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Claude The vault is already abuzz with word that it's someone's birthday. In order to make it the best possible party Claude has elected to show up to perform at the club. It's already hopping. There are a number of people there doing their thing, enjoying tasty Nuka Cola in a relaxed atmosphere. Music lightens the atmosphere as people mingle about in anticipation of the evening's events. Behind the bar the tender works hard to keep everyone in drinks.

As he waits for his set to begin Claude has a drink at the bar, his tumbler about halfway full still. He's on a stool, listening to the other vault dwellers chat amiably as he mentally readies himself to perform.
Jasper Ah right, the birthday party. Which means mister Overseer Man will be showing up in awhile to rain on their parade. Jasper shows up in pre-war clothing, jeans and a comfortable button-down flannel shirt. Rumors have been /flying/ in the Vault about the water purifier so hopefully people are going to relax for a small birthday party. Towards the bar for his first nuka-cola goes the birthday boy.
Leo A sigh crept out of Leo's chest, he was reluctant about the whole b-day thing, still made his way towards the Night Club. Eye's on that pip-boy screen for a second before re attaching it to his arm. He cleared the double doors of the elevator, stopped to look over the gathered crown. A smirk and then Leo carried on, pulling that fedora low over his brow and pushing his way inside.
Xenia Xenia sits at the end of the bar, sipping an ice-cold Nuka-Cola and resisting the urge to check her Lil'Pip for the fiftieth time since she got here. Her other hand is filled with a scrap of paper whose edges are too neat to be trash, and she keeps that hand close to her breast, as if it held precious cargo.

As the door opened and the fedora'd one enters, she forces a smile and waves casually. "Welcome to the party," she calls softly. "Hope you brought your appetite, 'cause there's supposed to be cake."
Claude Looking up from his drink when Jasper approaches the bar, Claude gives the new arrival a friendly nod and says, "Happy birthday! Anything in particular you want to hear tonight? 'New York, New York' is definitely on the set list. That's just a staple." A cheerful grin appears on his handsome face as he turns towards Xenia, "Make sure you save me a slice if it's served when I'm on stage."
Jasper "I've heard that song a million times. A million more will be fine, guy." Jasper shrugs his shoulders at Claude, awaiting the arrival of his own Nuka-cola. Which comes post-haste and he lifts it up to drink long from it. "The cake is going to show up much later. They don't make that big of a cake for the mailman though."
Leo A wave is offered or returned. Leo moves for the bar, and settles into a stool. "Admin give you a day off for your birthday?" Leo asks, though he's sure he knows the answer. The fedora comes off, and set on the bar top next to him. Pretty soon a nuka-cola is brought to him, he drinks it, wishing it was the hard stuff.
Xenia "I hope they did... I would've given it to you, I know that much. Everyone deserves the day off on their birthday." Xenia's hand moves to her Lil'Pip, actually brushing against its casing before she snatches it back. "I'll do my very best!" she calls to Claude. "And I'm requesting 'Burnin' Love'!"
Claude Leo's wave is returned by Claude who asks, "How's it going?" Then he finishes off whatever happens to be in his glass and sets the empty drink back on the bar. "Alright," Claude says to Jasper, nodding his head and looking around once again. "Looks like a good time to get things started." With a wink and a smile at Xenia he says, "My pleasure." The singer heads for the stage, hopping up onto it and glancing over the crowd until his eyes settle on the bartender who turns off the recorded music in favor of Claude. The young man approaches the piano and sits down at the keyboard. He adjusts the microphone and speaks clearly into it, "Thanks for showing up everybody! We're here tonight to celebrate the birthday of our favorite mailman, Jasper!" He holds for applause. "In honor of him we'll be starting off with a little ditty by Buddy Holly." He begins to play, letting the music lead him into the words, "Mailman, bring me no more blues..."
Jasper "OH no no no, can't let that happen. I mean. They didn't, but I took it off. I may lose my job though. With that handy droid delivering mail faster than me." Jasper leans forward to clink the bottom of his bottle against Leo's, then Xenia's beverage containers. Oh no. Jasper's head turns quick as the singing man starts to do the thing hes known for.
Leo Leo smirks a little at Claude's question/greeting, Leo shrugs and leaves it at that. A knowing nod is given Jasper, he klinks in return and has a swig. He grows quiet and settles into his stool to listen to Claude, flicking his pip-boy to vibration mode incase another call-up comes in. His eye's glance upward again, watching faces in the crowd.
Xenia "Oh, no! I hope you don't," Xenia cries, giving Jasper a sympathetic look as she clinks her cola bottle against his. "Unemployment would be an /awful/ birthday present. And speaking of..." she adds, smiling and passing Jasper the slip of paper in her hand. "Hope you like it... it's a ration ticket for a free Nuka-Cola, any variation, per day for a whole month!"

