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Jasper Something has landed Mister Lennox in the infirmary today. And its not a hefty piece of mail, though Doc Holiday gets plenty of those. He is sitting upon a hospital bed at the moment, vaultsuit unzipped to waist and tattered across the front of it. Over his ribcage, uplifted blisters and redness indicate extreme heat got applied to him. "I was just messing with Rupert, the Mister Handy and his thruster got misaligned." He is heard, explaining to the nurse who isn't quite ready to believe him.
Holiday Not quite ready to believe him, is right. The old nurse peers at Jasper over the rim of her small glasses skeptically. She finishes taking his blood pressure and temperature, then wheels her cart out of the room. "Doc'll be in shortly, Mister Lennox." And in she comes a few minutes later, dressed in her white lab coat and wearing a physician's pip boy. Apparently she didn't read the information before walking in, because she looks surprised to see Jasper. "Where'd you get that?!" she asks, closing the door behind her.
Jasper "The mailroom's Mister Handy's thruster got misaligned and sprayed me. Honest." Jasper seems to be in enough pain that his 'honest' has QUITE the ring of sincerity to it. It probably really smarts. "You think I'd get myself all burinated just to come see the lovely doctor? Even I'm not that crazy." He'll wince and lean over some onto the pillow. "You got something for the pain, or do you like to watch a man suffer?"
Holiday Ditching her pipboy on the counter nearby, Holiday washes her hands before coming to Jasper's side, frowning down at that wound. "Sure it did," she muses evenly about the origins of this injury. It's a puzzle for later. For now, she moves to a cabinet and retrieves a handful of supplies, including antiseptic, gauze, and a white tube of some sort of ointment. Leaning close, she gingerly prods the burn wound before cracking open that antiseptic bottle. Her hands are careful, warm, like a doctor's should be. "I got something to take the edge off, hun, gotta clean it first."
Jasper Jasper braces an arm overtop his forehead as he settles sideways on the hospital gurney. "You're gonna need a bit more than that. It hurts a fuckton." Its a mild second degree burn, vaultsuits are pretty good at dissipating heat. He'll be tender for a bit. After blisters pop and fade, he probably won't even have scars. "Its what I get for putting something together out of spare parts, huh?"
Holiday "It's strong stuff, you'll see," the brunette reassures him, her bedside manner impeccable even with a friend. "Might sting a little, sorry." She pours a healthy amount of antiseptic along the wound. It doesn't have the burn of alcohol, but it will work itself into any crevices the burn has. Catching runoff with clean gauze, Holiday leans closer and blows softly along the burn, trying to ease the sting. Green eyes chance a glance up at Jasper's face. "What were you making?"
Jasper "Ow ow owowow." Jasper whines a bit much like a baby at the press of antiseptic. Eventually the pain subsides though and his chest stops heaving with the ache. "Um. Making? I was trying to program an overcharge of the thruster..So he wouldn't have to go up stairs." Longer, slower, deeper breaths that shutter his eyes closed.
Holiday "Sorry," Doc apologizes again, wincing for him. Once the antiseptic has evaporated, Holiday whips up a dollup of that cream--lidocaine with aloe vera, if the label is to be believed-- and rubs it generously along Jasper's wound. The pain relief should be immediate. "Was it worth it?" she grins up at him.
Jasper "Oh, not at first. But its getting better." Jasper's eyes open back up and he smirks towards Holiday. "Not the way I thought you'd see me topless. But it'll work." Oh, that feels much better. "Oh man thats nice. Um. It worked? But, probably not for indoor use. Hah."
Holiday Holiday eyerolls at Jasper's usual bravado, although she still has the decency to blush a little. "Just be more careful next time, and everyone's shirts can stay on." Chuckling, she grabs more gauze and nudges Jasper back to a sitting position, arranging gauze loosely over the wound so as not to touch it, only protect it. "Raise your arms, move them around," she tells him after taping the gauze on. If his range of movement doesn't pull at the tape, she smiles. "How's that?"
Jasper Jasper is /easily/ nudgeable into a sitting position and smirks at her. Arms loft upwards and wraps behind his head, hands grabbing opposite elbows. "Oh that sounds like the opposite of the things that I want. Jeanne. Jeaannnee..How do you say that? I am saying that right?" His arms lift up and down like he is attempting to fly now. "Good? Better?"
Holiday The doctor laughs at Bird Jasper. "Good! And it's 'Jeanne', rhymes with 'bean'. Dad called me Jeanne Bean, growing up." Packing the tube of lidocaine back into its opened box, Holiday tosses it to Jasper. "Twice a day, yeah? After a cold water rinse." Then she uses a foot to roll the only stool in the room directly in front of him, and takes a seat. "So what really happened?" she asks the man, now that he's not in pain.