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Cormano A group of armed figures make their way out of El Dorado, one of them large, hulking even in a suit of gleaming power armor. The other notable figure is scrawny, clad in a large sombrero and a flowing poncho. Cormano had just been given orders by the El Dorado Militia to clear out an old office building a few miles from Roswell for possible use as an outpost by the Militia. There had been reports of various desert critters moving in and out of the building, and likely they had nested there.

The veritable knight in shining armor was Rome, droning along beside Cormano, his heavy boots leaving deep indents in the scorched desert earth. Rome had been hired on as temporary help at the recommendation of the Ghoul, given the risk of swarming involved in pest control missions such as this. The recruiter had not given Rome much trouble, clearly impressed with him, and the shape of his armor.

The final two members of this small party were Private Davis, a tall and gaunt man who had been with the Militia for a few months and Private Camilla Ruiz. Davis was a former raider, noted for his skill with a shotgun, and not much else. Many of their fellow Militia men viewed Davis with some suspicion, sayings such as 'once a raider, always a raider.' Seemed to dog him wherever he went. But if this bothered him, it was impossible to tell, as at some point in his checkered past his tongue had been claimed, forcing him to communicate through rude gestures and grunts. Camilla was a new recruit who had just enlisted after rolling off of a caravan that had come up from Mexico. Otherwise Private Ruiz was wholly unremarkable, and had yet to prove herself.

After half an hour of uneventful travel the party reaches it's destination. A large, five story pre-war office building. It appears to be crumbling in some spots, and nearly all the windows have been broken out by the ravages of the desert, or perhaps a drunken gang of bandits. Several vermin scutter into the building when they spot the group, radroaches, small radscorpions, and a previously unseen variety of large rat appear to be among their number.

As they approach the front door the note a curiosity; the rotten double doors that lead into the office building are chained shut? What possible reason could there be for this?
Rome Rome trudges along in the beating sun with the rest of the party, keeping to himself mostly but favoring Cormano's side for the ghoul was weak-jointed and had already had a close encounter with him before.

He notices the vermin scurrying into the cracks and holes of the imposing building, sure to be a great addition to the Militia if our heroes here today can secure it for the people back at El Dorado. He halts at the chained up doors with the rest of the party, rifle gripped in one hand and handheld tablet like Pip-boy 2000 dutifully held in the other, "Locked." Rome muses aside to the group at large but finds his gaze settling on Cormano behind his T-45 armored helmet. "What do you want to do about the door?" The wondering knight asks the group at large, letting his gaze drift amongst the recruiter and the two privates, Davis and Ruiz.
Cormano Cormano glances over to the door with a puzzled look on his well worn face. "Well this here is pretty interestin'. Weren't no tell of no folks holdin' up in this joint. So who strung this chain up?". Cormano rests a hand on the butt of his revolver, studying the chain.

    Private Ruiz pipes up, "Fuck we waitin' for? Just shoot it off an we can get to finishin' this job up before the mute here flays us alive an wears us." She hitches a thumb back towards Davis. Davis for his part gives absolutely no reaction to the rude statement. He stares on ahead at no one in particular, holding his shotgun close.
Rome Rome rolls his massive pauldrons as Ruiz gets impatient and half assedly kicks the door, the chain groaning under the force as the aged doors swing slightly but hold. Rust falls off the chain onto the floor before the door, anything inside the buildings first floor having heard the disruption no doubt. Rome steps aside and looks over to Cormano and the rest of the party, not wanting to waste ammo on the chain.
Cormano Private Ruiz scoffs and rolls her eyes at Rome's effort, but does nothing to aid them.

     Cormano pats Rome's armored shoulder and shakes his head, "No use partner, that chain there is fresh. Hell it ain't even that badly rusted. Curious thing that." He rasps, and with a shrug he draws his old revolver. Without much fanfare Cormano takes aim and shoots clear through the steel of the chain.

     Soon enough the old doors are clear of the chain and ready to be opened.
Lucette     It's not really professional for Lucette to take on honest Militia work outside of uniform, but for now her duster will have to suffice. She was late in getting out after checking in with HQ to see what patrols were going out and their status. Hearing a local group, and the name Cormano made her decide to accompany.

    Agro wan't gonna carry her suit with'r, but that was the best way for her to catch up with everyone. She had the general direction from HQ and rode off. The sound of Cormano's revolver was the last clue she needed, the sound of horsehooves became louder and louder until Lucette arrives and dismounts. She gives her trusty steed a pat, with Congress screeching from above and perching on the saddle.. her assistant hopefully not far behind.

    Lucette takes out her colt from her back holster and checks her magazine as she makes her approach. "What's our status?" she asks, without much semblance of quiet now that shots are fired.
Rome Rome nods to Cormano in affirmation as the Ghoul blows the chain right off the doors, falling to the floor with a clink and clatter. He turns and looks over to Lucette as she dismounts and approaches, speaking in a staticy machine like voice. "You're just in time for the party."

The Power Armored Knight looks the entire groups over once more before raising a leg, kicking the doors open with a swivel of pistons compressing audibly. Rome plants his foot back down and begins stepping into the first floor of the building, prompting the entire group to follow.
Cormano Cormano glances up from the broken chain on the ground and kicks it with the toe of his cowboy boot. "Status?" He rasps out and tilts his head. "Jus' gittin' started I figure, care to join us Miss?"

    Private Davis turns to face Lucette, his hollow eyes regarding her for a brief moment before nodding a greeting. He recognized her from around the base, but likely enough if she had heard anything about him it was negative.

    Ruiz however flashes Lucette a grin and sticks out her hand, "Eyy Ma'am, Camilla Ruiz, pleased to meetcha. We were 'bout to head in an start cleanin' house."
Lucette     Lucette's expression remains hidden by her suit's helmet, but she does give a nod. Time to start cleaning up. "Extra guns are always nice, I'll come along." while she's checking her magazine she tugs a single round out and drops it into her duster, then loads her colt again, racking it. "Big guy's gonna need some cover."
Cormano      The aged double doors swing open, breathing fresh desert air into the stagnant reception area. Scuttling on the floor is a large pack of radroaches, apparently so bold that they weren't scared off by Rome's heavy metal boot against the entryway doors earlier. The roaches appear to be dining on the rotting carcass of a gecko. They are lit only by the light filtering in from the open doorway, otherwise the room is nearly pitch black. Chitinous clicking fills the air as their mandibles tear at the putrid flesh of the mutated lizard.

    Private Ruiz catches sight of this and heaves up the contents of her stomach. Davis however appears unphased, mechanically racking a shell back into his shotgun in preparation.

     The Radroaches on the floor notice the group and hiss at them. They skitter across the floor at the party, kicking up dust as they move.
Cormano Private Davis immediatly sets to work on the Radroaches, blasting one, then another, all while remaining completely silent. The 12 gauge buckshot tears through the exoskeletons of the Radroaches easily, spilling their guts messily on the grimey reception floor.

    Immediatly following this Rome steps out to intercept the remaining Radroaches, confident that their mandibles would be useless against the bulk of his armor either way. He fires two shots off in rapid succession, reducing the final two radroaches to ash.

