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Franky Another fading evening in El Dorado, velvet being eaten by encroaching black. Franky found himself at the gold digger once more, proabbly a quarterly event these days. He slaps the dust from his shoulders before moving towards the bar. Toss some caps ontop of it, "Cheap shit, tinman." Franky mumbles, pointing at the robotic bartender on the otherside of the bar.
Rome Rome is sitting at the bar with his party, beside Franky with how much space they take up. In total it's the Knight, the other Brotherhood Knight with a tactical shield strapped to his back and a mercenary looking type with an assault rifle, each taking a stool up beside Rome.

Rome looks aside to Franky, nodding at him as his associates chat. "Never seen you around." The Questing Knight says to Franky in a machine like voice, through his mic. His party glances to Franky and offer him a nod but quickly resume chatting, forgetting about him entirely it would seem.
Franky Franky chances a look down the bar to the group strapped to the nine's. Taking a moment he dispenses a cigarette from a pack from a gear pouch. Going through the motions of lighting and starter puffs. "I'm one of those wandering types." Franky starts, grinning as his beverage is served. He lifts it in a toasting gesture, taking a swig. A wary eye lays on the trio, "Spent last few weeks around Jack's Town. Caught wind of you brotherhood hitters, going solo at Vault 30?"
Rome Rome considers Franky for a moment, the events of that night replaying through his mind when it's brought up. The Knight takes a moment to answer, "Everyone died. Except me. I've been trying to find Rexus again, they're looking for me back home." He confides in Franky.

The other Knight looks aside to Rome and then Franky before going back to conversing with the mercenary. He's no doubt picked the former up for his service that day or something, questing to help him find Rexus. "A third force came in and killed everyone."
Franky Franky enjoys another swig of his glass of cheap galvanised tasting booze. And eye twitching as he swollows another swig, he lets his blue orbs resettle onto the Armor clad warrior answering him. Brows furrow, mechanical gears turning to process events and names. His look is confused, but quickly washes away when he remembers his cigarette. "Mmm." He offers in acknowledgement, venting a cloud of smoke from lungs. "NCR the third group?" A pause for dramas sake. "Who other than another empire to contribute to the organized murder."
Rome Rome shakes his head at Franky, "Reavers or something." He watches the cloud of smoke settle the air before Franky, "The Militia's set up parameters already, they're trying to take all the spoils for themsleves. They aren't any better." The Knight muses, "What's happening in Jack s town?" Rome asks Franky, watching him casually behind his armored helmet, his party playing a game of cards at the bar now.
Franky The mention of Reavers gets a nod, maybe it surprised him a little. He flicks ash directly atop the bar, staring at it as Rome follows up about the militia. "In kill we trust." He offers back, lowing his body and attempting to blow the ash at the Robotic bartender who seems unfazed by Franky's antics. "Mercenaries working for that final payday, Skyfortress or not." He digs for a few more caps, "Been trying to clear out Raider groups for the head dude over there. It's slow going."
Rome Rome nods at Franky, "Killing raiders? Me and my boys are always down to kill those." He replies, chuckling. "Might run into you over there sometime." His associates offer no acknowledgement, caught up in their game, the mercenary taking a swig of his drink. "Or come find us, we'll tag along. We're usually here after a long day. You know Rexus? Let him know I'm looking for him, Rome's the name. Consider it payment." The Knight says through his mic, offering Franky a gauntleted hand. "Didn't get your name?"
Franky Franky stares back at Rome as if he expected any other reply. A smirk he sets more caps on the bar top, "Top 'em all off, Barkeep." Giving a shoeing motion to he robot toward's Rome and his group. "Shit, I'll give you the low down." He quickly toggles his Pip-boy for find the intel dumb before attempting to transfer Rome the same data. He sighs, grabbing his drink and downing the rest before returning the glass to the bar top. He reaches over, offering a hand into the power armored grip. "Franky." His left hand wiggling the four digits in an odd hello. "Dusty ol' trail for me, I'll ask aroudn about this Rexus."
Rome Rome glances down at his hand-held Pip-Boy 2000, tapping it to accept the download of data, he shakes Franky's hand before withdrawing it back to his side, "I'll look these files over." Rome says, glancing over to the Mr. Handy bartender briefly as Franky pays the tab for his boys. "I'd appreciate it, he's my only way of getting back in touch with my Brother's back home." The Power Armored Knight says, settling his gaze back on Franky's behind his helmet, his voice staticy through the mic.