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Vault Girl It came suddenly and without warning on Sunday Night, the blaring of alarms sounding across the entire vault.

Nobody had ever heard this particular alarm in their lifetimes outside of drills. It was the first warning that the Vault was under attack.

It wasn't something any of you expected to see happen in your lifetimes, aside from the paranoid delusions that there might be a rebellion in your midst.

"This is the Overseer speaking." The leader of the Vault already had panic in his voice, "The Vault is under attack! To your posts, stop them from breaching the door! I need a security detail to my office immediately! Citizens! Defend your overseer, and of course, your Vault!"

The calmer voice of Zaxxie followed the Overseer, "Citizens of Vault 99 do not panic." It was a soothing tone meant to calm the citizens, "You all know what to do. Those citizens who have trained for Vault Defense please proceed to the Armory on level 4."

Trained for Vault Defense. It was a single course that each and every one of you had taken. A course meant for a moment that would never come if the Vault was lucky.

Wherever you were now, it would be prudent to head to Level 4 as quickly as possible so you could be armed to fight off intruders.
Claude Vault defense? Vault defense? Holy crap, lessons he'd completely forgotten were now going to be important to Claude! The singer hustled downstairs to get himself a weapon, though he feared he might not remember how to handle it. When he arrives at the armory he looks around, taking deep breaths to calm himself down, moving to stand in line to wait for his turn to be issued something. "Does anyone know what's going on?" he asks, alarm evident in his voice.
Chance Chance heads to the armory to make sure weapons are being handed out. He tries to get a couple of extra clips for his 10mm, if not a bigger weapon. "Come on Folks! Maintain order. No Pushing. Get your weapon and fall back to your trained position!" His voice is calm and measured with only a hint of panic if one is skilled to pick up on such things.
Hjara     There's a time in everyone's life where they learn their purpose. Nothing had stirred fire in Hjara's eyes like hearing the Vault was under attack. She calmly stands up and makes her way with moderate haste to level 4, watching the varied reactions of other residents making their way as well to the same destination... a quiet excitement seethes through her stoic facade, pent-up anger and frustration finally given a potential outlet.
Xenia Xenia's heart leapt into her throat at the sound of the alarm, from both terror and confusion. She /could not/ remember what that particular alarm meant. Not for anything! And then the announcement from the overseer comes and suddenly she remembers... that alarm means that the vault is under attack!

She'd been less frightened when she /hadn't/ known. But her duty is clear, and even if it weren't, her feet are already taking her at a run toward Level 4, just like in the drills. And for the first time in her life, she wishes the G.O.A.T. had placed her in the Security branch!
Leo The wailing of sirens put a frown on Leo's face, he looked at the loud speaker as the Overseer and Zaxxie each took turns ruining the evening. He stared at the bottle of vault brewed swill and sighed, stuffing it back where he usually hides it. He went to the corner and throw on his chest harness, turning for the door, he thought about leaving his fedora. At the last second plopping it on his head. He watched people as he made his way to level 4, gauging level duress, it was mostly just disbelieving faces...Leo almost felt the same.
Malcolm Security has trained for this kind of thing a bunch of times. At least one would think so. They have been deployed to the 4th Level in order to help distribute equipment to those that are volunteering to help defend the Vault, "I didn't think anyone could breach the door." Malcolm says, as he checks over his gear. He's not talking to anybody in particular, whoever's in earshot. He honestly, despite being on security, never expected anything quite like this to actually happen. Sure he wanted to get out of the vault, but he didn't want folks to get INTO the vault.
Vault Girl By the time you reached Level 4 you could already hear the sound of live gunfire echoing through the corridors.

The Overseer's door was wide-open and it looked like several security guards who were posted outside of it were dead.

Not far from you, weapons were being handed out at the armory as intrepid Vault Dwellers rushed into battle with equal mixture of hesitation and bravery.

