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Jasper Holiday and Jasper show up at the diner and eventually gather food. To adjurn to a small four person booth away from the main crowd. Jasper ended up paying with part of his mailman salary. A salisbury steak for the man and who knows for the Good Doctor. "Yes. Don't overcharge a Mister Handy's thruster. Got it. I'll keep it in my backpocket if I need to make a splash. A fiery splash."
Holiday A burger for Doc Holiday, that's what. She munches on it now, chuckling around bites. "Damn it, Jas. Just let Mister Handy be Mister Handy, and make a splash some other less dangerous way. Like... undewater basket weaving, or something." She grins at him across the booth.
Xenia Xenia sits in the next booth over, her back to the approaching pair as they had entered, picking at a cooling plate of salisbury steak with a side of Instamash with Insta-Rine topping. Her third favorite meal, and she's barely managed two bites. It's likely neither noticed her immediately as they went to their booth of choice, due to the high backs of the booths.

She barely noticed them entering, only looking up when she recognized their voices piercing her little bubble of solitude. Leaning outward, she tries to see around the booths to get a look at who's chatting in the next booth.
Jasper "I do what I know best. And thats computers and programming." Much the same meal as the redhead who is nearby. "Xenia!" Jasper notices her first and quick, cuz he is facing that way. "Would you like to come sit with us? Uh, her side please. I'm a bit sore." His hand goes out to reserve the spot next to him.
Holiday "Yes, but can computers and programming -not- involve you burning the shit out of yourself?" Holiday muses, tossing some sort of fried potato at him. But then he's leaning to one side and looking behind her, and Holiday turns to come face to face with Xenia. She smiles warmly. "Come on over. I'll share fries."
Xenia Xenia manages a weak smile, blushing. "Um... okay," she agrees, picking up her plate and rising to take the offered seat beside Holiday. "Good evening to you both. I'm sorry for eavesdropping... I hadn't meant to. I didn't see you come in, and I thought I recognized your voices, that's all," she adds hastily. "Thanks anyway, Doctor Holiday, but I'm just not hungry."
Jasper Jasper's foot lifts and pokes gently at Xenia's knee. "Thats okay. Its hard to keep eating sometimes." He'll squirm slow and leave over the table towards the two ladies across from him. "So. My Handy is set up to handle the mail route tomorrow and the few days after that. I'll check back in and make sure nothing weird happens. Overly large parcels. But I'm yours if you want me, Xenia." A quick wink towards the redhead.
Holiday The brunette shakes her head a little, frowning. "No eaves were dropped, hun," Holiday assures her younger friend, squeezing her forearm gently. "Jasper was just trying to explain how messing with a Mister Handy's thrusters -wasn't- a terrible idea." She offers the man a wry grin from across the booth. But then he's leaning forward like he's about to discuss some sort of conspiracy and Holiday glances around briefly. No one is paying them any mind.
Xenia "Thank you, Doctor. I appreciate your understanding." Xenia twitches slightly as she moves her knee away from the unexpected contact, then rolls her eyes at the suggestive reply and its accompanying wink. "Be down at Maintenance at nine sharp. We've got a lot of ground to cover on finding the parts we need," she replies, softly, if a bit brusquely, blushing slightly and leaning closer as Jasper does. "And maybe if your Mr. Handy needs servicing, you should put in a request with the Robotics division in Maintenance. Maybe they could be faster, but they get the job done, and their safety record's better," she suggests, a bit less brusquely.
Jasper "I'll be there." Jasper nods quick, eyes askancing towards his doctor. Was there a 'light duty only' order given out? Or is it needs of the vault? "The Handy is 'off the books' so to speak. Is partly why its so cranky and hard to work with. Some of the parts aren't /for/ it." His palm lifts and cradles his chin, but his chest bumps the table and he winces noticeably. "Um. Yeah. I'll be there.
Holiday "Just Holiday, please," the brunette insists to Xenia with a smile. It fades a little when she notices the way she reacts to Jasper's contact. Her lips press together contemplatively. "What parts -do- you need?" Holiday asks curiously, taking another bite of burger.
Xenia "Just a couple dozen laundry lists worth of stuff to fix the Water Reclamation systems, that's all. Assuming we have them all," Xenia replies to Holiday, a bit gloomily. She frowns faintly on the news about Jasper's Mr. Handy. "That's... potentially dangerous. I won't lecture you on building your own robot, 'cause I'm sure you need the help, but... maybe you should have a professional roboticist look it over, to ensure it's safe for use? You could really get hurt."