When Claude's act begins, she provides more than polite applause as bidden, then quiets to listen to the song, propping her cheek on her hand. "Mmmmmmm, I /love/ Buddy Holly..." she murmurs, a bit dreamily.
Claude "One blue letter is all I can use..." Claude finishes out the song and smiles at the crowd. "The next song goes out to a very special fan. As a big admirer of the King I only hope I can do the song justice." His hands find their way to the piano's keys and he starts to play, "Lord almighty, I feel my temperature rising!" With a big grin on his face he turns to the crowd, "Higher, higher it's burning through to my soul!"
Jasper "See? I knew you were perfect for administration." A quick wink for Xenia, rubbing in her situation. He'll lean forward to take the slip and tuck it away into a pocket. Then he turns and leans back against the bar in his stool. To watch the crooner croon. "I mean, the GOAT could've made you /his/ job. I don't think anyone would've wanted that."
Leo The nuka-cola is tipped upside down, contents dumped down his throat. Another sigh, he trades the bottle for his hat on the bar. Propping it on his head, "Happy birthday, kid." Leo wishes with a nod, already moving for the door. Sabatours and dopple-gangers are probably plotting somewhere else in the vault tonight.
Xenia "Yeah..." Xenia observes softly, her smile fading considerably. "Wouldn't that've been just awful." She claps to encourage Claude's performance, but she can't summon more than the ghost of a smile. Which she hides with a long drink of Nuka-Cola.
Claude People throughout the club are enjoying the sounds of Claude who is onstage at the piano. They're also drinking. Lots of liquid flows, served up by the friendly bartender. Some folks are even dancing. It's a hell of a party already.

"A hunk, a hunk of burning love!" Claude finishes out his song and gives a wave to the people in the club. He plays a few notes on the piano, letting his fingers tickle the ivories in a bit of spontaneous music. "Time's come to slow things down and, like a mailman, spread the news," the singer announces. "Here's Old Blue Eyes for ya'." Then he starts into 'New York, New York.' With a smile he starts playing, singing when he gets to the right part of the song, "Start spreadin' the news..."
Jasper Jasper's foot tap-tap-taps along with the smooth sounds of the piano and the man singing along. Its not a bad birthday party at all! Not that..its..any different from anyone else's birthday party. Lot of people have these nightclub parties. A glance off towards Xenia though and a grin. "Have you read anything /interesting/ while being with....Maintenance? Right?"
Joey When Joey comes in, he's not very cheery. It may be due to the explosion of the water purifier, but he does give people polite smiles if they look at him. His hands are at his gun belt, thumbs tucked into it as he looks around, then takes up a spot near the door, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the wall. Joey's a part of the Dillon family, which has almost always been exclusively Security. He was a boyscout and a tattletale as a child, which didn't make him very popular.
Hjara     Hjala meanders her way into the club, mumbling something to herself and scratching the side of her head. A party's going on, but more importantly, "The hell'd dad go." she had a suspicion her father wandered off for his break and was intent on reclaiming him. Or atleast giving him a stern talking to. The lass shifts her way in and keeps eyes peeled and dons white-knuckled fists.
Jasper Jasper Lennox, child of the OVERSEER and general lay-about. Should've been destined for Administration and all that entails. But something weird happened during his GOAT and the young man has spent 4 years as the Vault's mailman, moving packages and tinkering with a Mister Handy he managed to get assigned to his vicinity.

Today...Today is his birthday, the big 2-1 and he is settled upon a stool by the bar drinking a Nuka-Cola next to Xenia. Claude, the lounge singer is up on stage regaling them with his sultry tones and doing his Rendition of 'New York, New York'.
Xenia Xenia summons a small smile and a wave for Joey and Hjala. "Welcome to the party. Say hi to the birthday boy," she calls softly, before turning her attention back to Claude's singing. "He does this one every time," she muses. "You think I'd get tired of it. But I never do."
Claude "New York, New York, New York!" Claude belts out, bringing the classic song to an end. "Alright folks, I'm going to take a break and get myself a drink. I'll be right back," he says into the microphone before standing up and proceeding to the bar. "Whiskey, neat," says the singer to the bartender as he orders his usual. Noting the presence of Joey and Hjala he lifts his hand to his eyebrow and offers a little salute their way. To Hjala he says, "You look a little on edge. Want me to perform anything special for you tonight?"

The club is quite busy as numerous people enjoy the celebration of Jasper's big twenty first birthday. People dance to the recorded music that's just begun. Others get their drink on as the Nuka Cola and booze flow. A grand time is being had by all. Well, most.