A voice shouted in the distance, "They've breached the Vault Command Center! Remember your train---" Whoever they were fighting was clearly out of their league as the voice of Security Chief Tenno was silenced forever mid-sentence.
Claude "Thanks," Claude frowns as he's handed a weapon and armor. He struggles with putting on the chest piece, setting his new gun aside for a moment while he does so. Once he's got it in place he picks up the gun again and looks it over, sighing deeply as he tries to remember how to make it work, being very careful to keep his finger away from the trigger and to not flag anyone with the pistol. Once he's equipped he steps away from the security center and sees the dead men on the ground in front of the Overseer's office, "Crap. Crap." He points the gun in the direction he can hear gunfire coming from and starts to walk in that direction. That's where he's supposed to be on guard, if he remembers correctly.
Chance Chance looks at Malcolm and gives him a nod and he jacks in a mag into the assult weapon and chambers a round. "Command center." He turns sharply and starts to head to the command center. He grins a little as he throws caution to the wind and actually lets out scream of YipYipYip! Probably some long past ancestor stirring visions of bravery and honor deep within him.
Hjara     Hjala accepts what she's given, but makes a noted complaint, "Is there not something I can just hit or stab someone with in there?" while securing the vest and looking over the pistol she'd been given with mild disdain.. shooting was one thing, but this whole weird non-ballistics firearms was more foreign to her.
Vault Girl One of the quartermasters grabs a powered sword nicknamed a Ripper and hands it to Hjara, "GET OUT THERE AND FIGHT!"
Leo Instant regret fills Leo's belly when he takes in the scene happening on level 4. "Should have left the hat.." He groans, there's pep in his step now more so after getting issued a rifle. Slapping a magazine in and cycling the bolt, he moves with the others toward the command center. Mindful of the many corners in the vault.
Hjara Hjara accepts this alternate weapon and grins menacingly. With a pull of the cord she brings the blade to life, AT LAST PREPARED TO MAKE CARNAGE! She then falls in with the rest of the group.
Xenia Xenia finds that her throat has closed up so tightly that she can't even say 'Thank you,' when the security vest is pressed into her hands. A rough if well-meaning hand shoves her toward the next table before she can swallow the lump in her throat, and a bulky, unfamiliar weapon is pushed into her stomach. She barely manages to grab it before the passer lets go and she's shoved on toward... is it the direction the attack is coming from? She's not sure.

"I hope I can use this thing at all..." she all but whimpers, struggling into the vest and hoping she's putting it on halfway right while trying to hang on to the weird pistol. The last words of Security Chief Tenno do nothing to build her confidence.

Though they do give her an overwhelming urge to hyperventilate...
Malcolm With his rifle in hand, Malcolm checks the magazine and then racks a round into the chamber, "Okay." He says, as he looks towards Chance. He doesn't even vocalize a response, but follows off after him as soon as he runs off towards the command center. He'll back up his fellow security member and drive out whoever has entered their home.
Zasha Zasha makes her way out of the elevator onto level 5..oh wait this 4...ok, so something is going on here..mabye it was lucky she got off on the wrong floor. "what the what?" As she tries to figure out whats going on...ok, trouble. And gifts..yes, gifts are nice..well, the outfit looks decent...the gun thingie...well, thats just heavy..."Ok, alarms are bad, so bad things going it..stop the bad..."
Vault Girl Power to the entire Vault was cut, and everyone lost sight for a brief moment. It was only a few more seconds before the emergency lighting flickered on casting the Vault in a dim light as alarms continued to sound.

The Overseer had not transmitted for some time, and neither had Zaxxie; something was definitely wrong.

Within the Command Center there were more sounds of gunfire as the intruders continued to take out the Vaullt's infrastructure and leadership.

If you had the guts to proceed into the command center there was a small group of men and women in what appeared to be heavy dusters wearing Night Vision Goggles that were on one side of the room gathered around a man in some kind of black bodysuit; Jericho.

On the other side of the room were the intrepid Vault Defenders who were in the process of gaining ground on Jericho and his people.

Jericho's radio crackled to life, and the voice of Katherine Caine reported, "This is Strike Team Caine. We've recovered the GECK. Strike Team Megalos what is your status? We're almost at the Vault Door and there's no sign of you."
Chance Chance makes his way quickly at first toward the door then about 3 feet from the door flattens up against the wall to sidestep to the door. He then does a quicklook to spot any available targets.
Jericho "Always hated all this bloodshed." Jericho grumbles to himself, mechanical fingers flying as he checked possible passwords and cleared attempts with the brackets. Not really caring he ashes his joint on the floor, peering towards the exit. He jumps slightly as his radio crackles and snatches it off his belt.

