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Holiday The earliest morning hours are quiet in Vault 99, because there are only two types of people out and about: those who love to get an early start, and those who love to party 'til the sun comes up (somewhere above ground, anyway).

Perhaps less exciting, Holiday is one of the former folks. Rising two hours before her infirmary shift, she sleepily dresses herself in Vault Tec-issued workout clothing and munches some sort of freeze-dried snack on the way to the third floor gym.

Currently, she's running on a treadmill and watching an old pre-war flick on the telescreen, brunette hair bouncing in a ponytail.
Chance Chance has changed out of his security armor and uniform into a workout bit. He starts in with some slow streaches, his face wincing from time to time as if he had pulled something. But one has to work through the pain and work out the kinks, right? He then gets up on the other treadmill and starts to slowly jog.
Xenia Xenia arrives perhaps fifteen minutes later, dressed for a Vault-Tec appropriate workout, with her little Vault-Tec issued gym bag in hand. She looks tired, and likely not just from having only recently gotten up. "Murn'm..." she mumbles at Holiday, setting aside her bag and stepping onto the neighboring treadmill on Holiday's other side from Chance. "What speed you on?"
Holiday "Not as fast as this guy," Holiday answers her red-haired friend with a tired half-grin, tilting her head toward Chance. She's still at a jog, and doesn't look like she's in any hurry to speed up. Instead, she gestures to the telescreen above them, on which several familiar-looking men seem to be robbing casinos in pre-fall Las Vegas. One of them is for sure Frank Sinatra. "You seen this one?" she asks Xenia.
Chance Chance grins at the encouragement and dials it up a notch. He greets, "Morning ladies." He looks up to the monitor and nods, "I have. An oldie but a goodie, I think they say." He continues to jog quicker and he starts to roll his shoulders, face squinching a little.
Xenia Xenia blinks drowsily at the screen. "Dun' think so... what is it?" she asks, setting the machine to a moderate walk as a warm-up. "Is that Sinatra? He's usually in good stuff..." Looking at Chance as if noticing him for the first time, she smiles and returns his, "Good morning," with tired sincerity.
Holiday "Bet your ass, it is," the brunette woman nods at Xenia while she jogs. "Good ol' Frank is the only reason I manage to get out of bed for this." Grinning at her friend for a long moment, she eventually sobers a little and asks her, "How you holding up?"
Chance Chance dials it up a little bit more and offers, "I really like his song, 'Somewhere beyond the Sea.'" He nods to himself, "Always makes me a little dreamy." He doesn't ask a question, as asking questions controls to the conversation. He just chips in a little.
Xenia Xenia smirks at Holiday's reply. "I think I've heard that one. It's good," she adds, nodding to Chance. "A lot of his stuff is good."

Holiday's question is met with a skin-deep smile. "Fair. You know me, just... hangin' in there, y'know? All Vault-Tec style." Her plastic smile suggests even she wouldn't believe herself.
Holiday It seems the older woman can tell the difference between Xenia's real smiles and fake smiles, because she frowns. "You're coping better than most, you know," she offers as a little bit of consolation, her tone warm. She glances back to Chance on her other side, perhaps wondering if he lost anyone too. "Saw a few people at the club earlier who looked pretty torn up still."
Chance Everyone knows in the vault that Chance is one of the 4 left remaining Native American Indians. There were 4 that were brought in, 2 couples that should not have really been in a vault, but the higher ups thought, 'Who better to have in the vault with us in case of a neuclear fallout than a race of people that have survived for ages under all kinds of threats and war.' Now there is only a younger married couple, their daughter Azure, and Chance. He has seen much loss in his short years.
Xenia "I'm probably about like them, deep down. Just got on thicker wrappings," Xenia murmurs, turning the speed up to a brisk walk. "I'd try to lose myself in my work if I had a clue what I was doing. We haven't gotten to the 'Vault-Shattering Catastrophes' chapter in the Maintenance Department Leadership Training Manual yet, but I've already had one hit my teeny little desk."
Jasper Jasper shows up, in short-short running shorts and a Vault 99 branded tanktop. Step-step-step in those flat soled canvas shoes and he'll plop himself up onto a treadmill himself. Book-ending the ladies with Chance on the other side. "The GOAT wouldn't have put you where you are if you couldn't handle it, dahling."
Holiday Holiday's lips press into a pout at mention of the Water Reclamation issue. "Real simple solution to that. Easy, cheap too," she muses as she ups the speed on her treadmill, finally getting to a run. Xenia knows her well enough to know she's referring to opening the Vault, but she digresses for the sake of happy workout time. She's just about to ask Chance about his experience with the explosion when the gym door opens and in strolls Jasper. He holds her gaze as he settles himself onto a treadmill, but his words earn him a quick eyeroll. "GOAT's a joke. What matters is whether you like it or not, and whether you have someone to go to for answers when you need."
Chance Chance grins over at Holiday and nods, "I can agree with that." He turns the machine off and comes to a walk, "Have a plesant day everyone. Remember a day in the vault is a day you are still alive." He nods and heads off to change back into his uniform and then heads out.
Xenia "Take care," Xenia calls softly after Chance. "Have a good day!" As she looks back to Holiday, her smile fades. "If it will save lives, I'm fine with it. But would it be more dangerous than trying to fix the waterworks?" she asks, sincerely.