Daria Daria wanders in, her face wan and tear-stained. She spots Joey and heads his way, mumbling a half-hearted, "Happy birthday, Jasper," toward Jasper without pausing to make further niceties with the focus of the celebration. Xenia and Hjala get weak nods of acknowledgement and no eye contact while Claude goes all but ignored. "Hey," she blurts softly to Joey when she draws near.
Zasha Zasha makes her way into the nightclub, dusting her hands off on her jumpsuit as she does. She glances around a couple time, as her ears pick up the sound of something...not sure what it is...what with all the people in here, hard to say. So she just starts walking along, sure she'll run into what ever it is.
Hjara Hjara gives a little wave to Jasper, as per Xenia's instruction. Though aside from that she is heavily distracted looking around for a certain person's face, her posture and tension hints she's about ready to deck someone.
Holiday "Twenty one, and Nuka Cola's what you're drinking?" While he'd been focused on Claude's set, a brunette in a white lab coat had snuck her way through the gathered crowd to Jasper's side. It's Holiday, come bearing a gift and a warm smile for her favorite mailman. Or, well, only mailman. But he's a good one, regardless. "Won't tell your dad, promise." She sets the little blue and yellow box she's brought with her on the bar just as Claude relays his order to the bartender. She tips her head in his direction, "See? He's got the idea. I'll take two of those too, please."
Joey "Happy birthday, Jasper." It's very politely spoken. Considering Joey's boy-scout nature and Jasper's rebellious one, it's likely no love was lost between them. His eyes stray to Hjala when she comes in, and Claude's words to her does make him speak up, raising his chin in her direction. "Yeah, you do look a little on edge," he observes. "Everything okay there?" His attention is drawn to the tear-streaked girl who approaches her, and he frowns. "You shouldn't be here, Daria," he tells her gently. "Everyone would understand if you stayed home."
Jasper Jasper nods as more and more people filter into the nightclub. Probably on their own desires rather than his 'birthday party'. "Thank you so much." To a few of them who stop by to wish him good luck. "Ah, there she is. The loveliest lady on my route." A quick glance around to make sure no other lady might be around to hear him say that. "I was waiting for /you/, of course."
Claude When he spots Daria Claude ends up with a look of surprise on his face, which quickly turns into a full blown frown. As she's not paying him much attention he refrains from engaging with her. Zasha is given a friendly little wave as she walks through the club. To Holiday, however, Claude gives a big grin, "A lady after my own heart." He looks between her and Jasper and says, "What's a birthday without a little social lubricant, after all?"
Zasha Zasha finds herself over by the group, with a small box in her hand. She looks down at it oddly for a moment, "Where the heck did that come from...anyone want a present, I found one it seems..."
Daria "It's his birthday. It would be...unkind... not to at least drop by and offer best wishes," Daria replies to Joey, though he gets a wavering, watery smile of appreciation for the kindness and, at the sound of Jasper's voice she turns to regard the other nearby patrons more closely. Her eyes drift lethargically from the birthday boy to Xenia before flitting back to the doorway she lingers near. Taking up a spot, she leans against the wall next to Joey and wonders, very softly beneath the words of Claude, "Any news? You're in Security, are you... you know... part of the... investigation?"
Joey "We have a few leads we're working on," confesses Joey, and as he says this, the perceptive can notice his eyes sweeping over the partygoers. "It's slow going, though, Daria, I'm sorry. I promise if the leads follow through I'll tell you right after the Overseer." He doesn't smile at her, but he does lift his hand reluctantly to place it onto the girl's shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze.
Xenia Xenia smiles faintly as she recognizes Zasha, waving and mouthing a warm 'Hey, Sis!' to her. Then her eyes find Daria, and her smile fades, noting the tearstains on the girl's face. A thoughtful frown crosses her lips. With a small smile, she looks to Jasper and Holiday. "Have fun, you two. See you later," she says warmly, draining the last of her Nuka-Cola and standing. Waving to the barkeep for a fresh ice-cold bottle of Nuka-Cola, she turns and walks in the direction of Daria and Joey.

"Tough day?" she asks softly, sympathetically, offering the cola to Daria. "Good for irritated throats," is her soft explanation.
Daria Daria nods, first at Joey, then at Xenia, with no response immediately offered the former other than that acknowledgement. Her hand slips from the pocket of her labcoat to reach upward, where she gives an impatient swipe to her face to wipe away the tears. Shaking off the cola offered her, she admits, "It's... been rough, yes." Her eyes drift past Xenia toward Hjala and, for a moment, her jaw sets, but then she is looking back and softening again as she sighs and asks, "How about you? Are you doing okay? I know... gosh, everybody... everybody seems to have lost someone."