     Once things have calmed down the party begins to assess the room. As noted before it is very nearly pitch black, aside from the light filtering in from the open doorway. Each of the large picture windows have been boarded up tight. The air is stagnent, but only as if it had remained sealed off for a few days, rather than a few years. The unlit florescent lights overhead appear to be unbroken, however no electricity seems to be coursing through them. Perhaps if the party were to restore power to this building they might be able to illuminate their way forward.

    Past the reception desk lies the open maw of the office room, faint skittering can be heard echoing out of the opening. However no light penitrates it's depths. Off to the side lies a closed steel door, flanked by a powered on monitor, casting a faint green light over the keyboard.
Lucette     Looks like as soon as the door was opened and all the critters were spotted, the patrol iced everything. Between the loud booms of shotgun and red pulses of laser, all the roaches that'd not scattered off were done for. Luce sighs quietly and straightens up, sliding her colt back into its holster with a nod. "Good work in here." she comments, "Bit later I'm gonna head back out west to clear out somethin that's got my people spooked, if y'all want to come you're welcome. Can't guarantee it'll be this easy though, Militia don't patrol that far west so often." she offers to all present with a nod.
Rome Rome holds his AER9 off to the side after reducing the last two rad-roaches to ash, "Looks like we've got two ways." he offers as he views the pitch black of the first floor in nightvision, then possibly Infrared for the tell tale signs of more enemies that seem to lurk just beyond in the open office. "One room leads further in and another is blocked by steel and a computer. I can probably crack it and get us in."

He looks over to Lucette, speaking in his machine like voice again with static added. "Let's clear this place out first." Rome begins droning towards the open doorway anyway... Pip-Boy and AER9 held at the sides.
Cormano Private Ruiz wanders towards the steel door, She reads it with an obvious effort, sounding out the words unsteadily. "M-Main...Ten...Ne-neance.. Maintenence. Ay Tin man, think you oughta check over here first off. Ain't all a us got flashlights stuck in our faces." says Camilla, note of sass hidden within her mexican accent. Cormano perks up at that, "Hm, yeah partner, might have some kinda backup down there I figure. Least the Milita'll probably like to know if the lights work 'fore they take the place."
Rome Rome halts, droning towards the steel door marked 'Maintenance' with the green lit computer embedded beside it for access, "I'm not promising anything." He says to the party at large as he begins accessing the computers login screen, looking up and down between his Pip-Boy 2000 and the keypad, only visible thanks to the glow of both devices. The Knight is clearly using readouts and relaying information of some kind from his trusty Pip-Boy to pull off such an attempt. After a minute of clicking and tapping at the keyboard, the monitor flashes: ACCESS GRANTED.

The steel door opens with a hiss, allowing passage into the dark basement below, "We've got a staircase leading down here."
Lucette     Luce looks to the maintenance door as it opens, taking point while the others are at the terminal or talking. She holds her right hand up as her toolkit is pulled free from her duster. She does her best to move quietly down the stairs, but the toolkit was probably a bad idea. Probably. She moves her eyes around to see what she can down in the basement..
Cormano Private Ruiz clicks her tongue and rolls her eyes, "Aight, I ain't goin' down there first. Onna you can."

    Cormano nods to Lucette and trails after her, his joints pop audible as he crouches low, hardly attempting to sneak at all. Davis follows closely after, stalking along like a wild panther, appearing both dangerous, and completely silent.
Rome Rome shakes his head as Lucette braves the basement first, a fleshbag who happens to be brave or foolish. The Knight doesn't protest though, he'll enjoy some comedy if it presents itself at the price of others, "Looks like we've got ourselves a hero." he says in that machine like voice, beggining to amble down the staircase with the aid of his Nightvision HUD.
Cormano Skittering around the floor of the sub-basement are four plump radroaches, their eyes glaring up towards the party still situated at the stairs. They spot most of the party, but do not appear to register the hulking metal frame of Rome. Likewise Davis remains unseen to them, well versed by his raider origins in remaining hidden.
Cormano     Gunsmoke and the smell of burning Ozone fill the air in the crampt sub-basement. Rome and Lucette blast away at the Radroaches that were loitering in the the room. Within seconds the small group of mutated insects are reduced to ash and fleshy pulp, depending on what they were pummeled with.

    Cormano flicks the flashlight on his pip-boy on, illuminating the way for those of the group that have no means of seeing in the dark. Bathed in the warm green glow of the pip-boy the room's contents are revealed. In one corner a massive unpowered generator sits, It's fusion core popped out of it's coupling but still resting in place. Rusted cabnets and workbenches line the rest of the room. Resting at one of the workbenches is a skeleton dressed in rags that might have once been a maintenance uniform, it's bones are completely picked clean and it looks like it's been there since the bombs dropped.
Lucette     As Luce makes it down the stairs it's impossible not to see ROACHES DAGGIT WHY ARE THERE ALW- and then Rome opens fire on them. Once she's seen the targets that Rome wasn't shooting, she draws her Colt back from its holster and fires off a single round at one of them, then quickly reacquires aim and squeezes off another pair of rounds into the second, when neither of the roaches are moving she takes a small sigh- she hit thems! After things settle in she takes a moment to observe the room, standing up and loading that spare around into her colt again, then holstering it.
Rome Rome manages to move away from the group without alerting the roaches, coming in last behind the rest. Two laser beams light up the roaches briefly before impacting and turning them to ash, mixing messily with roach fluid as Lucette blasts the other two away almost immediately. "Looks like we've got a generator down here." The Knight offers as the trio move in further, Cormano helpefully lighting the way for Camilla and Davis.

He lowers his AER9 again, Pip-Boy 2000 still held in his off hand as he studies the basement in Nightvision.
Cormano Cormano wanders over to the generator and nods to Rome, "Ayup, looks like the core's still got some juice. Figure we oughta slap it back in an see what we can see?" The Ghoul asks the party. Private Davis silents prods one of the non-ash'd Radroaches with the barrel of his shotgun before turning his attention to the hole in the wall. It's clear to any onlookers that he notices something interesting over there, However his muteness prevents him from speaking his mind.

    Down the steps comes Private Ruiz, She curls he lip up at the mess "Fuckin' nasty little things." she says to herself. "So what? We turnin' on the lights or what? I ain't gonna be fuckin' wanderin' 'round in the dark trippin' over big ass bugs."
Lucette     Luce looks around, not picking up anything.. unusual. She moves to stand in the middle of the room and turns on the light of her mil-pip, sending a splash of red, white, and blue light into the room. "There, help?" she asks, nonsarcastically, about wandering in the dark.
Rome Rome spots the hole in the wall too but down plays it, commenting. "Looks like Davies found something in the wall." He mentions, playing off only spotting it because of Davies, giving the private some credit and hopefully cutting the former raider some slack when the time to write a report comes and hopefully shutting up the obnoxious 'rookie' Camilla too. The Knight shoves the fusion core back into the generator carefully, commenting as it slides into place and takes hold. "There."
Cormano     Davis glances back to Rome, offering him a subdued nod. He points out the hole in the wall just as Rome slides the power core back into the generator. For a few moments nothing happens, the powercore flickers in place. Perhaps the result of some interferrence between it and the coupling. Cormano shrugs and hits the generator with the ball of his fist like so many Fonzies of old. And just like that the generator literally roars to life, creating an electrical surge that nearly blinds the group. "Ah fuck! Damn mummy blinded me." shouts Camilla, holding her hands over her eyes.