She glances over at Jasper, smiling a faint smile and on the verge of greeting him when he comments on the G.O.A.T. and her placement. That kills her smile in a hurry. "Speaking of... you said something last night at the birthday party that got the Vault-Tec issued gears in my head turning. 'I knew you were perfect for management!', or something really, really close to that. It just sounded... off, somehow. Almost like... like you knew something I didn't."
Jasper The young man stretchs some atop the treadmill, pulling ankles behind him to stretch quads and what not before starting a light gait upon it. "Me? Sounding vague and all-knowing? Couldn't /imagine/ where I might have gotten that from." The pace is easy breezy and he trudges along with it awhile. "Doctor Holiday. Turtletin has made himself quite cozy so far. He'll need a swim spot, so I'll be making sure your tank is watertight."
Holiday "Of course it's going to be dangerous," Holiday huffs, running in earnest now. "We have no idea what's up there. But it's better than dehydrating to death, I imagine." She offers her friend a comforting smile, patting her back a bit. "We'll get there, you'll see."

At Jasper's address, green eyes turn to gaze at him. "Not sure how watertight it is, I stole it from biology downstairs." A grin.
Xenia Xenia frowns. It would be scary, if she weren't a red-headed cutie in Vault-Tec running shorts and tee, with her hair in pigtails and a couple band-aids on her knees. On her, it only makes her look like someone's angry little sister. "I've got my eye on you, Jasper Lennox," she warns, before turning back to her walking. "And you'd better take /real good care/ of that little turtle."