"Sorry boss, thing is locked up tighter than a nun's assh- never mind. Sounds like we'll be fighting our way towards you shortly."
Jazz "...What the actual fuck?" Jazz asks of no one in particular. "That vault door withstood a nuclear war, but somehow intruders are already in the fuckin' Overseer's office? Are we sure they're from, y'know, outside?" She takes the offered armor and weapon anyway.
Claude Alright. This is what he'd had a several hour block of instruction on. Claude enters the command center and sees the people in dusters and mysterious man in black. "Freeze!" he calls out as he levels his weapon one handed towards the intruders. "Or so help me I'll start shooting." Should any of them move the singer will attempt to gun them down, as unused to the idea of firing a gun as he is. "Just surrender peacefully." His finger tightens on the trigger.
Hjara     Hjara isn't going to let a chance to get her murder on slip by, so she looks to the others present, then the door and runs out shouting, "WE HAD ONE JOB TO DO!" and runs into the command center with Ripper roaring. People are not wearing the vault uniform, so she's going to give one of them a very, very difficult time.
Zasha Zasha hmms, "I we shoot them even if the surrender, or do we just shoot them if they don't surrender. Its been awhile since I read the manual. Plus its not like it comes up in conversation all the often."
Leo Leo ears are straining to gather every detail he can coming from inside the control room. Strike teams? Megalos and Caines? Leo moves caustiously forward only to have Hjara barrel past him. "Fuck. Just shoot the fuckers." He calls out, gaining some level of concealment behind the entrance to the command center before he starts blasting away in full auto.
Vault Girl Claude's words are ignored by the El Dorado Militia Commandos who were veterans of the Mexico Expedition, and even the Siege of El Dorado. These were hardened soldiers who were prepared to fight and die for their home, they had travelled across an entire country for the chance to secure not just information to defeat the Enclave, but also an intact G.E.C.K. which was one of the greatest prizes in the Wasteland.

Thanks to the interlinked nature of all of the Enclave's special control Vaults, the leadership of El Dorado had been able to learn of the existence of Vault 99 which according to all information they had found including a still functioning satellite pointed to the operational status of the Vault.

The militia's Vertibirds were used for the dangerous trip and using information pulled from the schematics of the Vault, the team lead by once-courier to Mr. House, and former President of the El Dorado Federation Katherine Caine entered through the Overseer's Office using a hidden escape tunnel.

The Vault Dwellers were no match for such hardened fighters, that much was clear. They had lived a sheltered life, and the people of El Dorado may as well have been superhumans in comparison but lady luck had a way of shining through for some.

The woman beside Jericho fell after years of combat experience as she was gunning down plucky Vault Dwellers, the ripper of Hjara rending her flesh and bone into a shower of gore.

The man to Jericho's left fall in a shower of bullets from Leo, his gun still firing off as he went down only to be finished off by the insane maintenance worker.

Jericho and the last El Doradan were badly outnumbered now, escape might not have even been possible.

"Status report? They've got sentry bots at the Vault Door, we're about to pop it but you need to hurry." Strike Team Caine again in Jericho's radio.
Xenia "Shoot them if they don't, Sis!" Xenia cries, finally getting the vest secured and taking a grip on the unfamiliar plasma pistol with both hands, just like someone trained her to do years ago. Seeing her sister among the defenders reminds her panicky heart of just why she was assigned randomly to the civilian defense classes (okay, so someone actually pulled her name out of a hat, so what?!!!), and she begins to breathe a bit more normally as she edges into concealment just inside the command center, seeing the momentum of the battle turning in favor of Vault 99. She thinks. The blood roaring in her ears makes thinking very, very difficult...

She aims the bulky weapon around her point of cover, hoping she has the sights lined up properly. And then she whines through her gritted teeth as Hjara rushes past her, right into her line of fire, and hastily finds another target...

"Don't move!" she shouts, hoping her voice doesn't sound as shaky as it feels. "Drop your weapons and you won't be hurt!" And then whines an almost inaudable, "Please, please, PLEASE drop your weapons..!"
Malcolm Malcolm has no idea how they got in. They had to have hacked the door somehow. He wants to ask them how, but things are more important right now. Like not dying.

"Don't move!" He yells, dropping to a knee and taking aim at one of the only two still standing, "I swear to whatever diety you believe in that I will send you to meet them if you move at all." His finger is already on the trigger of his rifle, as he waits...They'll either surrender or they'll make a motion and he'll shoot them.
Claude "Ahh!" Claude lets out a surprised shout when Hjara charges and Leo starts shooting. He stands as still as he can, the unfamiliar weapon in his hand shaking as he points it at the man in black. "Seriously, I'll shoot you if you don't stop when you're doing!" He is not the most intimidating figure, but he's speaking as though he's deadly serious.
Jericho "If you'll give me jus-" Jericho starts to explain, one suit covered finger raised. But then Leo says his piece and all hell breaks loose. Solemnly he picks his radio up one more time, "Hurry and extract. We're dead."