    Moments after that the rest of the lights in the building flicker to life, and the generator settles back into a quiet hum.

     Cormano ignores Camilla's comment, as it isn't anything he hasn't heard before. He moves to inspect the hole and tips his sombrero back, "Shoot... Looks like we got ourselves a roach problem, an a rat problem. They must be pretty sizable too."
Lucette     Lucette's hud adjusts to the new lighting and she sighs, contently, for the improved visual quality. "Alright, power's on, and we have a hole in the wall. Where do we check next?" she asks quietly.
Rome Rome looks around as the lights flicker, power surging on throughout the building and basement our heroes occupy. "What's the plan? Doesn't look like anyone is going to fit through that hole." Rome says through the mic, allowing his normal vision to return as he turns nightvision off. The Knight looks among the party for answers, equipment in armored hands held off to the side.
Cormano     As Rome finishes speaking a high pitched screech appears to eminate from the small hole in the wall. The screech almost sounds human, but is unintelligable. Cormano produces a cigar from his pack and lights it with a wooden match. "Well, I figure findin' out what made that'd be a good start. Reckon we gotta find the resta the basement." He takes a deep drag from his cigar, looking from Private Davis to Private Ruiz, noting with some good natured amusement Ruiz's disgust at that suggestion. "Figure there must be a way that leads down there somewhere in this here buildin'. Likely on the first floor'd be my bet."

    Davis offers a silent nod to that, appearing to be ready whenever everyone else is. The flickering light casts dark shadows across his guant face, briefly making him appear even more ghoulish than the Ghoul himself. For her part Private Ruiz groans and shakes her head, she casts a look over to Rome and Lucette, "You guys believe this shit? Fine whatever." She folds her arms and follows the rest of the group's lead.
Rome Rome finds some humor in Camilla's disgust too, nodding as he steps away from the generator, minding the roaches on the way to the stairs leading back to the first floor of the building. "Sounds like we woke it up."

Rome and the party head for the stairs, shuffling in behind one another, finding themselves on the familiar floor with lighting this time. The sound of Rome's Power Armor fills the air as the pistons compress and his heavy feet thud against the ground.
Cormano     Camilla breathes a sigh of relief at the sight of the lit room. "Thanks Tin Man, Now I can actually see my hand infronta my fuckin' face." She states, not sounding completely sarcastic for once. She leans up against the reception desk and lights her own cigarette with a battered old zippo. Her 9mm pistol hangs from a shoulder strap and looks quite at home there, rather than actually being used.

    The floor appears to be mysteriously clear of carcasses, All of the radroaches that weren't ash'd and the putrid gecko are gone. In their place is a rotting trail of blood intermingled with Radroach entrails leading off into the offices. Apparently something disposed of their kills while the party was in the sub-basement.

    Cormano tips his somebrero back, taking another long drag from his cigar before pitching the remainder into a pile of Radroach ashes. He draws his mismatched revolvers and rasps, "Likely it weren't radroaches that done this. We oughta be wary folks."
Rome Rome asks Camilla in a machine like voice while idling about, "You know how to shoot that thing?" The Knight looks about the reception area at large before directing his attention towards the trail of blood and intestines. "Be careful " Rome agrees, resting his AER9 against his shoulder as he watches over the group while they smoke and take a brief break.
Cormano      Camilla scoffs and folds her arms across her chest. "Course I do. 'Fore this I was a caravan guard. You couldn't imagine the shit I killed... Like... Fuckin'... Six headed Yao Guai an shit. We got all kindsa crazy shit down in Mexico. You fuckers up here are lucky. Desert around this place is for babys an shit." Camilla brags, eyes darting around as she speaks, focusing on anything that isn't a look of skepticism. "You know how to use that thing? Eh Tin Man?" She adds, gesturing at his AER9.

    Cormano rasps out a soft chuckle, muttering six headed yao guai under his breath. He brushes his poncho aside and reholsters his revolvers. "Ay yeah, got a problem with that? You even mexican Ghoul?" Camilla accuses.

    Cormano simply replies with a shrug, "Maybe." He answers with what could be a grin.
Lucette     Lucette lags a little behind the group, having spent a moment messing with her pip-boy. Then she follows up behind everyone to the ground floor and looks around, keeping her pip-boy light on to further assist visibility.

    "Alright so. Where're we heading next?" she asks as her head rises up from her mil-pip's screen.
Rome Rome unholsters the AER9 and vaguely points the barrel in Camilla's direction, but otherwise offering no response to the bragging girl. "Ready to roll out?"
Cormano     Rather than continue bickering about who is and isn't a Mexican, The party decides to make their way into the offices. The smell of stale air and dust permiate the room, intermingled with the familiar scent of putrifying gecko. Whatever dragged off those carcasses is likely nearby, judging by the smell, and the sound of flesh being torn away at, and the crunch of exoskeleton being bitten into.

     The offices themselves are made up of low walls, seperating off each cubical. The floor is littered with bones, rotting papers, and scrapped electronics. Amidst the rubble lies the destroyed remains of a Mr. Handy that was likely installed here to assist office workers with various tasks.

     The far end of the office appears to be blocked off, the ceiling in it's old age apparently caved in. However near the rubble there appears to be a door, perhaps it leads to a stairway?
Lucette     When the group spots the rats feasting in the cubicle, Lucette quietly drops to one knee and lets off a quick pair of rounds into one rat, then aims her pistol at one of the cubicle's walls and fires another shot there.. a lucky ricochet makes the round bounce and smack a second rat TO DEATH. She creeps off to the side from there, eyes on the group of ratties to let her comrades continue..
Cormano      Immediatly the party is drawn to the source of the stomach turning feast. Setting to work on the RadRats the party makes short work of them, Cormano acts first, swiftly pumping round after round into one. It staggers on for a moment before a laser from Rome's AER9 disintigrates it, as well as another unsuspecting RadRat. Lucette for her part claims two of her own bringing them down neatly. Beside her Private Davis sets to work, his shotgun shells tearing into the next rat and rendering it into a pile of gore.

    When only a single rat remained Private Ruiz stepped forward, leveling her pistol with a cocky grin. "Eat lead you little shit!" She shouted, closing her eyes and squeezing the trigger. Missing both shots by a wide margin and allowing the Radrat to charge up to the group and leap at Davis, Davis instinctively held one arm up to defend himself from the oversized jaws of the rat and let out a surprized groan of pain when he felt it's sickly-yellow teeth tear into his arm.

    Rome tracked the Rat's movement with the sights of his AER9 and fired upon it, a moment too late it would seem though, Rome likely expected Ruiz to be able to handle the rat with all the bragging she had engaged in. Either way the laser obliterated the Radrat, leaving only it's head behind. Still clamped onto Davis's arm.