She sighs softly and looks back to Holiday. "But we don't know that we're going to totally lose the waterworks. If I... if /we/ don't at least /try/ to fix the problem, then Dad died for nothing. And I have a real bad feeling that we're not ready for what's out there. A real, /real/ bad feeling."
Jasper A quick glance about the gym. Completely empty, and a glance towards the camera. That Jasper is 100% is broken because he knows these things. Then his hand slaps the STOP button and he heaves a sigh. "Fine. Lets talk." He'll turn to lean into the sidebar of the armrest towards the ladies. "First, and foremost. I want to fully acknowledge that I'm just a gigantic asshole. Okay? Second. I need to know you two dolls can keep a secret."
Holiday Xenia's threatening Jasper about a turtle earns her a huge grin from Holiday, who just now finishes up the last of her three miles. With her treadmill coming slowly to a stop, the doctor raises a brow at the man's words. He's caught her interest. "Only if you promise not to call us 'dolls'," Holiday muses evenly, but she steps down off the machine and offers Jasper her pinkie. "Promise."
Xenia Xenia's frown returns, but she slaps the 'STOP' button on her treadmill and carefully steps down, wobbling slightly on her feet from the sudden stop after so much walking. "What the doctor said," she replies, and offers her own pinkie in a silent promise.
Jasper "I'll try, honest." Jasper leans forward and wraps his own pinky right around Xenia's pinky and shakes it back and forth. "I hacked my GOAT. My dad rigged it to put me in central admin with him. My normal result.." A quick glance towards Xenia, furtively and a touch unsure. "Technical Administration..." Xenia's exact current position.
Holiday The brunette winces at this particular piece of information from Jasper. Holiday's eyes slide to Xenia, bracing for her reaction. She only asks Jasper, "Why?"
Xenia Xenia's big blue eyes get even bigger at Jasper's admission, staring daggers at him and very nearly throwing off hot blue sparks. Her fists clench, her jaw clenches, her whole body tenses, and for one awful moment she looks like she might even attack him... until her nose twitches with a sniffle and the tears begin to run down her cheeks. "Why... why would you /do/ this to me?" she demands, her voice thick and almost choked with tears, grimacing and swiping at her wet cheeks with one hand. "What did I do to /you/?! 'Cause I'm sorry! Whatever it was, I'm /sorry/!! I never meant to..."
Jasper Oh god, redheads just should /not/ cry. Their eyes get super puffy, and their skin goes from pale to blotchy IMMEDIATELY. And Jasper is defenseless for a few moments. He'll step down from his own treadmill and extend a shaky hand to wrap around her shoulder. "I wasn't thinking about /anyone/ else. I promise. This was two years before you took your GOAT. I just wanted to buck my dad's desires. If I went admin, and then became overseer in 30 years. What? Everyone would say it was because of him. I'll help you in anyway I can. I promise. I've got nothing else to do. That Mr. Handy could do my job all day."
Holiday Holiday puts a hand on the younger woman's other shoulder, comforting her but not at all trying to disuade her from venting at Jasper. Green eyes meet Jasper's grey. "Who cares what everyone would say? Maybe you would've made a good Overseer."
Black Black listens to the conversation amongst the trio casually, hidden amongst the sea of bulky machines. Maybe he was already here at late hour or maybe he snuck in, he got his form somehow. Perhaps this is his home in his off time?
Xenia Xenia tries very half-heartedly to pull away from Jasper's hand, but in the end she doesn't go through with it. Holiday's hand on her shoulder almost undoes her completely; she actually sways on her feet. But in the end her knees don't buckle, and she only turns and clings to the doctor, weeping helplessly. She could just /scream/. She might not stop for several minutes, in fact. But she forces it all back, and all that comes out is a soft, high-pitched keening sound that might be somehow worse on a guilty conscience.
Jasper Oh. No. She keeps going. Should Jasper sputter on more about how he obviously wasn't trying to harm her /specifically/... But she probably doesn't want to deal with him at he moment so he waits awhile. "I promise. I'll help, poke around, read the manuals. See whats what down there with you. You're Admin, just co-opt me." Finally, he'll step in to rub between Xenia's shoulders. As if that may help.
Holiday For her own part, Holiday just holds the girl while she cries, sighing a bit. "You owe her one," she mouthes soundlessly to Jasper over Xenia's shoulder. The expression she wears brooks no argument.
Xenia "Co-opting you... would be wrong. Like your dad rigging... rigging the G.O.A.T. to... get you into... Administration..," Xenia manages, through sniffles, turning her head slightly to look at him through one blue eye that would instantly betray how hurt and angry she is, if the crying hadn't already done so. It practically throws off blue sparks, as before. "But I can't... can't do this alone. Maybe we can... raise an emergency Maintenance committee... to try to get Water Reclamation working again. And afterward... you could just go back to... to the mail room."
Jasper "Hows it wrong, if the GOAT would've placed me with you." Jasper sidles over a step or two so that its easier for Xenia to glare him down. Even with her so short, its easy for her to do. "I'll be the first person out that vault door if we have to go and look. I promise. I'll help you make things right."
Holiday Patting Xenia's back, Holiday gives her a tight squeeze. "That's good, go with that," she murmurs, nodding. Glancing between her and Jas, the brunette sighs softly and goes to retrieve her gym bag, tossing it over her shoulder. "You all work this out, yeah? We need to be a united front in the face of all this bullshit." Offering a little smile to Jas, Holiday heads out.
Black Black quietly exits the gym as the trio talk, laying low and undetected on his way out. Once he hits the corridors, he's off to do whatever else he gets up to in his off time.
Xenia "It's /wrong/ because I don't think the G.O.A.T. would've given me /your/ job..." the redhead all but hisses. As Holiday moves to extricate herself from Xenia's clinging embrace, the girl reluctantly lets her, turning to face Jasper. As expected, she's a wreck, puffy-eyed and blotchy and tearstained, blue eyes still vulnerable and sparking with anger. "United front is good. Thanks, Doc," she murmurs. "Be safe." She glares up at Jasper. "I'll hold you to that promise, Jasper Lennox. Bet on it."
Jasper "Really? You don't think you would've qualified for mail-lady?" Jasper's hand lifts and waves towards Holiday's exit. Leaving him with Xenia and her anger. At least he hasn't gotten slapped, today. Oh right, his job as Admin Tech. "C'mon, you obviously did well enough on the GOAT to get it this time. Maybe you would've just been shifted elsewhere." He'll reach out to squeeze her shoulder again. "Drop by my room, mailroom or otherwise. Send me a mail if you want to as well."