Jasper "Yup. Birthday party after that..." Jasper gives a quick wave as people filter out to go give well-wishes to those who lost people. He'll stare off in their direction awhile. Daria and them that has lost people before turning to try and bring back his smile for the Good Doc Holiday.
Holiday Holiday shrugs out of her labcoat as she settles herself on the barstool between Jasper and Claude, a sheepish grin lending color to her cheeks. "Keep the compliments coming, birthday boy. Warms my old spinster heart." Inching that blue and yellow gift box across the bar toward Jasper, she says aside to Claude with a low chuckle, "'Social lubricant' sounds downright scandalous, by the way." When Xenia passes, Holiday offers the leader-in-training a little wave.
Hjara     After a few minutes, Hjara finds the person she's looking for. Walking up behind the bloke and putting him in a headlock, "The heck you let off thinking your break lasts three hours!?" she exclaims to the victim of her hold, which turns out to be her father, whom just starts laughing. It's a bit hoarse with difficulty to him breathing, but still, he's almost hysterical.
Zasha Zasha sets the box down, and moves over to a table and plops down into a chair. She lets her gaze drift about at those gathered. Like a small town in the south, you tend to know everyone.
Joey Xenia's approach has Joey studying her for a moment, tongue rolling in his cheek. "Hey, Xenia," he greets. "Glad to see you here. I was thinking, you know, with the explosion we need people like you to keep the Vault in order. Make sure nothing else happens that would only lead to more tragedy." His hand had withdrawn from Daria and now he's crossing his arms over his chest again, still leaning against the wall.
Jasper "As if I wouldn't be doing the same everyday that I saw you. Two for me as well." Two fingers to the bartender from Jasper, to look /SO/ cool. Then he'll down the hatch one with the look of someone who has done this before. "Whats in the box, Holly?" The package is pried and pulled out and he looks down into the thing. "What the hell am I gonna do with a reptile?" A fingertip to poke the head of the small turtle in the box.
Xenia Xenia returns Holiday's wave, adding a small smile, before resuming her mission of mercy. When the bottle is refused, she shrugs the barest of shrugs and wraps Daria in a warm, soothing sort of hug. "I'm hanging in there," she whispers. "Look... if you need anything... a hug, someone to talk to, anything... just look me up, 'kay? We're all in this together."
As she begins to loosen her hug, Joey's words reach her. "I can try. I'm still trying to figure out whether we've got the parts we need to fix this mess. Which is a neat trick when I don't know what even half of them look like," she replies, with a weak smile, gently hugging Daria again. Though whether it's because it's Daria who needs it or herself isn't clear.
Holiday The mailman's lackluster reaction to her gift has Holiday laughing. "Love it!" she laughs, reaching into the box and pulling out the little green turtle. It fits in the palm of her hand. "During cleanup in water reclamation, we found all sorts of weird things. Don't know where this little guy was going, but, he beat the odds making it this far." She offers the little turtle back to Jasper, just as the bartender brings over an armful of whiskey glasses. "Reckoned you both could figure out where you're going together." Holiday smiles over the rim of her glass before taking a long sip.
Daria Daria returns the hug of Xenia with a faint squeeze of her own, looking at first surprised and then appreciative and in a moment her hand is moving into a comforting pat on the back of the other woman, offering what comfort she can. "Thanks, Xenia. I'll... you know, like... keep that in mind. For sure. You, too, for what it's worth," she mumbles, with one corner of her mouth trembling upward into a brief almost-smile. When she pulls away, her attention is distracted by Jasper and his reaction to the gift from Holiday. "I... I never got out to get him a gift," she sighs guiltily even whilst giving the little turtle a glance that briefly flashes covetous. Finally, she nods to Joey, offering him a cryptic comment. "I'd like to speak with you when you can, please? Soon... if possible."
Joey Joey cocks his head at Xenia's reply but remains quiet, pressing his lips together as she embraces Daria. His eyes shift over towards the bar, where the good doctor and Jasper interact. He's quiet for a while, before he gives Claude an upnod, though the pianist might miss it, and turns towards the pair of women next to him. "I can talk now if you want," he offers.
Claude Catching Joey's greeting, Claude nods back at him thoughtfully. But there's drinking to be done, still. He continues sipping his whiskey as he watches the crowd.

