itself. Wincing slightly as her stomach let out a low, strangled grumble.
Fern     Fern lowers her menu enough so she can steady her eyes with Chevelle's. She says, "I wouldn't have invited you out for lunch if I didn't intend to pay. I figured as much," she says about spending the last cap on shitty liquor. Fern gives a little grin, then looks over the menu again, and once someone stops by to take the order she gives hers and puts the little menu back.

    Fern looks across the table and watches Chevelle, taking the moment to look over her face and tattoos s if trying to figure them out again.
Chevelle      Pausing for a moment, nodding softly as she glanced back at the menu. She wanted to restrain herself, but she could feel the cold claws of hunger tearing at her insides. She didn't order anything too expansive, just as much as she thought she could get away with, without putting Fern out too much. Reaching beneath the table she found Fern's hand and gave it a brief squeeze, silently mouthing 'thank you' before releasing your hand and leaning back in her chair. Her grip was strong, her hands possessing a sort of sand blasted roughness to them from too much time in the desert.

     After a moment Chevelle caught you eyeing her and gave a little grunt of amusement. "See something familiar?"
Fern     The squeeze to her hand makes Fern smile a little, and then she's looking away. Not for long, however. She likes to stare at people. She's soon looking over the tattoos again, and she says, "Not.. familiar.. I'm just trying to figure out where they're from and what they mean.. How old were you when they were given to you? Was it done over a few days or a longer period of time?" she wonders.
Chevelle      Shifting somewhat uncomfortably in her seat, Chevelle can't seem to hold your gaze and answer the question at the same time. Setting her jaw, she seemed to hold her breath for a moment, finally letting it out in a low sigh. "I'll tell you what. Pick one of those questions and I'll answer one of them. Just because you've been so nice to me. I suppose I owe you at least a few answers. But... I..." Returning her gaze to yours as the tip of her tongue probed the corner of her lip. "I don't have a lot Fern. But I have my memories. Good and bad... Mostly bad. But they're mine... Does that make sense?"
Fern     Nodding, Fern says, "Yeah. Makes perfect sense.. And just because I've been nice to you, it doesn't mean that you owe me any explanation. You don't have to tell me anything. Maybe you talk in your sleep and I'll hear it then," she says, giving Chevelle a teasing grin. She shrugs her shoulders, then chuckles as the plates are sat down. "Don't worry about it. I'm just curious is all. You don't owe me." She winks, then gets her fork and starts to eat. The food really is good!

    "Think we can haul a mattress across the wastes? Might take a wheelbarrow or something, huh?"
Chevelle      A little smile on her lips as Fern doesn't press her further for answers. Chevelle was just about to say something else when the food was delivered. The way she eats is something to watch, rending meat and other foods with her fingers and teeth. It's a primal, almost brutal thing to watch and Chevelle eats like someone who expects someone to come by at any moment and snatch it away from her.

     Hovering over her plate protectively she licks grease from her fingers and palm, wipes her mouth on her arm and seems to completely forget the rest of the world as she loses herself in her food.

     It's only when she's nearly finished, going so far as to crack any bones present in her meal before sucking the very marrow out of them, that she hears your question. Eyes flicking up to meet your own before focusing back down at her plate, Chev gives a soft grunt and shrug of her shoulders, her cheeks caving inward as she sucks nosily on the broken end of a bone.
Fern     Okay. So Chevelle is part wild animal. Got it. Fern looks mildly amused. Does she ask anything else? no. not yet. She doesn't want to lose a hand! Fern goes about eating her meal, and she manages to get the waitstaff to bring by another entree to 'share', but she never touches it. It's for Chevelle. Fern's been eating regularly, and she's not starved for more, sos he just sits back and relaxes, sipping at her drink. "Yeah. Maybe just some rope to carry it with. Wheelbarrow might be a pain in the ass to carry around.. Eh." She talks to herself, running through ideas while waiting for her friend to finish.
Chevelle      "I carry." Stretching one arm out she flexes a surprising amount of muscle on her pale, slender arm. Nothing remains on her plate save for a broken piece of bone. She threw Fern a questioning look as the second plate is delivered and her own taken away, as if to ensure she's allowed to touch it. Once permission is given however, and Fern makes no effort to touch it, Chevelle dives in to it.

     Cheeks bulging outward as she shoves a handful of something she can't identify in to her mouth with an almost lewd groan. She'd had mushrooms before but... Not like this. Sinking her teeth in to the tender flesh of it, the grease spilling out the corner of her lips as she wipes her mouth with her fingers, licking them clean once she swallows the mushroom down. "Uugh..Mmpf.."

     Gesturing to her plate before clapping her sticky stained hands together. Resting one hand on the flat of her exposed stomach Chev lets down her guard long enough to take a gasping breath and pick up her glass of water. Chugging it down rapidly, her hands quite literally shaking from the sudden influx of carb's and sugar.

     The rest of the second plate vanishes, punctuated by a sustained belch which Chev makes little to know attempt to conceal.

     "Oh my god.... Fern..." Sitting up slightly she leaned across the table, those messy hands reaching for the sides of your face as she kisses you full on the mouth. Laughing as she sat back down and sprawled in her chain. "Holy fucking shit.... That was amazing! What was... Any of that called??"
Fern     Fern is watching that food disappear with amazement. It's truly fascinating! The girl grins a little to herself, and is then gasping with surprise at that excited kiss, which leaves her laughing. She grabs a napkin and starts to wipe at her mouth, getting off any grease that may have been transferred thanks to messy eating. "Does it matter?" she asks about what the food is called. It makes her laugh more. "Maybe you shouldn't have eaten so much. Now I feel like you're just gonna be too full and pass out. Better get moving before you do," she teases, grinning wider as she rises. Fern leaves payment for the food, then slips her backpack on, ready to head out.
Chevelle      Snickering Chevelle downs the rest of her glass of water and smears her fingers in some of the left over grease on the plate, sucking the collected fluid from her fingers with a smack of her lips, her napkin forgotten. "Are you kidding? I feel -amazing- thank you again. Also, yah it probably doesn't but whatever it was it was great. Come on, lets roll."

     Wiping one hand off on her stomach she took a hold of your hand and nearly drags you outside. "Wait where the fuck are we going?" Chuckling softly as she worms her tongue around inside her mouth, tasting the remains of her meal with pure satisfaction.
Fern     Fern has truly befriended an animal! Good thing she added that hygiene agreement to the room-sharing! Fern just grins at Chevelle as she rushes out of the diner with her, and once on the street she tugs Chevelle's hand, saying, "This way!" and she starts the quest for a bed for her friend!