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Owner Pose
Skittles      It's a mild afternoon in El Dorado. Spring is well under way, and as a result, the caravan is packed with people looking for new gear.
     Amongst the bustling crowd, a tricolored hair young lady can be seen wandering about, a large sack held over one shoulder. She meanders about and looks along the wagons, as if searching for a familiar face.
Nathan Nathan has parked himself ontop his wagon with his wares displayed on the wagon for folks walking past to be able to see. Every now and then Nathan will hawk a few lines about his items.
Skittles      "Oy, Nathan.", Skittles calls over from a few wagons up. "Was told ou're a fair deal. I'm looking to sell or barter if you're interested. She looks amongst the potential clients and waits to make sure there aren't any active deals in progress.

     The sack is layed across the wagon's surface, and out come a few sheets of leather, a beebee gun, and an XL70E3 rifle. "The rifle I know is a rare find, but I was hoping you had some gear we could exchange, I'm severely lacking in the armor department.".
Nathan Nathan glances at the stuff she's layed out and nods, "The rifle looks amazing. I don't think I've got much that'd suit you too well with the armor. Got a full suit but it kinda covers everything. I've got a couple nice helmets though."
Skittles Skittles arches an eyebrow, "Hm, could I take a look at that suit and the helmets then?". She rounds the other side of the wagon, keeping the goods well within reach however. Eyeig the gear she nods, "The armor can be adjusted I think, but that mask is intense.". She rounds the other side and eyes a few other pieces of gear. "Okay, would you do the rifle, leather small arm, a free tech job, and 200 caps for the armor, mask, and...". She snatches a pair of glasses from the wagon and slips them on, blinking a tad.
    Looking over to Nathan she says, "These?".
Nathan Nathan nods a bit as she lists off the trade, "I could do that for sure." He starts to gather up the things she'd listed off, "The ranger helmet or the mask?"
Skittles Skittles looks over and chews on a lip thoughtfully. Sighing she nods to the ranger helmet, She picks it up and slips it over her head, her voice coming through in a sinister metal echo, "This is a nice piece of gear.". She glances down to her PIPBoy, "Well, I suppose I can hold off for now though. I'd rather have a bullet proof head.", finally she points out the heavy combat mask. Returning the ranger helmet to its spot on the wagon, she rounds it once more to conclude the deal.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit as he pulls her requests out he hands them over to her, "Some pretty good armor there I think. I suppose I should see about getting some more armor eventually."
Skittles Skittles begins to pack away her goods, slinging the sack over a shoulder, "Hey yeah. The rifle should sell fast though, without a doubt. If I find any more gear, I'll bring it to you. Maybe keep you stocked if you keep me in the running for the best deals.". She gives him a wry smile and winks, the now stuffed sack tugging down one shoulder. Her baby blue eyes glance around before settling back on Nathan, "It was great doing business with you. I'm Skittles by the way, Meggan Stroids. Come find me when you need that tech job done. I can do PIPBoy installs, hacks, and diagnostics. Not really hard to find either.".
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "I'll of course keep you in mind for good deals that come through. And if you don't mind anybody that comes looking for tech jobs I'll refer 'em to you?"
Skittles Skittles nods, "Of course. Seeya around then.". Turning about she instantly has to dislodge herself from a waylay of people setting off to sample the rare eats a wagon nearby had just set up. A moment later, she's regained her bearings and escaped the swarm, and the caravan.