    With a grunt Davis drew his saber and pried the deceased rat's jaws open using the sturdy metal blade. He grimaced down at his arm, the flesh had been rended badly, and would likely require medical attention should the group make it back to their base.
Rome Rome lowers his AER9 back down, stomping over to Davis and filling the air with the whining compression of pistons, "FOR FUCKSAKE." he barks out his mic as he shuffles past gorey rat insides and ash piles. He makes a point of staring at Camilla for a seemingly long moment before checking Davis' arm out. "Any of you here able to stabilise Davis?" The Knight asks in his staticy machine droned voice. His gaze sweeps amongst the group as Davis nurtures his arm.
Lucette     Lucette takes her medkit free from her duster after stashing away her .22, moving over to Davis, "Davis, let me see your arm. Not risking you need it amputated by the time we get home. Ain't got med-ex to spare, so knuckle up." she states before getting to work on cleaning out and dressing his bite, pouring water and whiskey over it, using a healing powder poultice, and wrapping it up..
Cormano      Private Davis cooperates silently, nodding slightly at the offer to get his arm looked at. While Lucette cleans out the wound and pours whiskey in it he doesn't flinch a bit, instead he just stares down at the Radrat head. After Lucette finishes wrapping up his arm he nods to her, and gestures with his uninjured arm something that could be interpreted as thanks.

     Camilla's face goes red with embarassement, and she is flustered badly by Rome's stare, but to her credit she remains silent.

     Cormano holsters his guns and goes over to Private Davis, "You alright Partner? If ya gotta head back an get this looked at I getcha. Militia'll want you in one piece I figure." he rasps out, but Davis shakes his head and picks up his shotgun from where he had dropped it. Cormano cracks something that could be a grin, hard to tell without lips. "Alright soldier, lets make tracks then."
Rome Rome had stepped aside when Lucette moved in to administer treatment to Davis. He watches her work behind his armored helmet before observing the exchange between the Militia, "Ready when you are." The knight says, nodding to Cormano as he sweeps his gaze about the office area, rows of cubicles lining the area. He doesn't pay Camilla further attention it seems, far more important shit to do. Like focusing on getting everyone out alive.
Cormano Cormano waves for the two Privates to follow him, then nods to Rome, "We're all dressed up an ready to go Partner." The party moves further into the first floor of the office building, most of the overhead lights are still intact further back, lighting the way decently. All around them they hear the skittering of vermin, some mutated, some everyday vermin. Every so often a rat will get caught under Rome's massive steel boot and crushed, causing Camilla to dry heave noticably at the sound. One might almost think he were doing it on purpose.

     The closer the party gets to the rubble blocking off the rest of the room, the thicker the swarming (regular) rats around their feet get. Clearly the infestation is far worse than the Militia could have ever guessed. The rubble completely blocks off the rest of the first floor office, and it's safe to say whatever the source of this flood of vermin is, it's likely in that direction.

     "Jeeesus. That is a regular damned pool of rats there. Thank yer lucky stars they ain't the bigguns though." Cormano rasps out, minding his feet as a furry black rat crawls over one boot. The smell near the rubble takes on the distinct odor of animal waste, likely the party didn't smell it earlier because of the absolute absense of air floor.
Cormano      Off to the side appears to be the door that the party had noted earlier. It does indeed look like it's the stairs that lead up to the second floor. No doubt the party will need to find an alternative route around the rubble either way, and the second floor looks like the path of least resistance.
Cormano      Previously on Rat Patrol!, Tasked with clearing out an old office building so that the El Dorado Militia can move in and set up a fort outside of Roswell Cormano enlisted the help of two rookie Militia Privates (Nevermind that Davis has been with the Militia longer). The first private is Davis, a hardened former Raider, distrusted by his fellow Militia men, he is as deadly with a shotgun as he is mute. The other is Camilla Ruiz, a fresh recruit who joined up after completing a caravan up from Mexico. Aided in the quest Cormano is joined by Rome and Lucette, both of whom joined for the honor of shooting rats beyond number for the militia.

     The party had just returned from the sub-basement after restoring power to the building, They had surmised that the source of the plague of vermin must be in the basement. However the way to the basement was blocked off by the collapsed ceiling from the second floor, forcing the party to take an alternative route. One of their number had also been injured, Davis was badly bitten by a rat, partially because of Ruiz's incompetence. Although he had been healed by Lucette, it's clear that his arm has seen better days.
Rome Rome pops some of those smaller rats as he drones along, the sound of Camilla dry heaving filling the air with each audible pop. Rome opens the glass office door, glancing back to the rest of the party before he begins ascending the flight of stairs, AER9 in one hand, handheld Pip-Boy 2000 in another.
Cormano      Cormano follows closely behind Rome, waving for the two privates to join him. Private Davis runs an investigative hand over the bandages on his arm once more before moving on, following along without making a sound. Camilla shudders and grumbles to herself, then holsters her 9mm pistol and follows.
Lucette     Lucette keeps along with the group, being as quiet as she can not to arouse the ire of any more threats within the building, keeping her eyes peeled and snagging a positively fucked-over stapler from the ground as she passes..
Jackson Marshal Parkes couldn't tell you what it was that caused him to stop outside of that office building. It'd been months since he'd been in this part of New Mexico-- his investigation had him tirelessly bouncing from settlement to settlement, pouncing on leads and strangling what information about the Enclave he could out of them before silently moving on. But as his bike's wheels spun along the cracked asphalt of the highway, the structure seemed to call out to him somehow. Jackson couldn't quite put his finger on it, but that familiar tingle along the length of his spine, and a particular clenching of his gut as he laid eyes on the place urged him to give the shabby looking offices a quick peek. So with a gruff, resolute sigh and a quick swing of his handlebars, he carefully navigated the maze of abandoned pre-war cars clogging the street, and found a nice, quiet place to leave his motorcycle.

It didn't take long for Jack to notice something was amiss. He kept himself tucked low to the ground as he advanced, and the closer he crept toward the frontmost section of the structure, the more curious everything became. The windows on the lowest floor were completely boarded up, there were corpses of micscellanious geckos and critters laying about all over the place, and there was a chain, formerly whole, which had been broken to open the front doors. Rather than push into the building recklessly, the marshal instead chose to activate his armor's stealth module. Almost instantaneously, Jack's armored form distorted into nought more than a hazy silouette, and he nimbly slipped through the front entrance to the facility into a reception area of sorts. He gave his surroundigns a quick glance, then continued onward into a second open door, which he could hear the tell-tale sounds of movement from. As he entered, he was surprised to see a familiar face standing astride a mountainous suit of power armor and a ghoul. Rather than allow himself to materialize, Jack spoke easily from his hiding place, a fragment of a southern drawl accenting his words.

"Ya'll might try closin' the front door after ya' shake a place down. This ain't a barn." As he spoke, he briefly deactivated his stealth module, pointing a gloved finger toward the badge of the EDSD on his duster's shoulders, then faded away into a shimmering distortion once again as he stepped back into the shadows. His slightly distorted voice echoed out toward the group once further.