"So. We can talk about this, right?" he offers a small grin and raises his hands.
Chance Chance pokes his head from around the door and levels his weapon at Jerico's head. He waits to see if the man is going to react and fight or give up. If he flinches, Chance will squeeze off a round and try to drop the target. All that rat shooting in the dark caverns below might actually pay off.
Jazz As she gets closer, Jazz starts to get a better idea of the situation and the fact that there may be more topside, possibly about to open the vault door. "Uh, guys? Am I the only one that heard 'em say they're ready to pop the fuckin' vault door?" And off in that direction she runs! Plenty of people here to handle the two remaining attackers.
Zasha Zasha hmms, "Oh good, hes that means attack. Right...ok..." as she flings the bottle of nuka cola, that had been in her hands till now..and of course she just forget about it, and sends it hurling at Jericho's head. Make she can knock him out.
Hjara     Hjara seems to be having -way too much fun- sawing into the Militia lass, then brings her ripper up to Jericho. "You do well to submit." she states to Jericho, then nods to the others at the door with firearms, then runs her way out after Jazz to try and help their security bots against the rest of the invaders.

    "THIS MESS IS GOING TO TAKE WEEKS TO CLEAN!" she shouts in her wake.
Vault Girl "God damnit. I'm sorry we can't come back." It was the last words Jericho would hear as Sergeant Ryan Drake, the cousin of Sparrow Drake pushed Jericho to the ground and pulled the pin on a grenade, "FOR THE EL DORADO FEDERATION MOTHER FUCKERS!"

The grenade was thrown and Ryan began to open fire on the Vault Dwellers holding him at gunpoint. It was a suicidal action taken by a man who refused to be captured by his enemy; The Enclave.

The grenade rolled to the ground in front of the group, and no doubt all those itchy fingers opened fire on Ryan, dispatching him without question.

The grenade rolled...if it exploded it would hurt everyone and probably destroy the control center. Would someone make the ultimate sacrifice?

Jazz was safely out the door as security officers rushed in his direction, the elevators were down.

Zaxxie came back online to announce, "Vault Integrity Compromised. Beginning decontamination procedures on first level. Radiation exposure imminent."
Claude "No!" Claude shouts as loudly as he can, firing his weapon at Ryan Drake. Then he sees the grenade roll to a stop in the center of his group. Eyes going wide, the entertainer starts to move even before realizing it, "Look out!" He ducks low and dives towards the explosive, moving to smother it under his body. "Get out!" he yells as loudly as he can before he grits his teeth and lets out a single, loud sob.
Leo There's a look on Leo's face, a slight grin, soaking up that recoil...the report of the weapon, it was like a sexual sound. There's also the fact that he plugged one of the milita types. He takes a breath losing his composure for a second, he glaces between those assembled. "I guess he's out prisoner..." Eye's wide and now the rounds are coming their way, amoung more explosive things. Leo scrambles to get out of the entrance way to the control center.
Malcolm "Everybody back!" Malcolm yells, shoving his way between the non-security folks and the grenade. He's not fast enough though as Claude jumps towards it, "Claude you idiot!"
Chance Chance had ducked back around the door to clear his weapon of the jam when he heard someone yell gernade and saw people hurtling out of the room. He covers his ears for the impending explosion. "Damn you Claude! You owe me a drink!"
Zasha Zasha says, "Wow..this day is going south really wow.." As she moves to move away...yes..silly people trying to see who can blow up faster.."
Hjara     Hjara's booking it behind Jazz to try and get to the entrance, shouting random things about how Utilities life isn't easy.
Jericho One.

There's a very solid crunch as a bottle breaks Jericho's nose. "Did you just throw a bottle at me!" he growls, but then he's on the ground. "Oh no!"


Scrambling up onto his hands and knees there's a moment of confusion as Claude lands on it.


"Wait, don't do that!" There's a whirring sound as his cybernetics power up and he pushes onto his feet, rushing towards him.

Xenia "Sis!!!" Xenia cries, watching the bottle fly at the suddenly-docile and surrendering man. "That was a deposit bottle!!!" 'Cause priorities. Sensing impending disaster, she levels the plasma pistol at the other hostile. "DON'T MOVE!!! JUST DON'T EFFING /MOVE/!!!" she all but screeches at him, hoping he wasn't getting any ideas about avenging his partner, but covering him all the same. Even in deadly peril, she can't use the F-Bomb. Her parents raised her right!

