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Claude The club isn't too busy yet, which is just perfect for Claude. This is the time a group of vault dwellers get together for their weekly poker game. While some of the players were lost in the water processing facility disaster the rest of the gamblers have decided to get together anyway, as their fallen comrades would have wanted. At the table a few people are already seated, including Claude. He's got some cards in his hands, shuffling them easily as he looks around and waits for the rest of the players to arrive.
Chance Chance takes a seat at the table, "Man, you guys are in so much trouble. I just got my paycheck. How you doin Aces up the sleve this time right?" He laughs a little.
Chance Chance takes a seat at the table, "Man, you guys are in so much trouble. I just got my paycheck. How you doin Aces up the sleve this time right?" He laughs a little.
Joey While a notorious wet blanket usually, the destruction of the water plant may have been the push Joey needed to become fun. It's hard to tell, however, considering his glum face as he comes in, still wearing his uniform, and drops onto a chair, giving everyone a cursory nod. "We playing Hold'Em or uh... the other one?"
Leo The inner rim of the fedora was spun around Leos right hand, face deep in thought stepping into the night club. He probably wasn't the only vault sec to have that look. Unanswered questions, ambiguities, things out of place....they needed to righted, but first a hand of cards. "Boys." Leo greeted, forcing a smirk. A sigh as he took a seat at the table, Fedora resting on a knee under the card playing surface.
Claude Sitting back in his seat Claude finishes shuffling and says to Chance, "I don't need to cheat to beat you, Chance. I just let lady luck guide my hand." He cracks a grin to show he's being friendly about the remark before whistling a little of the tune to 'Luck Be a Lady'. When Joey gives him a nod Claude returns it along with a smile, "Dealer chooses the game. Usually it's Texas Hold'em or five card draw, sometimes Omaha. Since I'm dealing first we'll play a little Hold'em to get us warmed up." He continues shuffling as Leo sits down, "Nice seeing you, Leo. Glad you could make it."

Once all the players are assembled and seated Claude starts dealing the cards, two to each player face down. "Alright. Small blind is one, big blind is two." Smiling, he says, "Don't all gang up on me again this time. I'd like to make my chips last tonight."
Joey "Unfortunately," Joey mutters after an announcement over the intercom, "I gotta go deal with that." He pushes his buy-in towards the center of the table, though. "Sorry about that, guys." He pushes to his feet and gives the table another raise of his chin, then heads off, muttering something about kids playing with the elevator.
Chance Chance nods and waits to accept his cars, "Seeya Joey. He always gets the best jobs. I think they like his hat." He grins a little as he peeks carefully at his cards. The look on his face shows these are acceptable, "Man...I get all the bad luck. Guess I'm in."
Leo "The bottle was calling my name, not going to lie." Leo says back to Claude, hand moving over the dealt cards and lifting the corners. "Figured I'd distract the grey matter instead." He places out his buy-in for this hand, eye's flicking between the other two. Joey gets a wave, the corner of his mouth grimacing as the younger man departs. "Kids will be kids."
Claude "We'll miss you," Claude says to Joey as looks at his cards and checks. Looking at Chance Claude smiles slightly and says, "Yeah. I know about your bad luck. You're one of the few guys here the cards like more than me." Glancing to Leo he nods, "That makes sense to me. I'd rather play cards than drink, anyway. It's nice to be able to focus on something else." Once everyone has placed their bet it's time for the turn. "You guys know anything about Jasper the mailman?"
Chance Chance laughs a little, "Sure sure..make them think I have the winning had. Deal already." He grins, "Hey Jazz. Have a seat. Good to see you could make the game this time. Thought they might be having you up to your elbows in projects." He taps the table.
Leo Leo lifts a hand to scratch stubble on the bottom of his chin, "Jasper?" Brown eye's settling on Claude for a second, "Only that he thinks a robots going to replace him." Leo offers a shrug, throwing out a small bet of vault issued currency. "Kick a buck." He says with a blank face as the bet is tossed out.
Claude "Whatever gets people to fold," Claude chuckles at Chance's remark. There's some more betting at the turn and Claude checks. "I think he fixed the robot up himself, right? Anyway, it was his birthday yesterday. It was a pretty good time, big turnout here. Had some good requests, too, like 'Burning Love' by the King. I love playing that one, always reminds me of when I get a crush on someone new."
Jazz The runty Utilities worker looks even more grumpy and irritable than usual upon arrival, thanks no doubt to all the extra work recent events have created. She could be working on the actual problem, like her parents are, if she could only learn to hold her tongue and not rock the boat. But Jazz is a boat-rocker. Or a boat-flipper, to be honest. She decidedly Does Not Play Well With Others, and that means janitorial work for Miss Sunshine. "Do I fuckin' look like I'm here for the fuckin' game?" snarls the Runty One, dressed in her work jumpsuit.