The club is quite busy now. People have assembled for Jasper's twenty first birthday. Or just to drink, relax and listen to some live music. Speaking of which, Claude starts making his way back onto the stage and to the piano, settling in behind the keys and setting his drink down. Speaking into the microphone he says, "Time to find a dance partner, folks. There are plenty of people out there lookin' to mingle so don't be shy." Then he begins to play, "This is one of my favorites by Dean Martin." His singing voice rings out, "Everybody loves somebody sometime..."
Jasper Jasper narrows his eyes at Holiday a bit, "Mmhmm. I'll have to find him a tank and stuff. Check the to take care of him." For your birthday, heres more responsibility that you've tried to dodge this whole time. Hel'lb righten up at the talk of dancing and he'll grab ahold of Doc Holly's wrist. "A dance for the birthday boy?"
Daria "Sure, just not... here?" is Daria's somewhat lame and altogether awkward response for Joey, at whom she nods, and she flinches visibly when Claude entreats the partygoers to dance. A hand drifts upward, the hand earlier used to wipe her face, and its fingers curl to be raked through her hair, which she then shakes out, the gesture faintly agitated and very much anxious. She turns to Xenia and offers, "I'm sorry but... you know, I think... that's probably my cue to get out of Dodge. I don't need to be breaking people's feet on top of the losses already incurred," in a rather awkward and perhaps slightly dark quip, though the accompanying twitch of her lips at least attempts to impart some humor into it.
Hjara     After a few moments of laughing, Hjala's dad simply stands up, lifting the lass to her tiptoes while continuing to headlock him, giving complaintive sounds. "Hey! I'm accosting you! Don't make me tell ma you're skipping shifts again!" she shouts to her father, whom sobers up. "Fine, fine, let me get my toolbox and I'll finish up."

    Though when he says that, Hjara lets him go, "Just go home, I already finished work." and dusts off her hands, "Hurry up before I slug ya one and drag you there myself."
Holiday Likely, Holiday knows the Overseer's son might do well with a little extra responsibility, even in the form of Tiny Turtle. "You'll do great. Long as you don't step on him or something." She wrinkles her nose a bit at that, as if maybe rethinking Jasper's birthday gift for a moment. But then Claude is striking up the music again and her mailman is pulling her toward the dance floor. "But I'm such a dorky dancer..." the doc whines but she slips off her barstool anyway. Saying no to a birthday dance is probably bad luck or something. Her lab coat and drinks are abandoned altogether, and they pass the amusing hijinks between Hjala and her father as they settle in on the small dance floor under low lights.
Xenia "I'm being trained as a supervisor in Maintenance, but it's on-the-job training. Keep in mind that I'm doing pretty good just knowing which end of the wrench to hold, and you'll have an idea how well it's going," Xenia explains wryly, off of Joey's look. "One of the jobs on my plate is helping figure out if we have or can fabricate the parts to fix the Water Reclamation plant and equipment. And I don't know how to fabricate anything. So I'm feeling pretty lost, but I'm trying to make the best of it. Takes a lot of trying. This is so much more Dad's cup of tea..." Sniffling, she glances over at Jasper with thoughtful eyes, just for a brief moment.
And then Daria mentions leaving, and she impulsively hugs the scientist, lightly kissing her cheek. "I should probably go, too. Have a better night. Call me if you need anything," she says softly, before releasing her. "And see you soon, too... if you have any suggestions on how to put that Water Reclamation plant back together, I'll be all ears," she adds to Joey, with a wry smile that dies quickly.
Mona     A cigarette hanging from her lip, Mona seems at best preoccupied, fussing with the dial of the Pip Boy, the hubbub surrounding Hjara (and father) earning a brief upward glance, at which point she pauses, practically mid-stride. You'd think someone would notice all the noise in here, but judging by the sweeping glance at the assembly, the answer there is 'no.'
    Then comes the visible debate, plain as day: stay, or go? A glance back to Hjara seems to seal the deal, the younger woman's father offered a brief nod of greeting. As is Xenia, after a time, though that's more of a glance than anything.
Joey "The only thing I want is to keep the peace, Xenia," Joey replies to Xenia, eyes shifting over towards Mona as she arrives, though he turns towards the door, heading towards it and into the hall, with an expectant glance over his shoulder at Daria. He shifts to the side to give her room to pass him, hand moving to the edge of the doorway as if he's holding it open for her.
Daria Daria hugs Xenia back, reminding her, "I'm not much of a mechanic but... well, science. I might be able to help shove a square peg into a round hole with... quantum biomechanical hydrodynamics or something, in a pinch, so... if I can help..." The offer comes out in broken, babbled little spurts, though with obvious sincerity and the brush of the lips of the other woman across her cheek has her blushing when she steps away. Hjara and her father go unremarked, though apparently not unnoticed, with another twitch visible along the jawline of the young woman when she overhears the shouting.

