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Zealot Shreya It is early in the day. Not too long after sunrise. Having trekked through darkness to pick through the scrapyard your confident that you wont be bothered. After being forced to treat yourself due to the high concentration of radiation here. You get up and walk around one of the many mountains of scrap. Catching your breath you see a radstag walking among the wreckage. A buck with two heads and sizeable antlers on either of them. It lifts its hear as if sensing your presence even though it hasnt seen you yet.
Chevelle      She was clean for once, now with the luxury of a place to stay, food to eat, and an actual bed to sleep on, Chevelle actually didn't clean up half bad. She'd kept most of her original clothing however, whether due to sentimentality or mere convenience it was hard to tell. Shotgun at the ready, ever cautions at the prospect of Feral's. Rounding one of those towering mountains of junk Chev spotted the radstag, her mouth opening slowly as she raised her shotgun and took aim at it. Still as a statue lest she be detected, waiting until she got a good clear shot before popping off a round.
Chevelle      Letting out a slow breath, Chev slowly leaned forward and depressed the trigger. The shotgun bucking to life against her shoulder as 9 angry .32 caliber balls went zipping like a swarm of angry metal bees. The impact hit the animal squarely on the side of its throat. The creature let out a strange, strangled sound before slumping forward, its face crashing in to the ground first, then it's body followed suit.

     Glancing around, Chev kept her shotgun trained on the animal, on the look out for any scavengers which might have been attracted by the noise or the scent of fresh blood in the air. Seeing nothing she slowly made her way toward the creature, lowing her shotgun slightly but still having it at the ready. One look told her enough, up close the buckshot had cleaved a terrible wound in its throat, through which blood pulsed out slowly, a considerable pool now spreading around the radstags head.

     Glancing around she crabbed a loose piece of wire cable from one of the mounds of scrap and knelt by the animals feet, letting her shotgun rest on her knees as she made sure the knot would hold and stood, holding her shotgun with one hand as she looked for a piece of something she could string the animal up from.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya frowns. She had been lined up on that shot but before she could depress the trigger, someone else stole her kill, it would have fed the children for several days. Looking through the scope again she takes stock of Chevelle, then scans the surrounding area. "Looks like a raider," the zealot curses under her breath. With soft steps she creeps down to the site of the kill to determine if this is one of the vermin she makes a special point of killing or not.
Zealot Shreya You hear that you are not alone when Shreya is coming down the mountain of trash toward you.
Chevelle      This was going to be a nice present if she could get it dressed out here. Though depending... Maybe she could carry it in to town? Roswell at least... Maybe get someone to cut it up real nice in those fancy cuts you see like at a restaurant. Half focused on looking for something to hoist the animal up from, half focused on not getting greased in a junkyard, Chev heard the sound of movement from the mountain of trash.

     Feigning distraction at her task she took a quick step behind some cover, some old trashed out washing machine. Turning she took a knee, bringing the shotgun up to her shoulder with one fluid motion as she called out from the diaphragm. " Don't Fucking Move! " As her eyes found target she scoped out the rifle the woman was carrying and cursed under her breath, so much for fucking cover... The rest of the womans outfit was... Odd. Especially that stick she had with her, and there was something on her face. Great. She didn't shoot, having been politely introduced to the "Legal System" of the area, but god dammit if that lady raised that rifle Chev was gonna cut her in half.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks at you with disdain. "If you actually fire that thing at me, the other Children you cant see will eat you along with that animal." She crosses her arms and moves toward an open car door but slowly. Iron courage or not standing in the fatal funnel is stupid. "You know what your doing with that thing? You cant eat it all you know. Did you bring a framed pack or your going to drag it all the way back to town and hope nothing is attracted by the smell of blood?"
Chevelle      Fighting the urge to roll her eyes Chev braced the shotgun tightly against her shoulder, her finger tight on the trigger as the woman called out to her. Coming out from behind the washing machine Chev b-lined it for the woman, that shotgun stil pointed straight at her. "I SAID FUCKING STOP!" -Screaming the command at the top of her lungs as she approached the woman. "This isn't a fucking conversation! You move again and I'll give you fucking kids the same thing I'll give you. Buckshot mouthwash and a shallow fucking grave!"

     Well it was a nice run, she'd have given just about anything to stick around El Dorado... And shit, maybe she still could. Hell maybe this psycho was wanted... Or.. Suddenly her brain registered the words "Children", the confusion quickly vanishing as Chev got close enough to see that tattoo's on the womans face.

     Mental arithmetic not withstanding, she of all people wasn't going to fall for the old fucking "We got you surrounded trick". All she wanted to do is get the fucking lady to stop, jesus why don't people ever fucking listen.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya says, "I get it. Your hot, your hungry. You think Im playing tricks on you but its you that interrupted my hunt. We can all walk out of here alive. There is plenty of food there. Do you even know how to skin a deer. You look like a city sort to me. Put the gun down. Mine isnt out see.""
Chevelle      The look on her face didn't change, nor did she look away from the woman as she closed the distance between them. Adrenaline still pumping through her veins Chev's lips remaining a hard thin line. "Man, fuck you lady. You come at people like that I'm surprised you're still fucking breathing." All those year of riding rat rods through desert were coming right back to her, their memory so recent as she adjusted her grip slightly on the shotgun.

     Her voice lowering, still coming hard and fast though as she spoke, her anger more than apparent. Her head coming back a little as she gave the woman a confused look. Jesus you take -one- bath.... "City? Bitch I could skin you if I wanted. Dumb fuckin' psycho. Look I ain't got no prob splittin' it. Shit, you'd'a come at me all like "Hey can I have some too, I was out hunting.. Instead of Hey, I'm the biggest fucking cunt in the state, we could be having a nice lil civ'l talk instead of you getting a face full of shotgun. Don't go talkin' like you fuckin' know shit about me. Now, you wanna help string and gut it I'll -consider- lettin' you take what I can't carry. Take it or leave it."

     Her diatribe completed, all delivered rapid fire, Chev slowly -slowly- lowered the shotgun so it was just hovering in the area of the womans stomach, relaxing little by little as the lady changed her tune. She couldn't remember... Was that a thing? Did the atom's go in pairs? Were there a lot around here? Fuck she hadn't seen any since she got in to town... Or on the way in... Surely someone would have mentioned a sizable population of lunatics in the area... So the story was likely bullshit... But fuck, she hadn't even planned on taking the whole animal to begin with.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "You know what your doing. Now that you've dropped the weapon she moves to sit behind the cover of the car door. "Ill wait until you dehydrate trying to lug that thing back to town. Way I see it youll either leave most of it here or you'll feed the vultures because your stubborn and then, we'll eat whats left of you after that."
Chevelle      Shrugging Chev shook her head slowly. "Your call. But if you're gonna sit there why I do all the work you best believe I'm leavin' just the hooves. And if you're gonna sit. You take that rifle of yours and set it over there." Jerking her head to the side, toward a pile of trash a few yards away. "Ain't no fucking way I'm letting this thing go just to have you try and turn the tables.... Remember, I offered you some of it. Don't call me fucking stubborn."

     Now she was just plain pissed. Who in the -fuck- did this lady think she was? And who the -fuck- thinks they get something for nothing in this fucked up world? Keeping the shotgun lowered, but still partially trained on her, Chev waited to see if she'd comply. Letting her walk off would likely be a bad idea. Shit she'd probably just pick a spot up the road and shoot her from a distance. Fuck I thought this place had fucking cops and shit.