Chance Chance kicks out a chair for Jazz, "Nope. Sit and have a drink anyway." He looks around a bit, "I don't think anyone here will say a word. We all know you guys are busting your ass keeping up with maintenance." He looks to Claude, "Self doom." Makes an explosion thing with the fingers of his left hand, "Boom." He nods, "I kinda like the personal touch and listen to him banter as he delivers the mail."
Leo Leo eye's that turn, corners of his cards bending again to remind himself of his stake at the table. He frowns, sliding the cards over the top and into the middle of the table. "I'm out." A reluctant smirk, then he scoops his fedora off his knee and dons it with one hand. "Alright, people. I think I might go have that drink after all. Until next time." Jazz gets a nod as he passes by to the door.
Claude "I'll buy your first round if you want. I'm going to be making a mint at the table today, after all," Claude says to Jazz, lifting his chin at her in a greeting. Glancing at Chance as he lays out the turn and waits for people to check, bet or fold. "Jasper's definitely a personable guy. I saw him dancing with Doctor Holiday at his party before his dad showed up and he took off." He nods at Leo, "Alright, partner. We'll see you later." And then there's the river. Claude sees it and when the bet is raised he ends up folding, "Wasn't the hand for me this time."
Jazz "Trust me," Jazz mutters as she passes, headed towards the restrooms. "You won't wanna be anywhere near me when I come back out." A beat. "If I come back out." And off the ambulatory ball of attitude goes!
Chance Chance laughs and kisses his cards, "Come to me extra sponge cakes." Twinkies still being around after all these years having the logest shelf life of any food on the planet. He grins as he collects the pot, "Well, well, well. Life is just good sometimes." He nods at the Jasper comment and then looks to Jazz, "Oh. That's a plumber." He nods a little almost straight faced, "Well if you get swallowed, shout and I'll come and pull you out." He grins at Jazz, "Hurry up and get done with work. You need some feet on the table time." He takes the cards and shuffles and deals 7 cards to Claude, "GIN." He laughs.
Claude "Glad I got out of the family business or I might be going in with you," Claude says to Jazz with a wave. Then he focuses on the cards he's been dealt and chuckles along with Chance. "Alright man. We can play Gin Poker since it's just down to us now." He leans back in his seat and grins. "Let me get a drink first, though. You want me to grab you anything? You can cover the next round."
Chance Chance nods a little, "Sure. I'll take a pink lady." He laughs and nods looking at his cards. He says, "What was your family's business? I don't think I know that." He looks about nodding to a few other people trying to get them into the game. They wisely pass and he just gives them a nod. "Come on. Life is poker!"
Claude It doesn't take Claude very long to grab what he needs to from the bar, being on good terms with the bartender certainly has benefits. When he returns he sets his whiskey in front of him and hands Chance's drink across. "They're in maintenance. Disowned me when the GOAT said I'd be better off as an entertainer." He says it simply enough, though he does briefly look away as the words are spoken. "I don't mind being on my own, though. It's pretty easy to make friends when you're the most popular singer in the vault."
Chance Chance takes a sip of his drink and nods, "Not bad. Better than the recycled water." He nods a little, "Yea, GOAT said I didn't belong so stuck me into Security." He laughs a little. He looks to Claude, "You are a fine musician." He grins a little, "Anything is better than silence or the water in the pipes sound."
Claude "Yeah," Claude says with regard to the drinks as he takes a sip from his glass. "Security seems like a pretty good gig. Especially since there aren't a lot of troublemakers in the vault. At least that I notice. People rarely get bounced from here." Then he smiles back, "Thanks, Chance. I appreciate hearing that. I definitely try to be louder than the pipes."
Chance Chance chuckles and nods, "Depends on if you are scared of the rats and roaches. I think that's the roughest thing I had to hunt down in the last 2 years. I go down into the tunnels sometimes to keep the place clear of em. They keep comming back though." He pulls up his pipboy and shows off a 2 foot black rat, "Got this one last week. I want to wander futher but each time I try to get extra ammo at the armory...I get tagged." He puts an ace of hearts into the discard pile.
Jazz "My GOAT results woulda put me in Engineering," says Jazz with a snort as she returns from the restroom in time to catch the tail end of that bit of conversation. She doesn't smell like a diseased molerat's ass, so maybe things ween't as bad as she feared. "But the department head said I had a personality problem. I told him that being surrounded by fuckin' morons doesn't stop me from running systems diagnostics and upgrades, and thay he got pretty far with no personality at all, so I didn't see the problem." She shrugs.
Claude "I'm pretty fearless. Not that I could fight my way out of a paper bag," Claude laughs as Chance tells him about his adventures in extermination. When he admires the sight on the pipboy his eyes open wide and he nods, "Damn. That thing's a monster." The singer continues playing his own hand. When Jazz comes back again Claude looks her over and waves with a card free hand. "That's ridiculous. You'd figure they'd want the best potential in the right spot. But what the hell do I know, I just sing, drink and play cards?"