"I'm with you lot, s'long as that's not a problem. You lead-- I follow. I've got 'yer backs."
Cormano      Cormano stopped his progress up the stairs after hearing the newcomer, "Well howdy partner, didn't expect so many folks to be interested in this here buildin'." he rasps, "With the sheriff's department eh? This here group is with the Militia, though I 'spose you'da guessed at that already." Cormano rests a hand on the butt of his revolver and tips his sombrero up with a free hand. "I reckon I ain't gonna turn my nose up at extra help though, Davis here just got hisself bit by onna them varmints. They got a powerful mean bite on them, so watch out." And with that Cormano turns and continues up the steps half using Rome for cover, as he had grown accustom to doing.
Cormano      The second floor appears to have faired worse than the first. Light filters in from the numerious windows, lending some natural light to the ruins that are this floor. Many sections of the floor look dangerously weak, it sags in many spots, and every footfall the party makes is announced by the loud creaking of ancient boards.

     Otherwise it appears to be in line with the first floor, low walled cubicles obscure the view of any onlookers, making them the perfect hiding spot for any number of vermin. Natural light filters in from the many unboarded windows on this floor, aiding visibility ontop of the recently powered on overhead lights.

     The section of floor that collapsed onto the first floor appears off to the left of the party, It appears that one could drop down to get past the rubble, although whether or not they could make the fall unharmed seems unlikely. The fall ends in a tangle of sharpened pipes and boards that look almost deliberate in their construction. Likely this makeshift bamboo trap was constructed using materials scavenged from the rest of the building.

     Across the second floor there appears to be a break room, beside which is another open doorway, one might guess that would be another stairway. However to reach that area the party would have the navigate the entirety of the second floor.
Rome Rome steps out into the second floor of the office building, AER9 held at ready to blast any vermin that come rushing as they party emerges, but they don't. "What's the plan?" The power Armored Knight asks, looking about the open expanse of the office area. He takes a few steps forward, pistons compressing and droning as he surveys for threats.
Jackson "Well, you could say it was a bit hard ta' pass up, considerin' the geckos and the boarded up windows." Though his voice held the trademark distorted hiss of feedback from his suit's communications module, a light, mirthful chuckle could be heard distinctly as Jackson covered the group's rear. His eyes constantly swivelled back and forth as he advanced toward the stairs, and as he made his way up, he replied once further.

"As for the vermin? Well, you don't worry your pretty little head about me." With that said, the marshal silences himself as they creep furhter up the stairs, and eventually reach a bedraggled second story. Though he did his best to step lightly, the fragments of groans could still be heard from the floorboards as he carefully tiptoed his way through the other volunteers. Upon reaching the doorway itself, he silently unholstered his shotgun from his back in a smoothe, methodical motion, pumped it's charging module with a careful flick of his wrist, and silently awaited further orders as he ensured nothing would be sneaking up on them from behind.
Lucette     Lucette quietly embarks into the second floor, holding that stapler tight in her right hand while navigating around the floors. "I don't want to know what the hell lives up here, I just want to clear it out and hope the place can be salvages." she murmurs
Cormano      As the party moves towards the breakroom on the opposite side of the second floor, a few of their number step on weak spots in the floor. All at once the cracking of decayed wood sounds out as the ground gives way.

     The first to go, somewhat predictibly is Rome, his heavy power armor doing him little favors. The Knight's quick reflexes save him from plummeting to the first floor however. Rome catches himself after only a single leg broke through, he clings tightly to a nearby support collumn, uncovered by decades of rats chewing away at the drywall of the building.

     Private Davis however was not so lucky, the former raider had no time to react before the floor beneath him let go, and he was swallowed up by the decaying timber. Little more than a surprized grunt escaped his lips before he plummeted back down to the first floor, landing hard on an old desk below. The faint sound of bones cracking could be heard echoing up to the party above.

     The final party member to fall victim to the floor was Camilla Ruiz, however as the floor gave way she managed to catch herself, clinging desperately to the ancient splintering boards that had held in place around her.
Rome Wood splintering and giving away beneath the heavy power armor, Rome's quick reflexes save him from a big fall. Rome begins hauling himself up over ground, the groan of pistons working filling the air around him. "Shit, Davies." Rome says, standing upright as Cormano moves to help Private Ruiz above ground.
Lucette     People start falling... Luce hears a loud impact sound and winces, noting one of the two militiamen is missing, "Just after I went and fixed that arm." she murmurs after a quick look-about to notice three people are gone. Rome she expected, Ruiz she didn't expect to drop. She continues on her way though, avoiding the pitfalls to keep weight off the floors..
Jackson In time, they started to fan out along the width of the second floor, and Jack took a brief instant to give the unsteady floorboards a more careful look. As he gave the dipping spots a closer appraisal, he could see that the boards had been deliberately weakened somehow-- he couldn't put his finger on how it had been done, but something seemed too unnatural about the way that the floor dipped in certain spots. It was too distinct to be simple age and decay. But before he could raise his voice to warn his companions, the worst occurred. With a loud series of pops, cracks, and a last and final 'crrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaak!' The floor gave way beneath the weight of Rome's power armor. The one they'd called Davies was beneath the boards in a flash-- there was no amount of quick thinking or reflexes that could've saved the man as he disappeared. Before his fate could be pondered further, the crashing of flesh against wood, and the cracking of bones echoed back through the hole toward them. The marshal didn't have time to dwell on the negative though. The other volunteer among them had fallen into the depths, and Jackson quickly dove toward the hole, grasping at her wrists weakly in an attempt to pull her to salvation. But alas, his grip failed him, and he started to mutter a flurry of curses before she was quickly saved by another of his companions.

"Thanks for the save." Jackson grunted lowly, pushing himself back to his full, imposing height.
"I'll be faster than that next time. We gotta be careful. I was just about to mention it before this happened, but there are spots of this floor that look like they've been deliberately weakened-- we gotta watch where we step. Like-- really, really watch."
Cormano      As Ruiz went under Jackson and Cormano dove for her, neither having time to save Davis. Jackson was the first to catch Ruiz, however his grip on her was comprimised by how sweaty she had become over the course of the mission. "Goddamn it don't let me go! I don't want to die!" She pleaded in a panicked tone. As she began to slip through Jackson's fingers Cormano wrapped a single leathery hand around her other wrist. Together the pair hauled Ruiz to safety just as Rome managed to free himself from the trap.

     Once the first Militiaman was saved Cormano rushed to the hole that Davis fell through, the former raider appeared to be alive but immobile, a high whistling escaping his lips. "Got the wind knocked outta hisself I reckon." Cormano pondered to himself. "Hold up Davis, we'll come an gitcha." He shouted down to Davis.