Her eyes widen as she notes Jasper's painful-but-shouldn't-be contact with the table edge. "Please don't tell me you've /already/ really gotten hurt," she says, instantly concerned.
Jasper "Doctor says I'm a-okay. Right Doc?" Jasper's eyes flick over towards Holiday to get her reassurance. Reassuring Xenia that is. "Vaultsuits are good at deflecting heat." He'll push a fork through his carrots and scoop them into his mouth to give him time to pause and chew. "Honestly. I've read their stuff. I'm just as good as any of the roboticists here." Snarky talk from a 21-year-old.
Holiday "Bet he's feeling 'a-okay' after all that lidocaine, but whatever it was tore him up pretty bad," Holiday answers honestly, green eyes meeting Jasper's gray. She takes a drink of what is apparently some sort of strawberry milkshake, watching the pair over her glass as they speak. She'll be no help in scavenging for parts, but she can at the very least offer her advice and support.
Xenia "Oh, wow... maybe you'd better take a few days off and take care of those injuries first," Xenia replies worriedly. "I can't have you searching shelves feeling like /that/! Anyway, I can handle it for /that/ long." She frowns faintly at the snarky talk. "Maybe, maybe not... but they've got a dedicated lab and proper equipment, so they can work /safely/. Building a Handy in your bedroom doesn't have that degree of security."
Jasper "I have the mailroom." Jasper snerks immediately at Xenia's words of caution. But she is right. And he'll move to start cutting up his steak. To let his grumpiness hang over the table like the smell of their food. "I'm sorry. I don't think the professionals will like me having one of them floating around." Then steak into mouth to chew on thoughtfully. "I can search and read your inventories well enough. Code a query to work through older inventories and compare them against usages."
Holiday "And honestly?" Holiday offers, trying to help. "The fewer folks you have working on this with you, Xenia, the better." Her voice drops a little, barely audible above Nat King Cole playing over the radio. "It may not come as a surprise to you that there are some people who want the Water Reclamation repair to fail."
Xenia "That's... actually worse. All that paper around thruster flames..." Xenia shivers, her tone equally shivery even before and after the shivers hit. "I should think they'd /encourage/ you to build your own Mr. Handy. Most professionals encourage talented amateurs to do things like you're doing... just as long as they work safely, so nobody gets hurt." She may be giving the profession more credit than it deserves, but she doesn't seem to realize that.

At least his news about what he can do with computers perks her up. "You're right... that would save us /so much time/, and you can do it without hurting your wounds. Please, get right to it tomorrow morning. Anything you can do should help!" Her enthusiasm fades into concern at Holiday's words. "Oh... fudge! I didn't even /think/ of that... you're completely right, Holiday. And the worst part is that we /need/ more people, because we don't have a lot of time. I don't know how long our supply of fresh water will last, but it can't be terribly long."
Jasper     "Its a lot of boxes. Mostly. Rupert is very careful." Jasper finishes off his steak, eyeing Holiday warily at her mention about ne'er-do-wells looking to ensure the Vault fails. Anything to get out of this place, huh? His glass of milk is lifted and sipped on to wash down his salisbury steak and its gravy. "Honestly, I've seen those records. Just two generations or three ago, they were playing fast and loose with the inventory. I'm sure theres Warehouses that nobody has stepped into more than once a year down below."
Holiday The doctor nods along, agreeing with what's said for the most part. Her milkshake keeps her quiet, til now. "Well, you know how I feel about going up top, but..." She eyes Jasper for a long moment, then Xenia. "I'm rooting for you to find the solution." A little smile is offered, and she finishes the last bite of her cheeseburger. Then she yawns!
Xenia "That's what worries me. There may be parts we need that are in the warehouses, but aren't on the inventory... or stuff that appears on inventory, but is actually degraded or just /gone/ 'cause the records weren't properly kept. I'm thinking of talking with the supply people and having my people help them with a comprehensive inventory of those warehouses, just to set the records straight and speed up finding the parts we need. Only problem is that those warehouses are /huge/. It might take more weeks than we have to do that inventory," Xenia observes, shivering at the thought.

She smiles faintly at Holiday's words. "I know you are, Holiday. I can't even picture you wanting this to fail. You're what Dad called Good People. I'm glad you're rooting for us."
Jasper "We're both rooting for you." Jasper murmurs towards Xenia, his eyes flitting out to see who else might be in the diner nearby and listening. "A handy is good for that. No need to sleep, only to keep fueled up." Jasper notes. The man has finishd his plate now and hands wrap around his glass of milk. "Had a long day today, Xenia?"
Holiday Mention of Xenia's father puts a nostalgic sort of smile on Holiday's face as she plays with the straw in her milkshake. "You know my father said the same about you and yours," she offers. But then green eyes flick up to the clock above the diner's bar, and Holiday's nose wrinkles. "I should turn in, been at it since 5 this morning." Folding her napkin on her plate, she stands at the head of the table, smiling mildly at Jasper. "Thanks for dinner, Jas." Fishing a few caps out of her pocket to leave for a tip, she sneaks Xenia a quick hand-squeeze before heading out.
Xenia "That's a thought... maybe we can shuffle a few Handies over to that inventory detail from less pressing business, to speed things along," Xenia muses, smiling faintly at Jasper. "You have the best ideas sometimes." The question draws a sad little smile. "They've all been long days since Dad was killed. But I'm hanging in there. It's what he'd do... what he'd want /me/ to do. But thanks for asking. I appreciate the concern so much."