Chance Chance says, "Let's face it Jazz. You call'em as you see'em. Can you spare the time for a drink yet? I'll buy." He looks around the room for more potential suckers, "Only trouble with a finite set of people is there are only so many you can get to play with you." He grins about the Rat, "Yea, I saw a shadow twice that size! Turned out to be about," he widens his tumb and pointer, "that big. Trick of the light. My dad said there are bigger things down there though..why they stopped construction so long ago until they could grow some more people that didn't know all the 'rumors'."
Jazz She really isn't that well-liked - Jazz has always been THAT girl. She's short and has a complex about it, while the popular girls her age are taller, thinner and more conventionally pretty. She was always more interested in taking things apart than talking to people, and never got the hang of being tactful or likable, and certainly not 'girlish'. Chance suddenly plying her with booze has the result of making her suspicious. She stops a few feet from the table, eyeing him like she's looking for a hatch to open and peer into his head. "...Why?"
Claude "Yeah. I wish there were more folks to play cards with, but what can you do?" Claude picks up his drink and has a taste of the whiskey inside. Clearly he's trying not to get drunk while there are cards on the table. "Damn, bigger than that rat? Makes you wonder what lives outside the vault sometimes. I'm glad I'm on one of the upper levels, if I got attacked by a giant rat it would have me for lunch." Glancing at Jazz the entertainer says, "Go on, you can use a drink. I'll chaperone if you need me to." A small smile forms on his face.
Chance Chance shakes his head a little side to side, "Just thought it was a nice thing to offer with you working so hard." He looks to Claude and laughs, "Comeon Claude. I haven't kissed her since she was 13. No...not her...who was that..oh..Sally! You know, the one that had the big nose." He nods a little, "She was a good kisser though..I thought she was going to suck my lips off." He looks back to Jazz, "You're as safe with me as you want to be. Honest. I'm no Playboy Claude."
Jazz A shake of her head is the answer Chance gets. "Thanks," says Jazz, eyes still narrowed in skepticism. "I have more work to do, and they'll get pissed if I'm drunk, because then I tend to talk without a filter." Wait, she has a filter? "Not that I couldn't do the fuckin' work, even drunk off my ass, but I don't need another lecture about why I shouldn't call Slow Steve a mongoloid." She turns to head off.
Claude "Yeah, I know Sally. That nose never got in the way of her kissing who she wanted to, though," Claude tells Chance, grinning. "I think she's married now, but I haven't talked to her in a while." Then he raises his eyebrows, "What? I'm a playboy? I'll have you know, I'm a perfect gentleman." He looks to Jazz and says jokingly, "I thought Steve was a Caucasian?" With a wave he says, "Have a good one."
Chance Chance shakes his head as he drops a 3 of hearts on the pile, "Hope you're not going with hearts." He looks to Jazz and nods, "Ok. Another time long as it's early into the weekend. I'm usually spent out by Tuesday." He laughs, "Yea, you should see some of the people I work with. I think one of them is actually dangerous." Now he doesn't say who that is, maybe for good reason. "Yea, she married when she was 16. Got 3 kids now. Still doin' ok I hear." He says to Claude, "You got a set in a few dontcha?"
Claude "As luck would have it..." Claude trails off and proves that he is, in fact, going for hearts. "I thought all you guys were dangerous. Big, tough marksmen and dangerous martial artists and all that crap." He grins. "Three kids? Good for her! I'm a little too young to want to settle down any time soon, myself, but I might like a big family some day." When he's reminded that he has a set he checks his Pipboy and frowns, "Yeah, I have to get up on stage in a minute." With that, he picks up his whiskey and drains the glass. "What do you want to hear, Chance? Anything in particular?"
Chance Chance says, "You know that song, by that guy?" He grins, "How about Sinatra Somewhere beyond the sea. Always loved that song. Makes me want to be outside or you know...I dream. Wonder if they will ever open the vault?" He purses his lips and shakes his head, "Luck is not with me on this hand." He drops the 2 of hearts, "Just need one more card..."
Claude "I love the Chairman. I'll play it for you," Claude nods deeply. "I'd like to see what's outside some day. It's hard to be the best singer in the world without knowing what the competition outside is like." The entertainer grins as he continues to play, then sets down his cards. "Alright, I'll let you do the math. I've got to put on a show."
Chance Chance nods, "Well you took the round. I'll put it on your tab." A small nod, "Be nice to see what's out there. My dad handed me down stories of my peoples before there was a single town in our world. Wonder what it's like out there now." He leans back in his chair and waits for the show knowing it will be excellent like it always is.