     Cormano hauled himself to his feet, eschewing the usual complaining of joint pain that usually accompanies this feat. As he began rallying his fellow party members they all stopped. Each of them heard Davis's struggled panicked vocalizations accompanied by the chitinous clicking of insectiod mandibles, down below Davis was moments from being set upon by a group of Radroaches, sensing his helplessless they had begun moving in on him quickly.
Cormano      Jackson had already begun scouting on ahead as the floor began giving way, by the time that they had realized that Davis was in real danger and Jackson was already across the second floor. A rift had formed in the floor as it began caving in, making reassembling the party impossible. It seemed that for now the rest of the party were on their own. Jackson looked back at them, cursing the rickety construction of the building, but Cormano shouted back to him, "Don't worry, We'll take care-a this here mess, you scout on ahead!".

     Down on the first floor Davis was still incompacitated, his ribs were fractured by the fall and he laid immobile on the desk, struggling to suck in air. As the RadRoaches drew in he struggled to shoulder his shotgun but it was useless, in his current state he was unable to adjust his postion to defend himself.

     Thinking quickly Cormano unholstered the N99 he kept as a backup pistol and tossed it down to Davis who was able to snatch it out of the air after letting his shotgun tumble to the floor. Weakly Davis pulled the slide back, racking a round into the chamber and prepared to defend himself.
Lucette     Lucette was doing her best to cross the span of the floor to even out the weight on it, still holding that stapler she picked up last time and keeping it gripped tight while the others continue to sort out the pitfall situation...
Rome After all the trouble, Rome observes what's going on down below on the first floor. A swarm of Radroaches moving in on Davies, who lays on the desk, looking like utter shit. "Fuck." The Knight says through his mic as he peers over.

Rome leaps off the rotting floor with a compression of pistons, rapidly falling to the first floor. He lands with a crash, tearing down a cubicle wall. He probably pisses off the Radroaches and startles them, he collects himself, charging over to Davies side in an attempt yp hold shit down and try save the mans life again. The party above aren't even acknowledged, the Knight looking aside to Davies as he readies his modded AER9.
Rome Rome shoots at a Radroach from the first swarm as they close in, the laser hitting it's right leg before they close in. He's grateful for the fire from above that thins out the swarms, Camilla being useful for once.
Lucette     Luce notes Rome drops right down to help those that fell and she herself ran to one of the pitfalls and tosses her stapler down at one of the roach swarms, following it up by slinging her laser pistol free from its holster and burning a crisp beam of red through the air, singing the swarm more from the edge of the pitfall. "Y'all good down there?!" she shouts
Cormano      As Rome and Lucette tear away at the large swarm of RadRoaches with their lasers, Cormano skids into action, drawing his mismatched revolvers in the same fluid movement. He takes a knee and begins picking away at the swarm, missing his first shot but landing the second. Out of the corner of one of his black eyes he notes a glint of steel fly past, is that a stapler? It sails down from the ceiling and clocks one of the Rad Roaches with a satisfying thud.

     Meanwhile still laying prone on the desk Davis struggles to raise his N99, firing off a single shot that misses it's target by a good deal. He lets out another panicked cry as one of the Rad Roaches descends on him, desperatly he flails his injured arm at it, managing to fend it off for the time being.

     Back uptop Camilla takes a knee and draws her 9mm, she plinks away at the swarm of RadRoachs, the 9mm not having much of an effect on the massive mutated bugs. Still, at least it's something. "Ay take that you ugly fuck!" She yells down at the swarm.

     Below the swarm boils angrily across the floor, insectiod chittering rises to a nearly deafening level as they surge towards Rome, to his credit though he isn't even staggered, their mutated mandibles fail to penetrate the knights thick steel hide. Rome brushes the Rad Roaches aside, dismissing them as little more than a nusience as he continues his assualt.
Lucette     Lucette drops down from the ceiling, rather ungracefully. She's rattled on the landing and claps onto her hands and knees. But she doesn't let that slow her down, standing up and swiftly firing off a pair of crisp shots from her laser pistol into the second group of roaches. Then she adjusts the power setting dial and aims for the ceiling for her third squeeze of the trigger. The beam burns through the air, but bounces from the ceiling, then the floor on a neat angle that singes over a majority of both the roach clusters before burning out onto a wall.
Rome Rome looks over to Lucette when she joins them downstairs, having fallen and landing with a thud. "You alright?" Rome calls out across fire, shooting at the swarm that goes for Davis near point blank. When they do go for him, they fail to get a hold and do any damage to him or his armor.
Cormano      Cormano takes aim once more, showering the swarm of roaches with bullets from his mismatched revolvers. Most rounds find their marks, but it's all about volume of lead this time. Within moments the swarm is whittled down to a few remaining Rad Roaches thanks to the efforts of the party.

     Davis lets out a cry of pain as one of the Rad Roaches move past his flailing arms and sinks it's mandibles into his already injured arm, tearing a chunk of flesh out as it wrenches it's head from side to side. Reflexively Davis levels the borrowed N99 at the Roach and fires upon it point blank, utterly disintigrating it's head.

     Above Camilla continue plinking lead down at the swarm to little effect, the small *Pop* *Pop* of her pistol completely drowned out by the thunder of Cormano's big revolvers.
Cormano      After what feels like hours of combat the conflict finally ends in a cloud of gunsmoke and burnt ozone. Nearly every surface within ten meters was covered in Rad Roach guts and stank to high heaven. Davis laid on the desk, groaning in intense pain. A few of his ribs were likely broken by the fall, and the bite from the Rad Roach had re-opened the wound on his arm. Likely if Davis still have the means to communicate he would be begging for a shot of Med-X.

     Above them Camilla smirked and said, "Got 'em, told you I was fuckin' badass." she said as she spun the 9mm back into it's holster. "So what, the fuckin' raider down there gonna die or what?". Cormano shot her a look, though being stern was not in his nature he was losing patience with Ruiz, along with basically everyone else. "Jus' Mind yerself Ruiz. I'mma gonna go check on our boy.. You can do whatever you feel like." he rasped.

     Within the minute Cormano was at Davis's side, Lucette was already looking him over. "He goin' make it you reckon?" Cormano asked, concern plain on the Ghoul's face.
Lucette     Lucette nods after a quick once-over of Davie. "Yeah, he just won't be on patrol for a while. And it's gonna hurt getting back to base." she remarks of Davis' status, quietly slipping out the cell on her laser pistol for another one, then holstering it. To rome's inquiry she notes, now that the threats are gone, "I've taken worse hits from a dead person." she muses.
Rome Rome lowers his AER9 and returns to the side of the table Davis' lies on as Lucette and Cormano gather beside the winded and injured man. "Any of you able to do anything? Hang in there Davis." the Knight offers down to the sprawled man.
Cormano      Cormano reached into his pack and produced a handkerchief, "I'm gonna try an git his arm closed back up here, then we'll see 'bout puttin' it in a sling. I reckon he'll live, but likely he'll have a plum nasty scar." Cormano rasps to the others. He sets to work binding Davis's arm tightly, then constructs a makeshift sling from the discarded items around the office. Soon enough Davis is back on his feet, he looked worse for the wear, but still somewhat capable of pulling his weight. Davis nodded to Rome, likely to affirm his good health and desire to keep moving.