When Joey glances at her, she nods to him, pushing away from the wall and Xenia to skirt around Mona as she falls in somewhat behind beside him. "Thanks," she breathes as she passes through the door.
Xenia "Without the means to produce fresh water, keeping the peace may not matter," Xenia murmurs sadly, watching Joey and Daria go. Noting Mona's glance, she manages a faint smile and a little wave. Then she sighs and starts toward the door, feeling at her jumpsuit for a pocket for the bottle of Nuka-Cola still filling her left hand.
Hjara     Hjala nudges her father towards the door, pushing him out, "Go on, get. I need to do a walk around anyway." he protests, saying he's already going. And it isn't long before the two exit, then.
Mona     Mona takes a couple steps further in to keep from crowding the doorway, allowing the, er-- couple?-- to depart, another glance cast down at her PipBoy screen before it's switched back to idle. Apparently, she's decided to stay. Oh, happy day.
    There's another distinct pause as Hjara and her father head out, the latter given a not-the-least-bit subtle eyeing for a few seconds befoer the cigarette is plucked from her lip, the excess smoke sucked in and blown out one side of her mouth. She approaches the bar for the time being, however, giving vague acknowledgements here and there, the entrance afforded another short glance.
Claude The song reaches it's climax and then comes to a close as Claude sings out, "Everybody loves somebody sometime..." He hangs on the last note for a while longer than Dean Martin does but it still sounds nice. Turning to face the crowd again he takes a drink of whiskey and tells the assembled folks, "Want another tune to dance to? I see the birthday boy out there enjoying himself with a lovely lady, who else wants to take a turn on the dance floor?" Then it's time to tickle the ivories once more and Claude starts in on another classic romantic song. When it comes time to sing his voice is clear and true, "Strangers in the night..."
Jasper "GOOD. Because I'm an awful dancer." Holiday is dragged-dragged-dragged allll the way to the dance floor. Hand abandons hand and Jasper grasps Holiday's hip lightly and they wait for the music to go before starting into the steps. Badly.
Holiday The Chairman of the Board gets her everytime. Holiday relinquishes her concern over looking like a dork and gives in to Claude's music, settling up properly with Jasper on the dance floor. They turn slowly like the smoke curling off cigarettes throughout the club. It's not -bad-, it's just... well, turning. "Good on you, giving folks a reason to come out tonight," the brunette murmurs as they dance. "Lots seem to still be struggling with the accident." She sighs, perhaps chasing away feelings of her own about it. "But we oughta look forward, not backward, yeah?"
Jasper "I'm fairly certain my father would have stern words if this party didn't happen." Jasper drags Holiday through a twirl out on the dance floor. "Not like he would actually show up." Its not quite the middle-school sway, but its remarkably close. They also seem to be exchanging quieter words as well.
Holiday The brunette on the dance floor presses her lips together at Jasper's words about the Overseer, like she's trying to weigh her own before saying them. "Your father is... somewhat removed from the wants and needs of folks around here," she ventures quietly enough to not be heard over Claude's music. Jasper likely knows her well enough to know her thoughts on that. But then Holiday's grinning at something the young man has murmured and shaking her head a bit.
Mona     The dancing couple is given a faintly odd look, Mona's brow climbing higher for all of a heartbeat before she takes the opportunity to tap her fingers against the bar, opening her mouth to order something before a scowl crosses her features. Probably won't take too many guesses to figure out what it is.
    Leaning against the bar, she has a brief exchange with the guy before a doubleshot of whiskey - or whatever passes for it down here - is placed in front of her, the glass greeted with a rather pointed frown, as if it's committed some kind of offense.
Malcolm Late for the party. Of course. Why wouldn't he be? The sergeant kept him afterwards making him clean his pistol four more times because he KNEW Malcolm wanted to go to this party.

He didn't even change out of the armored vault suit into his regular one, just took off the chestplate and helmet, then booked it. The doors slide open when he gets to them, and he takes a moment to run his hand through his hair, a pointless gesture with how short his hair is, but it looks cool, right? Before he strolls inside like he MEANT to be fashionably late.
Jasper "The man knows he would put a damper on any party he shows up to. He'll accost me in a corridor and give me a very nice lecture about what it is to be an honorable man." Jasper's eyes lift to the vault's ceiling for awhile before lowering to smirk at Holiday's response.
Holiday Holiday shrugs in Jasper's grasp as they dance, letting his father's words roll off her shoulders just as he should. "There is a difference between powerful and honorable," she answers, green eyes wandering over Jasper's shoulder to watch the newcomers file into the club. Bringing her gaze back to him, she shakes her head again and murmurs beneath the sound of the music.