Holiday's comment draws a blush. She stands in Holiday's wake, squeezing her hand in return, swiftly followed by squeezing the doctor, wrapping her in a brief but heartfelt hug. "Thank you. Sleep well," she murmurs, releasing her.
Jasper Ah, the redhead can make her face match her hair. Jasper'll scoot over to the edge of the booth as if he might get a hug. But he doesn't, just a nice smile. He'll reach across to grasp Xenia's hand next and give it a squeeze too. "I could do with a long walk. Probably before the rest of these painkillers kick in. Make sure I don't pass out in a hall and embarass my dad?"
Xenia Xenia smiles wryly, rolling her eyes as she squeezes his hand in return. "I can walk as far as my living quarters. I kind of need to turn in pretty soon, too," she says tiredly, head tilted as she studies him thoughtfully. "Where does it hurt? Your injuries, I mean."
Jasper Jasper stands, and tugs at the zipper of his very fresh vaultsuit, to pull it down halfway to see wrapped gauze crisscross his chest to hold in place taped gauze pad over his ribcage. "Got me through the suit. It'll blister up pretty good." He tosses a few more caps onto the table, but leaves his tray. "Thats as far as I'll probably make it, honestly."
Xenia "Hmm... maybe I'd better walk you to /your/ quarters instead. Don't want you keeling over in the corridor," Xenia murmurs, gently hugging him with one arm, on the side where the injuries aren't, and trying to be careful not to put her hand over any tender spots. "I hope that doesn't feel as bad as it looks."
Jasper Jasper walks slow enough. "Its all soothed away now. It'll probably be tender for awhile. Week maybe. But I should be ready if the doors open." They stately walk from diner to elevator, elevator to living quarters. They live close enough as it is that they don't have to separate for a long while.
Xenia "You're along this corridor, right?" Xenia asks softly, walking beside him and trying to watch the signs to be sure of where they're going. "Better keep that well medicated. I don't even like to imagine how that must've hurt when it happened." She gives him a thoughtful look. "How did you burn yourself working on your Mr. Handy, anyway?"
Jasper "Well. I wanted Rupert to be able to boost himself up to other levels without needing to use the stairs. So. Overcharge his thruster. To boost'em up. Misaligned a bit, got singed pretty bad." A nod about the quarters question. Jasper directs her down this corridor, then that corridor.
Xenia "Yikes... I'm glad it wasn't worse! Fire's really dangerous, and I can't imagine those red-hot thruster exhaust jets as anything less than super hot." Xenia shivers at the thought. "You're lucky you were wearing your Vault suit! Maybe next time use a flame-retardant shop apron and gloves, just in case?" she suggests. "I don't want you getting hurt like this again."
Jasper "Yes. Proper safety equipment is /definitely/ one of my downfalls. So far. I'm sure pretty women, good whiskey and comic books are on that list too." Jasper thump-thump-thumps a hatchway with his knuckles. "This is me. Thanks for carrying me, at least partly. I'll do my best not to get burninated again."
Xenia "Well, see if you can change that. Getting burned like that once is enough for a lifetime," Xenia replies, rolling her eyes at the description of Jasper's faults. "I'm sure your Handy will understand." She smiles faintly and curtseys, as if she were departing a long-ago fancy dress affair. "Good night, Jasper. Contact me in the morning, please, and I'll get you the records you'll need."
Jasper "Gooooo." Jasper's hatch opens up and he steps back into it, before leaning against the jamb of it, staring at Xenia. "The gossips will talk if you stand around staring at me longingly at my doorway. Mostly about how I'm a terrible gentleman, and should be at /your/ door." A slow shake of his head. "I cannot stand up to Beatrice's haranguing over it. Shes 90 and she yells louder than the Overseer."
Xenia Xenia rolls her eyes. "Better get yourself inside, then... 'cause I can't leave until you're safely inside," she replies. "My family would never forgive me."
Jasper "Well then, you know what you'll have to do to put me to bed." Jasper leans forward and lifts his chin. "I need a good night smooch, and my mother is too far away. And grumpy. And not nearly as pretty as you."
Xenia Xenia shakes her head, but walks briskly over, and kisses his cheek, almost like a reluctant child being told to kiss her aunt goodnight. She also takes a firm hold on his chin to keep him from turning his head and laying a big wet one on her lips instead. "Good /night/, Jasper," she says, quite firmly, before turning and walking briskly away down the corridor.