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Lucette     Lucette had heard about some raider problems on one of her more recent visits to Jack's Town, and has put up fliers around El-Dorado calling to wrangle up a posse and help out a neighbouring settlement, with the potential- but not guarantee- of a sweet reward. She's held a meeting spot outside of Jack's Town, as per her usual with her assistant leaving a large campfire and white firelight to broadcast where she is. Quint is seated on Agro this time, with her mutant eagle Congress perched on the mare's flank. Lucette herself is idly scrolling through her mil-pip in waiting.
Cormano      Cormano works his way up the road casually, The brim of his sombrero pulled down low, obscuring the old Ghoul's features. By his side a metal wall of a man drones along, the heavy thuds of his footfalls and the mechanical whine of his pistons announce their arrival. Rome and Cormano had been propping up the bar at the Gold Digger Saloon a few hours ago when they had spotted a flyer looking for hired guns. The pair are always up to lend a hand, especially when it involves filling a raider or two full of lead, and or lasers.

     Cormano spots Lucette and a grin spreads across his ruined features. "Howdy there Miss Lucette, got another adventure for us?" He rasps. Before waiting for an answer Cormano takes a seat beside the fire, breathing a sigh of relief as the weight comes off of his tired old feet.
Emily The arrival of Emily comes with no fanfare to speak of, though she shows up none the less at the little spot Lucette has staked out, "Is this the place to meet for the job?" she asks, glancing a little across the campsite, the people who've showed up already, and Lucette herself.
Lucette     Lucette smiles to Rome and 'mano, nodding to them. "Welcome back, Soldiers. We're conducting some reverse-theft today, raiders took something and someone in Jack'stown wants it back." she answers, her visor gleaming in the firelight. Hiding her expression, but it's easy to note when her glance turns to Emily by the change of her head's orientation.

    "Yess'm, this is the place if yer talking about the fliers in town. I reckon someone'll be able to get us on the fast track to finding those raiders." she muses to Emily. "You seem kind of familiar ma'am, been in El Dorado long?" she asks.
Emily "Yeah, I suppose I have been in and out of El Dorado for a while now, Ma'am." Emily says in response to the question of Lucette, "It's where I live most of the time anyhow." She adds, "I'm Emily."
Cormano      Cormano produces a handrolled cigar from his poncho and lights it with a wooden match. After taking a long drag from his cigar he looks up to the party. "Well, now that introductions are outta the way, what say we find these here varmints an set 'em straight?"
Rome Rome looks over to Emily, holding a modified AER9 and a Pip-Boy 2000 in another hand. The Power Armored Knight nods to her, glancing amongst the party. "We ready to roll--" He chuckles, looking aside to Cormano.
Lucette     Lucette nods to Emily, and greets, "I'm Lucette Richardson. Knight in the Guardians of El-Dorado Militia, and President of the Neo-Enclave based off of Hope." then nods to Cormano. "Quint has an idea of where they're off to after asking the townies, everyone ready to roll?" she asks with a warm tone.
Emily "I'm ready, yep!" Emily says with a nod of her head towards Rome, then Lucette in short order as she moves to ready herself to follow on out with the others to go hunting Bandits.
Ironface Jones The sound of power armor stomping along can be heard as an already huge man wearing even huger power armor strides into view. "Greetings. It is I, Ironface Jones of the El Dorado tribe. I am here to slay bandits and help people," sounds from speakers on the helmet. As the figure approaches the group further it waves it's empty hand, the one not holding a weapon's hilt, and speaks further, "I have been away for some time, but I have returned again and I am ready to do good deeds and such."
Lucette     Quintis, Agro, and Congress move off on the trail while Luce does a final adjustment on her Mil-pip. An update to everyone(except IRONFACE)'s pip boy maps to show where they're headed.

    "Good, alright. Trail's that way, keep yer eyes peeled." she rallies, and starts off in the wake of her assistant!
Lucette     There's a dim, blue flare left on the ground at the end of a trail that led off for what probably would feel like hours. It's resting right below a spike in the ground. The spike has the skeletal remains of some poor joe(or jane) hanging off of it. A few yards back there's a big picket made of similar spikes, and a single gap making an entryway. The fence makes a complete circle around a large cabin that's been reinforced with scrapmetal plates on most of the walls. Seems like that's the place, Luce asks the posse: "What do y'all feel like doing from here?"
Cormano      Cormano silently wonders, "Seems as though we're a bit railroaded here. I'm a might bit apprehensive 'bout just wanderin' through the front door." He whispers in a low raspy voice. He spots something and perks up, "Watchout folks, I see some movement in yonder windows." He points off towards the cabin, staying low and hidden.
Rome Rome looks aside to Lucette and then the rest of the faces from behind his armored helmet. "Go in guns blazing." The Brotherhood Knight offers, lowering the modded AER9 from his shoulder. When Cormano speaks, he peeps up over to the windows. "Good eyes. It's your call." Rome assures the group at large, ducking his head again.
Ironface Jones Surveying the scene silently though his helmet, Ironface takes some time to think before he manages to come up with something to say, "I feel as though we should make sure there are no traps." Then he leans forward ever so slightly, the helmet tilting a few degrees to one side as he seems to notice something. "I see movement in the windows, too. We should be wary of snipers and the like." Finally, he looks towards Rome, "But that is also a good idea. If we move quickly we can prevent shooters from having much time to shoot at us before we're on top of them."
Lucette     Lucette nods and keeps low. "Alright, let's move in. Who wants to take vanguard? Keep eyes peeled and head low to keep out of any trap workings and out of firing lines." she states, pointing ahead. "There's a couple mines laid out, we should move left about a yard after the gate, then keep going." she offers helpfully. "We should be fast, I can see'm moving up at the windows."
Cormano      Cormano nods to Lucette, "I'll hang back an let the metal folks do their work." He rasps silently. He draws his pistols slowly and moves to take the other's lead. The ghoul had long since extinguished his cigar, and was now acting as Rome's shadow.
Ironface Jones "I will go first. It is best for me to do that so that I can destroy them with my sword," says the armored Ironface Jones as he holds up the metal cylinder in his hand, ready to ignite the blade when the battle commences. He looks over the terrain and says, "One yard to the left after the gate and straight towards them." The big guy in the heavy armor prepares to lead the way without hesitation, stepping off to try to close with the enemies before the others, possibly hoping to draw their fire.
Rome Rome stays somewhat low, following behind Ironface Jones, with Cormano behind the two Power Armored men to absorb the bulk of the fire with their size. "Keep moving. I'll cover you with fire." Rome says to Jones queitly through his mic, AER9 readied in hand.
Ironface Jones Having been somewhat hidden from the enemy, Ironface emerges and ignites the blade on his laser sword, the futuristic weapon glowing as he launches himself towards one of the raiders. The strange weapon hums as it slices through the air towards the bandit, but the sound it drowned it by the bellow of rage emanating from the massive, armored tribal. As the laser blade reaches the man's head it slices and sears at the same time, creating a horrendous wound that cleaves the raider's dome in half and sends the body sinking to the ground. Before that first corpse can hit the dirt Ironface sends his energy blade speeding towards another of the axe wielding banditos, slicing into the flesh on his body.