     "Arright, I done what I ken. When we get back to base I reckon a real sawbones oughta take a look at him. Meantime we oughta keep movin'. Sooner we figure out what's causin' this messa varmints the better." Cormano rasped, then he added "An iffin' either a ya see onna them ol' medkit boxes lemme know. Real supplies'd likely do wonders for Davis here.". And with that Cormano began heading back up the steps to the second floor.
Lucette     Lucette can't truly make a move before Cormano does, her supplies need a little topping off. "So, where we heading next?" she asks quietly while her eyes sweep over the area as best she can through her helmet.
Rome Rome turns heel to follow Cormano after Davis offers the Knight a reassuring nod. "Let's see, hopefully it's her next time." Rome mentions, kind of vague, or is it? The pistons of his suit compress rhythmically as he drones on after his ghoul friend, AER9 and Pip-Boy 2000 Plus held at ready.
Cormano      "Well, lets head on back to the second floor, see if we can find ourselves a way past all this here wreckage." Rasps Cormano. The group makes their way up the stairs to the second floor, vermin scuttling between their legs the whole way. "Watch yer step folks, I don't figure we want ourselves another fall like that." Cormano cautions. As the quartet make their way to the second floor they all note a curious thing. Private Ruiz is nowhere to be seen.
Rome Rome ascends the flight of stairs to the second floor, "Where's Ruiz?" Rome asks through his mic, with a hint of concern despite. The Knight scans the floor fruitlessly, trying to locate the missing private. "What do you guys think?" he asks the group, looking over them.
Lucette     Luce follows behind the group going back upstairs, smirking to herself. That was an adventure and a half. She checks her Colt briely before continuing along, counting the remaining rounds..
Cormano      Cormano tilts his sombrero back and scratches his head, "Hm. I didn't hear no commotion...Reckon maybe she decided to move on ahead an find Jackson?" He scans the room with his black eyes, the rift down the middle of the room that had appeared a few minutes ago likely would have made that feat difficult. "Ruiz look like the athletic type to you two? She'd a had to clear that there rift." Cormano points to it, the rift spans the entire second floor, it appears to be about ten feet wide and drops down to the first floor in a tangle of rusted metal and splintered timber.

     "Ain't no sign of struggle... Awful strange this.. Hope she is with Jackson.." Cormano rasps, "Either way we oughta find a way through, yonder staircase to the third floor'll likely take us past this hear break in the floor." Cormano points with a leathery finger to another open stairwell, revealed by a section of wall that had fallen away when parts of the floor had collapsed.
Rome Rome considers the hole in the floor, shaking his head at the rhetorical question. "Hopefully she's holding up alright." The Knight says as he follows Cormano's pointed finger towards the stairwell, contradictory to what he said earlier. Perhaps he has guilty consience. "Alright, Lucette? You still with us? Time to move out." Rome says, nodding to Cormano as he begins navigating the floor carefully, heading for the staircase ahead of the duo incase danger lurks just ahead.
Lucette     Lucette nods at Cormano's consideration, and moves in behind Rome. "I'm fine. Like I said, took harder hits from a dead person than that fall." she remarks with eyes forward.
Cormano      The party moves over the ruin of the second floor slowly, but without incident. When they reach the stairwell it appears that it only goes upwards, the way down was completely choked off by debris that must have been placed there intentionally as there was no where it could have fallen from in this stairwell. "Somethin's awful fishy here, an I figure ya'll noticed it too... Best keep on our toes." Cormano rasped out in a low whisper. Moving up the stairwell cautiously the party arrived on the third floor which was surprisingly intact. However the sound of vermin could be heard plainly. Both the garden variety, and the large mutated kind that had been harrowing the group every step of their way.

     The stairwell opened into a hallway with countless pre-war signs directing them along their way, interestingly as they moved along the group noted one door in particular marked R&D, it was slightly ajar and the scuttling of chitinous creatures could be heard coming from the room.
Rome Rome decides to tow towards the door marked R&D, slightly ajar, radiated insects audible inside. "Hold up, what's in here?" The Knight asks, that sign was one way to lure a BoS member. Rome pushes the door open carefully with the bulky brace of his forearm, trying to stay low and quiet with AER9 at ready. The trusty duo just behind the armored Knight.
Lucette     Lucette moves to the door, as quietly as she can, alongside Rome, nosing her Colt into the opening while looking ahead herself to determine what's going on, though what she sees has her freezing and going still rather than calling out.
Cormano      As Lucette and Rome peek into the room the Rad Scorpions that resided inside took notice of them. The pair of mutated Scorpions were massive by any standard, larger than most Rad Scorpions seen out in the desert. Large spiny protrusions covered much of their carapace, each gleaming with malicious intent. The segments of flesh between the Rad Scorpion's armored plating appeared to glow softly as well, and clear liquid occasionally dripped from their oversized stingers, dropping to the floor with an audible hiss which blackened the dirty linolium where the venom landed. Their massive pincers began clicking rapidly as the Rad Scorpions rushed at Rome and Lucette.
Rome Rome watches as the scorpions charge right at him, he rises to full heights and shuffles into the room as Cormano fires off two shots, quickly following up with two hits of his own that hit home. Davis isn't so lucky, the Radscorpions attacking him, he manages to avoid the second blow from the Radscorpion.
Cormano      Cormano leads the attack against the Rad Scorpions, drawing his mismatched revolvers and firing at them. Each slug hits it's mark, however the Scorpion's thick carapace absorbed a good portion of the damage. The Scorpions continue their charge, undaunted, even as Rome fires off two lasers, each hitting their mark, and hard. As the Scorpion's are almost upon the party Davis managed to squeeze off a round into one of them, the heavy n99 bucking back against him.

     Davis already badly slowed down by his injuries had no time to move out of the way as one of the scorpions lashed it's massive stinger towards him. The tail catches him square in the gut causing him to double over in unimaginable agony. As he fell to the ground the second Rad Scorpion's stinger narrowly missed him.
Lucette     Lucette froze to try and deter the corpions, but it doesn't seem to work. She makes a frenzied attempt to shoot at the buggers, but her first shot was intentionally wide- but just bores into the wall. The next two narrowly hit where her target was.. but it wasn't there when the rounds hit the ground. After a moment to center herself she fires off a single round and manages a hit, then takes the magazine from her colt and prises free a few rounds before loading it back in, just in time to avoid one of the arachnids moving in to sting her!
Cormano      Cormano began firing off rounds in a shower of lead at the two Rad Scorpions. Two of the slugs struck the second Rad Scorpion hard but not hard enough to halt it's progress. The scorpions continued to lash out at the party with their poisonous stingers. Lucette swiftly dodges out of the way of one of the strikes, but lying on the ground, doubled over in pain Private Davis was not allowed the same luxury. He was stabbed once again by the Rad Scorpion's stinger, pumping even more of it's caustic venom into his veins. Davis too weakened to resist squeezed the trigger of the borrowed n99 in a spasm, sending a round flying out through the window on the other end of the room. It was clear that he was fading fast, if nothing was done soon he would likely perish then and there.
Rome Rome watches as the Radscorpion does one on Davis with it's barbed tail, firing two beams at the one, both hitting it's torso and reducing it to ashes as Cormano sinks bullets into the carapace of the remaining one, killing it too.
Cormano      Cormano and Rome move infront of the downed Private and unleash a flurry of lasers and lead, tearing through the already weakened Rad Scorpions. After the smoke clears nothing remains of the Scorpions aside from viscera and ash. Cormano spins his revolvers into their holsters and kneels down to check on Davis. He is unresponsive. "Shoot, He's been poisoned Rome! He ain't gonna make it iffin' we don't figure out somethin'."