Mona     Mona tips her glass to Malcolm as he enters, taking down a shot's worth of the glass's contents and chasing it with a hit off her cigarette, the latter snubbed out not a moment later. And, really, who's pulling decorum? The surly machinist has the top half of the jumpsuit hanging limply off her waist in favor of the shirt underneath, as she is wont to do.
    It's only when he's in range that "How's the gear holding up?" is uttered in a rare stab at making conversation. Even if it is work related-ish.
Jasper "Uh-huh." Speak of the damned devil. During another spin, Jasper spots the man, the myth, the legend, Overseer Lennox standing in the entryway to the Nightclub with grey eyebrows aloft. "I guess its time for me to scoot for awhile. Hold onto Turtletin until I see you again."

Jasper leaves the dancefloor and heads towards the entryway. When the young man gets close enough, in an artifically loud and erring towards fake voice, Mister Lennox speaks. "My boy, Happy Twenty-First Birthday. Come and lets have a short walk, shall we?"
Malcolm "I'll tell you what." Malcom says, as he gives a quick wave to Jasper on his way out...Since he was late to the party, but not late enough to miss him, before turning back to Mona, "The only way that sidearm is getting any cleaner is if I strip off the bluing. And then it'll rust." He shakes his head, "What about you? You're looking relaxed, I'm guessing you got here on time."
Holiday Nothing like the Overseer to put a damper on a good time. Watching Jasper go, Holiday curses under her breath and makes her way back to the bar where her labcoat and turtle in a box are waiting for her. It was a thing, don't ask. She settles back onto her barstool, not right beside Malcolm and Mona but close enough for conversation. She drinks her whiskey contemplatively, perhaps listening in. When she's finished with hers, she finishes Jasper's.
Mona     Mona, temporarily distracted by the arrival of the Overseer - though arguably more distracted by what's said - mouths what looks like 'Oh,' gaze flitting sidelong towards Malcolm. "Would you believe 'on time' was an accident?" she says mildly, raising her glass to take a more modest sip this time, a breath hissed out between her teeth. "Didn't even know whose birthday it was until, I don't know." She thumbs towards the door. "Now-ish?" She affords Holiday a nod, in the meantime, adding, "Took a few bars from the set of lungs on stage to even realize what was going on in here," with a vague shrug.
Claude "For strangers in the night!" Claude ends the song, turning on the piano's stool to look at the crowd again to try to get a feel for where they're at. Taking a sip from his glass he nods his head faintly before speaking into the microphone, "There he is, ladies and gents, the overseer! Let's give him and the birthday boy a hand!" He waits for the applause to die down. "Time to speed things up, folks, with a little Little Richard for you." He smashes the keys on the piano at the same time he begins singing. "I'm gonna tell Aunt Mary about Uncle John! He claims he has the misery but he has a lot of fun!"
Holiday Stacking her empty whiskey glasses, Holiday catches Mona's nod and answers it with a genuine smile. "Suarez, right? I've seen you around but never introduced myself. Jeanne Holiday," she offers her hand across the bar. If Mona takes it, her handshake is strong.
Malcolm "Man I didn't know he could sing." Malcom notes, as he looks up at the stage. Eventually when the bartender gets back around to him, he just orders a beer. Nothing fancy for him tonight. Looking past Mona to Holiday, he offers a smile as a way to say hello.
Mona     Mona gives as good as she gets, returning the handshake with a firm one of her own not long after a nod of confirmation. "Too bad it's wasted on a captive audience," she asides to Malcolm, though her attention quickly shifts back to Holiday.
    "Your predecessor," she says, giving a name we all agree was that of the previous doctor, "was the one to patch me up when I decided it was time to show up looking like I'd rolled in hot lava. No offense, but I think I prefer being ships in the night, if it's all the same to you." It's *meant* personably enough, it seems, even if it's stated rather dryly.
Holiday Green eyes settle on the dark haired man sitting beside Mona, and Holiday offers her hand to him, too. "I distinctly remember watching you jump into the fountain sculpture on the third floor about ten years ago. Always meant to introduce myself and thank you for making mischief, just never got around to it." With a grin, the doctor orders one last glass of whiskey from the bartender as he passes. Her attention passes to Mona then, whose comment earns her a full-bellied laugh despite its dry delivery. "My father," she smiles, nodding. "He was content being a ship in the night, and so am I."
Malcolm "Well SOMEBODY has to liven things up around here." Malcom replies to Holiday, finally getting his beer and taking a drink from it, "But you take it a step too far and you wind up the low man on the security totem pole."

