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Owner Pose
Chance Chance comes wandering in just getting off duty but still wearing his armor as he is prone to do. What might feel bulky and heavy to other people is more like a second skin to him. He looks about and nods to the bartender and grins a little as he spots Claude and shoots him a wave. He settles onto a seat at the bar.
Claude The club has just begun attracting vault dwellers. It's still early in the evening, however, so there aren't very many people here yet. Despite having the night off tonight Claude is present, playing 'Luck Be a Lady' on the piano as he sings. The tune and his voice carry as the singer does his thing, playing solely for his own amusement it seems. "Stick with me baby, I'm the guy that you came in with," he sings with passion. "Luck be a lady tonight!" As the song comes to an end Claude stands up and takes a bow, "Thanks folks. I'm not on tonight, but if you keep feeding me drinks who knows what's going to happen?" He hops down from the stage and returns Chance's wave, heading towards his buddy and the bar. "How you doing, Chance? Come to see if Jazz was around, you old hound dog?" Claude asks before chuckling.
Chance Chance chuckles a little, "No, I don't think Jazz and I will be a thing. I think she likes aliens more than she would me." He taps the bar and motions to Claude and himself, "Set us up. Irish wiskey for me and just the regular old wiskey for him."
Claude "You never know. You two would make beautiful babies," Claude says jokingly. When Chance orders drinks the singer gives him a tip of the imaginary hat and says, "Thanks, partner." As he awaits his drink he continues talking, "So I've been thinking that I should see if there are any aspiring song writers in the vault, maybe work with them to make some new music for everybody. What do you think?"
Chance Chance laughs a little and takes a sip of his drink, "Sure babies arn't everything." He nods a welcome as he continues to nurse his drink. "Sure. Man, you make music just when you open your mouth. Maybe you should come up with some underground music. The Revolution of Vault 99 or The Day the Door Was Opened." He grins a little knowing that would never be a thing.
Claude "Yeah, but they're a necessity," Claude says to Chance with a grin as he grabs his drink and has a sip. "Yeah, we can call it metal music, because the metal in the vault changes the acoustics!" There's a hearty chuckle, then he gets more serious, "Might even be able to do a tribute to the people we lost in the water reclamation disaster." At that thought he drains the rest of the whiskey in his glass. "You know, I suddenly don't feel much like drinking tonight. I might head in early and do some reading." He rises to his feet and extends a hand to Claude for a shake, "Thanks again for the drink."
Vault Girl There was a slight rumble in the Vault like an explosion occuring on another level followed by the screeching sounds of alarms...
Chance Chance hops to his feet and hits his calm, "Someone tell me where that is comming from!" He heads to the elevator.