Of course, he moves. Boy, does he move! And now all hell is breaking loose and there is a grenade on the floor, ticking... and Zaxxie is speaking of vault integrity being compromised as she reflexively runs for the door, 'cause grenades are bad..!

And through tears burning her eyes, she sees Claude diving on top of the grenade!!! Her heart could just explode for gratitude and sorrow all at once..!

And she faints dead away outside the command center door , the strains of 'New York, New York echoing in her ears...
Vault Girl Claude's life is saved by one of the intruders in a way, and the pair of men eat the grenade together; the explosion cocooned between their two bodies like a blossoming--- scratch that.

The explosion tears through the two men, ripping apart clothing, and armor, burning their bodies and causing immense pain.

The control center had been saved though, but at the cost of many lives.

The Lockdown procedure initiated by Zaxxie quickly sealed off Level 1 of the Vault from the rest of it, but everywhere there was chaos and anarchy.

As your level locked down, you found it was up to you to search for survivors, and take prisoners; even if there was only one to take. It would be at least an hour before movement around the Vault resumed.
Claude Thrown into the air by the force of the grenade, Claude lands flat on his back on the floor of the vault. His armored chest piece, vault suit and flesh torn to shreds and he's screaming at the pain he feels. Somehow, someway, the singer has survived. He turns onto his side and starts to curl up into a ball around his destroyed flesh, continuing to cry out, struggling to make the hurt go away. His eyes are closed tightly, but still tears manage to leak out of them.
Zasha Zasha listens to the explosion behind her, as she gets to the elevator and starts pressing the button. Waits a minute, presses it a couple more times....waits...presses it again..."Oh, seems to be not working...drat."
Jericho There's a wet thud as Jericho hits the wall. The explosion mangles his right leg, blowing the foot clean off. Wires and metal are explosed as his left arm is treated similarly. He doesn't appear dead though, not yet anyway. "Smile kid." he offers quietly to Claude, "You live to die another day."

And with that consciousness leaves the scientist, leaving him to the mercy of the vault.
Chance Chance heads into the room as soon as the blast goes past him. He looks to see if there are survivors, "MEDIC!" He gets to Claude, "You idiot!" He grins a little though as he looks him over and checks him out.
Xenia Xenia stirs on the floor after perhaps a full minute, groaning. "Oooooooohhh. Am I dead..?" she asks feebly. "I thought I'd hear angels or something..."

And then Zasha's silly voice reaches her and she sighs wearily. "Definitely not dead..."
Hjara     Hjara's mildly upset that her path upstairs is halted, then something explodes and she runs back to her comrades to see. "Who blew up the prisoner?!" she shouts, then immediately cools off and cuts power to her ripper. "Well it looks like the rest of them are escaping.
Vault Girl Ruins of New York

The Vertibird belonging to the El Dorado strike team launched near the entrance of Vault 99, the survivors of the team having accomplished their primary mission with securing a G.E.C.K. for El Dorado; a key to turning it into the greatest power on the West Coast.

Those dreams were dashed though as the pilot declared, "What the fuck? Incoming contacts, hold on!"

Another Vertibird with the colors of the Brotherhood of Steel zoomed past the El Dorado Militia gunship with miniguns firing on full blast, the barrels threatening to overheat as shots caught the aircraft in the wing.

From within the ruins of a building, the irradiated mutant tribals of New York emerged, pointing at the fight above them before they called out to their brothers, and sisters to begin the hunt.

The mutants uncovered their stash of ancient fire launchers, fat-mans, and mini-nukes that had been left behind during the collapse and held onto them reverently; taught how to be used by their robots that raised them.

A fat-man launched was aimed and fired at the Brotherhood Vertibird, the blast catching it fully and causing it to spiral out of control at the Vertibird with the El Dorado Strike Team onboard.

The Brotherhood Soldiers were no doubt dead already as the Militia Vertibird was knocked into a building, half of the wing shearing off as it crashed in the distance. Had anyone survived? Was the G.E.C.K. intact?

Vault 99

Every single one of you would find out that you had lost a relative in this attack, and now more than ever the Vault was in danger of finally breaking down. The future was uncertain but it was up to all of you to insure it would continue.
Zasha Zasha frowns, and pops the panel off the elevator control. "Ok, lets see if we can get this dinner is getting cold."