Taking a second to think about what Mona says about a captive audience, he actually laughs, "Really everything around here is wasted on a captive audience. I mean we're breathing the same air and drinking the same water that people did two hundred years ago. For all we know the world up there could have totally rebuilt and we're all sitting in a hole in the ground forever."
Mona     Mona's brows loft at Holiday's response, and she breathes a laugh into her glass before throwing back the remainder of its contents. Setting it on the bar, she taps the rim twice to signal for a refill at roughly the same time as the doctor's own drink is delivered, though whatever reply she might have had is put to rest by the mention of water.
    Because of course it is.
    To this, her lip quirks upward somewhat in a look of clear distaste, and there's a moment's hesitation before she speaks again. "Yeah," she says, "about that," a glance cast towards the bartender. She waits for as long as it takes for her own drink to be poured, her head inclining in the general direction of 'elsewhere' before another unsubtle look around is cast. "Someone's been busy passing notes about the purifier."
Holiday Malcolm's words about sitting in a hole in the ground earn Holiday's attention, even as she starts in on her final drink. "It's not that far-fetched, is it?" she answers, whether or not he was speaking earnestly or in jest. "With reclamation on the fritz, maybe it's time to--" She makes a 'pop' sound with her lips. "--open that bad boy up upstairs. At least then we'd know how captive an audience we really are." Downing the last of her drink, Doc Holiday moves to stand, gathering her white coat and her small gift box to herself. "Take care." She sounds like she genuinely means it, leaving Mona and Malcolm to their purifier conversation and moving off through the crowd and out the club door.
Malcolm "Welp." Mason can't deny he agrees with the doctor, as she heads off, before turning back to Mona, "So I was chatting with my dad the other day and he said you've been doing a great job on the repairs as of late." He says, "And trust me it's hard to get a compliment out of that guy, so take that as you will."
Mona     No disagreement there, no, 'least so far as Holiday's last, Mona offering the doctor a nod as she heads elsewhere. She takes up her drink for a sip, her brows lifting slightly at the compliment. "Well-- thanks, I think," she says. "It's amazing what you can do when you're willing to use a .5mm to close a circuit." Which may or may not be a joke? Or maybe it's time to worry about the contraptions that have a history of overheating.
    "I was serious about that note-passing, by the way," she says, once the bartender's out of earshot, her voice dropping to a just-between-us volume. "We've got someone out there pointing fingers without getting their prints on it, and they're pegging me as the intermediary."
Malcolm "Well." Mason says, "Officially...I can't get involved. I'm with Security after all, I'm supposed to report that kind of thing.." He says, "Unoffically...I'd love to know everything you know, or at least everything you're willing to tell me...You know I can keep a secret.."
Mona     "Honestly?" Mona says, pausing to take a sip off her drink, "this is more your detail than mine. Whoever's looking to rope me in has obviously been huffing paint if they think I'm sticking my nose into some he-said she-said, 'specially if it turns out they're blowing smoke up my ass." There's a pause. Then, "Whistleblower's making noises about one of the other knuckledraggers," she says. "Hjara. Saying she's responsible for Water Processing getting turned into an overglorified scrap-heap. Now, all right, I work with the girl, but I barely hang out with folks my own age, let alone teenagers. Keeping an eye on her isn't exactly in my resume, and that's exactly what Whistleblower's asking for."
Malcolm "Alright, well." Malcom considers for a second, "It'll look odd if I'm constantly sneaking down there..But that being said, maybe I can pull a few strings and get reassigned...But I'll need to get a copy of her schedule so I can try to get mine to match up..That way I can keep eyes on."
Mona     "Won't look any stranger than having me looming over her shoulder," Mona replies. "S'ides, you guys got reason to keep a watch on things. Knuckledraggers have access, means--" She gives a vague wave of her hand. "Might piss off some of the old timers, but just, I don't know-- make up some line about just making sure, mutter about checking some boxes and liking this just as much as they do, and bam." She bolts down the rest of her drink, and says, "Point is, I'd stand out like a sea of sore thumbs. You at least got an excuse."
Malcolm "Can't argue that logic." He replies, "Fair enough. I'll look into it." He takes another drink from his beer, finishing it off, "Well, tomorrow. Once I'm back on duty."
Mona     Mona glances at the beer, pursing her lips to avoid a smirk. She doesn't comment on that in conjunction with 'duty'-- she's in here often enough, herself, and it's rare that a dry day goes by, it seems.
    "I'll still keep an eye out," she says, "if she and I cross paths. Let you know if I see anything."
Malcolm Malcolm rises up from his seat, "Sounds good to me." He replies, "Take care of yourself, Mona. I'll see you around." He offers one last smile to her before he heads for the door.