     Now that the danger of imminent death has passed the group has a chance to survey the R&D room. It appears to be an old lab of some kind, various broken beakers and vials litter the countertops. The mysterious lumenescient substance on the ground appears to have spilled from one of the vials.

     On the otherside of a counter situated in the middle of the room a lies a body, hidden at first to the party. It appears have deceased within the last few weeks judging by the bloating, and the stench. Curiously the body appears to be slightly blackened around the neck, and terrible swelling around this area is plain to see. Upon closer inspection the body is clothed in an Enclave uniform, and it looks as though this individual died while desperately trying to open the medkit clutched tightly in it's hands. Around it's waist are two gunbelts, strange looking revolvers poke out of the holsters.
Rome Rome sweeps the R&D room with his headlamp, spotting the bloated body. He moves over to it, prying the medkit from the Enclave clad corpses hands and throws it over to Cormano. "Heads up!"

It appears Davis might just make it again. The Knight kneels beside the corpse, tugging the revolvers out the gunbelt for Cormano while the Ghoul does his bit to treat Davis, already proven proficient.
Cormano      Cormano catches the medkit and nods to Rome, "Let's see what we got here." he rasps. Quickly he pops the medkit open, revealing an impressive assortment of supplies. "Enclave boys sure carry the good stuff."

     Inside the medkit are three disposable stimpaks, a vial of antivenom, and two syringes of Med-X, along with a jet inhaler and various bandages and disinfectants. Without wasting much time Cormano pops the tops off of a pair of Stimpaks and jabs them into Davis's arm. Quickly after this he injects him with the antivenom. "I ain't no doc, so I hope that's how yer 'sposed to do that."

     Slowly Davis comes to, the swelling around his sting wounds subsiding and his various other wounds begin closing themselves up as the stimpak's do their thing. His breathing is still quite heavy and it appears he is still laboring in some pain. "Want you somma this?" Cormano askes, popping the cap off of the Med-X. Davis nods weakly as a reply and Cormano sticks him with the syringe. Relief spreads over Davis's face as the pain ebbs back. His ribs are likely still fractured, but that doesn't bother him so much at the moment.
Cormano      The rest of the room appears filthy and well picked over. Light filters through the broken windows on the far wall, and the overhead lights appear to have been broken. One set of drawers on a nearby work bench appears to be curiously untouched. Casual inspection finds that the drawers are locked. Perhaps something useful was stashed away in those drawers before the bombs fell?
Rome Having pried the revolvers off the Enclave soldier, Rome rises back up, "Found these too." He says through his mic, looking over to Cormano and Davis, the latter looking a hundred times better already. Rome nods down at the floor, then sweeps his gaze around the room further, the darkness illuminated by the lamp wherever the Knight looks. He notices the drawer and moves over to it, trying to rip it off by the handle.
Rome Rome rips the drawer out the work bench, revealing two prototype like grenades, reading "Prototype Mk II" in stencil.

"Looks like some project they were working on." Rome says through his mic, hoisting the grenades out the drawer and slipping them into his duster. Not long after he moves to the terminal to check it out.
Cormano      "Wonder what in tarnation this buildin' did anyhows." Cormano rasps, then helps Private Davis find his feet.

     The dusty old terminal whines to life, displaying the text ========SHI Pest Control Division======== Scrolls across the screen as Rome scans through the data. It doesn't take long before he comes across a file labeled Prototype MKII pest control Grenade.

     The file mostly consists of research notes, noting that earlier strains of the formula used in the grenade had a tendancy to mutate arthropods instead of kill them. The MKII strain however proved very effective in dispatching all manner of vermin. The file stated that the hand grenade and a gun that sprayed the MKII formula had been developed and were close to being released for public purchase.
Rome Rome checks out the info on the terminal, finding information about his new prototype grenades. "Terminal says these are good for killing pests. There might be a gun that sprays the forumala too." Rome steps back from the terminal, looking over to Davis then Cormano and Lucette.
Cormano      "That so? Sounds like we oughta maybe keep our eyes peeled for it." Cormano rasps, "Got some fancy guns there looks like, mind if I take a look?" He adds. Cormano approaches the dead body and looks it over once more, then pulls an interesting looking bandolier off of it, one that looks like it was designed to hold SEC ammunition instead of the usual bullets.

     "Reckon we oughta hit the road here. Still got some ground to cover."
Lucette     Lucette remains quiet and out of the way as Cormano and Rome examine the room, herself sighing as the threats are dealt with for now. When they mention Enclave and pest control, she begins pondering what the hell they'll find in the basement if they were still working on things here. And it explains the floor pitfalls below. "If y'all are ready to move out, I'm game too." she muses.
Cormano      The intercom on the wall crackles to life, startling the party as the begin meandering towards the exit. For a moment there are no words coming through it, only heavy breathing. "What in tarnation?" Cormano rasps. Shortly after this the party on the other end of the speaker begins tittering out high pitched laughter. Muffled cries can be heard in the background of the transmission. "Heeheeheehee... " comes through the static of the intercom followed by more heavy breathing.
Lucette     Luce looks up and sighs, "Looks like someone's set this up as a game. I guess we have to deal with them at some point.." she murmurs
Rome Rome looks around warily as the intercom comes to life and some sinister begins laughing. "What the hell is this place?" Rome asks the other two, AER9 held at ready.
Cormano      After a long pause the speaker crackles with speech, "Fools! Heeheeheehee.. When will you outsiders learn! You have stepped into MY domain and will be punished!" The voice screeches, distorting the ancient pre-war speakers of the intercom. "Heeheehee... Keep on coming outsiders... I'll relish watching you get torn apart... Heehee...." The speaker lapses into a long period of silence, during which muffled cries can clearly be heard in the background, along with the chittering of countless vermin, likely rats.
Lucette     Lucette nods, "A game, like I thought. Arm up and be ready to shoot a lot of crawly things. Hopefully Davy, Ruiz, and Jackson can hold up alright." she mutters.
Rome Rome nods at Lucette and Cormano and begins continuing along the hallway, "Stay alert." Rome says to the other three, "Reckon Ruiz and Jackson are fine?" Rome asks, droning along the way they were headed before the speaker came to life.
Cormano      Cormano silently nods to Lucette and looks back to Private Davis, then tosses him the inhaler of Jet, "Likely things are gonna git messy. Use it iffin' ya think ya gotta." He rasps to Davis, who for his part silently nods. Cormano clips the two new gunbelts around his narrow waist and wears the strange bandolier. "'Magin' things're gonna git mighty hairy from here on out. Best be on our toes an watch out for more booby traps."